22 Minutes To Profit Review – Pure-Breed Scam Exposed!

Welcome to my 22 Minutes To Profit review.

Do you want to discover a weird online trick that makes $300, $400, or even $500 per day?

I bet you do!

But you have had enough of BS all over the net, and you simply can’t find the best way to make money online.

There are tons of scams all over the place, and you have your doubts that 22 Minutes to Profit is a scam too.

The very name of this offer tells you that it is most likely a pure-breed scam.

And guess what? You’re right!

I did some research, and I want to show you today that your instincts were right in my detailed 22 Minutes to Profit review.

Keep reading to discover the shocking truth instead of the weird trick!

22 Minutes to Profit Review


22 Minutes to Profit Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Owners: Unknown
  • Price: $47 + Hidden Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Yes
  • Recommended?: NO!

Quick Summary: The creator of 22 Minute to Profit scam is confident that this system is going to make you $20 to $30 and sometimes even $1000 to $2000 in commission.

He calls it a weird online trick that you can leverage to start earning as of today.

And at first sight, your heart skips a beat when those numbers are revealed, am I right?

Then, he keeps with sugarcoating the scam by promising free website loaded with Amazon product and even claims that he has taken care of the traffic too, it free as well!

All this could be yours for $47.

Imagine if it were true. I would buy not one but 100 of these systems and retire my but earlier.

But as you and I already know, these scams have nothing to do with the business of making money online and 22 Minutes to Profit is a scam as well.

And to prove you my point here, I’ve left you tons of evidence all over my 22 Minute to Profit review so you can see it for yourself.

Now, you have two options.

You can believe Frank and go for a scam and lose a lot more than your hard-earned cash.

Or you can take my word here, and click the button below to discover a real, tested, and proven system backed up by thousands of real online marketer all over the world!

My advice is to say no to scams and take the latter option…




What is 22 Minutes to Profit About?

Frank Stafford never really reveals the true nature of his system. He does, however, say that 22 Minutes to Profit is an opportunity to copy this weird trick to earn an income online.

As the video continues, Frank shares an idea. He wants to give you a free site preloaded with Amazon products and DFY traffic.

So I’m guessing that the method upon which this system is based is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a form of an online business where you, a marketer, find other people’s products and promote them using affiliate links to earn commissions.

However, 22 Minutes to Profit has nothing to do with this legitimate way to earn an income.

22 Minutes to Profit Review Scam

As you’re about to witness, this scam is preloaded with a lot of BS instead of Amazon products and Frank’s only intention is to make you pull out your credit card and shell out $47.

To him, you’re nothing but an ATM.

These guys know that you’re a beginner and your idea of making money online is based upon scams that promise too much too soon.

So make sure to stay away from this scam and read the rest of my 22 Minute to Profit review.

Who is Frank Stafford?

Have you noticed that Frank Stafford never shares more information about himself? Why is that – you ask?

Well, I’m guessing somehow that you already have an answer to this question.

We can both be 100% sure that Frank Stafford is not a real person and this name is used to cover up the identity of the actual owner of 22 Minute to Profit scam.

What You Get With 22 Minutes To Profit

As I have said earlier in this 22 Minute to Profit review, you get some kind of a website full of links to Amazon products and access to tons of free traffic.

All you have to do is click your mouse for a few times, and the money starts rolling in.

And once you buy this story, and fall for a scam, you’ll get a chance to spend more and more money on some upsells like a cookie-cutter plugin and some other useless things.

I’ll show you this in the next section of the review.

In addition to a lot of BS, you’ll get some training inside, believe it or not.

However, this training is not good at all. It’s just a set of PLR products like short-videos and ebooks that have zero connection with the story from the sales page.

In other words, the content has been put there to cover up the scam.

Price and Guarantees

So as you know, you could claim this unique opportunity to earn an income online in just a few click for only $47 one time.

And just like many other scams, 22 Minutes to Profit was built in a way that your wallet can’t survive.

You see, $47 is a fee that gets you inside of a sales funnel.

Once inside, you can expect to spend at least three times that much on a bunch of upsells.

The good news is, however, once you wake up from the trance, you can ask for your money back via ClickBetter customer support.

How Do 22 Minutes To Profit Work?

The way 22 Minutes To Profit scam works is by attracting you with a tempting email where you are told how you could earn tons of cash in just a few clicks.

Once you follow the link, you’ll land on a webpage with a video where Frank talks about the same opportunity for 20 and something minutes.

The main intention is to excite you to start taking action and fill in the form.

And if you do so, you are going to receive a lot of these weird tricks in the future straight to your inbox day after day.

The second stage of the scam is designed in the same way. In other words, it’s full of misleading claims and hype.

At one point, you get a chance to buy the system for $47.

And just like other scams, 22 Minute to Profit is created to make you spend $ 1000’s on upsells.

But what about those testimonials? – you ask.

Well, as you are about to see in the rest of my 22 Minute to Profit review, they are using fake actors to back up the false story and everything else.

In other words, this scam does not work at all, and your money and time will be completely wasted!




Who Is 22 Minutes To Profits For?

22 Minutes To Profit scam has been designed to attract a particular sort of people, a kind of people that want to make money online without having to lift a finger.

Don’t get offended, but I too used to think that this is how online marketing works. That is until I learned that it doesn’t.

In other words, 22 Minutes to Profit scam is for people who still believe in getting rich quick.

Oh yeah! It’s also for Frank Stafford because he’s the only person to profit from this scam.

22 Minutes to Profit Pros

Now, it might be weird to have this section in my 22 Minutes To Profit review. There’s absolutely not a single thing that I like about this program.

However, I thought about it twice, and the idea that you can probably get a refund was the only thing that I could think of to put into this section.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

22 Minutes to Profit Scam Revealed!

In this section, however, you can take a look at five red flags that prove my claims. In other words, 22 Minute To Profits is a scam and here’s why.

  • Frank Stafford is Not a Real Person
  • Crazy Unrealistic Earning Claims
  • Free Traffic, Free Site – All Fake Promises
  • Rehashed Version of Old Scams
  • Fake Testimonials are Getting Old

Scam Warning #1 – Frank Stafford is Not a Real Person

We have established already that Frank Stafford is a fake name. The person behind this scam does not want to disclose his real identity, which is understandable.

If I were scamming people, I would have probably used a fake name too.

Scam Warning #2 –  Crazy Unrealistic Earning Claims

During the sales pitch, Frank promises an income online in just a few clicks and with no more than 22 minutes of work each day.

He lures you in with fake promises about earning $ 100’s and $ 1000’s in commissions just to make you spend your hard-earned money so that he can get rich off you!

In other words, this is a classic get-rich-quick scam!

Scam Warning #3 – Free Traffic, Free Site – All Fake Promises

You’ve been promised to get a free website loaded with hot Amazon products complemented with some system for getting free traffic on a push of a button.

I have to admit; I would really like that something like this exists.

But it doesn’t! And if you fall for this scam, you’re going to learn the same thing in a hard way.

Scam Warning #4 – They Ask For More Money Once You’re Inside

The sole purpose of all those lies, overhyped claims and other thing is to get you to take out your credit card.

You see, they promise you free sites, free traffic, everything for nothing, and then they ask for $47 to cover up some expenses and they ask for understanding.

But once you step inside, you’ll find at least three more pages with more videos and more lies where they are going to try to squeeze every drop from your bank account.

That’s is, unfortunately, the truth about this scam.

Scam Warning #5 – Rehashed Version of Old Scams

22 Minutes to Profit is not the only scam of this kind on the internet. The sad truth is, there are dozens of copy-paste scams floating around the net, waiting to hook gullible newbies.

For example, 7 Minutes Daily Profits is a scam that looks and smells just like this one.

Another example is a website called 10 Minute Paydays, which has been around for some time and many reviews out there say the same.

It’s a scam!

Scam Warning #6 – Fake Testimonials are Getting Old

Frank Stafford is not the only fake person involved in this scam. You see, he’s hired fake actors too!

22 Minutes to Profit Review - Fake Testimonials

I’m not blaming the people who have recorded those fake testimonials because they were just doing their job.

Nonetheless, fake testimonials are really the wrong way to support this scam.

Is 22 Minutes to Profit a Scam?

So the final verdict is clear, 22 Minutes to Profit a scam.

Affiliate marketing business model they promote is a legitimate thing. But this program, unfortunately, has nothing to do with helping you to leverage affiliate marketing to earn an income online.

The scam is merely using the legitimate business to make you spend $47 and then some more on expensive upsells.

They are doing this to make money off your inner desire to get rich.

As you could have seen, the owner of this scam does not shy away from using a lot of fake promises, testimonials, and even fake names to convince you.

That is how a scam operates!

And unfortunately, 22 Minutes To Profit is not to only scam out there of this kind.

If you’ve been looking for legitimate ways to make money online, the chances are that you’ve seen a lot of these scams all over the place.

The main idea is to get you inside of a sales funnel where you can spend more of your hard-earned cash.

And guess what?

Even if you do, you’re not going to get anything of value in return.

Will you make money in 22 minutes?


Will this make you money at all?

Close to impossible!

You see, the ideal customer for this scam is a newbie to the make-money-online world.

They know that you (I’m guessing you’re a newbie) have the desire to start earning income online, and you’re probably looking for the best and fastest way to do it.

It’s perfectly normal thinking.

But don’t let them scam you into believing that you can do so in 22 minutes and just a few clicks.

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22 Minutes to Profit Review – Conclusion

One thing that you can read a lot in my reviews is that making money overnight is a pipe dream.

It’s possible and even quite regular that ordinary people like you and me manage to break through and earn more than ever before.

However, you are never going to find, not in a million miles, a person who’s made it in a few clicks or by leveraging some secret weird online trick.

Those stories are for babies and 100% designed to lead you to a scam!

Thanks for reading my 22 Minutes to Profit review. I hope you understand things much better now.

How I Make Money Online

And while you are still here, I invite you to click the button below and learn how making money online really works!

The system on the next page is suitable for complete beginners and does not require significant investment.

I personally use this PROVEN SYSTEM to earn a consistent passive income online with affiliate marketing and I want to help you to do the same.

You won’t get rich overnight, but you’ll get the chance to get rich eventually 🙂




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

10 thoughts on “22 Minutes To Profit Review – Pure-Breed Scam Exposed!”

  1. Hi Ivan,

    Unfortunately, there are too many scams out there on the internet and in real life!  Thank you for exposing 22 minutes to profit for what it really is, a scam.  It’s scary to think of how many people have actually become victim to this scam, but your review will hopefully prevent many “newbies” from falling for it.

    The name itself should give it away that it’s a scam, a seasoned affiliate marketer knows that it takes real work, and dedication to see any kind of profit, certainly not in just 22 minutes!  It’s sad that people behind these scams prey victim to the most vulnerable.

    I haven’t heard of 22 Minutes to Profit until I read your review, thankfully when I decided to try affiliate marketing I chose the right program, Wealthy Affiliate.  

    Thanks for your review.


  2. As long as there are gullible, exploitable people, there will also be scammers. Although I still find odd that grown-up people can still believe in get-rich-fast-with-no-work-at-all promises. There’s no such thing as something for nothing. Either you put in a lot of money, or you put in a lot of work. This one looks like you could waste both, not getting to your goal.
    I hope many people will read your review and have their eyes opened, not being scammed by such an easy to see through “opportunity”.
    Thanks for putting it together.

    • Hi Minaher, unfortunately, you’re right. As long as there are folks who believe you can make money online without ay effort these scams like 22 Minute to Profit are going to do well. As you said, it’s a complete time and money waster. My advice is to go around it. No matter how good it sounds, it’s a scam at the end of the day.


  3. Well written review. Thanks for creating this kind of post to let your readers what is 22 Minutes to Profit really is. Your post can help a lot a of people to rethink first before joining if ever they come across with 22 Minutes to Profit platform.

    In Affiliate Marketing or any business whether online or offline, there no such thing as “the easy way” to success. I wish that people should be smart enough to do further research and read blog reviews like yours to prevent themselves from being scammed.

    Again, thanks for exerting your effort to warn us about 22 Minutes to Profit. By the way, hope you don’t mind me asking, how did you get all these details?

    • Hi Mina, thanks for reaching out. You’re absolutely right! Affiliate marketing is not a quick way to riches or an easy way to success no matter what programs like 22 Minutes to Profit claim. It takes time and effort to master this business and to earn a decent profit. To answer your question. I got this link to my email (I receive tons of these daily because that’s what these scammers do once you give them your email), and so I did my research and the rest has been disclosed in my review.


  4. Thank you for sharing your review of this scam. I’ve not come across 22 minutes to profit, but thank you for the warning. Sadly, many newbies will get taken in by the sales pitch, but as you mentioned, at least they can get a refund. The alternative you suggest is a far better option with the chance to build a sustainable and highly profitable business:)

  5. HI Ivan,

    Thank you for this thorough review about 22 minutes to profit. This is an eye-opener. How can someone try to earn money on the name of a person that doesn’t even exist! Plus it’s a scam. Thank you for bringing this scam to everyone’s attention so we can save people from such traps and help them get to the right platform with the right education and support – Wealthy Affiliate.

    I wish you all the very best

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Habib, you’re welcome. As you can see, some people are ready to do anything to earn a profit. A lot of scams these days use fake names, fake testimonials and even fake income proof to create a sense of legitimacy. But as soon as you scratch the surface, you’ll learn that 22 Minutes to Profits is a scam. I’m glad you did exactly that!

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is great, in fact it’s my best recommendation for making money online because of their tools, training, and support system.



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