A B Cs of Affiliate Marketing

Hello, future affiliate marketers!

The fastest way to succeed in any business is if you have a sort of a handbook, a guide, or a mentor to show you the way.

People usually do this kind of stuff by themselves, and sadly, they end up quitting.

That is not going to be a case with you!

You have an Affiliate Handbook right in front of you containing all the necessary information about the affiliate marketing world.

This little Handbook is a composite of my learnings so far. I have been in the business for a while, and I have some valuable tips to share with you.

Let’s cut the small talk and let’s get busy!

Whenever you need a piece of advice or guidance, click open your free affiliate marketing handbook, and select your topic.



CHAPTER 1. Steps to Get Started

CHAPTER 2. Affiliate Marketing Basics

CHAPTER 3. Build Your Website Instantly

CHAPTER 4. Keyword Research Guide

CHAPTER 5. Basic Content Architecture

CHAPTER 6. Get Traffic on Your Website Quickly

BONUS 1. How to Choose the Best Affiliate Program.

BONUS 2. The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses Online


I hope you will find everything you need for your success in the online world.

If you need any help or you have a question feel free to contact me!

All the best,


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  • This is encouraging information. It seems like a large amount of insight compressed in a small space. This could help some people to draw information from your content without being overwhelmed. I am very new to affiliate marketing and am convinced that monetizing will require much effort. Hopefully it will offer good returns!

    • Hi Troy, thank you for stopping by.

      I did my best to compress the knowledge about affiliate marketing so it can be easy to understand by a beginner at this stuff. When I was starting, I had a lot of trouble to find the simple info. All I could see were articles that seemed like Chinese to me.

      Affiliate marketing handbook can help you to figure out things before monetization. You see, your site or business has to have a solid foundation if you want to go for a long run. Short term success is going to be well, short term.

      On the other hand, a rock solid foundation will help you to start rolling in some money eventually and to keep it coming as you go. Don’t make a rookie mistake and chase the money right away. Cash is a product of good work, nothing else. It comes last.

      Affiliate marketing handbook is for all who want to go for a long run in this business. That means at least two years of dedicated work.

      However, the handbook is not finished yet. Nor it will be ever. As I collect more and more experience, I am updating the guide all the time. Affiliate marketing is evolving fast, so I have to keep my eyes and ears wide open.

      One last thing, brother. Don’t hope for it, WORK for it and soon you’ll be on top!

      All the best,

  • I’m always looking for new ways to increase my affiliate and internet marketing knowledge. I’m still a rookie, so this info is going to be beyond valuable but even if I were a seasoned vet, I’d still click through because I know there’s likely something in there that I haven’t learned about yet.

    • Hi Todd, I believe in the power of constant learning. Enjoy the handbook, I hope it helps you raise your affiliate marketing skills. Soon I’ll be sharing it in PDF form so you can take it with you. Rookie or vet, keep learning!


  • Hey Ivan, great and very helpful site. I am trying to find my way thru affiliate marketing, and it’s not so easy to find some good and useful tips on what and how to do. You made everything very well sorted, so it was easy to follow every chapter of this training.
    Thanks for the knowledge!

    • Hi Kristina, I’m happy to help you out. The Affiliate Handbook is a good resource to have by your side. I wish you much success and if you need any help, feel free to contact me.


  • Very useful information. Text is easy to read. I wonder if you can make a post about what to do while waiting to get Google Ads permission because i was informed that it can take up to 3 months.

    • Hi George, thank you. Well, I can answer you right now. Have fun with writing your next content piece while you wait on Google Ads.


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