Arieyl Review – Is This A Legit MLM Company Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Arieyl review!

What Exactly Is Arieyl?Is this a legit MLM or a pyramid scheme? Also, is this a legit business opportunity to make money? Should you join or not?

Let’s find out!

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at Arieyl and see if this is a legit MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company or not.

MLM is a legit business opportunity to make money online by selling other people’s products or inviting someone to do the same so that you can earn money from their efforts.

However, not all MLM is legit because some of them are scams or pyramid schemes in disguise.

Now the question is, is Arbonne one of those pyramid schemes/scams, or is this a legit business to make money online?

I have tried and reviewed more than 600 courses, scams, and even pyramid schemes to find the very best way to generate income online.

Throughout my Arieyl review, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

I will also answer all your questions about this MLM. It should give you a clear understanding of the company and whether Arieyl is a pyramid scheme or not.

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Arieyl Review 

  • Product Type: Arieyl
  • Owner: Travis and Kristen Butler
  • Price: $25 membership fee
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out!

Overview: Arieyl is a seller of goods for health and wellness. Health supplements, cosmetics, bath salts and oils, and goods for pet care are among its offerings.

They sell items that make partners feel good. Like other health and wellness businesses, they market weight-loss products.

The items made by Arieyl include natural herbs and CBD (Cannabidiol) oil.

The resinous flower of cannabis, or marijuana, contains cannabidiol.

Without the “high” effects of marijuana, cannabidiol offers health benefits in safe doses.

An opportunity to make money is promised by this multilevel network marketing business. Retail sales can help you make commissions.

Despite the quality of their products, the majority of MLM members don’t become wealthy by selling them. They instead place a strong emphasis on a “reward strategy” for recruiting new members.

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What Is Arieyl?

Arieyl Review Website

Arieyl Company is a multi-level marketing business that sells items for health and wellness. It offers pet care products, health supplements, cosmetics, and bath salts and oils.

Like every other health and wellness firm out there, Arieyl provides weight-loss products.

Only the fact that Arieyl’s goods contain CBD (Cannabidiol) oil and other natural herbs set it unique from most businesses.

You should be aware that it is a multilevel network marketing firm and that the majority of what it does is guarantee its members opportunities to make money. We will look more closely at how it functions later.

You are guaranteed commissions from retail sales when you sign up to represent the company and sell its products.

Even if the products of multi-level marketing companies are excellent, the challenge is that most MLM distributors don’t make much money selling them.

Instead, as having a downline increase your earning potential, you’ll see that they actively encourage people to recruit new members.

As a distributor in an MLM, you are referred to as having a downline of distributors that you have brought on board with the direct sales company.

In addition to your own sales, you will also get compensated for your downline’s sales.

A recruiting salesperson in an MLM is paid based on both sales and the size of their downline, in addition to their own.

Who Is Behind Arieyl ?Arieyl Review Founder

Travis and Kristen Butler, who are also co-CEOs of Arieyl, founded the company.

The couple had great success in network marketing before they founded Arieyl.

Before they entered network marketing, Travis and Kristen ran a prosperous construction and landscaping business.

Next, they suffered a total loss as a result of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

To help them get back on their feet, they joined MLMs, where they were successful.

They were affiliates who sold products for My Daily Choice and HempWork Company.

The two companies are in the business of selling CBD oil-based health and wellness products.

You could anticipate Arieyl to be based in Florida since the Butlers reside there.

The Butlers’ alleged monthly My Daily Choice earnings of $537,000 were reported by BusinessForHome in March 2016.

By 2018, their downline members were ranked in the top 36 out of 125 for earnings, and they were both top earners.

The Butlers’ downline counted 13,000 people as of February 2019, and they were adding 30 to 40 new affiliates daily.

The same year that Travis and Kristen founded Arieyl, they parted ways with My Daily Choice.

How Does Ariryl Work?

Because Arieyl is an MLM, it functions similarly to one.

The business model is largely the same no matter what a company sells in this manner.

Arieyl is one of several MLMs that promote themselves as a way to begin a lucrative profession.

Every time they promote their business prospects and invite new applicants, they refer to their distributors as “rockstars.”

I should note that similar to other MLMs, Arieyl is not open about member earnings because they urge members to purchase expensive things to project an air of wealth.

It’s hard to say whether this will be the case since Arieyl hasn’t yet started hosting conferences like other programs where members may interact and top earners are celebrated.

You can either work hard to move up the “corporate ladder” by working your way through the ranks, or you can do both.

You will discover that, similar to many other ranks, the majority of members don’t purchase the products, and that promotion is based on product sales rather than the volume of items sold.

Arieyl’s Products

The Arieyl website offers a variety of health and wellness items, but we are unable to list them all owing to their extensive inventory.

Most of their products contain only small amounts of cannabidiol, effectively marijuana.

They are said to provide all the health benefits of cannabidiol without the negative consequences of marijuana’s “high.”

Keep in mind that you can be allergic to the plant-based ingredients in the supplements, so you should speak with a doctor before you start using the products.


These come in the form of water droplets and are health supplements. They can be blended into a drink and have numerous applications and advantages, just like candy.

They include:

  • Dragons Breath Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture
  • Watermelon Mojito, Broad Spectrum Hemp Tincture
  • Watermelon Mojito Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture
  • Watermelon Mojito, Broad Spectrum Hemp Tincture
  • Watermelon Mojito Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture
  • Plain Jame Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture

Bath Salts

These add a bit of boujee to your bath.

  • Warrior – A product meant to “soothe tired muscles and joints.”
  • It Is Well – A product that will “clear your head and calm your body, assisting in soothing the inner soul.”
  • You Dew You – A natural remedy for dry skin, that replenishes much-needed moisture.
  • Slumber Party – A supplement is meant “for healthier sleep, relaxation & romance.”

Pet Care

Additionally, they offer health items for cats and dogs. They come in drips and are palatable.


These consist of a whiplash brow, body butter, and body scrub.

Pre-Bundled Packs

You may also purchase their pre-bundled packs, which include various combinations of their products, which contain their products already packaged together.

You can create your own product package.


These nutritional supplements are chewable and support immunity and energy. The flavors are.

Body Guard Gummy is marketed as a “natural immune system booster.”

Delta 8 THC, which is present in the Cloud 8 Gummy, is extracted from hemp. This one is intended to promote relaxation.

A particular mixture, called Highbernation Strawberry Sleep Gummy, is designed to promote sound sleep.


Items for comfort and grooming are included here. They offer powdered nutrients, a men’s shaver, drops, lotion, and an eyebrow fixer.


These comprise different-flavored vapes.

Delta 8 Vapes does NOT ship to states like Connecticut, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Vapes do not ship to Louisiana.

Arieyl Compensation Plan

You should become familiar with terms like PV and GV, which are crucial to Arieyl’s compensation plan, before we proceed with the Arieyl review.

The entire sales volume produced by retail consumers and affiliate orders is known as the personal volume (PV).

Your downline produces group volume if you are a distributor who has added more distributors (GV).

There are limitations on how much money you can make through your downline.

After Ruby, for example, you can’t get more than 50% of your GV from a single uni-level leg.

You should be aware of how Arieyl’s compensation plan operates if you desire to participate in the program.

This will give you the ability to optimize your plan so that your marketing initiatives are as effective as possible.

Additionally, it will be simpler for you to sell the program to potential distributors who you want to add to your downline.

Arieyl Compensation Ranks

The Arieyl membership system has levels from novice to expert.

There are 11 ranks in Arieyl’s ranking system (the ranks go higher as you go down this list). The ranks and their requirements consist of:

  • Rockstar – As a new member of Arieyl, this is the lowest rank available. Each month, 35 PVs must be maintained.
  • Gold – You must place an order of $200 or more, or you must generate 90 PV and 1000 GV each month.
  • Platinum – A $500+ order is required, or each month, you should produce 2500 GV and 90 PV.
  • Ruby – In addition, you must produce 5000 GV for the month and find three affiliates. As an alternative, produce 90 PV and 5000 GV each month and find and keep three affiliates who will each produce 90 PV each month.
  • Emerald – You must generate 10,000 GV per month, 90 PV per month, or three affiliates who each generate 90 PV per month.
  • Sapphire – You must sustain three affiliates with 90 PV each month, generate 25,000 GV each month, and meet all other requirements.
  • Diamond – Maintain three affiliates with 90 PV each month, produce 50,000 GV, and meet all other requirements.
  • Black Diamond – You must sustain three affiliates with 90 PV each month, produce 100,000 GV for the month, and keep a PV of 90.
  • Legend – To achieve this rank, you must produce 250,000 GV per month, maintain 90 PV, and keep three affiliates who each produce 90 PV each month.
  • Icon – You must produce 500,000 GV at this level, keep 90 PV constant, and keep three affiliates with 90 PV constant.
  • Mogul – You must produce 1,000,000 GV, keep 90 PV, and keep three affiliates with 90 PV each month to reach this level.

Fast Money

When a favored client or downline affiliate places their first order, you receive a Fast Money commission based on the sales volume achieved by that order.

The Fast Money commission is distributed using uni-level compensation.

A uni-level team is organized in this way, with an affiliate at the top and each affiliate who was individually recruited directly behind them.

They are added to your uni-level team’s level 2 affiliate team if a level 1 affiliate brings on additional affiliates.

When a level 2 affiliate brings on new affiliates, that affiliate is promoted to level 3 of your team, and so on.

  • Rockstars – on level 1 affiliates, you will receive 30%. Referring to their individually suggested preferred clients and affiliates who were directly recruited is level one.
  • Gold rank – gets you 35% at level 1 and 10% at level 2.
  • Platinum rank – gains you 50% at level 1, 10% at level 2, and 5% at level 3.
  • Ruby rank – you will receive 50% for the first level, 10% for the second, and 5% for levels three and four.
  • Emerald rank – 50% commissions are paid out at level 1, 10% at level 2, 5% at level 3, and 3% at level 5.
  • Sapphire rank – 50% for level 1, 10% for level 2, 5% for levels 3–4, and 3% for levels 5–6.
  • Diamond rank – gives you 50% at level 1, 10% at level 2, 5% at level 3, 3% at level 5, and 2% at level 6.
  • Black Diamond rank – receives 50% commission for level 1, 10% for level 2, 5% for levels 3–4, 3% for levels 5–6, and 2% for levels 6–7.
  • Legend rank – earns you 50% at level 1, 10% at level 2, 5% at levels 3 and 4, 3% at levels 5 and 6, 2% at levels 7 and 8, and 1% at level 9.
  • Icons and Mogul ranks – you will receive 50% for level 1, 10% for level 2, 5% for levels 3 and 4, 3% for levels 5 and 6, 2% for levels 7 and 8, and 1% for levels 9 and 10.

Residual Commissions

The residual commissions are paid via a binary compensation stucture, which often places an affiliate at the head of a binary team before it divides into two sides (left and right legs).

The binary team’s initial level is made up of two individuals. The division of these first two slots into two additional positions each yields the second level (4 positions).

Every level after that has twice as many positions as the level before it, and so on.

Preferred customer and downline affiliate orders are subject to residual commissions.

Every month, Arieyl adds up the new sales volume on both legs of the binary team and gives you a residual fee in the form of a percentage of the volume produced on their weaker leg.

You must fulfill a few conditions to receive the residual commissions, which are as follows:

  1. You must produce and keep up 35 PV every month if you are in the rockstar category. That figure rises to 90 PV per month if you have gold or higher status;
  2. In each of the two binary team legs, you must generate at least 90 GV from affiliates you recruited.
  3. Each of your binary team legs must produce at least 300 GV.

The commissions are paid out as follows:

  • Rockstar – You will get 10% capped at $1000.
  • Gold – You will get 12% capped at $1500.
  • Platinum – You will earn 15% capped at $2500.
  • Ruby – You will earn 15%, capped at $5000.
  • Emerald – You will earn 15%, capped at $10,000.
  • Sapphire – You will earn 15%, capped at $25,000.
  • Diamond – You will earn 15%, capped at $50,000.
  • Black Diamond – You will earn 15%, capped at $100,000.
  • Legend – You will earn 15%, capped at $250,000.
  • Icon rank – you are 17% capped at $500,000.
  • Mogul rank – you 20% capped at $1,000,000.

The volume is flushed and matched against the more powerful binary team side.

On the side of the stronger binary team, the remaining volume is carried over.

Check Match Bonus

On the residual commissions that your downline team members earn, you will receive a check match bonus.

The same uni-level compensation structure that is used to pay commissions for the Fast Money program is used to pay this bonus.

  • Rockstar – earns you a 20% match on level 1. Level 1 comprises personally recruited affiliates.
  • Gold – earns you a 25% match for level 1 and 20% for level 2
  • Platinum – earns you a 30% match for level 1, 20% for level 2,, and 10% for level 3
  • Ruby – earns you a 30% match for level 1, 20% for level 2, 10% for level 3,, and 5% for level 4
  • Emerald – earns you a 30% match for level 1, 20% for level 2, 10% for level 3, 5% for level 4 and 3% for level 5
  • Sapphire – earns you a 30% match for level 1, 20% for level 2, 10% for level 3, 5% for level 4,, and 3% for levels 5 and 6
  • Diamond – earns you a 30% match for level 1, 20% for level 2, 10% for level 3, 5% for level 4, 3% for levels 5 and 6 and 2% for level 7
  • Black Diamond – earns you a 35% match for level 1, 20% for level 2, 10% for level 3, 5% for level 4, 3% for levels 5 and 6, and 2% for levels 7 and 8
  • Legend – earns you 35% for level 1, 20% for level 2, 10% for level 3, 5% for level 4, 3% for levels 5 and 6, 2% for levels 7 and 8 and 1% for level 9
  • Icon and Mogul – earns you 35% for level 1, 20% for level 2, 10% for level 3, 5% for level 4, 3% for levels 5 and 6, 2% for levels 7 and 8 and 1% for levels 9 and 10

Way To Slay Bonus 

You will receive the Way To Slay Bonus from Arieyl if you reach the Ruby rank within the first month.

You also receive a $500 one-time way-to-slay bonus.

Keep in mind that because it is paid out over two months, you must maintain your Ruby rank for two consecutive months.

Rank Bonuses

The following one-time rank achievement bonuses are given to you after you reach the Ruby rank or higher:

  • Ruby – you receive $500
  • Emerald – you receive $1000
  • Sapphire – you receive $2500
  • Diamond – you receive is $5000
  • Black Diamond – you receive $10,000
  • Legend – you receive $25,000
  • Icon – you receive $50,000
  • Mogul – you receive $100,000

To receive this incentive, you must maintain your rank for three months in a row.

If you drop a rank throughout the three months, the counter resets to 0 and you must begin again.

Reign And Legacy Bonuses

Following your achievement of the required rank, Arieyl will pay you the Reign Bonus for twenty months.

They pay it out as follows:

  • Ruby rank – earn $150 a month capped at $3000.
  • Emerald rank – earn $250 a month capped at $5000.
  • Sapphire rank – earn $500 a month capped at $10,000.
  • Diamond rank – earn $1000 a month capped at $20,000.
  • Black Diamond rank – earn $2500 a month capped at $40,000.
  • Legend rank – earn $5000 a month capped at $100,000.
  • Icon rank – earn $10,000 a month capped at $200,000.
  • Mogul rank – earn $20,000 a month capped at $400,000.

You have 20 months to keep the rank. Every new higher rank that is qualified for resets this period.

Other Bonuses: Loyalty Bonus

For 36 consecutive months, you must achieve the rank qualification requirements to get the Loyalty Bonus from Arieyl.

Arieyl Membership Fee

You must spend at least $25 on membership and buy something from Arieyl to join as an affiliate.

Keep in mind that your affiliate rank is impacted by the price of the items you buy.

For instance, you must spend $200 or more on Arieyl items in addition to the first $25 to obtain a gold level.

The base $25 cost must be paid before you may purchase $500 worth of Arieyl goods.

Is Arieyl A Scam?

Arieyl is not a scam. It is a legit company because you can make some money with the program.

However, despite what the advertisement claims, it’s not always simple to make money.

Building your networks requires a lot of work, and success is not assured.

This is the portion that the majority of Arieyl affiliates miss because they believe the marketing hoopla and the flattering accounts of people who reportedly made huge sums of money with the business.

Once they sign up, they soon discover that it is not as simple as it seems and that you need to be skilled at persuading people to buy the products, let alone sign up for the program as an affiliate.

It is advised that you conduct an unbiased investigation into each MLM organization before joining, as many of them have been exposed to pyramid schemes and scams.

Even though some businesses are legitimate, they will inflate the average income of their members and downplay the amount of effort required to manage the company.

You should research the typical member’s average earnings, time commitment to earning that income, and general success rate before entering that situation so that you can be prepared.

What I Liked About Arieyl

  • Marketing materials are provided
  • The compensation plan is good.
  • Products like lavender essential oil are effective.

What I Didn’t Like About Arieyl

  • There is some negative review.
  • The compensation plan is complex.
  • There are some fake testimonials.

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

You should first be aware that Arieyl is a multilevel marketing company. This implies that you shouldn’t anticipate making money without hiring.

You make more money through recruiting than through the sale of goods.

Because you must pay some money upfront for the “chance” to sell things, Arieyl may give some people the impression that it is a pyramid scheme, but it isn’t.

Pyramid schemes are forbidden.

Because affiliates profit from selling services and bringing in new customers, MLMs like Arieyl are legitimate.

One of the difficulties with Arieyl is that its compensation scheme is complicated, which makes it more difficult to explain to people while you are recruiting them.

Thanks for reading my Arieyl review. What is your opinion? Were you a part of or maybe still are a member of this business?

Feel free to leave your reviews at the end of this page!

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