Is AD Formula a Scam? – See The Warnings In This Review

Welcome to the AD Formula review.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to review another website that looks like a copy-paste version of this one.

Both sites claim that you can get rich quickly if you fill in your details and become a ‘beta-tester.’

No charges whatsoever!

These guys claim that you can make money without having to do a thing.

Just fill in the form, buy some banner ads, and watch how the profits grow.

But if it’s so easy to make money, don’t you agree that everyone would be doing it?

Unfortunately, those who unfortunately fall into a trap could lose a lot of money.

The only person who is really making cash is the person behind this scheme.

So is the AD Formula a scam or legit?

By the way, congratulations on researching before giving away your hard-earned cash.

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In this AD Formula review, I show you what’s really behind the webpage and a few scam signs as well.



AD Formula Review

Jack Heaton claims that AD Formula is a revolutionary system for making money online using nothing more than the power of banner ads.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme or a passing trend. It’s also not some fancy software either.

The system provides members with a passive income, and it does everything for you. Wow!

In other words, it means that this system is every person’s dream come true.

I’ve heard this several times before. How about you? Sounds familiar?

You see, Jack claims that you can make money every time someone clicks on your banner ad.

Also, you can even sell banners for up to five times or higher than the price you paid for it.

Hence the term flipping banner ads.

But once again, it would be freaking amazing if the system works.

I’ve researched the net for hours to find a legitimate platform or a website that can offer the same service.

Guess what I’ve found? Nothing!

This whole banner ad flipping thing is a scam designed to put its hand into your wallet.




Who is Jack Heaton?

They did an excellent job to make you think that Jack Heaton is the man.

He seems like a legit guy, right?

However, if you google the name Jack Heaton, CEO & founder of AD Formula, the results you’re going to get are similar to what you are about to read here.

In other words, Jack Heaton is a fake character. He doesn’t even exist. I’ll prove this at the end of my AD Formula review.

What’s Behind the Webpage?

The AD Formula webpage is a funnel, meaning, that it’s designed to lead you onto something else.

I’ve reviewed a few others that are doing the same thing. And every time it ends the same.

In other words, it turns out to be a scam.

In this case, you are redirected to a platform called Blue Lable from where you can start “flipping banner ads.”

I tried to find more information about this company. But nothing came back. There’s no website or any other source of information that can prove that this company is legit.

As it turns out, it doesn’t even exist.

But here’s what I did found. If you take a look at the image below, you’ll see two same websites.

AD Formula Scam Sites

Blue Lable is a just rebranded version of Clicks Rally.

In other words, both sites are designed to scam you for your hard-earned money.

How Does AD Formula Work?

To make this work, all you need to do is buy the banner ads of your choice.

Now every time someone sees your banner ad and clicks on it to make a purchase, you get paid a commission.

And of course, the more banner ads you own, the more money you make.

But the reality is a bit different.

You see, the more banner ads you own, the more money Jack, or whoever is behind AD Formula scam, makes.

The whole system is rigged to steal your confidence.

They trick you into buying more and more ads by making you believe that you are making money off the same.

But if you try to withdraw the money, you’ll stumble upon a wall of silence because the company doesn’t even exist.

In other words, you realize that you’ve been scammed.

Can You Make Money With Banner Ads?

A short answer is no. A bit longer answer would be, hell no.

There’s no chance that you can make money flipping banner ads!

This is what happens if you try to deposit your hard-earned cash in the hope that you’ll make some money with AD Formula.

As soon as you buy a banner ad, you’ll start winning money.

Naturally, because we are all greedy by nature, you’ll begin to put even more money because it’s a logical thing to do.

But little did you know that the whole thing is designed to work that way.

Now once you decide that it’s enough and try to withdraw your winnings, you’ll be ignored by the side of the company.

In other words, you’ll realize that you’ve been scammed and that the whole thing was set against you ever since the moment you’ve laid your eyes on that video.

How Much Could This Cost You

The spokesperson from the AD Formula video hasn’t mentioned how much you need to invest if you want to start.

He claims that it’s free to join and begin flipping these ads.

But once you access the Blue Lable platform, you’ll see that all banners are locked.

It means that you’ll have to take at least a Starter package to get going. That is going to cost you $300 to start.

AD Formula Scam Price Packages

And if you take a look at the image above, it can cost you a lot more than $300, a lot more!

However, based on everything that I wrote here in this AD Formula review, you know that it’s all fake and I know you won’t deposit a cent.

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AD Formula Signs of a Scam!

Customer Testimonials are Fake

The only money that the young man on the image below has earned was the amount he has got for giving the testimonial.

You see, he never tried or had anything to do with AD Formula, it was just a gig for him.

AD Formula Scam Fake Testimonial

The rest of the gang did the same. They are all actors from Fiverr, a popular freelancing site.

There, they offer a video spokesperson service to people who need one.

Webpage Widgets are Fake

As you can see in the image below, there are a few widgets that appear on the webpage.

One is counting down how many copies has left. By the way, it’s a digital product. What copies???

AD Formula Scam Fake Widgets

The second one is in the bottom left corner that shows how much some random people earn in real-time.

Guess what? It’s fake, like the rest of the site.

Jack Heaton is a Fake Name

As you know, Jack Heaton is not a real person and here’s the evidence.

A person behind this scam has created Jack’s character to make the whole thing look legit.

AD Formula Scam Jack Heaton Stock Photo

But as you can see in the image above, Jack is a photo model.

You can buy his pictures at stock photo sites like 123rf and others.

Earning Claims are Fake

The AD Formula scam, like every other fraud, claims that you can start making hundreds of thousands and even millions in just a few months.

These guys flash you, at least a dozen times, with some of the most unrealistic earning claims.

AD Formula Scam Fake Earnings

Understand that ‘get-rich-quick’ doesn’t exist.

There’s no pushbutton systems or banner ad flipping software that can help you make that kind of money.

5.) Flipping Banner Ads Business is Fake

The story from the video and the whole idea about flipping banner ads is a product of someone’s imagination.

The AD Formula webpage and AD Code and all other sites that offer the same service are designed to scam people.

AD Code & AD Formula Scams

These sites are clones of one another and who knows how many are out there.

All they do is change a few colours, headlines, and the name, of course, to make it look different next time.

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Is AD Formula a Scam? – Final Verdict

AD Formula is a scam. You’ve been given a lot of information to reach the same conclusion.

The whole website is designed to trick people into giving up their hard-earned cash in the hope that they’ll make millions. It’s a cruel and dirty scam, nothing else.

And it’s not the only one out there, so be careful.

In a nutshell, they create fake webpages where they serve you with a lot of BS about making money overnight.

The intention is to get you fired-up about some ground-breaking system that will make you a millionaire.

And that’s just a first step.

After/if you get hooked, you’ll be forced to deposit some cash.

They do so by calling you on your phone or sending you tempting emails.

Then, you’ll start making money to feel confident that you’ve made the right decision and that you can trust these guys.

However, as you know, if you try to withdraw your earnings, the company will completely ignore your request.

Steer clear from banner ad scams!

Thanks for reading my AD Formula review. It shows that you are a serious person who takes every step with the most attention.

If you are interested in learning how to start making money online, I got here a great alternative to those money-sucking offers.

This process is proved by thousands of online marketers all over the globe.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

25 thoughts on “Is AD Formula a Scam? – See The Warnings In This Review”

  1. I am so glad I have found this post and in fact this website! The internet is awash with scams and it is so difficult navigating through it all. Thank-you Ivan!

  2. The content is useful and new knowledge is something I never knew about it and many times I try to find a reliable online job but there is nothing to prove that it exists.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, the AD formula headline was created to attract the desperate who think they can make money fast without doing anything.

    We all know that it’s not that easy unless you want to get scam out of the money you don’t have anyway.

    Thank you for saving us money from scams on the internet! I would really recommend anyone who wants to have an online business to follow your adice.


    • Hi Kelyee, well, you wouldn’t believe how many desperate people are out there who are looking to make fast cash. The not doing anything part is promoted by people who make sites like AD Formula. They plant the wrong ideas in the minds of the people who are watching these promotional videos.

      You’re welcome. Stay safe!

  4. I can’t believe that people would do this and think they can make money and fast money at the same rate. I just joined your #1 recommendation to make money after reading the reviews of many others and yourself. That you know is Wealthy Affiliate. First of all the training here is amazing and can’t believe that they help build a website and show you how it works and help to teach ways to maintain the website. You have some awesome reviews on bad scams and an amazing review of Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for trying to help others from wasting all that money and time on those horrible scams. I hope that people will find this and look into the free 7 days at Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you so much once again.

    • Hi Douglas, your comment is much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by. I’m happy to help you find the right way to make money online. Stay safe and always do your research first! Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is great. They are my number one for 100 reasons. I wish you much success!


  5. Wow! This was very detailed and informative. I don’t get scammed so easily, but I’m sure your site would benefit a lot of other people who would fall for these sneaky scammers online. You know your stuff! A+

  6. How pity it is, see how innocent people are being lured into empty promises. Its a high time people should come to understand that there is no thing like, quick-rich-scheme that exist.
    Just take a look at the least amount you have to pay before you get access, it’s a mind blowing. imagine someone decides to go for the higher package.
    People fall victims to these amoral characters because of ignorance and greedy. I have been a victim to many cryptocurrency fraudsters. thank God my eyes are now opened.

    • Hi Osei Kwame, I’m glad that you understand that there’s no such thing as getting rich quick. I guess the best way to learn the truth is the hard way, unfortunately. I don’t even want to imagine what happens if you go for the higher amount. As you can see AD Formula is a scam and your investment is in danger so my best advice is to move away from it.


  7. Hi Ivan

    I am well pleased with the great job you have done here reviewing AD Formula. There are millions of people out there searching for alternative income or passive income that has been disappointed after wasting their time and losing resources subscribing to AD Formula. 

    You have saved so many of their time and money, especially those that will come across this great review on AD Formula. You did a great job ranging from:-

    1. Who is behind the scene of AD Formula (Fake identity)  

    2. Revealing what the webpage is all about (Funnel that leads to unknown destination)

    3. Empty promises (Making money banner Ads @ AD Formula)

    4. Fake testimonies (Team of Scammers) and many more

    Thank you for taking the time in the AD Formular review 

    • Hi Adam Daniel Victor, thanks for stopping by. It’s good to see you doing the research before trusting your hard-earned money to AD Formula. As you can see, the owner is fake, and it’s all just a scam designed to funnel you to a site where you can invest tons of cash only to learn what I’ve said the hard way. It’s a scam and you have so much better (and legitimate) ways to make money online. Let me know if you have any questions.


  8. Wow! Thank you so much for saving me and millions of other non-suspecting people throw away their hard earned money! I have come across sooo many schemes like this that end up being scams so its so wonderful that you break this down and explain how exactly this is a scam. It is so easy to get fooled online because these scammers make everything look super attractive, attainable, and above all legit. I am going to save your website for future references and will pass it on to my friends as well!

    • Hi Sasha, you’re welcome. I’m happy to see that you’re conscious enough to search for a review first. Those scams are tempting, very tempting. But your curiosity could cost you a lot in this case. Thanks for saving my site to your browser and sharing it with your friends, and steer clear from scams and schemes. If you need any help or have questions, feel free to contact me.


    • Hi Sasha, you’re welcome. I’m happy to see that you’re conscious enough to search for a review first. Those scams are tempting, very tempting. But your curiosity could cost you a lot in this case. Thanks for saving my site to your browser and sharing it with your friends, and steer clear from scams and schemes.


  9. what a great post you’ve got here, I must say that I have bookmarked it already and I really love to visit your blog more often. engaging with such top bloggers as you and reading their post has always been a passion for me it gives me the opportunity to learn from them thanks for sharing I look forward to read your next upcoming post…

    have a great day

  10. Hey, nice review you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. From the beginning of this review, I was thinking this is the exact business opportunity I have been looking for, I began to lose interest in it when I read about their fake testimonials, fake earning claims etc. Since earnings which is the major reason to get involved in a platform is not genuine, I don’t think there is need to get involved into a platform that is not profitable.

    • Hi edahnewton1, it’s really interesting how it looks really legitimate with all those news clips and testimonials and all. But as you scratch the surface, you find a lot of scams. My best recommendation is to keep your distance from sites like AD Formula because they are up to no good and you could lose a lot more than money.



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