7 Minutes Daily Profits Review – See These 4 Warning Signs

Welcome to my 7 Minutes Daily Profits review.

I don’t know about you, but I was laughing while watching the video presentation. Maybe I have too thick skin for the kind of BS he’s trying to sell you.

Allegedly, this product is some secret free software that makes money in just 7 minutes of work each day.

Those claims are, in my opinion, absurd! So is 7 Minutes Daily Profits a scam or legit? Let’s find out.

By the way, congratulations on researching before getting into things headfirst.

I know it’s hard to trust people on the net these days.

But if you are looking for something real, check out this genuine way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Or join me in the rest of this 7 Minutes Daily Profits review because I’m about to show you the truth. I show you what this offer is about, how it works, what is inside, and whether it is a scam or legit way to profit in just 7 minutes.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review


7 Minutes Daily Profits Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Owners: Thomas Black
  • Price: $27
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Recommended: No. Scam Alert!

Quick Summary: By the time of updating this review for 2021, 7 Minute Daily Profits has been removed from ClickBank. In other words, it is a scam and ClickBank has decided to ban this program from its marketplace due to a high refund rate.




What Is 7 Minute Daily Profits About?

According to the sales page, 7 Minutes Daily Profits is an automated system that allows you to make up to $500 in affiliate commissions daily.

This sophisticated system has helped thousands to start making money by selling ClickBank digital products with affiliate marketing.

Vince Howard claims that all you have to do is spend 7 minutes on your computer each day to become one of those people.

You don’t have to have any marketing knowledge to get started. You don’t have to sit by the computer for hours to make money online.

The system is designed to help you make money on a fully automated principle.

If you watched the sales presentation, you’ve seen a couple of real-life examples of people claiming that this system works 100%.

However, I have to tell you that they are all hired actors. I’ll prove that by the end of this 7 Minute Daily Profits review.

You see, all of them are paid to give positive but fake testimonials.

Who is Vince Howard?

Vince Howard is an alleged owner and creator of this software.

He is just an ordinary guy who worked as a truck driver before he discovered the world of the online business.

However, the story and the name of Vince Howard are probably made up by the real owner.

Many people use the same tactic in their sales videos. This one is no different.

The names are fake, there are no faces, earning claims are without proof. All of this smells like a scam.

We are not even halfway through this 7 Minutes Daily Profits review, and this is already the third lie that I have stumbled across.

Let’s move on to see what else can we discover.

What You Get Inside Training Area

After some time spent trying to discover if there is a secret software or not, I realized that there is something behind the story from the video.

If you decide to pay $9, you’ll get access to the training area from where you’ll find some sort of training.

There are two modules within.

The course contains 21 video lessons that explain everything from the above in more detail.

Within the dashboard, you can find a couple more options.

There are two sections called Create Your Site and View Your Website.

However, you will not create real websites like this one for example.

You will find a lot of templates of sales pages from which you can choose.

How Do 7 Minutes Daily Profits Work?

The first training module is designed to teach you about solo ads and how to buy them on the marketplace.

You’ll learn how the system works and how to apply it.

The second module will show you how affiliate marketing works.

You can learn how to create so-called squeeze pages which will serve as a funnel for the prospects.

Also, there is a section about A/B testing so that you can compare two versions of the same funnel to see which one performs better.

Furthermore, you’ll be shown how to join various marketplaces such as ClickBank, JVZoo, and ShareASale. Those three are top marketplaces to find products with high conversion rates.

You will learn how to create an account with an email auto-responder so you can start collecting email addresses.

The last part of the course is about buying your first solo ad.

It turns out that there is something behind all those fake claims and testimonials.

That said, I think we have one more thing to go over before we conclude this 7 Minutes Daily Profits review, before we decide if this is a scam or legit.

Price & Upsells

It will cost you $9 to get access to 7 Minutes Daily Profits.

However, that’s not the real price of the course at all.

After you sign up and pay $9 to do so, you’ll soon discover that you’re going to have to pay a lot more to start using this system.

I haven’t agreed to any of the following upsells, but I think that you’ll have to take them if you want to make money.

  • Add 5x Commission Sites, costs $147 –  The basic course will help you to lay down the grounds. However, the same info you can find on YouTube for free. I believe that the first upsell is the real deal behind the whole shebang. There is no description of the content. Therefore, I can’t say anything anymore since I haven’t purchased it.
  • Click Commission Activator, cost $127 – I don’t know what this is nor I’m willing to take a guess. However, I’ve found information that it is an option to add a popup that shows a banner with a visitor’s location.

Here’s the big problem.

During the video presentation, imaginable Vince Howard will tell you many times that the software is free.

By the end of the video, he says that the $9 is for the cost of the server.

However, once you get in, you’ll probably have to pay the full price to make the system work for you.

One more thing Vince is not telling you during the video is that you must have a substantial amount of cash for solo ads.

Buying traffic is not cheap. It can cost you hundreds and even thousands to do so.

Is There a Refund?

7 Minutes Daily Profits comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you don’t like the course, you can ask for a refund, and you’ll get it with no questions asked.

But I’m not going to recommend this for the reasons that I’m about to share in the next section of this 7 Minutes Daily Profits review.

7 Minutes Daily Profits – 4 Warning Signs

Lack of Transparency

I wasn’t able to find more details about Vince except those from the sales video.

Meaning, Vince is probably just a fake name.

If 7 Minutes Daily Profits were something legit, the owner would share his real name, picture, or even an Instagram account.

The lack of transparency is one of the main issues with this program and it’s a big red flag!

Fake Testimonials

The second red flag that shows that 7 Minutes Daily Profits might be a scam is fake testimonials.

As I said earlier, those people are actors from Fiverr.com

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review - Fake Testimonials

If it were something that works for other customers, it would be easy to find some real-life testimonials, wouldn’t you agree?

Misleading Sales Page

That sales pitch for this ClickBank offer is full of misleading claims.

You can hear stuff like ‘make $200,000 after only 3 months’ or ‘$500 per day’, which is not true and it will take you years to reach that level.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review - Misleading Claims

Also, they tell you that you’ll be using some free secret software, which is a lie since there is no software and you need to pay money to get inside.

And the name itself, 7 Minutes Daily Profits, is already scammy enough.


In my opinion, the worst thing is that Vince, or whoever he is, tells us that it’s going to be free, then he tells us that it’s only nine bucks for some maintenance costs.

Yet, once you agree to pay the fee, you’ll get instant upsells which are served with another video and misleading claims.

In my opinion, that’s the main point of the whole thing.

7 Minutes Daily Profits Review – Final Verdict

After a thorough analysis, I can’t say that 7 Minutes Daily Profits is a scam.

As it turned out,  you’ll get a legit affiliate marketing training course for only nine bucks.

But I really do mind the fake names, fake testimonials, false income claims, and all those stories about free software that makes $100’s per day on autopilot.

That’s why I do not recommend 7 Minutes Daily Profits, especially not if you are a beginner at affiliate marketing.

I am against the model those people apply to sell you something which is not 100% sure to work.

All those false claims, fake testimonials by hired actors, and hidden upsells are enough for me to see that there is something rotten there.

Affiliate marketing is a business with many directions. And every business takes time to grow and thrive.

There are no quick ways around this, nor secret software that’ll make you rich by tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my 7 Minutes Daily Profits review. I hope I have helped you to learn more about this offer.

If you have any questions about the program or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

And if you are interested in making money online, make sure to check out the best way to do so below!




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

14 thoughts on “7 Minutes Daily Profits Review – See These 4 Warning Signs”

  1. Yet another scam.  It will never end.  There will always be someone looking to take someone’s money and give nothing, (well… a “little” training as you say), in return.  

    I came across so many of these in my search for “Ways to make money online”.  Many of which I thought were legit turned out to be the same sort of thing.  I am so glad that I found, (I hope you don’t mind if I mention the name), Wealthy Affiliate.

    When I found reviews about this training platform, I also found reviews about some of the others I had been looking at.  The more I read, the more I was glad I didn’t let myself get sucked into them.  To be honest, those others sounded too good to be true, something in the back of my head told me to stay away.

    But it wasn’t like that with WA.  I liked what I read and saw.  I free trial? Who offers such a thing? I jumped in.  I didn’t have anything to lose, it was free.  

    That free trial gave me access to EVERYTHING.  That’s EVERYTHING a Premium member has access to for 7 whole days and up to 2 free websites to boot.  NO credit card info.  No other information except an email address and my name.  And believe me, I had a good look around.  I checked out the training.  I chatted with a few of the members even Kyle and Carson the owners.

    I upgraded to “Premium Membership” before the end of my free trial.  It was a NO-BRAINER.

    It’s real.  It’s legit.  It IS the best training available.  We just need to supply the work ethic and take action.

    Thanks for another heads up, Ivan.


  2. Thank you your review in 7 Minutes Daily Profits. These people definitely can come up with a catchy tag line that newbies will fall for it. Will definitely stay away from this horrible software. I guess the only pro about this software is pravably that you can still get your money back from Clickbank. 

    • Hi Nuttanee, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      Yes, ClickBank is a legitimate platform where you can buy not so legitimate programs and systems like 7 Minutes Daily Profits. In case this program doesn’t work as promised (500 today in 7 minutes of work) you can get your money back. It’s an encouraging fact and proves that it’s not a scam but a highly misleading marketing video.


  3. Great Information Ivan.
    It is so difficult to dig through the sales pitches and to see what’s real and what’s not in the on line world.

    I wish there were more people like you who tell it like it is,

    Well done.

    • Hi Mike, thanks, I’ll stay active in my work, no worries. There is indeed a lot of scams which are difficult to discover without taking the risk of losing your money to learn what’s behind. However, one look at offers like this is usually enough to see that there is something not right about it.


  4. Wow!! Amazing! that woman $85,278 a month….that’s like a Million dollars a year!!! …and she lives in dingy house that looks like that!…I totally don’t believe her! I don’t just smell BS..I see it!.

    And not noticing that speaks volumes for “Vincent Howard’s” intelligence.

    Totally not convinced of this one – totally based on the testimonial…Messy council or social housing occupant with a messy low quality home 85 grand/month…I don’t think so!.

  5. The program does sound legit and will probably work but I believe spending only 7 minutes a day to be totally false. It takes longer than that to write a decent social media post lol.

    Although 7 Minutes Daily Profits might not be a scam, I do find the video presentation to be very vague and non-transparent, which would ring alarm bells for me. A good, reputable online business will be open and honest about all costs and fees up front.

    It’s also important to note that earning revenue from affiliate marketing takes a lot of TIME and PATIENCE.

    The only people that I know who have genuinely made money overnight is someone who’s won the lottery! lol

    Everything else claiming you can ‘get rich quick’ is a scam and I hope your readers can see that and also look at your no #1 recommended training platform as that looks a lot more genuine than this one.

    Thank for the great review.

    • Hi Helen, thanks for sharing your thoughts on my 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review. I agree with you a lot and I would not recommend this affiliate marketing program. There is a better solution if you want to make money online.


  6. I am laughing now. It appears that, 7 Minutes Daily Profits seems to be using the same actress from Fiiver lol…I just finished reading your other article on Charles Allen’s program and saw the same lady that you have in this article.

    Your Review is spot on, I too don’t believe anyone can make $500 a day unless its illegal. I have actually come across 7 minutes Daily Profits in my last few years in search of an online business, and I joined, but not paid the $9 Fee, luckily because my card bounced. Otherwise, I would have been another scammed statistic for them.

    For some reason, I never paid or tried to re-join.Your post has reassured me that I made the right decision.

    • Hi Ilaisaane, haha yes, the only way to make that kind of money as fast as they suggest here is by doing something illegal. Unfortunately, the things they do are completely legit.

      I’m happy to hear that your card bounced. In my opinion, 7 Minutes Daily Profits is not worth a penny. Stay away from all of its kind.


  7. With so many scams out there, it’s good to find people who are actively searching and researching them as they come up. People are so easily swayed to look for the quickest buck. I know I’ve been there numerous times, but its good to be leery of these get rich quick schemes. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, it takes time, patience, and consistency. Your article is full of information and points out the problem areas, all the while highlighting some of the more promising parts of 7 minutes daily profits. I enjoyed this read, keep up the great work!

    • Hi Derek, I’m happy to help you with my 7 Minutes Daily Profits Review. This product smells very bad, and I would stay away from it as far as I can if I were you.



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