30 Minute Workday Review – SCAM or Legit Online Business in 30 Minutes?

Welcome to my 30 Minute Workday review, guys.

I got an email from a friend to check out this “too good to be true” opportunity to make money as soon as of today that allows me to earn $100,000+ working only 30 minutes per day.

The very moment I opened the mail, I said to myself, “C’mon! Work only 30 mins per day. Make money as of today, push-button traffic. Who puts these things together? This must be a scam.”

I’m guessing that you too have gotten an email to check out 30 Minute Workday. And just as I was, you are sceptical and don’t believe all those claims created by the author.

You too are probably in doubt that 30 Minute Workday is a scam, right?

No need to worry. You’re in the best place to find out the truth. In this 30 Minute Workday review, I will share the truth and nothing but the truth. I’m not associated with this product, so I have no reasons to lie.

Shall we start with sharing the truth?

30 Minute Workday Review


30 Minute Workday Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Price: Free To Join + Extra Costs Later
  • Product Owner: Nick Bramble
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: In a nutshell, 30 Minute Workday is a membership site that funnels you to HBA (Home Business Academy) platform where you can learn how to start promoting digital marketing tools to earn an income online.

The idea behind the whole thing is legitimate. However, those “work 30 minutes per day and make $100,000 in 48 hours” claims are a good reason to say that 30 Minute Workday is not an honest and trusted website. Those claims are used to trick you (scam) into becoming a member.

The bottom line is, I don’t recommend 30 Minute Workday. See more details in the following sections of my review.

However, if you’re tired of these overhyped offers, and would like to start a successful online business, click the button below for my #1 recommendation.




What Is 30 Minute Workday About?

30 Minute Workday is basically a free membership website created by Nick Bramble where you can get access to a free eBook, one-hour long training video, and tools needed to build an affiliate marketing business.

Nick claims that you can use these resources to earn an income as of today (or in the next 48 hours).

The best part? You can use this free program to earn up to $100,000 online by working only 30 minutes per day, hence the name, 30 Minute Workday.


Yes! There’s one big but related to this offer.

30 Minute Workday Red Flag

A Few Red Flags Right Off The Bat

First of all, guys, and I know you’re already aware of this, those claims that you can see on the official 30 Minute Workday website are more or less fake.

In other words, this program is not going to work like that.

I mean, how can you make $100,000 using an eBook? It’s impossible!

You see, this website is designed to lead you to buy a set of tools that are needed when building an online business. I’ll talk about these later in this review.

Secondly, the one-hour long training video is just a long sales pitch, nothing else. I sat through the video and was yawning the whole time. As an experienced marketer, I haven’t found anything valuable in it.

And thirdly, this is not going to be free. You’ll have to pay for those tools.

That said, one could say that 30 Minute Workday is a scam designed to trick you into buying tools in exchange for a book and an hour-long video. However, let’s not judge yet.

Let me show you how it works first.

How Does 30 Minute Workday Work?

Let me take you through the process of registration first, and then I’ll tell you more about the intention behind the platform.

Registration Process

So the first step is to register your name and email address.

30 Minute Workday Review - Step 1

Once you’re done with this step, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this.

30 Minute Workday Review - Step 2

On this page, you’ll have to create a free account for a 30 Minute Workday membership website, where you can get access to an eBook, video, and tools as shown below.

30 Minute Workday Review - Members Area

Also, you’ll find another hour-long video with Nick where he’s going to introduce himself and share more about the opportunity to make $100,000 online.

Speaking of which…

The Main Idea Behind 30 Minute Workday

So the main idea behind 30 Minute Workday is to show you how to purchase an autoresponder and funnel builder app. I’m guessing that you’ll also need hosting as well to set up the whole thing.

In any case, you’ll have to take these three steps to set up your own business.

  1. Step 1 – Download and read the eBook
  2. Step 2 – Watch The EverWealth Formula Training
  3. Step 3 – Get Access To The Tools

Once you do so, you’ll be shown how to promote the same offer to other people.

In other words, you’ll be using these tools to set up funnels where you’re going to promote the same tools and potentially earn commissions each time someone buys through your links.

Here’s how Nick explains the process during the training…

The EverWealth Formula

The business model is completely legitimate and is called affiliate marketing.

However, 30 Minute Workday is not a 100% legitimate program in my opinion. Why? Well, it’s because they pull your nose whole the time. This is not designed to show you how to build your own legit business online.

The idea is to send you to the Home Business Academy website where you can join for $25 per month to get access to funnel builder and affiliate marketing training.

To put it into perspective, each time a person joins HBA through the 30 Minute Workday site, Nick makes a commission. This could also be called an MLM since you’re recruited to recruit others.

You can see for example how The Super Affiliate Network uses the same process to get new members.

They create fake membership sites such as IM Profit Multiplier or My Super Affiliate Mentor, which they use to funnel you to the main platform using fake, overhyped, and misleading claims such as work 30 minutes per day, make tons of cash from day one, etc.

In any case, I was not impressed with this offer, not at all.

What You Get With 30 Minute Workday

As I said a few times so far, you’ll get:

  • 30 Minute Workday eBook
  • training video (1 hour)
  • a chance to buy autoresponder and funnel builder.

Also, there’s an invitation to join the community and that’s basically it.

I wasn’t expecting too much content since the platform is free to join, so I’m guessing you’re getting a fair deal here. My only problem is that you are not going to get full training that will help you to build a business.

In my opinion, this offer is Nick’s clever way to funnel you to the autoresponder and funnel builder pages. You see, each time a member makes a purchase, Nick and his team earn a commission.




Is 30 Minute Workday Free?

You’re lead to believe that you can join 30 Minute Workday for free and earn up to $100,000 working only 30 minutes per day. Truth be told, those are all fake claims.

This business opportunity is not going to be free.

GetResponse Autoresponder – Starting at $15 per month

Nick is going to show you why you need an autoresponder, and how to get one via the GetResponse website. GR is one of the best tools out there and the good thing about it is that you can have it for free for 30 days.

However, after the free trial ends, you’ll be charged $15 per month for a basic package. And as your list starts to grow, so will your bill for GetResponse.

HBA Funnel Builder – Starting at $25 per month

HBA stands for Home Business Academy, which is a training platform where they teach people about affiliate marketing and provide all the tools, including funnel builder.

This is also a membership site. You’ll have to pay $25 per month to get and keep the access.

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Is 30 Minute Workday a Scam?

So, technically speaking, I can’t say that 30 Minute Workday is a scam. In reality, it’s nothing more than a funnel designed to lead you to HBA and GetResponse.

The main idea behind it is to get you to sign up for the Home Business Academy course where you’ll get a chance to learn how to set up an affiliate marketing business, which is 100% legitimate work.

However, those claims that you’ll have to work only 30 minutes per day, and that you’ll be making money as of today could be a reason to say that 30 Minute Workday is a scam.

You see, it’s not right nor ethical to give such fake claims just to make you buy a product.

I can bet you all my money right now that not a single person who joins 30 Minute Workday is going to make money as soon as today. Moreover, I’m willing to push it and say that most people will never make a single dollar using this program.

But that’s just my humble opinion.

You may have read a few 30 Minute Workday reviews out there that speak differently about this course. Do you know why that is so? It’s because they are selling you this crap to make commissions.

In any case, this offer is not a 100% scam. You will get some value for your email address. But, I’m not recommending this at all.

I can show you 10X better ways to make money, and I will, in fact.

My top-rated system has helped me to go from zero to earning thousands of dollars each month with affiliate marketing as a complete newbie.




What I Like About 30 Minute Workday

After going through the 30 Minute Workday offer, let’s talk about some pros and cons. Here are some of the things I like about this program.

Free Platform

Most make-money-online opportunities ask for money in front, which is not good for business, in my opinion. I was glad to see that 30 Minute Workday is free to join. Free membership is always welcomed as it allows you to see what it is about and how it works before you make up your own mind.

Free 180 Pages eBook

While I’m on the topic of free stuff, another nice thing about 30 Minute Workday offer is a free ebook. It’s basically a “bribe” to join other offers they have inside, but at least you get to learn something for free.

Nick Bramble Is A Real Person

The fact that the creator of 30 Minute Workday is a real person is also a good thing to see. You would be shocked to learn how many of these make-money-online offers use fake names just to get you to sign up.

So when a person shows his face, as Nick Bramble does, it tells me that he believes in his product – if I can call it like that.

Private Facebook Group

Lastly, even as a free member, you’ll get access to a Private Facebook Group where you can chat with other members and “feel” the offer before you decide whether to go for it or not.



What I Don’t Like About 30 Minute Workday

Although I’ve listed a few positive things about 30 Minute Workday in the previous section of the review, I still stand behind my claims that it is not a good opportunity to make money online and here’s why.

Completely Misleading Name

First things first, 30 Minute Workday is a totally misleading name! Yes, you can reach the point where you can work only 30 mins daily, but it is going to take you years and years and thousands of dollars too.

This is not a good name because it gives people the wrong idea of what affiliate marketing is about.

Misleading Claims (Make Money In 48 Hours)

Together with a misleading name, the 30 Minute Workday offer comes with a few completely misleading claims such as “make money in 48 hours from now” and such.

Whenever I see such claims, I tend to pull the trigger and say that it is a scam.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it so far, but making money online is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Beware of anyone who tells you that you can make money almost instantly.

You Don’t Get Step-By-Step Training

All the training that you get inside 30 Minute Workday members’ area is basically useless. In other words, it’s designed to promote the Home Business Academy funnel builder and autoresponder.

I sat through those videos and did not see any step-by-step actionable program that is going to help you to make money online. You’ll have to buy HBA training do so, which leads me to the next point.

You Must Pay For Tools and HBA Training

The catch behind 30 Minute  Workdays is to get you to the Home Business Academy platform where you can get access to tools and training for making money online. And even then, you’ll learn only how to promote the same.

And this is going to cost you money, which was not disclosed at any point.

In my opinion, 30 Minute Workdays is Nicks clever way to promote those tools and training for which he earns a commission. Nothing wrong with it, but it could be done better (transparent).

Lack of Testimonials

One thing that always gives away a scheme that usually doesn’t work despite what they say on the sales page is the lack of testimonials. 30 Minute Workday has almost none, which is not a good sign.

Not A Beginner-Friendly Offer

The line between beginner-friendly and not the beginner-friendly program is very thin. 30 Minute Workday videos and eBook might be categorized as beginner-friendly, but everything that comes after is not.

I already reviewed Home Business Academy earlier and would not recommend it to beginners.

30 Minute Workday Review – Conclusion

There you are, guys. Now that you know what 30 Minute Workday is about, you can make a well-informed decision on your own. I hope my review was helpful.

I just want to say that I don’t recommend this offer.

In my opinion, this is not 100% legitimate and will not live up to those claims from the sales page. See, you have to earn your 30-minute workdays in this online business world. No one is going to hand you ower a business in the box that works on a push of a button.

Those are nothing but a bunch of empty claims that come without any proof.

The good thing, however, about the 30 Minute Workday is that you’re not going to be left on dry land if you ever join this offer. There’s a FB community that could help you out if you ever get stuck.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online

First of all, thanks for reading my 30 Minute Workday review. If you have questions or could offer an experience, feel free to reach out in the comment section below.

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That said, this is my only recommendation for marketers of all levels.

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And don’t forget to share this 30 Minute Workday review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

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14 thoughts on “30 Minute Workday Review – SCAM or Legit Online Business in 30 Minutes?”

  1. Hi there, I’ve read through your concise review and it was worth my time because I heard about 30 Minute Workday before but never actually cared much about it. One day a friend asked me about it and my curiosity arose. Trying to get some details about the program, I landed on your article. Boy I’m happy that I read your post. Surely I will stay away from 30 Minute Workday because as you righty said, making money that too huge money within 48 hours is a joke and it’s a misleading promise. I would stay away myself and also not be associated with such false propaganda. Thanks for taking the time to review this.  

    • Hi Augustine, thanks for your comment. It is indeed a misleading promise. I’m glad to hear that you are careful about these promises. As I said, working 30 mins per day on your online business is really possible, but it takes lots and lots of work and experience to get there.


  2. Thanks for this review of the 30-minute workday. I am always wary of names like that too, so would have probably put me off buying it anyway. You can actually make a living by only working for 30 minutes in a day, and believe it or not, it CAN actually be done quickly. But there’s no secret formula to it. It really just depends on having a good nose for business opportunity

    • Hi Kwidzin, thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely right about it! I would just like to add that it takes a lot of experience to create a business from scratch where you have to work only 30 minutes a day.


  3. You see this all the time. Make money in 60 mins et etc. It just doesn’t work that way though as you have to work your behind off to make it. Unfortunately people fall for it and it’s kind of puzzling to me at times. For instance how long does it take you to rise to the top of the tree st your workplace? Years and people just don’t get it. Hey and great website!

    • Hi Gary Higgins, thanks for your comment on my review of 30 Minute Workday. It takes a long long time to rise up in any business or a job. It’s just how it is. We all want to take shortcuts as it’s in our nature so programs like this one like to offer them. However, these shortcuts are just imaginary and will not get you anywhere.


  4. Ivan,

    Any program that claims you can make money with only 30 mins a day is full of it. I wish that I could spend just 30 mins on my sites and that magically I would make money. It just doesn’t work that way though. It usually takes me HOURS to make content, post it, add images, links, make sure the readability is good, the keywords I’m using are being searched for, etc.

    I’m glad I came across this review on this program. I know to stay far away from it, that’s for sure.

    Thanks again!


    • Hi Katrina, thanks for reaching out and sharing your honest thoughts about this program. Yes, it takes hours and hours of hard work to create success online. I’m glad to hear that you’re not buying into these “work 30 minutes per day” promises anymore. The truth is, you need to work like hell to get to the level where you earn enough income that will allow you to work 30 minutes per day on your website. The key is in outsourcing. But still, you need to get there first.


  5. Hi Ivan!
    Thanks for sharing this information and warning us from dealing with this website. I know from my own experience how these kind of websites attract our attention with those loud claims. After losing money on scammer websites I don’t react on these offers anymore – there is no easy money. I decided to concentrate my attention on Wealthy Affiliate now. But thanks for your great review!

    • Hi Alex, thanks for sharing your comment. I hear you. I’ve been in your shoes before and I know exactly what you mean. There is no such thing as a quick and easy way to success. I’m glad to hear that you are focusing on a legitimate training such as Wealthy Affiliate. WA is, in my opinion, the best training for starting a successful online business.


  6. Hi Ivan

    Why do these marketers put such misleading headlines in their ads? I guess because people desperately want to believe it, but seriously, how ridiculous can you get? Even the top super affiliates don’t make $100,000 in half an hour a day! They work their socks off for years!

    It makes me so mad. And do I understand correctly that the product you sell is the same product you just signed up for instead of learning how to choose a niche and do it all properly?

    Thanks as ever for showing the truth about these courses and sorting out the good from the bad.



    • Hi Jean, you’re welcome. And thanks for reaching out. I understand your point, and honestly, I don’t get it too. Those claims and promises are designed to attract people who are looking for magic pills and shortcuts to success with affiliate marketing. However, those things do not exist. The bottom line is, 30 Minute Workday is not trusted nor recommended offer. I’ve seen and reviewed a lot of legitimate programs so far. This one is not something that I would be happy to recommend.


  7. Hi Ivan,

    My favourite type of program, one that makes me laugh, LOL.

    I’ve mentioned to you before that whenever I see anything time-related or money-earning claim-related I immediately switch off.

    This is typically a, “Earn loads with no effort” scenario, and I think this just preys on people’s greed and laziness.

    To be honest, from reading your review, Nick simply sounds as though he is collecting email addresses (to bombard you with more regular offers on a regular basis until you finally decide to unsubscribe), and then sending you straight to his “affiliate” offers.

    I guess the fact that it’s free and you get a decent-sized e-book (although this also depends on its content) is about the only plus point.

    I think most of us are aware that earning online involves a lot more than 30 minutes work a day, and earning money is just 48 hours.

    You can definitely build up to this level of daily work and guaranteed income, but there will probably have been a good few years of blood, sweat, tears, and extreme hard work leading up to this level.

    Even though this is a “freebie” (obviously it’s not really, as you’ll need to purchase certain tools), based on your review, this is a definite no-no for me.

    As always though Ivan, I appreciate your honesty, and the fact that you just “tell it how it is”.


    • Hi Partha, thanks for reaching out and leaving your comment on my review. You’re absolutely right. You can’t make money working only 30 minutes per day nor expect to earn $1000’s as soon as you start, especially not using only an ebook and a few DFY funnels. In my opinion, 30 Minute Workday is on the overhyped sales funnel. The book has value, and those tools are legit too, and you will be provided with some basic education. But as you said, it takes years of blood, sweat, tears, and hard work to reach the level of earning $100,000 working only 30 minutes per day.



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