AMZDFY Review (2022) – Should You Get It Or Not?

Hi, and welcome to my AMZDFY review. What is it about? Is AMZDFY a legit automated system? Is this program really supposed to create an Amazon FBA business for you without any work from your end?

Or is this just another system that is not worth your time and money?

In other words, is AMZDFY a scam? You’re in the best place to find out!

I have tried and tested 600+ courses, scams, and all sorts of schemes to find the best way to make money online.

In other words, I’m passionate about knowledge that helps to improve our lives, build a business online, and more.

Throughout my review, we will take an in-depth look at AMZDFY and see if this is a legit Done For You system or a scam by taking a look into some pros and cons.

Also, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me in this review.

I will also answer all your questions about AMZDFY. My review should give you a clear understanding of the program and see if it is worth your money.



AMZDFY Review – Overview

  • Product: AMZDFY System
  • Type: Done-For-You FBA Business
  • Owners: Kevin David and David Arnett
  • Price: $40,000
  • Money-Back Guarantee: No
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: AMZDFY is a system created and owned by Kevin David and his business partner, David Arnett.

Kevin David is an Amazon FBA guru, and in the past, he created some quality/popular Amazon FBA courses.

However, the AMZDFY is not a course but a Done For You (DFY) Amazon FBA business.

It is a system where you will invest your money, and Kevin David and David Arnett will create the business for you.

They will also handle everything for you like picking products, shipping, and more. All you have to do is fund your campaigns to continue to get results.

However, the problem is that you have to invest a big amount of money to get qualified, and the worse part is that there is no guarantee that you will succeed.

If’ you’ve been learning about FBA then you know that it’s not a cheap online business to get into.

And in my opinion, this fact should be disclosed on AMZDFY pages before you decide to invest a single cent into this program.

So it would be better for you to learn how to do it yourself than to spend a lot of money on a system that has no guarantee.

That said, I don’t recommend AMZDFY because, in my opinion, this is not the best way to start making money online. Read the rest of my AMZDFY review to learn more before you make your own decision.

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What is AMZDFY?

AMZDFY is a Done For You Amazon FBA system founded by Kevin David and David Arnett.

It is an automated program that will do the heavy lifting for you, like finding a product, negotiating costs, paying Amazon fees, Shipping, Product inventory, and more.

It is said that this system is designed to create an automated Amazon FBA business for you. However, you will have to shell out a huge chunk of change to do so.

And if you do so, Kevin David and David Arnett, the other owners, will handle the shipping and all the other tasks needed to make money with Amazon FBA.

Now you might think that this is the positive solution to your financial freedom but guess again because you will be in for a surprise as you read this AMZDFY review.

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About The Founders of AMAZDFY

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David Founder of AMZDFY

Kevin is an entrepreneur.

He started his first business when he was 14, selling baseball cards.

After that, he then tested the 9-5 life as an accountant, but he realized that it wasn’t for him.

So he decided to look for ways to make money online because he wanted financial freedom.

In 2015, he began selling products on Amazon, and since that year there was less competition on the platform, Kevin could make enough money to quit his job.

Since then, he has found multiple ways to scale his internet income through course sales and developing software services under his ZonBase brand.

He also has a Youtube channel that has over 1.30M subscribers.

Who is David Arnett?

David Arnett has been selling physical products online since 2014 when he started selling on Amazon & eBay.

In 2016, he launched an FBA Experts Training course that teaches you how to sell on Amazon, and in 2017, David invested in a warehouse to store products and ship them to Amazon.

In 2019, Kevin and David began a joint venture, AMZ Automation. Kevin provided the promotion and marketing with his huge social following, and David provided the fulfilment using his warehouse.

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How Does AMZDFY Work?

Like I said earlier, AMZDFY is a Done For You System where the team will supposedly build an Amazon FBA business for you.

Kevin and David will be the ones who will run your business for you. To do that you have to pay them to do it and give them a cut of the profits.

So how is this done exactly?

Kevin and David will give you a product that they recommended. You, on the other hand, will be the one to buy them yourself to sell so you won’t have to think about what kind of products you want to sell.

Also, instead of storing your products in Amazon warehouses, Kevin and David will store your products in their warehouses.

That is how AMZDFY works in a nutshell. But there are some things you need to know about this program first so make sure to read the rest of my AMZDFY review here.

How Much Does AMZDFY Cost?

AMZDFY has a few different packages, and each package has a different price. Here’s a breakdown of each package.

  • The first package is called Amazon FBA Automation Emerald, and it costs $30K.
  • Then the second package is the Semi-Automation, and it cost $10K.
  • The third package is the Amazon Done With You Silver with a price tag of $5K.

Now, if you’re an Emerald member, you have an additional option.

Kevin and his team will continue running your business after your Emerald Launch service expires.

For Kevin to continue running your business, you have to pay $500 or 30% of their profits, whichever is higher.



Can You Get a Refund On AMZDFY?

According to their Terms and Service, there is a NO REFUNDS policy, which means you have to think about it before investing a lot of money in this service.

As you can see it is very expensive, and if this business doesn’t work out you lose a lot of money.

So think first before you invest.

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Who Is AMZDFY Best For?

In an ideal world, AMZDFY is best for people who are interested in outsourcing the entire business setup to Kevin David and David Arnett.

Since this program requires a huge financial investment, it’s best suited for people who can bear it.

Keep in mind that I would recommend this eCommerce program only to people who already have experienced success with this business model.

Newbies should definitely stay away from DFY systems like this.

What I Like About AMZDFY 

The Owners Are Successful Entrepreneurs

The two founders of AMZDFY are proven to be successful with selling on Amazon.

Both of them are multimillionaires and are well-known marketers.

Having them running your business on Amazon has some benefits.

Everything Here Is Done For You

As you already know, the system is run by Kevin and David, and they are the ones doing all the hard work for you.

So in a nutshell, all you need to do is purchase the AMZDFY system, have a conversation with them, agree to their terms, and hope for the best.

I personally don’t like done-for-you systems, but in some rare cases, they could actually work.


What I Don’t Like About AMZDFY 

They Will Take A 30% Cut On Profits

According to Sellercentral Amazon, you can have only one account on Amazon unless you have a reason to open up another one.

In other words, you can only have up to two Amazon Seller Accounts.

The idea behind AMZDFY is for Kevin and David to run multiple accounts in different niche markets simultaneously.

That is why they choose the products for you and then take 30% of your profit margin.

Furthermore, since there are only two of them, they can spread across four different niche markers with Amazon FBA, which is precisely why they are ready to do everything for you.

Also, they want to sell their products using your Amazon Seller accounts to allow them to work across many different niche markets simultaneously and minimize their end risks.

Here is why AMZDFY is not nearly as lucrative as it may look.

You Shoulder All The Risk

Remember Kev and David recommend you a product for you to sell.

However, don’t expect that you will get make money on those products.

You see, if you don’t sell your products, you’ll be the one with a big loss, not them.

Also, the 30% cut is just an additional income for them.

Not just that, even though if you sell a product, it will be hard for you to recover what you invest here.

So, you’ll hardly be left with anything.

AMZDFY is Very Expensive

You already know how much money you have to invest with AMZDFY.

It is very expensive and not just that there is no guarantee that you will succeed here, so all that money you invest will end up nothing.

That is why it would be better to learn how to do it yourself than spend your money on a system that has no guarantee that you will succeed.

In case you like the video review, below is Arron Chen’s AMZDFY review where he talks more about the price and why it is not worth it.

You Assume All The Risk

What happens if you invest the $40,000 you spend on products that don’t end up selling?

Of course, you lose a lot of money except for Kevin and David because the money you invest is already in them, so they got nothing to lose.

Also, not all Amazon business they set up succeeds, which means there will be big-time losers here.  

AMZDFY Doesn’t Offer Refunds

With such a huge investment, having a no-refunds policy is not something that I like.

However, there are many reasons for a person to change their mind after investing in something like AMZDFY.

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No, AMZDFY is not a scam in my review. However, I don’t recommend this system to you.

As you can see, it is very expensive, and this might be the most expensive Done For You system that I have ever seen.

Not just that, the reason why I don’t recommend this to you is that you have no control of your business, and you don’t know how much you’ll be making.

Kevin and David are both successful people, but how the system works and how much it will cost you is not worth it.

Also, spending more than $40,000 on a system is very risky, and if that system fails, you lose a lot of money.

Overall, the system is nice because you don’t have to do everything. After all, they are the ones doing it.

But again, investing in a system that has no guarantee that you will succeed is not worth investing.

That is why I prefer that you find a better alternative to invest your money in a system that works and, of course, find a system that doesn’t cost much money.

There are a lot of products, systems, courses, and businesses out there that are worth investing in.

But of course, before you invest, make sure that you do your research first to see if they are legit or not so that you won’t end up wasting your money.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Now you know about AMZDFY and why you should not invest your money in this system.

Don’t be fooled by the marketing hype, and all the success stories around this program, because there is no guarantee that you will succeed as one of them.

There are other cost-effective alternatives to starting your own online business and leveraging Amazon to make money online.

That is why you should junk AMZDFY and invest your money in learning online business models yourself so that you can take full control of your business and scale it as much as you can.

Instead of investing your time and money on Amazon FBA, which has very thin profit margins, you can consider dropshipping or affiliate marketing.

Dropshipping involves being a middleman between a manufacturer or product creator and a buyer.

Also, you don’t have to keep products in stock in your inventory, and all you have to do is to take customer orders and handle customer inquiries.

Not just that, with dropshipping, you have to do everything like finding suppliers and handling customer complaints.

If you are looking at how to make money online, I recommend you to check Affiliate Marketing.

Here you can earn decent money, build your online business, and can work from the comfort of your home.

Thank you for reading my AMZDFY review. If you have any questions? Want to share your experience and reviews of ApperWall?

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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All the best, Alex. contributor

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20 thoughts on “AMZDFY Review (2022) – Should You Get It Or Not?”

  1. Hmm, this sounded good at first. And it still is a good platform. However there are a couple of things I don’t like. And I would have not learned about them if it were not for your post. A huge thank you.

    I really don’t like that we take all the risk but they do take a cut of the profit. It’s well thought to benefit primarily them, and if things go well, us too.

    • Hi Paolo, thanks for your comment on our review. That’s not the worst part about AMZDFY. What troubles me the most is that there are no guarantees that you will make money with this program. So basically, you’re the one taking a HUGE risk here without any guarantees.


    • Is this system a joke? Who in their right mind is going to hand over thousands of dollars to these guys and if you do you must be really sick!

  2. HI Alex. Thank you for another interesting article. TO be fair I have never heard about AMZDFY program, but looking on they prices it may no difference to me. Even if its not a scam I would never invest such amount of money in program where is no guarantee of success. User is taking all risk of it and I can’t imagine that any advertisement would convince me to invest such money in online product.

  3. That is an insane amount of money for something that you don’t even know if it’ll work. Not to mention that there’s not a money-back guarantee? For that huge investment? Not everyone has 10k to hand over to a stranger to create a business for you, and on top of that, you investing all that money you still have to pay royalties. In my head, that doesn’t make sense. 

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your comment on my review. I’m on the same page as you. AMZDFY sounds good at first because they will take care of almost everything for you. However, it’s expensive, risky, and worst of all, you won’t learn the things you need to in order to sustain and grow your business. It’s not a good idea to skip steps.


  4. Thank you very much for writing about AMZDFY. My friend from Facebook recommend me this program, but I find it very expensive and I thought it was a scam. I’m glad it’s not, but shouldering all the risk and losing 30% profit for them, along with the expensive cost, doesn’t justify what I can gain. I won’t sign up for their program. Thank you.

  5. I can’t believe how much money they are asking to set up a business that doesn’t have a refund policy or any guarantees. I’m so pleased that you reviewed this system so clearly. It looks good initially because if you don’t know anything about marketing and you want it all done for you it could be nice. As long as you understand that if you stop they will just keep running it under your name and you will be paying them forever.

    An interesting idea.

    • Hi Lily, thanks for your comment on this review. It is an interesting idea, but I personally don’t like it very much. It’s better to learn how to build a business with your two hands than it is to look for shortcuts like AMZDFY that may or may not work.


  6. Even if this AMZDFY product is not a scam, it is extremely expensive in my opinion, and I believe others may feel the same way. Thankfully, you do not recommend it. As you mentioned, there is no guarantee of someone’s success, which leads me to believe that this product is not worth it. And you are correct in stating that it is not the most effective technique to begin earning money online.

    Excellent article.

    • Hi Lionel, thanks for your comment. In our opinion, AMZDFY is a risky product. It could work, but there are no guarantees. We feel it’s better to start your own business from scratch to get the experience and develop all the skills that you need to become a successful online entrepreneur.


  7. Ivan,

    Thank you for this very insightful blog post!

    However, even though an investment opportunity is very expensive (such as this one is) I thought there was risk involved with every opportunity as an affiliate marketer. That’s why I became an affiliate marketer. Because the greater the investment, the greater the reward. (Maybe that’s just me)

    As far as guarantees go (on my end) if I wanted to have a guarantee I would’ve stayed with my 9-5 rat race J.O.B. (Just Over Broke).

    Also, I would definitely want the experience myself than having someone do all of my work for me. Because without failure I wouldn’t have success.

    Would making a $40,000.00 investment make me absolutely crazy?

    To Your Success,
    Shaun S.

  8. Once again I appreciate your honest reviews and find them extremely valuable while choosing systems to make money online. With being let down on a few amazons “make money” programs I am super leery when it comes to anything to do with Amazon and I think you prove my point exactly with this review as you pick out the points exactly why I would lean towards AMZDFY either as its never exactly what it says it is. 

  9. Wow, I don’t know many people that could afford that price tag. Thanks for doing this review and letting us know that there is no guarantee that even after spending that money, you would have a winning business. I think there are plenty of online tutorials and affordable courses out there that can help someone go through the steps to create an Amazon FBA business, so this done-for-you system isn’t really necessary.

  10. Hi Ivan, great review, Thanks.  I have to say, as soon as I see DFY I get the no-feeling.  I have yet to find a Done For You program that works for the buyers, they seem to only work for the sellers and resellers or affiliates of the program. 

    On the other hand, I’ve had a look at Amazon FBA and it’s complicated, so I do understand why people would want help setting it up.  Thanks for your honest review, I’ll be sure to not fall into that trap and steer clear of this program.


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