100K Online Secret Review – SCAM or Legit Way to 100K?

Welcome to my 100K Online Secret review.

Could you make 100’s and 1000’s using some secret software? Is there a secret that is going to help you to make millions online?

Apparently, there is, and it’s called 100K Online Secret. Allegedly, all the work has been done for you. All you need to do is relax and watch the money roll in. Nice story, right? What if 100K Online Secret is a scam?

The truth is, well, it’s far from the advert.

Just earlier today, I’ve received an invitation to start making 100K with this secret website. You see, as soon as I open the offer that begins with a shocking secret, or secret webpage, or anything like that, I know that something is not right.

So, I did a little bit of research before making my move. And as I suspected, the sales page is not being 100% honest.

In this 100K Online Secret review, I give information about what this is and how it works, and finally, I give my honest opinion about whether or not 100K Online Secret is a scam or legit.

100K Online Secret Review - Scam


100K Online Secret Review

  • Product Type: Dropshipping
  • Product Owner: Teo Vee
  • Product Price: $97 + UPSELLS
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Unavailable
  • Recommended?: No! See the summary below…

Quick Summary: 100K Online Secret is a website that promises huge income for little to no work. In other words, it is a get-rich-quick scheme that redirects you to Teo Vee’s program where he shows how to start with dropshipping.

In my opinion, 100K Online Secret is best to be avoided because the owner is not being honest. He uses fake testimonials and leads you to spend $1000’s dollars on a shady business model. A scam? It could be!


My #1 Recommendation is 100% legitimate system that has helped me to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day with affiliate marketing. Warning! It takes time and effort to see results!


What Is 100K Online Secret About?

According to the sales page, 100K Online Secret is a system that can help you to cash in hundreds or even thousands by doing little to nothing. It all starts by getting a page under your name.

The complicated parts like software and getting things ready are taken care of by other people. Your main task is to pay the fee and watch the money start rolling in.

It sounds like a simple task. Create a website, and that’s it. Do you believe it works like that? I’ve heard this too many times. It’s never like that, trust me.

Teo Vee, the owner of the 100K Online Secret, shows you a Washington Post article about a teenage girl who’s been making thousands by doing the same thing.

100K Online Secret Review

As soon as I heard the story, I was sure it was fabricated in Teo’s imagination.

But as it turns out, miss Lei is a real person. Her incredible success at the age of 16 has been published by newspapers and magazines like Washington Post and Entrepreneur.

In short, she started her first business by selling jewellery and other handcrafted knick-knacks online. In just three years, she cashed in $100.000 with her company. You can check her story and work on her web-store designedbylei.com.

However, the story about her success is only a marketing trick.

Teo Vee is using it to get you excited about making money online. Hence the name 100K Online Secret. I’m guessing that miss Lei probably doesn’t even know that her name and her success story is used here to trick you into buying.

In reality, this offer is not even a real deal.

You see, 100K Online Secret is only a landing page designed to funnel you to another website. And of course, it’s not going to work as Teo told you it would. Let me explain more.

How Does 100K Online Secret Work?

According to my research, the creator of the 100K Online Secret sales page is using the story about online secrets and miss Lei to funnel you to a website called My Ecom Club.

In a nutshell, My Ecom Club is a training platform for building an online store via Shopify. The company offers training and one-on-one assistance. The business model they teach is also known as eCommerce or dropshipping.

If you remember the story of Lei and her jewellery business, well that’s what this site is trying to teach.

Speaking of which, Teo Vee may have convinced you that it easy to start.

100K Online Secret Review

However, he’s just using Lei’s story to make it appealing. I think it’s a dirty marketing trick. You see, her success has nothing to do with this offer. Don’t kid yourself by thinking that a webpage with your name is going to be enough to repeat Lei’s success.

Dropshipping is not an easy way to get started online. Every experienced online marketer knows that it takes a lot of time to master this line of online business.

Yes, it starts with a website, but there’s a lot of work involved to get things off the ground. In my opinion, 100K Online Secret is scamming you into believing that you can do it without any work.

What is Dropshipping and How it Works?

Let me explain the business model that the 100K Online Secret sales page is promoting like it’s child’s game.

Dropshipping is a direct fulfilment method where an online seller isn’t required to keep stock. An online retailer is only required to have a website or in other words, a web-store.

This business model allows a company (website) to operate without owning a warehouse to store the products it sells. The company (website)  doesn’t even have to ship products to their customers.

The retailer partners up with a dropship supplier such as Amazon or AliExpress, who either manufactures or warehouses products, have complete inventory control, and ships it directly to the customers.

In theory, it sounds effortless.

But trust me, it takes a lot of time to make things happen. If you remember, it took Lei three years to establish her business and make a living, so don’t take it for granted. Many others take the same road before they succeed.

The first thing involved in getting started with dropshipping is setting up an online store via Shopify or Etsy. That’s an easy part.

Once you have a site ready, things are just getting started. There’s a lot of manual labour involved to get the products on your website, categorize them, incorporate related images, and most importantly, get traffic (customers) to your store.

If everything goes smoothly, the owner of the store can expect the first signs of profit.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Getting things up and running is the first stage. After you manage to open a store successfully, it’s necessary to keep the track with stock, deal with inventory issues, supplier errors, and other tasks that require a lot of attention.

There are plenty of disadvantages to drop shipping that no one will tell you.

100K Online Secret sales page makes you think that it’s easy and everyone can do it. But truth to be told, many people give up very fast because they can’t handle all the work themselves.

And another thing, My Ecom Club is not a secure platform to get started. This company has a lot of negative customer complaints on BBB (Better Business Bureau).

100K Online Secret Price

The starting price for 100K Online Secret is $97 one time payment. The fee covers the video training where Teo Vee talks about dropshipping and how to get started with this business.

Also, there is one-on-one coaching included in the price. But, according to my research, coaching is not guaranteed.

There are a lot of complaints on the internet that coaches are only pushing you to take upsells, which are spicy. That they are not trying to help you as much as they are trying to upsell you more expensive parts of the training.

Who is 100K Online Secret for?

Technically speaking, 100K Online Secret is for no one because it doesn’t exist. As you know, it’s only a funnel to My Ecom Club and most likely a scam.

On the other hand, even though this platform is not 100% recommended, it could be for people who are looking to learn how to build an online store through Shopify.

100K Online Secret Pros

When considering all things, the only good thing about this offer is the money-back guarantee.  You have a 30 days window to claim your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

I would say that another positive thing is that they teach a legit business model.

However, based on my research, the way they’re doing it is not intended to help you succeed but instead to fill the owners pocket.

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100K Online Secret Cons

On the other hand, here I have four reasons why you should keep your wallet in your pocket. You see, I review online courses every day. To me, it’s easy to spot rotten marketing when I see one.

Fake Customer Testimonials

You had a chance to see a couple of customers claiming they have made tons of money with 100K Online Secret. Those people are Fiverr actors.

They offer video spokesperson testimonial on this popular website, where you can hire them to say that you are the king of the world. In other words, they give fake testimonials.

100K Online Secret Fake Testimonial

If this offer were legit, there would be real people sharing the real-life experience. This is a serious red flag! It shows that 100K Online Secrets can’t be trusted and that it could be a scam.

Lack of Transparency

The 100K Online Secrets sales funnel lacks transparency from the beginning to the end. You don’t even know what you are buying and how much it could potentially cost you.

Every legit business will use full transparency when offering their service. This one does not fit the description at all!

Fake Scarcity

During the sales presentation, Teo Vee is using every little trick to get you into buying mode. One of the most popular, besides fake testimonials, is false scarcity.

He tries to make you think that 100K Online Secret offer will expire soon, and if you don’t act now, you’ll lose your chance forever.

100K Online Secret Fake Scarcity

I’m against this sales method because it’s manipulative and leaves you little room to think about it.

Too Expensive Upsells

The price itself is not cheap. A hundred bucks can be a lot of money for an offer that isn’t completely honest with you. Moreover, it’s only an entrance fee! Once you pass the  100K Online Secret sales page, you’ll get a chance to spend a lot more than a hundred.

The whole thing can potentially cost you $2000 in upsells!

Here are some customer complaints from the Better Business Bureau if you don’t trust me.

100K Online Secret Complaints

Is 100K Online Secret a Scam?

Based on everything you’ve had a chance to read in my review, you can say that 100K Online Secret is a scam.

But in reality, you’ll get some training in your hands so…technically speaking it’s not a scam. It’s just a marketing funnel for something else.

Maybe down the road, there’s a possibility to make 100K like Lei from the example if you are willing to pay for all those upsells.

However, the way the owner is doing business is not ethical at all.

The creator is using actors to play happy customers. Once again, that’s a major red flag! That’s not all.

A complete lack of transparency is another serious issue with 100K Online Secret, which indicates that something is not right here. You can end up spending a lot more than a hundred bucks without even knowing why!

You see, I’m surfing the net every day. Moreover, I participated in a few online courses and academies myself over the last few years. And there are a few things I’ve learned about these things during my online career.

Those who have a legit business, they are happy to show real faces and share real success stories. They will display service packages and prices openly. They won’t trick you into spending if you don’t want to.

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Do I Recommend 100K Online Secret?

I don’t recommend 100K Online Secret. As a matter of fact, I advise you to stay away from 100K Online Secret sales page as far as you can!

I’m against marketing funnels like this one. Everything in connection to this offer is designed to lead you step-by-step through the expensive funnel, which has only one purpose. That purpose is to fill the pocket of Teo Vee and his associates.

If you are lucky, you’ll learn how to create an online store. But most people have no idea what are they getting into. The reason for this is that no one has told them right from the start. They are lead to think it’s some online secret that will change their lives forever.

This kind of marketing is not ethical and can cost you a lot if you are not careful.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business?

Thanks for reading this 100K Online Secret review. It shows that you are a serious person who takes every step with the most attention.

If you are interested in learning how to build an affiliate marketing website and make money online, I have a great alternative to those money-sucking offers.

This process is proved by thousands of online marketers all over the globe. You are looking at the one right now.

Wealthy Affiliate is, in my experience, the best affiliate marketing training course on the internet. These guys are teaching people how to start an online business and super-successful affiliate marketer every single day! Traffic training included!




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

10 thoughts on “100K Online Secret Review – SCAM or Legit Way to 100K?”

  1. Hey nice review you have about 100k Online Secret, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. A friend of mine online has been pressurizing me to get involved into this platform. I haven’t because, I knew nothing about it’s legitimacy. This review has really given me a proper insight of this platform and I am glad not to have made a wrong choice by investing into a platform that is not viable

    • Hi Edahnewton1, I’m glad my review was helpful. I don’t recommend 100K Online Secret. If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this comment.


  2. An interesting post about this opportunity. You have obviously delved quite deeply into it, judging by what you have written.

    Have you experience of this venture yourself?

    The name $100k while appealing to most looking for a get rich quick scheme, is going to end up in tears for most, because the only way/s I am aware that you can earn $100k online, are from 

    Membership sites, such as Wealthy Affiliate

    Membership type scripts


    Outside of that then it will take a long time to happen, despite the fac that there are testimonials, which appear genuine, but as one can learn through the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, images can be taken from a number of places and ‘made to appear’ real

    A good post and hopefully those who read and are considering this venture will avoid it

    • Hi Dave, I haven’t tried dropshipping my self, and I think I never will because of the programs like this one. Yes, it’s a lucrative business but it takes a lot of time to reach the $100K per month or even a year. I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is one of my best recommendations for learning an income online.


  3. Another bait and switch scam. It’s so easy to spend thousands on the next shiny object. Guess that’s what the creators were banking on. There is no easy fix. Hard work, persistence and creativity is the only way to success.

    • Hi Anne, I’m happy to see that you can recognize a scam as soon as you spot one. You are right! Nothing can substitute hard work, persistence and creativity. Stay away from 100K Online Secret or anything else that will promise you success without any effort.


  4. Excellent post here. There are so many scams out there and normal people looking for hope on the internet to better their lives and their dreams are falling for these scams so easily. This post really knocks that on the head perfectly.
    I did my research and I’m so glad I joined WA it’s amazing and all the support you get too.
    Great post and keep up the hard work!! 🙂

  5. It is so easy to get carried away these days believe everything the internet tells you about making money online.
    Everything sounds so amazing but most of the time just end up being one big sales pitch.
    I believe that if you want to make money, you’ll have to work your a** off and put in a lot of effort.. Nothing comes easily.
    Very useful and informative post. I liked the critical view on this topic.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Simon, in 99% of the cases it’s only a sales pitch. There are very few that can really teach you something. The rest is only trying to make money off your desire to learn. It’s widely known that the knowledge business is the best business. You can see how 100K Online Secrets funnel is exploiting this very good.



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