10 Minute Paydays Review – Earn $5K in 10 Minutes or a Scam?

Welcome to my 10 Minute Paydays review.

Do you know how long it takes to get on $10K per day level online?

I know this sounds like a cliche, but it takes years to master all layers of online business and to earn a decent profit.

When I see a program like this, my first thoughts are the same as yours.

This is another little scam. And you are probably right.

By the way, congratulations on researching before giving away your hard-earned cash.

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In this 10 Minute Paydays review, you can take a look at what’s inside without having to spend your own money.

I share the truth behind the site and give my opinion about whether or not it is a scam.

10 Minute Paydays Review - Scam


10 Minute Paydays Review

10 Minute Paydays is a free money making system that you can use to generate up to five thousand with just 10 minutes of work each day.

But there is another side of the story that you haven’t heard during the sales video.

In reality, this seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity is nothing but a set of PDFs!

A few scripts that can show you how to make (if you are lucky) a few dollars here and there.

There is no super money-making system that will generate up to $5K with just 10 minutes of work and make you a millionaire.

The sales video is just a part of the funnel that’s designed to sell you this practically worthless program.

And there’s more to spend than the initial $9.

I’ll explain everything you need to know in the rest of this 10 Minute Paydays review as we go through each aspect of the program.

Let’s see what’s inside first, shall we?




What You Get Inside

Inside of members area, you can find a set of already mentioned PDFs.

There are six scripts altogether.

Each script is no longer than 30 pages and briefly touches one of the methods for making money online as a freelancer.

10 Minute Paydays Review - Main Dashboard

Here’s is a brief summary of each PDF you’ll get inside:

  • Method #1 Making Money Doing Voiceovers – this is a short, 18 pages long script that explains the benefits of online voice work. It talks about equipment and where to find gigs.
  • Method #2 Making Money By Selling Stock Photos – this is 22 pages PDF that skim over the topic of selling photos online.  The script explains briefly how and where to start, what equipment is needed.
  • Method #3 Making Money By Freelancing Online – again, a short, 21 pages long material that explains how to become a freelancing writer, which sites to join, and other basic stuff.
  • Method #4 Making Money With Online Gaming – the last script shares low-cut information on how to play games online and get paid pennies for doing so.
  • 10 Minute Paydays Plus – this is a short material that talks about outsourcing freelancers.
  • Secret Method – explains how to get clients through social media and eventually start an agency.

So for measly nine bucks, you can get your hands on a little bit more than a hundred pages of material that’s available all over the internet for free.

All you need to do is ask Google, and it’s yours.

There’s also an invitation to sign up for a workshop hosted by John Crestani.

10 Minute Paydays Review - VIP Workshop

In other words, 10 Minute Paydays is a funnel that’s designed to offer you Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

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Price $ OTO’s

While I’m talking about wasting money, let’s break down the price of 10 Minute Paydays funnel.

As you can see, it starts with measly nine bucks and ends at a 100x more expensive offer.

It starts with a free video.

Once/if you pay those nine bucks to get in, you’ll have to go through a set of one-time-offers.

Each offer can be declined. If you do so, you get an instant discount.

  • OTO #1 Doubly Your Profits – $197 or $97 if you decline the first one
  • OTO #2 Boost Your Profits – $147 or $47 if you refuse the first one

Once you refuse OTO’s, you can get access to the main dashboard where you can find an invitation to Crestani’s course.

The course is selling for $997.

To sum up, this little program can cost you well beyond a thousand dollars threshold, so be careful.

Who is This for?

In theory, the content of the program is for people who are interested in making money online freelancing.

But once again, the content is just a set of general information that can be found all over the net for free.

In my opinion, this is for the owner only.

As you can see above, it’s designed to sell you little by little until you reach Crestanis Super Affiliate System.

10 Minute Paydays Pros:

There’s hardly anything that I like about this little program.

The video is full of ‘get-rich-quick’ hype, and the content has a low value. I’ll talk about those in the next section of 10 Minute Paydays review.

But there is one little thing that’s good about it, though.

ClickBetter 60-Days Money-Back Guarantee

You can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

The program is selling through the ClickBetter marketplace. These guys give 60 days money-back guarantee on all their products.

Make sure you use it if you feel like 10 Minute Paydays is a scam like I do.

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10 Minute Paydays Cons:

As I’ve said, there is a truckload of crap related to this product.

I want to show them to you one by one. So let’s begin with the most obvious one.

Video Is Full of ‘Get-Rick-Quick’ and Unrealistic Claims

If you watched the video, and you did because you are here searching for the truth, you’ve had a chance to listen to a lot of overhyped BS.

Also, you’ve been flashed with a lot of fake earning claims, false promises, and other crap that has only one intention.

10 Minute Paydays - Overhyped Video

The owner is using this method to get your attention and to pull you in so you can start spending money.

But trust me, it’s not going to happen.

This is just the first of many scam signs.

Greg Price is Not a Real Person

Sometimes, people who make these overhyped little programs even disclose the fact that X man or Y woman is only a pen name.

Here’s is not the case.

But since Greg is not sharing anything about himself, it’s easy to conclude that the same is happening here as well.

If he were a real person, he would share a little bit more about himself.

Don’t you agree?

The One and Only Student is a Fiverr Actress

The person that shows up at the beginning of the video claims that she’s made tons of money with 10 Minute Paydays.

That might be the truth, partially, at least.

You see, she offers a video spokesperson service on a freelancing site called Fiverr.

She’s been hired to act as a happy customer for this little course.

10 Minute Paydays - Fake Testimonial

If this system is making thousands and thousands for people all over the world, don’t you agree that there would be more testimonials?

And not fake ones, but real testimonials.

All You Get are a Few PDF Scripts

I’ve said this one before, and I’ll repeat it.

The content of those PDF scripts is scattered all over Google and YouTube, where you can get it for free.

Besides, the money-making methods that are described within those PDFs are not ‘make-millions’ opportunities.

You see, freelancing works, but you need much more than just a few PDF’s to get started and break your way to the top.

In reality, this program is just an info-product that is designed to make money for the owner.

Expensive Upsells

Those scripts have only one purpose. That is to get you interested in buying more and more.

10 Minute Paydays is an expensive funnel that ends at John Crestanis Super Affiliate System.

When you add all those numbers together, those nine bucks can create a hole in your bank account in a blink of an eye.

And no of these have been disclosed before you purchase the program, which is a sign of a scam.

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10 Minute Paydays Review – Conclusion

At the end of this 10 Minute Payday review, I want to say that this program is a scam.

It’s is an overhyped marketing funnel designed to bleed your wallet dry.

The video is full of ‘get-rich-quick’ BS that’s designed to inspire your curiosity to check out what’s behind the sales page.

And once you do so, you’ll get a chance to spend tons of cash on overhyped upsells.

And in my opinion, this program exists only to get you inside Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

Those tiny scripts that you get for nine dollars are practically worthless and won’t help you to make money online.

The information within those PDFs isn’t in-depth. There no training whatsoever.

There are no tools included in the offer. And all you get is general information about freelancing.

To make money online as a freelancer, whether blogging or with any other method that’s proven to work, you need more than a few PDFs.

And the same material can be found, one more time, all over the net for free.

These crash courses are, more or less, all scams that aim at your wallet.

Your curiosity could cost you a lot if you are not careful.

Besides, the only person who is going to make money with this system is the owner himself.

The chances that you’ll make money if you apply the suggestions are close to zero.

Thanks for reading my 10 Minute Paydays review. I hope this post was useful.

If you have any questions about this website or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

And make sure to check out my top recommended program by clicking the button below.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

22 thoughts on “10 Minute Paydays Review – Earn $5K in 10 Minutes or a Scam?”

  1. Hi Ivan. I enjoyed your post. It is very insightful and helpful since I would venture to bet that all of us have been scammed at least once. Thank you for your advice on places to receive tried and true training…not get rich quick schemes.

    • Hi Michael, you’re welcome. Once you get burned by a scam, you start to think trice before giving your cash away to sites that have zero credibility.


  2. Thank you for this review, Ivan. I’ve always thought if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. Your research on 10 Minute Paydays makes me believe that it is too good too be true and I am even more thankful that I didn’t spend money just to see this fact. I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is a creditable source!

    • Hi Christian. That’s good to hear. Beware of marketing funnels like 10 Minute Paydays. They have the potential to drain your wallet in less than 10 minutes. The only one who is really making money here is the owner. Avoid at all cost!


  3. Hi Ivan,

    I must say that, I sometimes look back at these products and laugh at myself…because I also used to fall for them, but looking back, I think it taught me how make a clear distinction between the genuine and the false…

    The funny thing I often ask myself is, who the heck still does voice-over freelancing anyways? These methods are a bit archaic and their no longer as hot as they used to be.

    Ever heard the saying that: “a broken clock is at least right twice a day”? One thing “Greg Price” got right in this funnel was offering John Crestani’s webinar as part of his course, but what also annoyed me was the fact that he wasn’t forthcoming about it! A classic scammer move! They’re only interested in lining their pockets with other people’s hard-earned money. Anyways…

    Thanks for the warning, I’ll definitely be tiptoeing around this one. Awesome post.

    • Hi Kay, you wouldn’t believe how many voice-over “artists” are out there. That makes it even worse actually because the competition is enormous. As you’ve said they are no longer hot as they used to be. The same stands for all other methods described ith these few PDFs.

      I see you have an eye for these shady and scammy marketing funnels. From my perspective, 10 Minute Paydays serves only one purpose. That is, to funnel people to Crestani’s course. Everything that happens in between is just additional money for “the owner” Mr. Greg Price.

      You’re welcome, bud! It’s my pleasure to bring out the truth. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

  4. 5k in Ten Minutes – lol.

    I always find these kinds of programs laughable but the truth is that I have nearly fell for them myself in my desperate times.

    These guys are really clever at playing on people’s fears and ambitions as well as their complete unawareness of scamming.

    $5,000 in ten minutes, however, might be the most outrageous claim I have heard so far. The claim itself is a dead giveaway and there is no such thing as a 10-minute payday.

    You have to do the work – as you have stated in your steps. Thanks for that by the way.

    I appreciate the vigilance Ivan.


    • Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. It’s good to see you researching first!

      There is no such thing. They make it look like it’s once in a lifetime opportunity, but in reality, it’s far away from it. I reviewed tons of programs. I don’t mind a bit of hype if you are going to get something legit. But as you can see there’s nothing legit about 10 Minute Paydays.

      You’re welcome, and thanks again for your visit!

  5. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for this review, I have to say, it seems to keep coming back to the old adage that things that seem too good to be true usually are!

    As much as it would be amazing to make 5k in 10 minutes (does he mention currency? perhaps he’s talking about South Korean won – the exchange rate today makes 5000 KRW worth 4.09 USD) I’m not quite sure what I’d come up with to do with the rest of the day! I’m far more comfortable with a program where you understand where the value generated comes from.

    I do; however, as long as I understand the value-generating premise, love the idea of passive income from home, so I’m going to go have a look at your #1 recommendation now.

    Thanks again for the review!

    • Hi Lisa, you’re welcome. I agree completely. Yes, it does, it’s about making $10.000 in 5 minutes LOL. It’s good to see you doing the research first. If you have any questions, do let me know.


  6. Hi Ivan,

    Another great review of a scam program. Even the name of 10 minute paydays tells me it’s a scam before I even look into it. In the online world, there is no such thing as 10 minute paydays. To make money online you really need to do hard work. There is no such thing as getting rich quick.

    It frustrates me that there are programs our there like 10 minute paydays when they don’t even have real people in it like Greg Price. Hopefully, a lot of people will read your review before they sign up for this scam and change their mind.

    Thank you again for sharing such an important review and keep up the amazing work on your site.

    All the best,


  7. Thank you for your review on 10 minute paydays. I came across this program and I just have to know what is it all about. My motto is if it is too good to be true it probably is. We all know that it takes time to master something and that goes for money making as well.

    Anyways, that is bold that they promise $5k with only 10 minutes a day! Their PDF contents are pretty much something that you can get from youtube for free! John Crestani sounds familiar…. Also, the testimonial from fivrr is a big red flag for me. Will stay away from this program! 

    • Hi Nuttanee, you’re welcome. Your motto is the best. In some rare cases, those too good to be true programs are actually really that good, but 10 Minute Paydays is definitely not one of them. As you can see the program is full of scam signs and I’m guessing it serves as a funnel to Crestani’s expensive training course. Thanks for your comment and let me know if you have questions.


  8. Yeah, I believe it being a funnel sums it up nicely. Or as you said it there at the end: “It’s is an overhyped marketing funnel designed to bleed your wallet dry.” I couldn’t possibly agree more. I mean, I would sure love to know how one can earn up to $5000 per 10 minutes a day as a freelancer. What is that?

    As for the essence of those PDFs, it truly sounds like stuff one can easily find online. Plus, it’s probably all regurgitated from free, available websites anyway. The only difference – it probably (actually very likely) comes with much lower readability. 

    I guess it’s about playing on those people who are shy about getting their money back when really they shouldn’t (and yes, getting those people into Crestani’s course). But some just don’t know any better, especially if their just starting out or wanting to get into that kind of stuff.

    Such a scam.

    • Hi Matiss, thanks for your comment. That is not possible at all. But as you can see for yourself, 10 Minute Paydays is just another overhyped get-rich-quick-with-your-hands-on-your-back scam that is better to be avoided. If you get into this and don’t find it useful, you should ask for your money back. All you have to do is send the request to ClickBetter and you’ll get it, no questions asked.


  9. thanks for sharing such an informative review on 10 minutes payday,.I always find these kinds of programs laughable but the truth is that I have nearly fell for them myself in my desperate times.
    These guys are really clever at playing on people’s fears and ambitions as well as their complete unawareness of scamming.
    $5,000 in ten minutes, however, might be the most outrageous claim I
    have heard so far. The claim itself is a dead giveaway and there is no
    such thing as a 10-minute payday….

    I look forward to sharing it, have a great day

    • Hi evansese, you’re welcome and thanks for your comment and share. You right. Those claims are designed to catch people who are looking for quick and easy ways of making money online. But unfortunately, those things do not exist. Making money online is a process and to become successful you need an expert training and coaching, tools, and support. If you want to learn more, click here.


  10. Hello there thanks for such an interesting and insightful review it was really helpful as you have helped to create the awareness. Well from what I know and seen it is almost impossible to make that kind of huge amount of money in a day and so I find the platform suspicious. Platforms like this just want you to invest your time and energy for their own selfish benefits. Thanks for the review.

    • Hi Philebur, you’re welcome. Thanks for your comment. As you can see in this review, this platform is up to no good and I commend your effort to find out the truth. I hope my review was useful. If you have any questions, let me know.



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