30 Days Email Journey Hacks Review – Build Lists That Convert

Welcome to my 30 Days Email Journey Hacks review.

The best thing a beginner could do when starting a business online is to start building your list. The sooner you start collecting leads via email marketing, the better for your business in the long run.

You see, an email list is one of the best assets you could have. You can’t depend on Facebook, Google or YouTube 100% all the time because you never know what they are going to do to completely f-up your business. But your list is yours. It’s your business, literally, and no one can take it away from you.

So today, I want to show you a program that I found called 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks by Wayne Crowe. It’s a 30-day training program that is focused on teaching you how to start building an email list effectively and use it to make money online.

Here’s my review…

30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks Review


30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks Review – Overview

Product Type: Email Marketing Training

Product Owner: Wayne Crowe

Product Price: $1,491 one time or $550 three times

Recommended?: Yes

Quick Summary: 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks is a step-by-step 30-day training program created by Wayne Crowe. With this training program, you’re getting a chance to learn how to start a successful email marketing business from scratch even as a complete beginner.

The training program comes with 1,500 free clicks that you can use to test your campaigns, 1-on-1 coaching session with Wayne himself, and few more cool features as well. The price is $1,491, and it is final. In other words, there are no money-back guarantees of any kind.

In my opinion, this program is legitimate and recommended.

The only reason why beginners might find this course repulsive is the price. That is why I recommend an alternative program where you can start an online business from scratch for a lot less money. Click the button below to learn more…




What is 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks?

30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks is a training program that is going to show you how to go from a complete newbie to email marketing to build your own list and success online. The program is created by Wayne Crowe, who is a successful online entrepreneur and email marketing expert.

During the 30 days journey, you’ll be learning about what email marketing is, how to set up your own campaigns, how to get traffic to your signup forms and lead magnets, how to follow up with autoresponders and more.

Also, I found a few features of the program that are going to benefit those who are already on an advanced level of marketing. Wayne even includes 1500 free clicks as well, but more about the features later in my 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks review.

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How Does This Program Work?

Have you heard the phrase money is in the list? I bet you did. You see, an email list is your most significant online asset. Once you build it, it’s yours to keep forever, and if you know what you’re doing, you could earn a nice passive income from your list.

Therefore, 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks is specially designed to show you how email marketing works. Wayne Crowe is teaching how to get started with email marketing even if you’re a complete newbie.

30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks

The first focus of the training is on building your website, which is going to be used for various purposes. The main goal, however, is going to be collecting leads (emails) and building a list. There are a few types of lists you can create, all of which is covered with this training too.

Now, before you can start making money from your list, you’ll have to build a relationship with your readers. Trust first, money second. And this process of building trust in you and your service is the next focus of 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks program.

To build trust, you need to learn how to communicate with your subscribers. This is where a good email copy comes into play. You don’t need to worry if you’re not a writer. You don’ have to be one—all you need to know how to communicate, which is also explained during the training modules.

30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks program also contains sections where you can learn how to optimize your list for more success. And most importantly, how to use Facebook to generate leads for free.

Once you have gone through these essential parts of building a successful email marketing business, you can start monetizing your list with affiliate promotions to make money, which is the ultimate goal of Wayne’s training program.

Who is 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks For?

As its name suggests, 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks is for anyone interested in getting started with email marketing from scratch and fast. Thirty days might not be enough to master the business, but it’s enough to understand the concept and get started.

So if you’re a person who is going to expect results in 30 days or less or some magic button system, this program is not for you. The concept is designed to help you to get started as fast as possible. However, it’s going to take some time to grow your list and earn an income from the same.

In my opinion, the program is suited for beginners as well as advanced marketers who are looking to grow. You can also join Wayne’s affiliate program and start promoting it as an affiliate marketer.

To sum up, this program is for:

  • newbies to email marketing
  • advanced online entrepreneurs
  • affiliate marketers
  • bloggers and website owners
  • content marketers

That said, let’s take a look at the next few sections of this review to see what you get inside and how much this program could cost you.

30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks Content

Before you can join the program, you’ll have to go through a free webinar with Wayne Crowe. This is where he introduces himself and shares a bit about the content of his training program as well as why you can expect from it.

30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks Content

Only after the webinar finishes, you can join 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks by signing up with your details and payment information on the next page.

And here’s what you get with it:

30-Day Step-By-Step Training 

  • Day 1 – Welcome video
  • Day 2 – Getting started
  • Day 3 – Set up your vehicle
  • Day 4 – The types of lists we build and why
  • Day 5 – Building a relationship
  • Day 6 – Cash Flow and forecast
  • Day 7 – Basics of optimization
  • Day 8 – Entering the optimization routine
  • Day 9 – Setup your profile for long-term success
  • Day 10 – Post types
  • Day 11 – Engagement
  • Day 12 – Adding friends
  • Day 13 – Messanger
  • Day 14 – Start Building “Brand YOU”
  • Day 15 – Creating your 30-day posts calendar
  • Day 16 – Challenge yourself
  • Day 17 – Going big and the fear of success
  • Day 18 – What do you promote to your list
  • Day 19 – Email copy – Intro
  • Day 20 – Email copy – Registration
  • Day 21 – Emal copy – Writing
  • Day 22 – Honing the skills
  • Day 23 – Further relationship
  • Day 24 – List clearing and keeping it engaged
  • Day 25 – Basics of tracking
  • Day 26 – Click banking
  • Day 27 – When to use new traffic sources
  • Day 28 – Other ways to monetize your list
  • Day 29 – VIP Introduction
  • Day 30 – You have the tools now, keep going

1,500 High-Quality Clicks

Every new member of the program gets 1,500 proven-to-convert clicks to kickstart your 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks business.

1-Month of Traffic Domination VIP Membership

Traffic Domination VIP is a Premium version of the training program. All users get 30 days of free access to the platform and a chance to become Premium members down the road.

Access to Affiliate Program

If you don’t know what products to promote, you can join Wayne’s affiliate program and promote 30-Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks to your list.

1-on-1 Strategy Call With Wayne Crowe

Meeting with Wayne Crowe himself designed to help you get the most possible out of this program is the shortest period bringing you on a deeper level of communication and focus.

30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks Price

The introductory webinar with Wayne Crowe is free. However, after you finish with it, you’ll have to purchase to get access to the training program. You’ll have to payment options to choose from:

  • $1,491 one time
  • $550 for three months (free traffic delivered after the last payment)

Unfortunately, Wayne Crowe hasn’t included any money-back guarantee or a free trial. This means that once you pay to get access to the training program, that’s it. There’s no way back.

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Is 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks Recommended?

Email marketing is one of the oldest ways of making money online. This method has been here for decades and is going to one of the top ways to make money online for decades to come. I believe that everyone should start, grow, and nurture an email list.

In my opinion, 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks is a good training program for learning how to start your own email list. After going through the program, I feel it is the right choice for anyone interested in email marketing.

The owner, Wayne Crowe, is a legitimate online entrepreneur who knows a lot when nit comes to building lists and making money. And if you want to learn the process, you’ll have to follow the best people in the industry.

The training program is legitimate and comes with a lot of value. One of the most significant values, in my opinion, are those 1,500 free clicks you get to test your campaigns. Also, you get a coaching consultation with Wayne himself and more.

All in all, 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks is my recommendation.

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What I Like About This Program

  • Step-by-step training videos
  • Teaches about email marketing
  • Beginner-friendly method
  • 1,500 free clicks
  • Suitable for advanced marketers
  • No hype and empty promises

What I Don’t Like About This Program

  • Expensive program for beginners
  • No free trial or money-back-guarantee
  • No tools – you must pay extra for 3rd-party tools

Final Words and Recommendations

There you are! We have come to the end of my 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks review. Now you know what it is about and what can you expect from this program. I hope you’ve found this post useful.

If you need more information about the program, make sure to leave your comments in to box below.

And while you’re here…

Let me give you one last piece of recommendation. I know that $1,500 is a lot of money to spend on a program that comes with no guarantees. That’s why I would recommend an alternative.

Below is the link to my top recommended program that is focused on affiliate marketing, and it is suitable for complete beginners in every conceivable way.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to 30 Days Email Marketing Journey Hacks, make sure to click the button below…




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

4 thoughts on “30 Days Email Journey Hacks Review – Build Lists That Convert”

  1. Well, to be honest, I do not mind there are no promises and “guarantees”. I oddly find the lack of these a good sign. Oddly, because logically, it should be a red flag, but, as much hype we’ve seen already, in my book, those became the red flags.
    From your review, I can allow the possibility that the knowledge you are served in the program might be worth that money. Also, it is much easier to learn in a pre-designed system, with your handheld all the time, so to speak, than trying to collect the needed knowledge piece by piece on your own, through trials and mistakes. It would certainly take much-much longer than 30 days and who knows it might cost close or even more than $1500. But, still…$1500…?
    Thank you for an excellent review, though.

    • Hi Kerryanne, thanks for sharing your comment on my review. I do agree with you, it’ll take much longer than 30 days to build a successful email marketing business, even the creator of this program agrees with you. And yes, $1,500 is a lot of money for such a program and I once again agree with you, it will cost more because you will need tools and traffic.


  2. Hey Ivan,

    This is yet another great review of a training programme, I’m really enjoying reading your articles. I think this programme could be worth investing in. I have started my own list using social media and lead magnets, but it is a long slog. I don’t feel I am getting the number of leads I need to in the right amount of time. Perhaps 30 days Email Journey could be the thing that helps me, and I am glad you have recommended it as a good training, as I consider your opinion and research to be very valid.

    I will let you know if I invest and what my own thoughts are on the training.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom, thanks for reaching out and leaving your comment here. Great stuff! Do let me know what do you think of 30 Days Email Journey Hacks and how did you like the program, if you ever go for it, of course. I’d love to hear about your experience.



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