30 Minute Money Methods Review – Scam or Legit Methods?

Welcome to my 30 Minute Money Methods review.

30 Minute Money Methods is an online program for making money that has been brought to us by a woman named Shelly West.

Shelly claims that this system could allegedly help you to earn $50,000 per month simply by clicking your mouse 30 minutes per day, hence the name of the program.

But what is it really about? Can you make that much money in just 30 minutes per day? Who is Shelly West? Is 30 Minute Money Methods a scam or legit? Should you go for it or not?

See, I’m not convinced by Shelly’s words and presentation. In fact, I have no clue who she is, which is a sign of a scam in progress right off the bat!

And her product presentation, well, it sounds like 100’s of scams that I reviewed here on this blog.

In other words, I don’t trust this offer at all. How about you?

Well, you shouldn’t because, within this 30 Minute Money Methods review, I’m going to show you what this is about and expose another get-rich-quick scam from ClickBank.

But before I reveal the truth about this program, who am I? Why should you listen to me?

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m a successful online marketer who went from waiting tables to managing a full-time income online. I have also tried and tested 500+  courses, scams, and all sorts of schemes to find the best way to make money online.

In other words, I’m passionate about making money online and helping you to find legit ways to do so!

That said, let’s dive into my review of the 30 Minute Money Methods to expose the truth!

30 Minute Money Methods Review - A Scam Exposed!?


30 Minute Money Methods Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Freelancing/Make Money Online
  • Product Owner: Shelly West
  • Price: $37 + UPSELLS
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60-Days
  • Recommended?: No. Scam Alert!

Quick Summary: 30 Minute Money Methods promotes itself as a way of earning $500 every 30 minutes using some “secret” methods that require no more than just 30 minutes of your time every day.

In reality, it’s a scam that asks you to pay $37 to discover what these methods are about.

And if you fall for it, you’ll get four PDFs that talk (!) about making money with stock photography, freelancing, voiceover jobs, and playing video games.

There’s no step-by-step training for making money online. In other words, 30 Minute Money Methods is not even a real training program! It’s just a bunch of guides that you can find for free online.

A big red flag related to this program are hidden costs and misleading sales page.

The sales page claims some things that are simply impossible to accomplish. However, that’s all for the reason to get you to pay $37. If you do so, you will enter a sales funnel.

Inside the funnel, you will get a chance to spend $100’s on more products.

That’s how the unknown owner of 30 Minute Money Methods makes money. In other words, by lying and scamming newbies.

So is 30 Minute Money Methods a scam?

Well, let’s summarize. The owner uses fake names, unrealistic and extremely overhyped income claims, fake income proof, fake testimonials, and a boatload of lies and deceit.

If you fall for it, you get a poor-quality product and a chance to spend more money on upsells.

The only reason why I can’t say that 30 Minute Money Methods is a complete scam is that you can have your money back. In other words, there’s a valid refund policy.

Even so, there’s no way to justify all those red flags. So in my opinion, yes. It’s a scam. Read the rest of my 30 Minute Money Methods review to see all the red flags.

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What Is 30 Minute Money Methods?

30 Minute Money Methods is a program for making money online created by Shelly West. She claims that you can earn an incredible amount of cash with a tiny amount of work each day.

Sounds like a get-rich-quick scam right from the start, wouldn’t you agree?

As the sales presentation keeps rolling, she wants you to believe that you can earn at least $500 each day if you follow her lead and join 30 Minute Money Methods.

30 Minute Money Methods

But have you noticed that she never reveals what these methods are?

That’s another scam signal. Total lack of transparency!

Think about it. A person never shows her face. She promises $100’s per day with no work. On top of that, she never reveals what her program is about, and yet, she asks you to pay $37 upfront.

Sounds like a classic scam to me.

And it gets even worse when you find out that Shelly has hired Fiverr actors to show you that “real people” are making money with her 30-minute money methods.

30 Minute Money Methods Testimonial

Why would she do that? Why do you need fake testimonials, Shelly? Could you get a few real ones?

I’m guessing that you’re in complete agreement with me on this one. There are no real testimonials. Real people never make money with this program and the whole thing is one big hoax.

That said, just by watching the sales video, you can be sure that 30 Minute Money Methods is a scam. However, since there are some products in the backend, we will hold off the verdict until the end of this review.

This product reminds me of a bunch of scams I exposed on this blog. Some of them are:

Let’s see whether this one is an outright scam as well or not, shall we?

What Do You Get With 30 Minute Money Methods?

Once you pass by the sales page, you’ll be asked to pay $37 to reveal the content of 30 Minute Money Methods. Keep in mind that Shelly is going to use the opportunity to promote a few more upsells as soon as you get inside.

My advice is to turn them away.

Then, you’ll get access to a dashboard that contains four different “secret” methods for making money online.

30 Minute Money Methods Review - Dashboard

These four methods are:

  • doing voiceover
  • stock photography
  • playing online games
  • freelancing

That’s it! Those are four “secret” money-making methods that are supposed to make you $100’s per day working only 30 minutes. What a load of BS, guys!

First of all, there’s no way in hell that you can earn that much money with these methods. You’d be lucky if you manage to earn a few dollars per day, but that’s it.

Secondly, the material inside 30 Minute Money Methods could be considered an info-product.

In other words, there’s no real step-by-step training that is going to show you how to make money with these methods. Instead, you get a few vague PDFs that talk about these methods and that’s it, guys.

Could someone tell me, how can you earn $100’s per day using a PDF? Don’t you agree that all this is just a bunch of BS designed to scam you into spending $37+?

Let’s see what Shelly West has to say, shall we?

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How Does 30 Minute Money Methods Work?

According to the mysterious owner, Shelly West, 30 Minute Money Methods require only 30 minutes per day and it’ll help you to earn at least $500 per day income. WOW!

She claims that all you have to do is follow the instructions and the money will roll into your bank account 24/7. Moreover, all this is possible even if you don’t have any skills or experience with these methods.

Now, let me share my opinion about 30 Minute Money Methods.

Let’s take making money by selling stock photography for example.

See, this PDF explains that you can take pictures and sell them on stock sites that will then pay you each time someone purchases one of your photos. And the more of them you have, the more money you can make potentially.

Now, to do so, you need a camera. Then, you need experience. Who’s going to buy your photos if they are bad? Lastly, you need more than 30 minutes per day to collect, refine, and upload all your images.

The method is legitimate, but this program is not so.

The second example of 30 Minute Money Methods is online voiceover jobs.

Now, the voiceover industry is highly competitive, that’s first. Secondly, you can’t just jump into it and earn $100’s per day working only 30 minutes. You need skills, a lot of them! Then, you need experience.

To tell you that you can do voiceovers and earn $100’s as a newbie is a pure lie!

Furthermore, earning money by playing games online is one of the suggestions from the PDFs within 30 Minute Money Methods.

Now, I consider this method to be the fastest one of all three. However, there’s absolutely no way that you can jump into this industry and earn $100’s per day working only 30 minutes. There just isn’t!

The last method is about freelancing online. And this is quite a vague topic. I mean, there are tons of freelance jobs available online. Some of the examples are:

  • social media management
  • proofreading and editing
  • copywriting
  • graphic design
  • video editing

But the story is the same. No skills, no experience, means no money. You can’t just post a gig on Fiverr and expect that people will come running to you and give you their money.

In my opinion, 30 Minute Money Methods is nothing more than just an info-product that has been advertised as a powerful way of making money online, while in reality, it’s not.

All these four methods are legitimate and real people are making money with them.

However, you simply can’t make $100’s per day working only 30 minutes. In my opinion, this offer is very close to being called a scam. But let’s hold the verdict off until the end of this 30 Minute Money Methods review.

What I Like About 30 Minute Money Methods

One thing that I definitely like about 30 Minute Money Methods is that you can get a refund during the first 60 days after the purchase has been made. It’s a ClickBank product, which means that a refund is 100% guaranteed.

How do you get a refund? All you have to do is submit a ticket to ClickBank customer support and they will get back to you ASAP. It may take up to 5 working days for your money to show up in your bank account.

Now, this is very hard to say but here it goes.

Another thing I like about 30 Minute Money Methods is the fact that you get something in return for your money. It’s not a classic sam where they trick you into spending money and then they disappear.

With this product, you get access to four PDFs that contain legitimate information about making money online. In my opinion, this information is practically worthless without step-by-step training, but it’s legit.

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30 Minute Money Methods Review – Red Flags

Huh. This section of 30 Minute Money Methods is going to be a quite long one. See, there is a ton of things I don’t like about this product, a ton! But I’ll try to keep it short and show you only those that reveal a get-rich-quick scam.

Unrealistic Income Claims (Earn $500 Every 30 Minutes)

One of the first signs that 30 Minute Money Methods is a scam is those unrealistic and extremely overhyped earning claims. It literally says that you can earn $500 every 30 minutes using these “secret” methods.

30 Minute Money Methods Review - Overhyped Earnings

Simple math tells us that this means that you can actually earn $24,000 in 24 hours! WTF!?!?!

This offer is a get-rich-quick scheme at its best and I don’t mean it in a good way.

Lack Of Transparency About The Content

Shelly tells you all these cute things about making boatloads of cash working only 30 minutes per day, etc., but she never reveals a single thing about the content of the program. She just asks $37 and it’s yours.

Think about it. Someone is telling you all these nice things without telling you what it is that you’re going to be doing to make this money and she wants money upfront.

Jeez! 30 Minute Money Methods has a scam written all over it. Let’s continue with this review to show you more scam signs.

Shell West Is A Fake Name

Have you noticed that Shelly never shares any evidence that she’s a real person? Not even a social media account. What does this tell you? Do you believe that Shelly is a real person?

In reality, Shelly West is just a pen name the real owner uses to hide his/her identity.

If he or she were a real genuine person, he or she would have stepped in front of the camera or at least given you a link to Facebook or something.

30 Minute Money Methods Testimonials Are Fake

Speaking of fake names and such, I have some evidence that 30 Minute Money Methods testimonials are fake as well. These guys have never touched this product, let alone made any money with these methods.

30 Minute Money Methods Review - Fake Testimonials

These guys are actors. They offer spokesperson service on sites like Fiverr. I’ve seen them showing up in many scams like this one probably without even knowing what they are doing.

Some of the examples are Million Dollar Replicator and Secret Millionaire Bot.

Fake Income Proof

While we’re on the subject of fake things, those income proofs that float below the video are fake as well. There isn’t any proof from these people that they’re really making money with 30 Minute Money Methods.

30 Minute Money Methods Review - Fake Income Proof

It’s just a web widget that is designed to show these names and numbers.

Think about it. If those numbers were real, why aren’t people sharing their experience then? Of course, I don’t refer to those fake ones from Fiverr actors. It’s because the whole thing is a scam, that’s why!

Fake Comments

Another fake thing related to 30 Minute Money Methods is the comment section. This product has come out about 2 or three years ago (I wonder why ClickBank hasn’t shut it down yet?), and the comments are the same as they were 2 years ago.

30 Minute Money Methods Review - Fake Comments

The reason I know this is that there are product reviews much older than mine, and you can clearly see on the screenshots they took that the comments haven’t changed.

There aren’t any fresh ones. Only fake ones. And if you try to leave yours, you’ll just be redirected to the checkout page. Quite unethical and another proof that 30 Minute Money Methods is a scam.

An Extremely Low-Quality Product

After all these fake claims, names, testimonials, comments, etc., all that you get for $37 are four PDFs! These scripts are quite vague and they just talk about making money online.

In other words, instead of some “secret” methods that are supposed to help you to earn $500 every 30 minutes, you get a few lousy PDFs that could probably be downloaded anywhere online.

Is that enough to say that 30 Minute Money Methods is a scam? Well, let’s share one more thing.

Product Comes With Hidden Upsells and Costs

If you take a look at some of the comments on the sales page, you’ll notice that Shelly promises that there are no upsells and hidden costs inside. It was $37 and that’s it.

Well, that’s another lie!

Once you pay $37 to get your hands on 30 Minute Money Methods, Shelly is going to offer you to buy another “secret” system for making money in 30 minutes or less. It costs $99.

But that’s not all!

As you walk into the members’ area, you’ll be welcomed by a big yellow button and a sign that says “get your free commission website.”

30 Minute Money Methods Review - Hidden Upsells

If you click on it, you’ll be redirected to a hosting website that will charge you $100’s for hosting and a domain name. In other words, it’s an affiliate link that Shelly has put in there to make even more money!

And how does she doing it? By lying to you that you’re getting a free website!

Is 30 Minute Money Methods A Scam?

In my opinion, there’s no doubt about it. 30 Minute Money Methods is a scam for sure. There’s absolutely no way for me to say differently after all these things I’ve just seen.

How can I say that it is legitimate when I found a ton of evidence that it’s not? I just can’t.

The only reason why some review sites will give it a green light is that you get some content in return for your money. And the content talks about legitimate ways of making money online. But I put emphasis on the word “talk.”

It does not show! And that’s a big difference.

Besides, let’s count all those scam signs once again.

First, they tell you how you can use some secret methods to earn $500 every 30 minutes. They show you fake income proof and a bunch of fake Fiverr testimonials to convince you.

They tell and show you all these things without giving away what 30 Minute Money Methods are really about, but they have the nerve to ask you to pay $37.

And Shelly does all these things without giving us any proof that she’s who she claims to be.

Moreover, she says that there are no hidden costs whatsoever, and yet, she slaps your face with an upsell and a lie about a “free” site as soon as you get inside. That’s just not right.

In my opinion, once again, 30 Minute Money Methods is a scam! Keep your distance folks!

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30 Minute Money Methods Review – Conclusion

First of all, thanks for reading my 30 Minute Money Methods review. I hope that now you can see how nasty and corrupted this make-money-online world really is.

This offer is the best for the unknown individual or group of people who are scamming newbies like you into believing that you can make $ 100s and even $ 1000s per day online without doing any work.

That’s just not how things work. At least you know what a scam looks like now.

Is There a Better Way To Make Money Online?

I know how hard it is to trust websites these days. There are too many scams out there, especially in the make-money-online world. I know, because I reviewed over 600+ sites so far!

See, 30 Minute Money Methods is just one of the many online scams I have reviewed…

While searching for the best ways to make money online myself, I bumped into a program that helps you to start making money online in the best way possible.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And feel free to share this 30 Minute Money Methods review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

13 thoughts on “30 Minute Money Methods Review – Scam or Legit Methods?”

  1. Hey Ivan

    Its kinley reading your wonderful article on 30 minute money method and it sounds really inspiring.  I have always wondered how people make such a fast money and today your website helped me to solve this problem. I have a experience of not able to do that way that she said I mean making money in 30 minutes but today it seemed like all are scam like you told . Because she is only telling the impossible things like this things could happen in real but your article motivated me not to give attention on such things. She is making us fool like you said. 

  2. 30 Minute Money Methods is obviously a scam. When the program is being sold, they say that you’re going to make all of this money merely through clicking. However, once you’ve bought it, you find out that it involves activities like freelance photography and voiceovers which require far more than clicking. These activities also require specialized equipment that will cost a lot of additional money.

  3. Hi Ivan

    Clickbank has some good products, but interpersed within these products are alot of scams and get rich quick schemes that are not good for the platform. There is no short cut to riches. The road to success is paved with hard work combined with a good and robust strategy. The one saving grace abpout this product is the refund policy. 

    This product is targeting the ones trying to make a quick buck and newbies looking for guidance, however, without a clear and concise step by step guide, this product  is not worth anything near it’s sale price. Thank you for an informative review. I will definitely stay away from this product.

    • Hi Les, thanks for your comment on my review. You’re absolutely right about ClickBank and making money online in general. This product falls into the category of getting rich quick schemes and it is not recommended!


  4. It looks like you have found another one, Ivan. Those $37 fees to get started is a good sign. Scam Alert. Thanks for taking the time to identify another product to avoid. I know people fall for these things, because they continue to surface. Finding a good system may result in many failures without research. I agree your #1 recommendation is the way to get started on a successful journey to making money online.. 

    • Hi Rich Gilbert, thanks for reaching out. I’m happy to see you reading my reviews again. Yeah, as you can see, 30 Minute Money Methods is another of those programs that sound too good to be true and is nothing but a marketing scam designed to take $37 from newbies, unfortunately.

      If you’re interested in learning more about my #1 recommendation, feel free to click here or reply to this message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. This course has helped me to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day with affiliate marketing.


  5. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for exposing this program to us. Spending 30 minutes clicking on the mouse to make $50,000 per month? Seriously? When I saw it, I knew this isn’t true and want to close the window. People should stop looking for shiny objects like this one and find a legitimate program to learn the process from the ground because there is no shortcut or secret to make money online, right?

    With overhyped, fake founder’s name, fake testimonials, I will stand with you that this is not a good start for beginners. Your recommendation seems like a better approach for us.

    Thanks for sharing today,

    • Hi Matt Lin, thanks for your comment on my review. 30 Minute Money Methods is indeed a shiny object and a scam. You simply can’t read a few PDFs, work 30 minutes without any experience, and earn $100’s and $1000’s per day LOL

      Unfortunately, some people will fall for it and will spend priceless time on these dirty tricks. Yes, the only solution is to stop chasing shiny objects and scams and join a legitimate program. That’s why I’ve done a few years ago and it worked!

      Best of luck to you, Matt, and keep your distance from programs with fake names and testimonials that promise $1000’s per day with little to no work.


  6. Hey Ivan,

    I guess you already know what I’m going to say, LOL.

    I pretty much know that an online program is going to be very bad or a complete scam if they tend to mention 3 things:

    – A specific amount of money earned
    – A specific time period in which this can be achieved
    – All you need to is “click a button”

    To be honest, you and me both know that the internet is awash with these types of products, but I think 30-Minute Miney Methods may just take the biscuit.

    This could actually be “The King (or Queen) of Useless Scams”.

    You know I’ve come to trust and rely on your reviews to basically spell it out, and give the lowdown on what a program is going to be like.

    And you never fail to amaze.

    I’m actually a bit speechless (for once) about what is actually on offer through 30-Minute Money Methods.

    The 4 methods you mention, voice over, stock photography, playing online games, and freelancing, well they are all certainly ways to may a little bit of pocket money.

    But even these are nowehere near as easy as they are made to sound.

    Plus, I’m sure there are people who are earning 100s and 1,000s of $$$ a day doing this, but I’m guessing they’ve been doing it for years, and have spent countless hours and money learning their “trade”.

    This is just not a viable option for someone completely new to online marketing.

    I see you’ve mentioned fake testimonials and that we’re not even sure of Shelly West is a real person.

    And you get all of this for $37, Haha.


    Based on your review Ivan, I wouldn’t go anywhere near 30-Minute Money Methods.


    • Hi Partha, thanks for your comment on my review. I’m glad to see you doing the research as always.

      You’re absolutely right, mate. When it sounds too good to be true, well guess what? It usually is. And the same case is with 30 Minute Money Methods. Someone is basically selling four PDFs for $40 using fake promises, screenshots, fake testimonials, etc. If that’s not a scam, I have no idea what is then.

      Sure, there are people who make a ton of cash with freelancing, for example. However, those folks have not read a script and turned into millionaires working only 30 minutes per day LOL They invested years and years of blood, sweat and tears to reach the level they are at now.

      I’m glad to see that you understand the difference between fiction and reality. Thanks for your comment and stay safe.



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