5K Formula Review – Matthew Neer – SCAM or Legit?

Welcome to my 5K Formula review.

Is it possible to make instant commissions? Can you leverage Matthew Neer’s system to make $5K on 100% autopilot? Or is 5K Formula a scam designed to rip you off?

The truth is, the internet is a great place to make money. You can find a proven system, duplicate it, and make money. In fact, anyone can do this without any skills or experience. It just takes time and effort, of course.

However, there’s a dark side to this story as well.

An army of online gurus is offering their “magic” systems on almost every corner of the internet. Some of them promise instant results. Others claim that you can push a button to make money.

Sadly, most of these unethical offers are actually scams designed to make money off you.

That’s why today, I want to share my 5K Formula review to help you to see what this system is about. Also, I’ll show you how it works, how much it costs, etc. By the end of this review, I share my opinion about whether it is a scam or legit.

5K Formula Review - Scam or Legit?


5K Formula Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Owner: Matthew Neer
  • Product Price: $40 + Hidden Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-Days
  • Recommended?: No. See Below…

Quick Summary: 5K Formula is a DFY system that gives you access to sales funnels, marketing material, traffic sources, and all other ingredients for success with affiliate marketing.

However, there are some red flags that I found and expose in this review and would suggest seeing them first.

I personally don’t recommend the DFY system, which includes a 5K Formula as well. Those systems are best for their creators. You will not learn all the skills that you need to create your own affiliate marketing business.

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What Is 5K Formula?

5K Formula is a brand new DFY system created by Matthew Neer. With this system, you can allegedly bank in $5K in passive income on 100% autopilot for free. Sounds too good to be true?

Well, that’s because in most cases, it is.

Matthew claims that he’s been secretly making a killing online over the last few years so today, he wants to help you become rich as well. How? Well, according to Matthew’s words, you’ll get rich by helping him to get even richer.

5K Formula Review

5K Formula is about affiliate marketing. In other words, for $19, you can get access to a DFY system, training, and tools that are designed to show you how to promote the same offer to other people on the internet. Each time you successfully attract a new customer to this system, you earn a commission.

That explains how you can get rich by helping Matthew to get even richer. But the questions is, is 5K Formula a scam or a legitimate system for making money with affiliate marketing? Can you actually trust Matthew or not?

After all, there are too many scams out there.

The truth is, I wouldn’t say that this affiliate system is a 100% scam. However, there are some concerns that I would like to share with you in the rest of my review.

About Matthew Neer

Before I share more about the 5K Formula, it’s important to share a bit about Matthew Neer. Matthew is indeed a successful online marketer. Most of his income comes from promoting other people’s products through affiliate marketing.

5K Formula Matthew Neer

However, Matthew is also a serial product creator, which means that he makes a lot of money creating these DFY systems where he shows you how to basically become his affiliate.

Some of these systems are basically clones of the 5K Formula. You can take a look at the Speed Wealth system, which is exactly the same as this one. There’s also one called List Leverage, which is more or less the same.

The good thing is, Matthew Neer is a real person. He is an online marketing guru, but at least he’s willing to stand behind his product, which is something that I appreciate.

Usually, people hide their name from product pages when they promote a scam.

Matthew also owns a YouTube channel where you can follow him. However, he’s not very active there and has only a few thousand followers and a dozen videos. Seems like he’s abandoned YouTube for good.

How Does 5K Formula Work?

One of my intentions with this 5K Formula review is to show you how it works. The main idea behind this system is to show you how to promote the same offer to other people through DFY sales funnels.

As I mentioned earlier, the method is called affiliate marketing and it is a 100% legitimate way to make money online. But does it mean that this system is legit as well? It could be. But there are some red flags that you need to see in this review.

Inside the 5K Formula, you will get access to a set of DFY sales funnels, tools, and training videos that you can use to start promoting this system online. The idea is to get as many customers as possible to make as many commissions as possible.

Here’s the breakdown of the process:

  1. Log Into Your 5K Formula Account
  2. Connect Your Commission Link
  3. Select Your Traffic Source
  4. Direct Traffic To Your Sales Funnels
  5. Sit Back, Relax, and Make Commissions

Although this breakdown looks simple and easy, it’s not really, especially if you’re a beginner who has no idea.

The good thing about 5K Formula is that you will really get access to DFY funnels, which means that you don’t have to create them from scratch. Matthew claims that these sales funnels are tested and proven to convert.

5K Formula Sales Funnels

So basically, all you have to do is acquire your unique affiliate links, connect your funnels with traffic sources, and that’s it. The money will pour into your bank account.

However, I’m not 100% confident that the 5K Formula will work as easy as it seems.

First of all, no matter how good the DFY sales funnel, you still have to test it, tweak, and adjust because not all traffic converts the same. Also, you will have to pay for traffic, which is not recommended if you’re a beginner.

Secondly, all members of the 5K Formula will get the same sales funnel and access to the same traffic sources. This will quickly lead to saturation and will probably not convert the best.

However, those are just my assumptions. This system is legitimate and should work if you give it an honest try.

Who Is 5K Formula For?

5K Formula is for anybody who wants to make money with affiliate marketing. In my opinion, the program could be more suitable for advanced marketers than it is for beginners because it done-for-you.

I personally don’t recommend the DFY system to beginners. Why? It’s because you can learn anything with DFY systems. Yes, you could make money. However, you will not learn the essential skills that you can use to replicate the system and promote any other products that you choose.

In other words, you will be dependant on the 5K Formula. But if Matthew Neer decided to shut it down, you’ll be left on your own. That’s why I recommend programs like Wealthy Affiliate to beginners because you can learn all the skills first and make money as well.

5K Formula Price

By the time of writing my review, 5K Formula goes for $19.99. However, Matthew claims that the price will probably increase in the future, which could be the truth, so the price might be different already.

Here’s what you get if you buy this offer:

  • Access to the $5K Formula System
  • 5 Step Quick Start Guide
  • Click By Click Video Training
  • Traffic Getting Strategies
  • High Converting Sales Funnel
  • Done For You Setup
  • Bonuses

However, there’s a big chance that you’ll be paying much more down the road. Like every other overhyped and low-quality product from Click Bank, 5K Formula probably comes with a set of aggressive upsells.

  • Upsell #1: Webinars – $97
  • Upsell #2: Pages – $47
  • Upsell #3: Licence Rights $495



5K Formula Features

Matthew claims that all the features of the 5K Formula are DFY so you don’t have to lose sleep over technical mumbo-jumbo. Although this sounds good at first, trust me, it’s not really. DFY is never a good idea, and I explained why in the previous sections of my review.

Nonetheless, here’s the list of 5K Formula features:

  • DFY Sales Funnel
  • Aggressive Upsells
  • Marketing Material
  • Customer Support

Once again, keep in mind that all members are getting access to the same funnel and marketing material so good luck with standing out from the crowd with your DFY offer.

I would always prefer to create my own unique funnel that helps my visitors over some generic DFY system.

What I Like About 5K Formula

DFY Funnels and Marketing Could Work Is Some Rare Cases

As I said, I’m not a fan of DFY systems, which includes 5K Formula as well. However, the good thing about these systems is that they could work, especially if you’re among the first people who join them before the traffic sources get saturated with one and the same offer over and over again.

ClickBank 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Another good thing about the 5K Formula is the fact that it sells via ClickBank and comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

5K Formula Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t get instant results as promised, you can file a refund request and you will be granted one no questions asked.

What I Don’t Like About It

DFY System Is Not a Good Idea, Especially If You’re a Beginner

As I said a few times in this 5K Formula review, the DFY system is not a good idea. If you’re a beginner, you will not learn essential marketing skills with this system. The lack of these skills will lead to failure in the future.

In my opinion, these DFY systems are beneficial only for those who create them because they are designed to make money for them in the first place. You’re just a tool, so to speak.

Sales Page Is Jam-Packed With Misleading Claims

To get you to sign up for the 5K Formula system, Matthew Neer has created quite a misleading sales page. For example, he claims that this system works on 100% autopilot for free and will make you $1000’s in just five steps.

5K Formula Misleading Claims

Those claims are misleading, overhyped and designed to lead you to believe that you can make money with affiliate marketing without any work and effort. Of course, that’s not true!

5K Formula Comes With Hidden And Aggressive Upsells

The idea of getting access to a DFY system that makes $1000’s per day for only $19.99 sounds like a great deal, right? Well, that’s the trick. See, as soon as you walk into the 5K Formula member’s area, they will start forcing aggressive upsells on you.

5K Formula Upsells

In other words, the price of this system will increase from $20 to $400-$500 in a matter of minutes. Worst of all, some of those upsells are needed for success with this program.

This System Requires A Lot Of Extra Cash

In addition to expensive upsells, you will have to invest a lot more money into the 5K Formula. For a starter, the system is focused on paid traffic. This means that you’ll have to shell out at least $20 per day for traffic. Weekly, that’s $140. Monthly, that’s $560!

Jamie Lewis And Others Pretend To Be Happy Customers

Since I’m sure that almost no one is making serious money with 5K Formula except Matthew Neer himself, he has to leverage his good old buddy Jamie Lewis to share his “experience” with this system.

5K Formula Jamie Lewis

There are some testimonials below Jamie’s, but I have all the reasons to believe that those might be fake.

Is 5K Formula A Scam?

Realistically speaking, 5K Formula is not a scam. The truth is, Matthew Neer’s system is legitimate and he has done a lot to prepare everything for you so that you can attempt to leverage this system to make some money as well.

As you can see throughout my review, this system includes access to DFY sales funnels, product, marketing material, traffic sources, which basically mean that it has all the ingredients for success.

However, the fact that you will be using the same resources as all other members of the 5K Formula leads me to believe that an average Joe might not be as successful as Matthew claims that you can be using his system.

In fact, all those claims from the sales page sound a bit too unrealistic and quite misleading to me.

I know for a fact that anyone can make a lot of money online if they have access to a proven system. But to tell you that you can do so almost instantly, on autopilot and for free, while in reality, it’s not free, is dishonest and nothing but marketing tricks.

So yeah, 5K Formula is not a scam. But I’m not too excited about it either. In my opinion, this is best for Matthew and it’s just a matter of time before the bubble bursts and the new version comes out once again.

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Do I Recommend This?

The main reason why I don’t recommend 5K Formula is that it’s misleading and overhyped. You can’t make instant money online simply by plugging into some DFY system. Maybe if you’re extremely lucky.

But what then? How will you be able to replicate the same success over and over and over?

You can’t because the 5K Formula will not teach you how to do so. All super-successful affiliate marketers know that you can’t become successful online unless you learn all the skills first and invest a lot of time and effort into building your own affiliate marketing business.

Thanks for reading my 5K Formula review. What do you think? Is it a scam or legit? Do you have any experience with this system? Feel free to share your thoughts below this review!

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