American Consumer Panels Review – Is It Legit? SCAM Exposed!

Hi, and welcome to my American Consumer Panels review. Is American Consumer Panels a scam or legit? Should you risk it or not? Keep reading to learn more… is a market research company that provides in-home testing services.

ACP sends its panellist consumer products to use and test in a real-world setting.

The panellists provide feedback so any “bugs” or flaws can be corrected before the products are put into mass production and sold to the general public.

Sounds like a great way to earn some extra cash, right?

But is American Consumer Panels really legit? Or is it another scam that takes advantage of your desire to make money from home? Let’s find out here!

Before we get into this review, let me congratulate you on doing your own research first.

That’s how you avoid getting scammed and find the best way to make money from home without any skills or experience.

Throughout my American Consumer Panels review, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

Also, in this review, I will answer all your questions. This post should give you a clear understanding of this website and see if American Consumer Panels is a scam or legit.

American Consumer Panels Scam or Legit

American Consumer Panels Scam Legit – Overview

  • Product Type: Testing products
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Price: None
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: American Consumer Panels is a program where you can become a product tester and earn some money.

They conduct in-home usage testing to provide manufacturers feedback on their products, packaging, instructions, and more.

However, there is something that you need to know about this company before you join.

The way ACP is supposed to work is for users to make money from testing products.

When you subscribe, you do so with the expectation that they will call you.

Nevertheless, during enrollment, you will be asked to set up your profile, and that’s where they hand you off through their recommendation link to legit survey websites that have nothing to do with American Consumer Panels.

When you join those websites ( and VIP Voice) individuals behind American Customer Panels earn a reference cost.

On the other hand, you’ll never ever hear from them again.

If you have actually seen several of the American Customer Panels reviews, you might have noticed individuals whining that they’ve subscribed however nobody has called them to test products.

That’s because there are no products to examine.

In other words, it is likely that American Consumer Panels is a scam. There’s nothing behind this site except a few tricks designed to make money off your efforts.

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What Is American Consumer Panels Review?

American Customer Panels is a company with a network of home-based product testers. You can generate income by offering items an extensive run-through.

At first glance, this sounds like a sweet way to make money. But is the American Consumer Panels website a scam or legit?

American Consumer Panels Website Scam or Legit

No … it’s not.

American Consumer Panels is a scam actually.

They masquerade as a genuine product screening site. However, they redirect you to sign-up with a bunch of online study businesses and gather a reference fee for sending you there.

In other words, they’re lying to you, but ultimately… you end up on some legit sites.

American Customer Panels most definitely lands much closer to a scam on the scale of deception. For the benefit of the doubt, let’s take a look at this review and learn whether you can still make some cash online.

By the way, here is a video review if you want to watch more…

Who Is Behind American Consumer Panels?

The company headquarters is located in One World Trade Center, 285 Fulton St., Suite 8500, New York, NY, 10007.

However, the location they share is not true, and I will share it with you later on in this American Consumer Panels review.

Now, upon searching on their website, I found out that there is no information on who the owner is or the founder of this company.

When I went to their Facebook page the last post was from 2016. So no activity in the last two years, and all the comments were from people who had applied but never received a response.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of make-money-online and work-at-home companies, and even the bad ones (as long as they’re legit) usually get some positive reviews.

On the other hand, you can see that American Consumer Panels work with well-known companies such as Dyson, Tefal, Sony, Kenwood, FisherPrice, Paco Rabanne, Ray-Ban, HTC, Nespresso, BaByliss, and Apple.

American Consumer Panels Fake Brands

Know that these are just teasers to make American Consumer Panels look legit.

In fact, if there is no information about the owner of the company, you can be sure that something suspicious is going on. It’s because whoever is behind it, doesn’t want to be associated with a scam.

Speaking of scams, let me show you how the ACP scam works…

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How Does American Consumer Panels Work?

American Consumer Panels will select participants who will be testing several products and evaluating them.

But the question is how much you will get paid?

Well, if you go to their FAQ section, it says that they will pay you $25 to $45 per hour and the minimum working hours is 15-20 hours per week.

American Consumer Panels Pay

As you can see the payment is big and you can earn quite a lot of money while staying at home as 90% of the work you’ll be doing can be done at home.

However, American Consumer Panels will ask you to signup for another two survey sites from which you will receive spam.

American Consumer Panels work as a company that recruits referrals for survey sites, and, of course, it earns a referral fee while you get stuck with answering surveys.

So does this means it’s just another scam website?

Yes, because you are not getting the promised opportunity in your hands, American Consumer Panels is a scam. But let’s keep this review in motion to learn more before making a final verdict.

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How To Become American Consumer Panels Panelist?

Joining American Consumer Panels is easy because they will hire even if you don’t have any experience in this kind of job.

You see, all you have to do is test some products and give feedback to the company that owns those products and improves them before they sell them to the market.

Signup process

American Consumer Panels Scam or Legit Signup

Signing up with American Consumer Panels is simple because all you have to do is use your email address which is always the first step you have to follow in every online job.

There is nothing more to add on only your email address and password, and after that, you will wait for further instructions from them.

Survey questions

If you are that person who is looking for a job but you don’t know if that website is legit or not or if it is a scam or not based on how the offer is presented to you.

Well, you might think American Consumer Panels is somewhat a “legit” one because it sounds professional.

They will ask you five questions to see if you are fit for the job.

The questions are designed to make you approve of them as a “legit” website that is run by “professionals.”

Demographic profile

Once you are done with the survey questions, they will send you an email telling you to complete the signing-up process by setting up your demographic profile.

The reason for this is because it stated on their website that ” During your application process, reputable market research companies will determine your demographics and consumer profile to establish what products would be suitable for you to test.

Market research companies that partner with us will use questionnaires to identify and target certain types of consumers, to ensure that the right participants are engaged, and to achieve the representative sample needed.”

This is the reason why people who encounter this kind of job offer immediately sign up because it sounds and looks “legit.”

Survey sites

The last part of the process is instructing you to sign up for two survey sites, LifePoints Panel and InboxDollars Panel, both of which are legit survey websites.

Once you signup with those two websites, you will likely end up taking surveys, which is not bad since you can earn some extra money there.

However, once you have signup on to those websites, you will not get any call or message from American Consumer Panels anymore, which is alarming for me.

Not just that, once you have completed the steps, you will not hear from them again, and they will leave you hanging, with you facing more survey questions that bombard your inbox.

What’s more concerning is that you have given them your personal information via the demographic profile you have set up.

And that information is in the hands of the survey sites they have asked you to sign up for.

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How Much Does American Consumer Panels Cost?

There is money involved when you signup with American Consumer Panels. It is free to join. The only thing that will cost you here is your time and your personal information.

But not paying does not mean that you have not wasted anything!

Companies like them that put the effort into setting up their image to lure potential job seekers always have something they can get out of you.

Also, the company will not collect anything from you aside from your personal information that they will sell to other companies to earn money from referral fees to some survey sites.

Yes, there is no money involved here, but in return, they will get paid for your cooperation in partaking in their signing-up process.

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What Are American Consumer Panels Reviews Saying?

If you look at, the reviews for American Consumer Panels are either outstanding or terrible, calling it a scam.

American Consumer Panels Scam Review

I often tend to think the impressive testimonials are phoney and the dreadful testimonials are from individuals who feel they’ve been scammed by the firm.

That said, it is tough to locate reputable data pointing to American Consumer Panels as being a legit organization.

At the time of composing this review, American Consumer Panels doesn’t have a BBB listing either.

If you’ve checked out several of the American Customer Panels reviews, you might have observed people grumbling that they have actually signed up yet no one has actually contacted them to evaluate items.

That’s because there are no products to test.

And overall, everything about this site is a scam…

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Is American Consumer Panels A Scam or Legit?

Is American Consumer Panels a Scam or Legit

Yes, American Consumer Panels is a scam. There is no job for you here, and the claims that you see on their website are not true.

Everything you see and read on their website is all lies, and there is no product for you to test here, only surveys.

The company does recruit people to complete surveys, collect information about them, and leave them in the hands of other survey websites.

Like the person said on BBB (see red flags below in my American Consumer Panels review), it is a bait and switch scam.

The bait here is their job offer that looks legit with all the job descriptions and salary.

However, once you sign up and collect your demographic profile, they will hand them over to a survey site, which will then bombard you with many survey questions.

Many fell for this kind of thing that looks promising, but with a thorough investigation of it, you can decide if it’s even worth your time.

Here are all the reasons why I think that American Consumer Panels is a scam…

Misleading information

As you already know, they said they would pay you $25 to $45 per hour and the minimum working hours is 15-20 hours per week, but the truth is they won’t.

Here’s a complaint that I found on BBB (Better Business Bureau) that one person said.

“This company is recruiting via an online job listing website which is extremely misleading, and they post an income of $20-$40/hr on these job websites, which is also extremely misleading.”

Not just that another person said that the company is a bait and switch scheme!

See the image below:

American Consumer Panels Scam or Legit BBB Complaints

As you can see, there is no “Job” here with American Consumer Panels, and there is no product for you to test here.

What the company does is recruit you for referrals and make money out of you.

I don’t have any problem taking up surveys because you can still earn some money, but how American Consumer Panels work is very misleading.

Fake online presence

As you already know, the company is located in One World Trade Center, 285 Fulton St., Suite 8500, New York, NY, 10007.

American Consumer Panels Scam or Legit Fake online presence

So I did a quick research on Google, and I found out that they are not there and the address, which is 8500 One World Trade Center, is occupied by a company called Servcorp.

This means that they don’t have an office at One World Trade Center in New York.

This is a big red flag because they lied about their address to make you believe that they are a legit company, but it isn’t

They won’t pay you

As you said earlier, they won’t pay you, but they are the one who is getting paid by referring you to other survey websites to make money.

And again, there is no product here for you to test on, and the “Job” that they claim is there is no job.

The only job you did was give them your information, and that’s it and nothing more.

Clone scam targeting Canadians

Upon researching for American Consumer Panels scam or legit reviews, I bumped into something that confirms the claims in my review.

A clone website targeting people in Canada!

American Consumer Panels Clone Scam

It was virtually a carbon copy of American Consumer Panels. A different address and contact number, yet, it is the very same site. Same About Us page, very same work hours.

And obviously an “actual physical address” in the Toronto Celebrity Building: 1 Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario M5E 1W7 Canada instead of the world-famous WTC in NYC.

Fake press releases

American Consumer Panels (in addition to the Canadian one) likewise describe being featured in magazines as more evidence it isn’t a scam.

American Consumer Panels Fake Press Release

For the American site, it states they were featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as well as US Financial News Today.

Well, the US Financial Information Today weblink returns a 404 Web page Not Found mistake. Coincidence anyone?

American Consumer Panels Fake Link

And the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article is from abdominal Newswire, which is a paid press release service. That doesn’t offer much credibility either.

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American Consumer Panels Review – Pros

  • It is free (but FAKE)

American Consumer Panels Review – Cons

  • No information about the owner
  • Misleading Information
  • NO product to test
  • Fake online presence
  • They won’t pay you
  • Outdated Privacy Policy
  • Fake clone website

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Now you know what American Consumer Panels are and why I don’t recommend this company to you.

There is nothing for you here, and those promises that they say are not true.

They do that to lure you in to make you believe that you will earn that kind of amount.

This company makes you sign up and refer you to a survey site where you are going to take surveys, and for the company, they will earn some money because they are the one who refers you there.

I don’t have any problem taking up surveys, but the amount of money you’ll earn there is very small, so to me, taking up surveys is a waste of time.

There are a lot of ways to make money online, as there are so many of them out there on the web, but there’s also a lot of garbage out there on the web.

You see, there are a lot of dangerous scams out there that will deceive you, making you think that you can earn money there, but the truth is you won’t

That is why you should be careful about what you join and always do your research first to see if that website or company is legit or not.

Thank you for taking the time to read my American Consumer Panels review.

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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And don’t forget to share this American Consumer Panels review with your friends and family!

All the best, Alex. contributor

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15 thoughts on “American Consumer Panels Review – Is It Legit? SCAM Exposed!”

  1. I was unaware that American Consumer Panels is a sham, that there is no employment available, and that the assertions made on their website are untrue. Additionally, I was shocked to learn that everything on their website is a lie, and there is nothing for you to test out other than surveys. What’s alarming is that the company does hire people to fill out surveys, gather data on them, and then send it over to other survey websites.

    Thank you for your article!

  2. There’s a real need for many people to try and find a way to make extra income from home. And it’s too bad that companies like this take advantage of others. Thanks for exposing this company for what it really is – a total scam. It’s incredible to read how this one all works. It sounds so deceptive…and to think they sell your information and never deliver on what they promise. I hadn’t heard of them before, but after reading all of your research, I’ll be sure to tell everyone to stay clear of them. You’ve written a great article here!

  3. I was reading this and got so excited thinking that it would be a great opportunity until I saw that you do not recommend this platform. Signing up for a program should be easy and it shouldn’t have any outsider links that you’ll need to redirect yourself and follow whatever instructions are on the other side. People are just making money out of others who are truly willing to work online and earn some cash. Taking advantage of people is never the right way to go. I hope this site gets taken down or that it stops scamming people and giving them a false hope. 

  4. When I first started reading your article on American Consumer Panels I got excited because I am an affiliate marketer and saw some potential in product reviews.  I am so glad that I read through the article to find that there are actually no products to review and therefore no payout.  I am wondering if there is any merit to the two other companies for which you are asked to sign up.  Can you make money for them?  You have saved me a lot of time because i am not going to research this program any further.  Thank you.

    • Glad to see you doing the research! You can make with survey companies they recommend during the signup process to American Consumer Panels.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I have been taking surveys and testing products for years now. However once in a while you come across the scams. And sadly American consumer panels is one. I remember signing up and all it wanted was me to join other survey sites. Ones I am already a part of. And there’s more like it. That’s why it’s vital to do your own research. So don’t waste time. It does nothing to serve you. 

  6. To be told that when you sign up to a site, that somebody will call you and you will have the possibility of being able to test products, and then that doesn’t happen, is certainly deception to me. Instead, your details are passed on to other survey sites, indeed borders on a scam. Although it doesn’t cost anything to join, American Consumer Panels are deceiving those that sign up. 

    Thank you for the heads up to avoid American Consumer Panels. 

  7. Thank you very much for your extensive review on American Consumer Panels, I’ve been doing research on survey companies and haven’t seen this one. I can see how attractive it would be though for people who are looking for decent money on the internet. It’s a shame that there are scams out there, targeting individuals who are already hurting or in need of help. 

  8. Hey! Great article regading on how to make a little bit more money from home!

    As a matter of fact, I am really surprised that I can get paid for testing several products and evaluating them! People always need an extra income, and with the information provided I feel I can do it now 🙂


  9. So many red flags here. Thankfully it is becoming easier and easier to find if one is a scam or not. Faking out addresses is one big red flag there and being totally free in today’s world I would consider suspicious at the very least. There are better ways to spend your time out there for sure.


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