Is Advocare a Legit MLM? – My Review Exposes It!

Is Advocare a pyramid scheme? Is it a legit way to earn money? Keep reading my Advocare MLM review to find out.

AdvoCare International is an American dietary supplement company. AdvoCare is a former multi-level marketing company that was determined by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to be operating a pyramid scheme.

Because of this, many of you ask is Advocare still legit? And it’s a fair question.

Before we get into this review, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from losing my time waiting tables to running a thriving online affiliate marketing business.

In the meantime, I have actually tried and reviewed 600+ courses, scams, MLMs, and even pyramid schemes to find the very best way to generate income online.

Keep reading my Advocare MLM review where I’m going to show you what this company is about.

Also, I show you how it works, and I share my opinion about whether Advocare is a scam or a legit MLM opportunity.

Advocare Review Pyramid Scheme


Advocare Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Health and Fitness
  • Owner: Charles Ragus
  • Price: $59
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No
  • Recommended?: No

Quick Summary: Advocare is a health and wellness company that sells weight loss and energy supplements. You’ve probably seen the industrial with professional athletes promoting their beverages or shakes.

Advocare is known for making use of quality active ingredients in its products. Its customers seem to rave that they work wonders.

Nonetheless, Advocare also made the accusation lately when it was accused of operating as a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid system is when a multi-level marketing firm stops concentrating on urging their representatives to sell their items as well as recruits their downline. Rather, they only hire to grow their revenue.

Pyramid systems are illegal in the U.S. as well as penalized by the FTC, which Advocare faced in 2019.

However, Advocare can still operate as a company by selling its renowned products. Moreover, lots of distributors remain to run their organizations by selling beverages and shakes to others.

Therefore, although Advocare is not an MLM anymore (nor a pyramid scheme), it is a legit direct selling company that allows you to earn commissions by selling its products.

To learn more about how it works, how much you can make, and what the pros and cons are, keep reading my Advocare review.

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What Is Advocare? 

AdvoCare used to be a health and wellness Multi-Level-Marketing firm that sells a variety of weight management supplements. It was founded in 1993 in Texas and became a multimillion-dollar company in the 2000s.

Nevertheless, AdvoCare was compelled to redesign the business structure to a single-level direct sales version in 2019 when the Federal Trade Compensation figured out AdvoCare is running like a pyramid scheme.

It still markets the exact same health and wellness products regardless of this adjustment in structure.

You can learn more regarding the firm and exactly what happened to this opportunity after 2019 in the video below.

Is Advocare a Pyramid Scheme?

AdvoCare is no more a pyramid system by any means. The only method representatives can make money is by getting compensation from selling AdvoCare’s products.

As I said, pyramid systems are illegal in the U.S. and punished by the FTC, which Advocare was in 2019. Nevertheless, Advocare can still run as a service by offering its products.

You can leverage the opportunity to earn some extra cash if you know what you’re doing.

And since there are no straight repayments just for getting people to sign up, there is no shady activity anymore. That said, AdvoCare, once more, is not a pyramid scheme.

The company sells real items for people to consume.

The bottom line is that in pyramid systems you are forced to hire others in order to generate income from that firm. While in a multi-level advertising firm, you can earn money by hiring or marketing some physical items to prospects.

This is why AdvoCare is not a pyramid scheme. But is it legit?

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Is Advocare a Scam or Legit MLM?

Advocare Scam or Legit MLM

Advocare is not a scam. It has certainly had its share of disputes as well as has gone across the really thin line from network marketing design to Pyramid scheme due to the fact that it scammed its representatives out of money.

Today it can no longer run as an online marketing firm, but, it can still run as a service. If you are a distributor there is only one way to earn revenue.

The fact that Advocare is no longer a network marketing company implies that its distributors no more have the potential to build a network of sellers and consequently no capacity to gain commissions, benefits and bonuses from the efforts of others in their network.

In other words, Advocare is a 100% legit direct selling company now.

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How Does Advocare Work?

AdvoCare was a multi-level advertising and marketing company prior to July 2019. In March 2019 Advocare introduced that it was revisiting its multi-level marketing organization to comply with the Federal Trade Compensation FTC.

As a result, Advocare informed its 100,000 plus representatives that it was being compelled to let go of the MLM model, and for that reason just paying compensation for real sales.

The same business model is active in 2022. Here are some of the products you can sell as well as how much you can earn selling them.

Advocare Products

They offer a selection of dietary supplements, weight reduction items as well as supplements planned to enhance performance for professional athletes and bodybuilders.

Advocare Products

The business has actually been marketing this sort of product since 1993 when they were founded. They do make use of their own formulas and components.

Some people swear by AdvoCare, however, there are also a lot of unfavourable reviews concerning their products.

Advocare Most Popular Products

AdvoCare has a pretty large line of products, yet a few of them are more preferred or created much more frequently than others. These are one of the most popular AdvoCare items.

24-Day Jumpstart

24-Day Jumpstart is a program that is intended to help individuals meet their objectives concerning weight loss or body health and wellness within 24 days.

Advocare 24-Day

The Trim line

The Trim line is intended to aid individuals to drop weight.

The Active line

The Active line is a line of supplements that are made to aid boost endurance and overall energy levels.

The Well line

The Well line is a line of supplements that are planned to help people boost their total wellness by managing anxiety.

Performance Elite line

Performance Elite line is to aid expert athletes and bodybuilders work at their best.

Advocare Costs and Fees

To become Advocare Distributor, you have to pay $59 plus tax as well as $50 a year to remain active.

Advocare Price

It used to costs $79 to sign up and you would have to strike a sales quota every month to remain active.

There are not any sales quotas to strike to make perks any longer. The only demand to make payment is to supply your social security number …

Nonetheless, if you are genuinely attempting to market these products it would be wise that you in fact use them yourself so you can speak from personal experience.

For that reason, you should spend at least $50 on these products.

If you are serious about generating income from AdvoCare you will also need to find out more about exactly how to market products online and host your own site possibly.

That said, it is important to save around $100 a month for training as well as the tools you need to do this.

Advocare Compensation Plan

A lot of network marketing firms like to make their compensation plan difficult to understand. However, it’s no longer the case with Advocare.

AdvoCare is currently very various as it is a single-level direct sales company. There are only 2 ways you can make money:

Retail earnings

Advocare Retail Earnings

The most basic method to make money is buying AdvoCare products at your wholesale price and marketing them at a market price. You make the difference in cost.

Wholesale compensations

Advocare Wholesale Commissions

If you have “recommended clients” you can offer AdvoCare items at wholesale price.

This means that you get around 20% commission on wholesale.

Can You Make Money With Advocare?

In the past, it has actually been extremely hard to make any money from AdvoCare. Just 1 out of 665 members earned $50,000 in 2017 and these were normally great sales managers that hired a huge team of salespeople.

Today, it’s even harder.

Even if you could market 100 products worth $50 each month you will just earn up to 40% compensation which would be around $2,000 a month.

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Advocare MLM Review – Pros & Cons

I have expanded the pros and cons so you could weigh out your options. Sadly for AdvoCare, the disadvantages vastly outweigh the pros.


  • It’s inexpensive contrasted to some other companies in this niche (Herbalife, for example).
  • If you are able to meet your regular monthly allocation you’re not called to auto-ship items.


  • You do not get a great deal of training for coming to be a distributor.
  • Lots of people wind up purchasing items just to retain their subscription.
  • Lots of people are required to resort to paid advertising to generate income.
  • They encountered lawsuits as a result of how their workers were treated.
  • Ordinary annual incomes are definitely not encouraging.
  • Advocare was accused of being a pyramid scheme.

Advocare MLM Review – Conclusion

Can you still earn money with AdvoCare as a distributor? You can generate income with AdvoCare Jobs now with the brand-new change to the business.

However, if you join AdvoCare, you can no longer generate income from AdvoCare by means of the employment of downlines.

You can just generate income from the compensation you earn for product sales.

Nevertheless, what do I think about recommending AdvoCare as a business opportunity? Not good. I actually don’t recommend it because it’s already proven to be a difficult business to succeed with.

But if you’re passion is about their products and have good to excellent marketing skills, you could take advantage of the Advocare compensation plan and earn an income as a Distributor.

In other words, the choice is yours. Advocare is not a scam anymore.

I personally don’t recommend it because there are much better ways to make money from home (see the next section).

Thanks for reading my Advocare MLM review. What is your opinion? Is Advocare a pyramid scheme/scam? Were you a part or maybe still are a member of this business?

Feel free to leave your reviews at the end of this page!

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And feel free to share this Advocare MLM review to help others as well!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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7 thoughts on “Is Advocare a Legit MLM? – My Review Exposes It!”

  1. Even if Advocare is not a pyramid anymore I see a lot of these MLMs struggling to sell their products. And this makes the whole system very hard to make any money this way. Their products, although may be of good quality, are overpriced compared to what you can find in retailers and you also need to have a network big enough to make the whole thing worthwhile. Not the best way to make an income if you ask me.

  2. Thank you so much for this review over Advocare.  I always wonder about these products because MLM are hard to succeed in.  I’m glad to see that you don’t recommend trying this, because a lot of this is just too hard to succeed in.  A lot of people fail and lose so much money trying to make it.

  3. Anything labeled a pyramid, to me, is usually a scam.  You pay, you lose.  I am also not a sales person, and not a fan of becoming one, and then having to recruit people under me to make any money.  I think you also have to have a positive history with the product.  Today, there are far too many health and wellness pyramid schemes out there.

  4. Although I am not familiar with Advocare, the minute I read that Advocare was declared a pyramid scheme by the FTC, warning bells rang for me. There is such a fine line between being a legitimate multi-level marketing company, and being a pyramid scheme, and Advocare seems to have crossed the border between the two. 

    Unfortunately the cons of joining Advocare outweighs any pros. Thank you for giving the heads up on Advocare.


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