4K In A Day Review – Can You Really Earn $4K Per Day?

Welcome to my 4K In A Day review.

Many products and courses out there claim that you will earn big money by using their method, but in the end, you spend hundreds of dollars to learn that nothing works.

You see, most products or courses can’t deliver to what it promises, and most of them only want your money once you buy the product and leave you without knowing.

So the question is, is 4K In A Day legit? Can you really make 4k a day with this system? Or is this one of those scam products that doesn’t work? Let’s find it out.

Throughout my 4K In A Day review, you can rest assure that you will get honest and unbiased information from me.

This review will try to answer all your questions that you need to know more about 4K In A Day.

Let’s get started and see if this product or program is worth your time and money.

4K In A Day Review


4K In A Day – Overview

  • Product Type: 4K In a Day
  • Owner: Art Flair, Pallab Ghosal, Will Allen, and Ram Rawat
  • Price: $7.97 + Upsells
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: 4k In A Day is a program that claims that you can make $4,000 in a day.

This is just another automated system where the system itself does all the work and makes you money.

It says that this program will teach you how to generate commissions as quickly and easily as possible. Sounds promising, right?

Well, it does look so good, but my problem with this program is the upsell.

Yes, the program is cheap, but when you’re inside it, you have to spend more money on it to get the program’s full features.

So is the 4k In A Day a scam? Well, let’s find out. 

Let me walk you through the rest of my review to answer those questions.


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What Is 4K In A Day?

4K In A Day is a video training course created by Art Flair.

4k In A Day is a simple money-making system that anyone can copy and earn daily sales/commissions online.

All you have to do is watch a few short videos, and after that, follow those steps that show you how to do it, and there you will make money.

Sounds easy, right?

It is also said that this program is beginner-friendly, and anyone can start banking commissions fast.

Inside 4K in a Day, they will show you how to generate passive affiliate income using ads, creating passive affiliate machines that claim that spend $10/day and bring in up to more than $100 per day, and a bunch of targeted email leads in the process.

It also said that you could do this even if you don’t have any experience and build your own passive affiliate income. 

Everything you see here is based on his other businesses, which means that this is just a replicated product in a different name.

The whole training is divided into 15 modules where they will teach you how this program work.

Who Own 4K In A Day?

The people behind 4K In A day are Art Flair, and his partners Pallab Ghosal, Will Allen, Ram Rawat are behind this product. 

4K In A Day Review Owners

Art Flair had created a lot of products for years. His goal is to create a product that is simple and easy to use.

His largest group of audiences are newbies and inexperienced who are looking for something easy to use. 

Will Allan has been around for years as well, and he had created many products.

Will works as a success coach, and he has helped many people reach to achieve their goals and financial independence. 

He has also written and created dozen of books, courses, and programs as well.

How Does 4K In A Day Work?

4K In A Day is an affiliate hybrid because it combines affiliate marketing with product creation.

It means that they will use it to build their list, so it’s technically just a form of traffic.

The main goal of this program is to promote affiliate products to your list, and that is where you will make money online.

They say that having a list is so important because it’s an asset, and it is something that you own, and you can use it to make money.

You will continue generating traffic to add subscribers and build your list to make more money.

Also, with the list, you can sell the product repeatedly to the same people.

This is how the system is laid out.

You can also use solo ads, video content, or paid ads, and then you promote affiliate products and your products to your list.

As you can see, the system sounds easy, right? Now, before you click that buy button let me show you more about this product.

What Will You Get Inside 4K In A Day?

Inside 4K In A Day training area, you will get access to all these 15 modules, including:

  • Module 1 – this is an overview of everything covered in this course.
  • Module 2 – In this module, there is a video showing you how to build your Home Base blog.
  • Module 3 – In this module, a video will show you how to create your product reviews, and they will give you a special bonus in this module.
  • Module 4 – This module has a video that will show you how to create your bonus delivery page.
  • Module 5 – This module will show you how to create your bonus download page.
  • Module 6 – This module will teach you how to set up your autoresponder.
  • Module 7 – In this module, they will teach you how to add emails to your autoresponder.
  • Module 8 – In this module, they will teach you how to create additional emails.
  • Module 9 – In this module, they will teach you how to create your opt-in page.
  • Module 10 – This module will teach you how to launch your products to build your buyer’s list.
  • Module 11 – This module will teach you how to get an army of “Super Affiliates” to promote your products. It will also teach you how To Get An Army Of Top-Producing Super Affiliates To Promote Your Info Products.
  • Module 12 – This module will show you a video on driving traffic to your opt-in page using Solo Ads.
  • Module 13 – In this module, they will show you a video on driving traffic using Bing Ads.
  • Module 14 – This module will teach you how to drive traffic using banner ads on niche blogs.
  • Module 15 – Don’t give up!

4K In A Day Bonuses

4K In A Day Review Bonus

  • Bonus 1 – Easy E-Cash 2.0
  • Bonus 2 – Instant Affiliate System
  • Bonus 3 – Ultimate Free Traffic Software
  • Bonus 4 – Autopilot List Building Software

With 4K In A Day, you’ll also get 5 modules as a bonus.

Bonus Module 1 – Overview and Basics

  • Results Overview – In this video, Art Flair will show you some of his results: Clickbank commissions, JVZoo commissions, Leaderboard prizes, and several other case studies.
  • Video 1 Introduction – Understand the high-level view of the system
  • Video 2 Core Concepts – Learn some of the core concepts of FB ads.
  • Video 3 Facebook Tools and More Concepts – Learn the correct layout of ads and some more basic concepts
  • Video 4 Open An Ad Account – Learn how how to correctly open your Facebook ad account.
  • Video 5 Facebook Campaign Structure – Learn the best way to set up your Facebook campaigns
  • Video 6 Ad Types & Placements – Here are the exact ways to set up your ad, choosing the right types and placements.
  • Video 7 Fan Page – Here, you will learn how to set up the fan page and what you need it for.

Bonus Module 2 – Niche and Targeting

  • Video 1 Niche – Learn how to find a great, profitable niche
  • Video 2 Avatar – In this video, you will learn how to build your customer avatar to market to them successfully.
  • Video 3 Products to Promote – Here, you will find out how to find the best, most profitable products to promote
  • Video 4 Finding Customers: Alright – so how do you find the customers on Facebook? Watch and find out.
  • Video 5 Lead Magnet – What is a Lead Magnet and how it works
  • Video 6 Lead Magnet Types – Learn everything you need to know about different Lead Magnet types

Bonus Module 3 – Facebook Posts

  • Video 1 Facebook Post Types – Find out which 5 Facebook Posts are the most effective
  • Video 2 AIDA – In this video, you will learn about AIDA – The Ultimate Copywriting Formula.
  • Video 3 Content Post – Here, you will find out everything about the “Content” Post Type
  • Video 4 Curiosity Post – Learn how and when to use the “Curiosity” post
  • Video 5 Long Text Post – Everything about the “Long Text Post,” how to use it for best results
  • Video 6 Video Post – Here they are showing you the Video Post – what it is and how to use it
  • Video 7 Hero Story Post (Case Study #1) – This video will walk you through the final post type.

Bonus Module 4 – Your Funnel

  • Video 1 Autoresponder – Find out about Autoresponder System & The 3+1 Email Sequence.
  • Video 2 Facebook Pixel – This video shows you how to use the Facebook Pixel for maximum results.
  • Video 3 Landing Page – Here, you will find out everything about the most important landing page elements that will boost the conversions

Bonus Module 5 – Get Traffic

  • Video 1 Facebook Campaign – Find out about how to create your Facebook Campaign the right way
  • Video 2 Custom Audiences – This video will show you how to use Custom Audiences to get the most amount of targeted traffic.
  • Video 3 Custom Conversions – Here, you will find out about Custom Conversions, why the authors recommend you use them, and exactly how to set them up
  • Video 4 Optimization: Learn how to optimize your campaigns to get better results quickly
  • Video 5 Campaign Troubleshooting: they will show you what to do if the initial results of your campaign are not as you expected.
  • Video 6 Case Study #2 – Watch this case study to see the results of a real campaign that Art Flair recently ran.
  • Video 7 Final Thoughts & Way Forward – This video will summarize everything you need to know and explain what to do from here, how to grow your business.

How Much Does 4K In A Day Cost?

Right now, 4K in a Day costs $7.95 in this review. The price will change in time without prior notice, and I don’t know when.


And once you pay the front-end price, owners are going to throw some upsells (OTO) in your face.

I don’t like upsells that much because it shows me that the training is not complete and is missing some critical parts that are hidden in upsells.

Nonetheless, here’s the list of Upsells of 4K In A Day.


  • Upsell 1: 4K in a Day Instant Buyers List System ($37) – Instant buyers list of red hot Leads you can promote to over and over again. $37 with DS to $27.
  • Upsell 2: 4K in a Day 20 DFY Campaigns ($47) – A 20 Completely Done-For-You Campaigns.
  • Upsell 3: 4K in a Day Product Funnels Access ($197) – Here, they will handle everything for you from the products, sales letters, website, graphics, sales processors, traffic generator, and customer services.
  • Upsell 4: Clickbank Formula ($197) – Supplemental system shows you how to copy & paste your way to $200-$300 per day on Clickbank.
  • Upsell 5: 5K In A Day ($197) – Reseller rights to the highly profitable 4K In A Day product funnel.

As you can see, it’s clear that the basic training program is missing this component, which means that you have to buy these upsells to succeed.

If you count them all, it will cost you almost $700 and not just that you’ll also have to spend money on traffic so it will cost you a lot more.

And even then, success is not guaranteed, so there’s a chance that your money will go to waste.




Is 4K In A Day A Scam?

I can’t say if 4K In A Day is a scam, but I can say that I can’t recommend this product to you.

Also, there is no way to make $4,000 in a day by using this system.

There are just saying those claims to hype you up and buy their product.

As I mentioned earlier, their target audiences are new and have no experience with this program, so it is an easy target for them to make money.

Also, your system will not be complete if you don’t buy one of their upsells, so you will be forced to spend money on it.

As you can see, this is also one thing that usually indicated a scam because of the upsells.

I understand that this is their marketing strategy, but why do they have to hide it? 

Why not include the price in the front end so that people will know how much they have to spend.

You see, not all people can spend that much money on a program or a product as some are looking for a cheaper and affordable product they can buy.

That is why I don’t recommend products with hidden upsells because there is a possibility that you won’t earn anything from it except for the owners.

The product is quite misleading and overhyped, that is, in my opinion.




What I Like About 4K In A Day

  • Easy to use
  • The owners are real people 
  • A done for you system

What I Don’t Like About 4K In A Day

  • Hype and misleading information
  • Expensive upsells
  • You won’t get to what it promises

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Now you know about 4K In A day and what you will get this product.

The product is easy to use, and everyone can do it, but what I don’t like about this product is the upsells and the hype up claims, and misleading information.

That is why I don’t recommend this product to you.

If you plan to build your own business, I prefer to do it in a basic way where you don’t have to rely on an automated system.

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And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family! 

All the best, Alex. contributor @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

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  1. Thanks very much for sharing your 4K per day review with us all here. I have to admit, that if I saw a promise of being able to earn 4K in a day just like that, then I think that I would be inclined to run a mile. Money takes time and effort to earn and even though you can earn money passively, it takes effort.

  2. Thanks for your honest review of 4K in a Day which from the offset looks like a scam. Almost all of these schemes have an ‘upsell’ element where you are required to spend vast sums of money in order to have a chance at succeeding. It looks like you have had some great success by going the correct route ( WA) which is a great example to the newbies. Thanks


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