3 Day Business Masterclass Review (2022) – Is It a SCAM or Legit?

Welcome to my 3 Day Business Masterclass review.

Building an online business is never an easy task. I’m guessing that you’ve heard something about this business masterclass that helps aspiring entrepreneurs to build a fully functional home-based business.

But you’re not sure about it. If you’re like me, you’re probably asking yourself: What is a 3 Day Business Masterclass? Is the 3 Day Business Masterclass a scam? Should I be joining this event at all? What is the agenda?

No worries. You’ve just landed in the right place.

In this review, I will show you what the 3 Day Business Masterclass is really about. I will also give you some pros and cons to help you to make a wise and well-informed decision as well.

3 Day Business Masterclass Review


3 Day Business Masterclass Review – Overview

  • Type: Lead Generation
  • Price: Free webinar + $1,994 or $2,991
  • Owner: Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Unavailable
  • Recommended?: Yes, but not for beginners

Overview: So what is 3Day Business Masterclass about? It is a presell marketing system for Lead Conversion System Squared (aka LCS2) and a short 3-day webinar series.

I would not recommend this system to beginners because you will not learn how to build an online marketing business from scratch.

Instead, the 3 Day Business Masterclass is for existing online business owners. The 3-day webinar series shares useful information on how to get more leads, convert leads into customers, and more.

The bottom line is, it is a legitimate business masterclass designed for advanced marketers. You can read the rest of my 3 Day Business Masterclass review to learn more about the event and the product behind it.

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What Is a 3 Day Business Masterclass?

3 Day Business Masterclass is a free three-day online event where you can learn how to get more clients and leads to your online business.

The main idea behind this masterclass is to help you to get insights into advanced marketing strategies taught by the LCS marketing system.

In other words, it’s a presell program for LCS (Lead Conversion System), which is a high-ticket advanced marketing program.

During these three days, the creators of the 3 Day Business Masterclass will share tips and methods they personally use to attract thousands of leads to their business.

3 Day Business Masterclass Review - Scam or Legit

Moreover, you can discover how to attract clients that are instantly ready to invest in your offer.

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that you can learn from this masterclass.

  • Build a fully functional home-based business
  • Get your first clients
  • Attract 1,000 new leads every month
  • Sell high-ticket products
  • Leverage marketing software to grow your business
  • Network with successful online entrepreneurs
  • and more.

Who Created This Masterclass?

3 Day Business Masterclass was created by Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely. Daven and Chad are also creators of the Lead Conversion System.

Both guys are successful digital marketers and have been in this business for quite some time.

While they were growing their businesses, they realized that they could help others too so they created Lead Conversion System Squared.

If you have been around the digital marketing industry for a while, then you have probably heard of Daven and Chad and their LCS2 system, right?

Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely

And if do know about these guys, you know that this is a completely legitimate system designed to help new and existing digital marketers to get more leads and thus earn more money with their online businesses.

That said, let’s continue the 3 Day Business Masterclass review to learn more about what it is, how this system works and how you can benefit from Daven Michels’s and Chad Nicely’s systems.

How Does 3 Day Business Masterclass Work?

The goal behind the 3 Day Business Masterclass is to lead you through the LCS marketing system. This system was specially designed to help marketers with generating new leads for their businesses.

That’s why the main topic over the three days of the masterclass will be lead generation and how the Lead Conversion System could help to generate more customers for your business.

3 Day Business Masterclass LCS

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, this is not a training program. It’s basically a set of webinars with which Daven and Chad will sell their high-ticket system.

Here’s what will be covered during the three-day event:

Day 1 – The “Hook, Line and Sinker”

This will be the first webinar in the 3-part series of the 3 Day Business Masterclass. The first day of the even is basically an introduction to the online marketing world.

You can learn about lead generation and converting leads to customers. The information is helpful even if you don’t end up purchasing the final offer.

In other words, the webinar has got value.

Day 2 – The “Foot In The Door” Technique

The second day of the webinar series is about a weirdly named technique that the creators of the 3 Day Business Masterclass are particularly proud of.

Basically, the idea behind this webinar is to teach you how to get noticed online. You will be learning about branding and building a personal brand.

Once you have a brand, it’s much easier to prospect for clients and partner with them.

Day 3 – Founders of the LCS Marketing System

During the third day, you will be learning more about the people behind the LCS marketing system and their role in the business.

Basically, the idea behind the third webinar in the series is to pitch you the LCS system. You can leverage this system to grow and automate your online business.

Is the 3 Day Business Masterclass Free?

3 Day Business Masterclass is free. However, at the end of day three, you will be offered to attend another free training where you can learn more about LCS.

If you decide to get involved with the LCS system at the end of the training, you will have to purchase one of the two upgrades.

3 Day Business Masterclass Price

The first upgrade is Gold Membership and it will cost you $1,994 (two monthly payments of $997). The second upgrade is Elite Membership and it costs $2,991 (three times $997).

Who Is a 3 Day Business Masterclass For?

In my opinion, the 3 Day Business Masterclass is for everyone in the digital marketing niche.

First of all, the masterclass is free and hosted by two guys who know a thing or two about digital marketing. In other words, you can grab some nuggets without any financial obligation.

Secondly, if you want to learn how to get high-quality leads to your business, this mini-series of webinars could be for you. Just keep in mind that it ends with a sales pitch so be ready to invest as well.

However, I wouldn’t recommend the 3 Day Business Masterclass to newbies.

In my opinion, this program is more suited for advanced marketers who understand the lingo and are ready to spend some real money on the LCS system.

If you’re a newbie, you should check out my #1 recommendation.

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Is the 3 Day Business Masterclass a Scam?

I wouldn’t say that the 3 Day Business Masterclass is a scam. It is a valuable free masterclass that offers some insights into the features and benefits of Chad’s and Daven’s marketing system.

If you look up 3 Day Masterclass reviews, you will discover that most of them are quite open and real about what this masterclass is about, which is always a good sign.

Even the sales page for this system is open and clear that this is just a webinar for the LCS system.

While reviewing the offer, I didn’t find any major signs of a scam. I didn’t notice any fake testimonials, stock images, or overhyped claims, which is usually the case with scams.

All in all, it’s a legitimate webinar designed to sell you an LCS system.

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What I Like About the 3 Day Business Masterclass

  • Hosted by two marketing experts
  • 3 Day Business Masterclass is free
  • The training has some real-life value
  • You can learn how to get more leads
  • Promotes legitimate marketing system
  • You can learn more about the product for free

What I Don’t Like About 3 Day Business Masterclass

  • The LCS Squared is an expensive marketing system
  • This is not for beginners with no tech skills or experience

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3 Day Business Masterclass Review – Conclusion

We have established that the 3 Day Business Masterclass is not a scam. You have just learned that it is a 3-day webinar series where you can get insights into lead generation methods and LCS systems.

You also know that the webinars are free, but the system will cost you $997 (plus upgrades – possible price $3,000).

Most importantly, you’re now aware that LCS is not for newbies. It’s a lead generation system that is best for those who already own an online business that needs more clients.

If you have more questions, feel free to drop them at the end of this review.

Thanks for sticking to my 3 Day Business Masterclass review. I hope this post has helped you to learn more about this offer and make a wise decision.

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  1. This looks really great. My only concern would be at what stage in your on line career would you suggest that you start. I have 2 websites that are just starting to get noticed, but really want to monetize them quickly. My websites are about 4 months old and I have posted about 70 articles. Would this be a good course for me?



    • Hi Steve, thanks for reaching out. That’s up to you to decide. Just keep in mind that 3 Day Business Masterclass is a pre-sale training for Lead Conversion Squared software.


  2. Hello and props for a thorough and detailed analysis of the 3 day business masterclass for 2021. It’s a pricey investment for a bootstrapped business, and the lack of a money-back guarantee makes it even more of a tough sell. Thanks for the insights though – I think that something like this may be more valuable as an in-person seminar, where it’s possible to meet face-to-face with others.

  3. 3 Day Business Masterclass is a good platform. I am currently not prepared to join it. Or said in other words, my business is not at a level in which I can profit from what they’ll be teaching. But I will eventually grow and thus will keep this training in my radar. Thank you very much for your post.


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