Affiliate Marketing For Students (Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide)

Affiliate marketing is the best method for university students to earn money while they are tackling the hurdles of college life. You do not even need to leave your dorm! Sounds like a good idea? Keep on reading..

Self-supporting or not, all students like you do need cash! Aside from tuition and other miscellaneous schooling expenditures, there are other things that you’d require money for: school requirements, academic trips, books and devices that can help make studying a lot simpler, and so on.

So is affiliate marketing a solution? In this post, I’ll talk about why affiliate marketing is perfect for university students. I’ll then take a look at 5 choices for your first affiliate program. Let’s get started!

Why Affiliate Marketing Is Best For Students (Plus, How To Start...)

Is Affiliate Marketing a Good Option For Students?

The truth is, yes, affiliate marketing for students is a terrific way to make some additional cash on the side. Who knows, you could even make a full-time career out of it while studying. Some students even dropped out of college to pursue this lucrative online career (I’m not suggesting this to you though lol).

But what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is an approach to making a commission by referring products or services to your contacts or readers. It’s like you are a sales representative with the organisation as an associate. You add to a transaction, and the company pays you.

The best part of affiliate marketing is that it can be done on a large scale even if you are simply a student. A conventional sales representative uses only one brand name of merchandise. As an affiliate marketer, you will market brand names from a range of firms while making commissions from each one.

With affiliate marketing, you can make enough money to pay your tuition, buy books, lease a cosy home, go out of town on random weekend trips, and who knows? Possibly even buy your own dream house and take a trip around the world.

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing For Students?

One fantastic benefit is that you can actually produce passive income while you study. You do not even need to leave your room! Therefore, this extra income could help you to push through college without having to worry about the money.

For example, you can supplement your university costs by selling items such as books and other products. By utilizing Amazon, for example,  you can offer an unlimited quantity of electronic products, books, and clothing. So, instead of offering your own stuff, you can merely end up being an affiliate marketer/student.

Furthermore, it is a flexible job that can be done from anywhere, and it does not need any unique skills or training.  Affiliate marketing for students, not only helps to make passive earnings but teaches communication abilities and allows you to develop other skills too.

Finally, the best benefit of being a student affiliate marketer is that you can meet your individual expenses or even earn capital for some little start-up you have actually been preparing for after college.

Nevertheless, it is very important to bear in mind that affiliate marketing is still a hard business, so make sure to do your research about how marketing works and set reasonable expectations before starting.

How Can a Student Start With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing for students is among the very best methods to earn additional money online. This includes things like selling services and products, writing short articles, and more.

When you start working as an affiliate, you need to find businesses that you think would work well with you. You can use sites such as Amazon and Google to assist you to find out which ones are worth signing up with. When you have signed up with a business, you will have the ability to choose what items you wish to promote.

Next, once you start driving traffic and promoting these other people’s products, you will earn a commission on each sale. This can be anywhere from 10% to 70%. Can you imagine? And you didn’t even have to create a product!

So what is the best way to start? Here is a detailed guide on how to start with affiliate marketing as a student.

1. Discover a Specific Niche

A specific niche is a segment of the entire market population that you wish to concentrate on. In this context, it’s a group or place where online users share typical interests and similar behaviour as consumers. A good example would be losing belly fat. It’s a specific topic within a health & fitness niche.

Focusing on a specific niche lets you focus on the ins and outs of affiliate marketing on one specific customer group, permitting you to maximize your outcomes with less effort. And you don’t have to compete with big brands and affiliates.

In selecting your specific niche, it is best to select one that you are enthusiastic about, interested in, or educated about. This will make it simpler for you to promote to that specific market segment and sell the product you are promoting.

You’d likewise wish to consider the product demand, competition and success of products in the stated niche.

The first success lies when you select a niche that has fewer competitors and a pretty good variety of searches or traffic. To discover the quantity of traffic for a specific niche, you can utilize this free tool called Google Trends.

2. Do Keyword Research

Have a look at consumer behaviour in the stated specific niche, especially their “language”. By “language”, it means that you discover the precise words (keywords) that they use when looking for products through a method called keyword research.

Google, presently the leading search engine on the web, has totally free tools to assist online marketers with this. Perform keyword research study to find low-competition, high search volume keywords. What people type on Google reveals to you what they have an interest in.

This is why keyword research is a need to when it comes to selecting a niche. Once again, you can start utilizing Google Keyword Planner to discover keywords free of charge.

3. Set Up Your Promotional Method

To end up being a publisher or affiliate, you’d require a website or an online presence that would work as a store where you sell other individuals’ products.  As pointed out previously, there are various methods for affiliate marketing and it’s up to you to choose which one or combinations to utilize. You may easily search the web for them. Here are some examples:

  • blogging
  • social media marketing
  • email marketing
  • YouTube marketing

In 2022, blogging remains the single best way to do affiliate marketing effectively. And if you’re a student, this is good news. That’s because starting your own blog site will not cost you the moon. In reality, you can build a site for free. Pick a great, suitable and easy-to-remember domain and established your website as the base of your affiliate marketing activities.

However, don’t be terrified to try various methods as it is one of the most effective ways to discover the best methods for your specific niche or items. If need to you go for blogging, it is better to supplement it with social media marketing to maximize your direct exposure.

4. Produce Traffic And Monetize Your Site

Of course, you’ll require to have an audience; otherwise, you would not have people to promote to. You can use various methods to create traffic to your website like publishing quality articles that search engines would think about worth the read and online users would want to read and share.

You can likewise take part in forums, SEO, post proper videos on YouTube, social bookmarking and networking, or write news short articles, among lots of other strategies.

What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Program For Students?

There are numerous affiliate programs to choose from today. But, in affiliate marketing for students, these are probably the 5 best affiliate programs you can join to start making money online.

1. Amazon Affiliate Program

  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days
  • Commission: based on product type

When it comes to affiliate marketing for students, Amazon’s affiliate program is probably the very best on the internet. It is among the world’s biggest affiliate programs with great deals on products which you can sell and make your commission. You would get books, stationaries, home utilities, prime memberships, fitness centre fundamentals, sports equipment, and a lot more.

All you require is to sign up and pick a product you can sell quickly. Copy the tracking link and send it to your target market might it be your friends, fellow classmates, friendly teachers, family members, and your local network.

2. Canva Affiliate Program

  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days
  • Commission: $36 per subscription

Canva is an online developing tool that helps to create cards, templates, social networks posts, coordinators, worksheets, posters, infographics and more. It’s a handy tool and over 18 million individuals are utilizing it. Most of the users are already students so you won’t have any problems recommending it!

It comes with free and paid membership. It’s budget-friendly and implied to be for bloggers, digital developers, designers, and students to make visual designs quick and easy.

3. Grammarly Affiliate Program

  • Cookie lifespan: 90 days
  • Commission: $20 per sale

Grammarly is a digital writing assistance tool based upon an expert system which assists in composing error-free articles, documents, or content. It is extremely helpful for most people from students to workplace staff members. It offers confidence to people to write, submit or release anything with no sort of spelling or grammatical errors.

The digital world needs more software like this and you could be that affiliate who introduces them to this tool.

4. Skill Share Affiliate Program

  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days
  • Commission: $10 per sale

Skillshare is a huge online-learning website. People need to learn things to establish skills and these courses are truly handy and worth the time. It has actually got more than 34,000 online classes, great deals for students, and offers special discounts. You will likewise receive your affiliate payout monthly.

5. Udemy Affiliate Program

  • Cookie lifespan: 7 days
  • Commission: $25 per sale

Today Udemy has assisted lots of people to sell courses and help others. No doubt that Udemy got unique material and it has economical courses for everyone who likes to learn a new skill. Coding, Digital Marketing, Photography, and Video editing are the most wanted skills these days, especially among the college population.

Furthermore, it got a good commission rate and will be much easier for you as a student to suggest it in your network.

How Much Can a Student Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

The fact is, you can get rich with affiliate marketing even if you are a student. For example, with a $500 financial investment and a little time and effort set aside, you could be earning $30,000, $70,000 and even $100,000 a year in affiliate commissions.

Don’t believe me? Here are some statistics …

  • According to Glassdoor, the average affiliate marketer makes $66,029 a year, with $35, 000 on the low end and $124,000 on the high end.
  • PayScale’s statistics put the average at $52,367 a year (still not bad!) with $37,000 on the low end and $73,000 on the high end.
  • Zip Recruiter’s stats are the most attractive, with $154,700 as the average, $11,000 at the low end, and a whopping $401,500 at the high end.

How Fast Can You Earn As a Student With Affiliate Marketing?

It can take some time to get to the phase where you will get a consistent income from affiliate marketing even if you are a student with lots of free time. Usually, it needs anywhere from 6 to 24 months to start earning cash with affiliate marketing.

You see, your ability to find a great product, optimise your website for SEO, drive traffic, and market your affiliate goods to your niche can determine your overall performance.

You can start with blogging but don’t overlook the significance of active social networking and email marketing. Just remember that you would not get popular instantly. However, using the proper content plan and being persistent with it will get you to your target earnings.

Affiliate Marketing For Students – Conclusion

I hope this short article gave you the idea of affiliate marketing and how students can do it. Today, you’re at a point in your life’s journey where you’re moving towards your future profession. Perhaps you’re still far from the goal, however, you’re filled with hopes and expectations (and perhaps even a little worry).

And if I’m right, you’re also broke. Therefore, if you are a person who wishes to make a couple of bucks and even make full-time earnings, this online service design is your best option! There are lots of free affiliate marketing courses, resources, and ideas that can assist you to get started on the right foot.

What is your opinion? Why is affiliate marketing best for students? Feel free to leave your remarks below!

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