Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review – A Scam or Easy $100 per Day?

Welcome to my Affiliate Domination Blueprint review.

Affiliate marketing could a lucrative business if you know what you’re doing. The fact is, many people get the idea but they never seem to understand how to make a business out of it. And this goes for all other types of online business like email marketing, eCommerce, etc.

So to get the gist of it and to make some money, you need proper training, the right tools, and most importantly, you need coaching. So today, I want to show you more about a program called Affiliate Domination Blueprint.

In this Affiliate Domination Blueprint review, I’ll show you how this system works. Also, I’ll take you through the content of the program and we’ll see whether this could be a good way to learn affiliate marketing or Affiliate Domination Blueprint is a scam.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review


Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Product Owner: Samuel Cheema and his partner Edwin Mick
  • Product Price: $10.25 + UPSELLS
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
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Quick Summary:  Before I show you more details about the Affiliate Domination Blueprint program, let me share a quick recap of everything to make this review easier to follow.

In a nutshell, this is a straightforward course that shows how to start with email marketing. The training is based on lead generation and affiliate marketing, both legitimate methods for earning an income online.

In my opinion, the training is short, even too short for my taste, but it’s on point.

That said, my early verdict is, it is a legitimate course. But, you need to know that the price is not final (UPSELLS), and costs keep rising after you join because the working concept is based on paid ads.

So let’s put this Affiliate Domination Blueprint review in full motion to show you what I mean.

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What is Affiliate Domination Blueprint?

As I said earlier, Affiliate Domination Blueprint is an affiliate marketing course that focuses on lead generation and email marketing. Both models are legitimate and could potentially lead to $100+ days just like the creator of the program claim.

According to the owner, the system is entirely beginner-friendly, requires no special skills or a large budget, and could help you to make money fast.

The latter is something I never take seriously. See, the Affiliate Domination Blueprint program depends on paid ads for traffic, which means that success could come potentially faster in comparison to free traffic scenario.

However, even so, you need to be aware that you do need to acquire skills before you can expect profits. It’s not impossible, it just takes a bit more time than you have been lead to believe.

That said, Affiliate Domination Blueprint seems to have all the necessary ingredients. But is it worth it? And most importantly, is it going to work? Let’s keep this Affiliate Domination Blueprint review in motion and see the truth.

What’s Inside of Affiliate Domination Blueprint?

Inside of the training, you’ll find a set of training video which explain the process. It’s important to highlight once again that this system is based on paid advertising.

In other words, you have to have a budget for this.

And also, it’s important to say that the system does require a few steps, in this case, three steps, but it’ll take some time to pull it off.

There are no fast ways to making money online, especially if you are just getting started.

Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Who is Samuel Cheema?

Samuel Cheema and his partner Edwin Mick are the owners and creators of Affiliate Domination Blueprint.

They have collected their experience and had it put into a system that helps to earn an income online.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Owner

They also stand behind CPA Profit Lab and Commission Typhoon.

Before I show you the essential part of this Affiliate Domination Blueprint review, you need to take a look at the sales to funnel first.

The price is seemingly low for a reason, and here’s why.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Price and OTO’s

As advertised, the price of this system is only $10.25 one time payment. But that’s not going to all to it.

Once you pay the price, they will offer you a few upgrades, also know as Upsells or OTO’s.

This information is hidden from you and comes as a surprise.

But the good thing about the Affiliate Domination Blueprint funnel is that you don’t need to take them to make this work.

  • Advanced Case Studies $27
  • Done For You Package $47

OTO 1 – Advanced Case Studies

This offer features 2 case studies. Samuel and Edwin show the offers that they used, the targeting they used, as well as interests, capture pages and ad copies. Plus, this offer gives you access to their help via Facebook.

OTO 2 – Done For You Package

This offer features Done For You campaigns that you can put to action right away. These DFY’s include the offers, capture pages, targeting, ad copies, email swipes, bonus pages and more.

How Affiliate Domination Blueprint Works

I’ve mentioned earlier that Affiliate Domination Blueprint is based on an affiliate marketing model where you promote products via email. Every time you make a sale, you earn a commission.

Inside the member’s area, you’ll find a set of training modules that show how to put this method into action.

Method Overview

In this section, you can learn how the course works in more detail.

The owners are going to hold a presentation where you’re going to find out what this course is and how can you benefit from these methods.

In other words, this is just an introductory module where you get to know the method.

If you are a beginner, you can learn a few basic things about email marketing, affiliate marketing, and paid traffic.

Affiliate Networks

The second module contains the list of affiliate networks you can join and use for your campaigns. Some of those networks are:

  • ClickBank
  • WarrriorPlus
  • JVZOO, and more

This is the first step of the system where you need to choose a product for promotion.

Step 1. Bing Ads

Many marketers will jump into Google ads first without giving any attention to Bing.

But the truth is, Bing and Yahoo take one-third of the market, and therefore, are still valuable.

In this section, you can find out more about:

  • creating the lead capture page
  • keyword research
  • tracking your campaigns
  • ad copy creation
  • setting up Bing ads and running them

Step 2. Facebook Ads

In addition to Bing ads, this course teaches how to get traffic from Facebook using the same method.

I personally think that FB is getting saturated with ads, but it’s still a good source of traffic.

Within this module of Affiliate Domination Blueprint, you can learn how to:

  • set up your Facebook Bussiness account
  • install tracking pixel
  • create a custom audience
  • create your own ads

Step 3. Email Marketing

The last step of the system is about setting up an effective email marketing campaign.

The main point is to get people to sign up to your list so that you can get in contact and keep the communication open.

In this section, you get instruction on how to:

  • set up follow up emails
  • do video reviews
  • do your own affiliate promotion

Also, you get some bonus strategies.

Case Studies

The last module contains three case studies where owners give you examples of how the whole system works in practice.

Wrapping It Up

So to conclude this training, the course will show you how to start with affiliate marketing.

This method boils down to paying Bing and Facebook to send you traffic to your lead capture pages.

Once you collect a lead, you send them to another page where you offer them a product you’ve chosen earlier.

If you make a sale, you earn a commission based on your agreement with the owner of the product.

After you capture an email address, you send a series of emails to your subscribers in an effort to make more sales.

Can You Make $100 Per Day With This?

I’m not a financial advisor so you shouldn’t take these claims as a fact or a guarantee.

This section of my Affiliate Domination Blueprint review is where I share my personal opinion about the methods from this program.

That said, you need to consider a few things before expecting earnings.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint - Income Claims

First of all, the system is reasonable and based on legitimate methods.

If you can follow the instructions to the letter and put a lot of work into this, taking care that you don’t make any mistakes, it could work.

Secondly, Affiliate Domination Blueprint depends on paid traffic. Meaning, you need a substantial budget for Bing and Facebook ads.

So your success with this system depends mostly on your budget.

If you can’t afford to pay at least $10-$20 per day for the next few months, this system won’t make you any money.

But if you can follow through with all the suggestions made by this training, I don’t see any reasons why this method shouldn’t produce an income.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Pros

Email Marketing Is Effective Method

The truth is, email marketing is one of the oldest and best methods for earning an online income.

The good thing about this course is that it shows a straightforward way to do so.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Another good thing about this course is the low price backed by 30 days money-back guarantee.

The owners promise to return your investment if you are not satisfied.

BS-Free Sales Page

Samuel Cheema and his partner Edwin Mick are not using too much BS to market this course.

They don’t promise 1000’s overnight and other BS that most marketers do these days.

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Affiliate Domination Blueprint Cons

Expensive Sales Funnel

One of the first things that I didn’t like about ADB were those upsells.

As soon as you pay the price, you are going to get a chance to purchase a few upgrades which were not disclosed before starting.

No Alternative Traffic Methods

The course is teaching only paid traffic methods using Bing and Facebook.

They won’t teach you how to apply the same model using free traffic methods, which was a great disappointment.

Unrealistic Earning Claims

Affiliate Domination Blueprint is advertised as a fast way to make $100 or more per day, which is a bit unrealistic expectation, especially if you are a beginner.

The truth is, paid traffic is faster, but there are no guarantees.

You could spend more money on ads than you get in return in commissions.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review – Scam or Legit?

At the end of the day, I want to say one last thing to those who were worried that this might be a scam.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint is not a scam.

The course is straightforward and BS-free, and it shows how to start with email marketing through paid advertisement.

The system inside is a legitimate way of making money online.

However, I wouldn’t recommend this to beginners. In my opinion, this is for advanced marketers.

Unfortunately, this course will not teach you about in’s and out’s of online marketing.

So if you are a beginner looking for comprehensive education, you won’t find it inside of this program.

That’s for reading my Affiliate Domination Blueprint review.

How I Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to earn an income online because it requires a very small investment.

Moreover, you don’t have to own any products, deal with customer support, etc.

Those and many other reasons made me pursuit affiliate marketing a few years ago. Today, I earn $100’s with affiliate marketing thanks to this PROVEN SYSTEM.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

14 thoughts on “Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review – A Scam or Easy $100 per Day?”

  1. These programs are notoriously difficult for any beginner and never produce results as they say.

    Having an email list takes a lot of time to build and your subscribers have to trust you otherwise they will be leaving in their droves. You can’t grab a subscriber and then sell straight to them, it will not work.

    You have to nurture that list and build trust which takes time and you are also looking for the right subscriber and giving away freebies is not enticing the right crowd.

    Using PPC advertising to build that list quickly is great but this can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing and beginners just won’t have a clue.

    As far PPC advertising Bing is always doing deals to get you to join but Facebook would be cheaper.

    As you have mentioned this is not for a beginner.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Mick, thanks for reaching out. I agree with you completely, making money is not a product of a few clicks and sending a few emails. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve significant results. Affiliate Domination Blueprint is ok, but it’s not the best course for making money online that I’ve seen.


  2. I liked your review. It was the simple truth! I respect that more than you know!

    I do like that you point out that the system works but that it is more advanced than other programs.
    After reading your review I agree.

    I am not new but I am still in the beginning. If you don’t have a list or like me you only have a few on a list it won’t work as well as intended.

    I do like the thought of learning when, where, and how to place ads on the different platform. This course may be perfect for learning to do just that!

    However, I wouldn’t recommend this to beginners. In my opinion, this is for advanced marketers.

  3. Hi Ivan. Nice review you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I was actually researching on a legitimate platform that is effective in email marketing campaigns, I was directed to this review. Having gone through the features of domination blueprint, I am overwhelmed with their amazing offers. It’s indeed the right platform I need to explore internet Marketing

  4. Hello there, This is an amazing a that you have got here. I have no idea about Email marketing and would love to know how to utilize Bing and Facebook ads. I will like to give Affiliate Dominion a try. Well, like you said it is not advisable for beginners when I get familiar with the system and have made progress definitely I will.

    • Hi Steviewjohn41, well, Affiliate Domination Blueprint is not my recommendation to beginners, but advanced marketer could leverage this. My best advice is to learn the basics first and focus on free traffic sources. Master long-term game first. And if you need a hand, do let me know.


  5. Hello Ivan. Good to see you share your unbiased review of Affiliate Domination Blueprint. I know it’s possible to make 100s of dollars daily but it will take a lot of time and enough hard work. ADB seems to be a great program to learn affiliate marketing based on paid traffic. Although the founders did not disclose that there are upsells, I think the upsells you have shown to us are reasonable and quite affordable. Well, as for me, I don’t want to go into paid traffic methods for now.

  6. This a a great way to help people.

    Everyone gets spam mail and advertisement on every social media platform and it’s really hard for someone to tell the difference between a scam and a  reality. Most don’t bother because its in spam or they don’t believe you could make that amount of money per day doing work online. 

    So you are exactly right in saying YOU CAN but you will have to work hard like any online profession as a beginner you need to expect to put ridiculous hours in and get nothing out, that’s just how it works.

    I myself was so happy to find a detailed post about this advertisement and the three stages couldn’t have been better explained so thank you VERY HELPFUL!

    • Hi Taine420, I hope my review has helped you to see the truth about Affiliate Domination Blueprint. The program is legitimate, but nothing comes easily. Let me know if I can help in any way. And thanks for your comment.


  7. Hi Ivan.

    Thanks a lot for this great review. It’s very nice, that you go into so much detail about some of the less obvious things about this program. I think it’s a super important point, that it’s legit in the sense that it works if you work it. BUT… it takes a lot more than what is shown on the surface, and therefore is not necessarily suited for the beginning online marketer. And the fact that you’re going to have to spend money on Bing and FB ads is also something that a potential customer would very much like to know… 😉

    So no scam, but a little more complicated than what they make you believe from the get-go…

    Thanks again for another great review! Your information on this site is VERY valuable! I’ll definitely be coming back to your site, and recommending it to anyone I know who might be interested in getting into the online marketing world.

    Best wishes,

    • Hi Michael, you’re welcome. I agree with you completely, a customer should know more about the costs of the method before joining the program. But in any case, Affiliate Domination Blueprint is a legitimate course and could work if you work it and have enough money for ads. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment, Michael. I appreciate your words.



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