Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review – Not Another Push-Button Scam!?

Welcome to my Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 review.

The creators of this software say that you can get unlimited traffic and make money in the next 44 seconds!


All you need to do is push a button and relax.

What a load of BS, guys.

But I guess that you already know that, and you want to know what’s behind that pile of BS.

You might be asking yourself, what it is then?

Well, that question’s been answered here as well.

Yes, there is a software that creates PDF reviews for you, but those reviews are not going to cut it.

And yes, you can click to get traffic, but it’s not going to work as they say either.

You have seen an extremely overhyped sales page, and probably even have read a few super-positive reviews, and maybe it’s hard to believe what I’m going to say here.

But hey, I’m just telling you what it is.

By the way, congratulations on researching before going for it.

Quick research saves you time and your hard-earned money and leads you to the best way to make money online.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into this Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 review!

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review - a Scam?


Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is a tool (software) that creates PDF reviews.

You can use those reviews to market products through social media channels.

However, I don’t recommend this product for many reasons.

The main reason is the sales page, it’s full of BS.

This won’t make you money on a push of a button nor will it work in just 44 seconds.

The sales page is highly unethical and misleading!

Secondly, the whole thing is full of aggressive upsells and in my opinion, best for the owners. I don’t see any value in this software at all.

If you are still not sure about it, make sure to read the rest of my Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 review.

But if you want to try something real that actually works, make sure to click the button below!




What is Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0?

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is a new push-button software that gets you unlimited free traffic and tons of sales in just 44 seconds or less!

It’s never seen before and is suitable for complete beginners.

Of course, it is perfect for newbies. Don’t get offended, but only beginners will fall for it.

Make money in 44 seconds! What!!!????

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Misleading Claims

Listen, I know you’re looking to make money online. And probably you’ve tried before and failed.

And now, those machines and software sound like a great deal.

I mean, all the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is sit back, have a soda, and watch the money pile up, while the software runs on autopilot and does all the work for you.

But trust me, it doesn’t.

In reality, the Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is indeed software that creates PDF reviews.

Basically, it gives you access to autogenerated review that contains your affiliate links.

I’ll explain the modus operandi in the next section of this Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 review.

But let me say first that you can’t escape work in this business.

Those things are designed to trigger your laziness and make you take an easy way (wrong way).

I’ve been there. There’s no easy way.

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How Does It Work?

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is a software that creates product reviews.

Those reviews are not classic reviews like mine, for example, or those on my YouTube channel.

In this case, they come out in PDF format.

You can take it out of the box, or you can customize it to your wishes.

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 - Customization Option

Now, each review contains your affiliate link.

And all you need to do is push a button and get traffic from 11 different social media and wait 44 seconds to bank commission.

Sweet, right?

It’s not going to happen.

Affiliate marketing works in four simple steps (simple in theory).

The first one is to have a product. And it seems how that part has been taken care off.

The second step is to build a site, funnel, or in this case, a review.

Once again, Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 takes care of those steps as well.

Now, here comes the trouble.

Why This Won’t Work As Promised

The third step is all about getting some eyeballs in front of your reviews.

The key to success in affiliate marketing hides in traffic. The more you get it, the more money you make.

It’s a simple formula, wouldn’t you agree?

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 gets you unlimited traffic from social media on a push of a button.

But how exactly does it work?

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 - Social Sharing Option

Here’s the thing. It’s a sort of a plug-in for sharing content, just like those on the left of your screen.

All you have to do is push it, and my review is viral.

But the problem is, if you don’t have a substantial social media following on those 11 channels, you can’t expect to make this thing work for you.

It’s simply impossible to make money without an audience.

Now here comes another problem.

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is just a software that creates reviews and helps you to avoid copy-pasting when sharing them on social media.

And that’s all you get.

In other words, they don’t teach you anything else inside except how to use this tool.

If you fail to get traffic, which is more than likely with this thing, they don’t have the training to show you advanced techniques such as SEO.

AAM 2.0 is, in my opinion, a tool that creates generic reviews not worth time or money.

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Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Price & Upsells

Now, I want you to remember the sales page and all that BS about making tons of cash in 44 seconds.

Did you? Ok, now here is why you’ve been feed with all that BS.

I guess that you already know this, but I’ll paint you a picture anyway.

Once you get hypnotized by the sales page, you’ll enter a sales funnel.

The front end price of Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is only $22. It’s a cheap product, and it makes money in 44 seconds, so what’s there to think, right?

Now, once you click that button, you’ll be redirected to WarriorPlus sales page where you can pay the price.

From that moment on, you’re lead on a rollercoaster of upsells. Brace yourself!

  • Elite Edition $27 – unlock unlimited traffic campaigns, two more traffic sources, 16 videos, and 100x your traffic and sales.
  • Automation Edition $37 – unlock 20 additional accounts as well as the instructions on how you can automate the entire Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 software.
  • Done-For-You Setup Edition $297 – In their own words: “we set up a proven sales funnel for you so can you build a list and start making consistent sales online.”
  • Done-For-You Traffic $197 – In their own words: “we set up you with done for you traffic where you can tap into actual buyer traffic for pennies on the dime.”

Each new page contains another sale video where they say how you must take it, or you’ll regret it.

They give you tons of bonuses and other stuff just to sell you this piece of software.

Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 - Upsell Page

Now, ask yourself these questions.

Why would you buy an upgrade to 100x your traffic when you’re already buying software that gets you UNLIMITED FREE traffic?

Here’s another one!

Why do they sell an upgrade where they offer to drive traffic for you when the software drives UNLIMITED FREE traffic on a push of a button?

I mean, it takes 44 seconds after you push it to see the money, so what’s the deal?

Is it me? Or this whole thing is designed to drain your wallet?

It looks to me like Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is just another overhyped software that performs some simple tricks that no one buys anymore.

This is, in my opinion, the best for the owners who bank commissions by BS-ing people.




What I Like About This

The story about making money on a push of a button and in 44 seconds was enough for me.

But for the sake of this Auto Affiliate Machines 2.0 review, I went in to see what’s the deal.

I came back with only one good impression about this offer.

Money-Back Guarantee

The creators give an unconditional money-back guarantee, even on upsells.

So if you don’t make any money after 44 seconds, my suggestion is to use it.

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What I Don’t Like About AAM 2.0

As I said earlier, I didn’t like this thing from the moment I landed on the sales page.

And once I got in, the things were looking worse and worse.

In my opinion, Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is very close to being called a scam. But more about that in the next section.

Traffic and Commissions in 44 Seconds

According to the sales page, it takes simple three steps to make this thing work. All you need to do is buy the software. The second step is to activate it on a push of a button.

Lastly, you have to sit back and enjoy the boatloads of free traffic and hands-free commissions.

This is a lie, first and foremost! Secondly, it’s a clear red flag that shows that Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 could be a scam.

I mean, traffic is 44 seconds!? WTF!?

No Training On Affiliate Marketing

Once you get inside, you won’t get any sort of education on creating helpful reviews or anything related to affiliate marketing.

All you get are a few training videos where they show how to use the tool.

Basically, that’s what Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is really, a tool.

They won’t show you the skills that you need to create a review (the real one, not PDF generic crap) and to help people to make an informed decision.

They won’t even teach you how to do simple and basic tasks such as creating a WordPress site or anything like that.

Aggressive and Hidden Upsells

But they will upsell you on every occasion they get. I hated to see so many upsells as soon as I purchased Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0.

It was clear to me right away.

This offer is designed to make money off you, not to help you to make money.

Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying that AAM 2.0 does not work. I just say what I saw.

Why would I need traffic upgrade when it works on free traffic on a push of a button?

The whole thing is deceptive, and I didn’t like it at all.

No User Testimonials (Real Ones, Not Fake)

WarriorPlus vendors write those two testimonials that you might have seen on the sales page (read friends of owners) and therefore, are not trustworthy.

What I want to say is, I don’t like the fact that such a super-cool software for making money online does not have more testimonials from other people.

I mean, if it works, as they say, there should be more positive voices, don’t you agree?



Auto Affiliate Machine Review – Conclusion

Technically speaking, Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 is not a scam. It’s a legit thing.

Shocked? Yeah, I know. I’ve said a lot of bad things about it, and now I say that it’s not a scam.

The truth is, it’s an unethical and highly misleading offer. You can call it a scam if you wish.

You wouldn’t be wrong if you do really.

But if you ever buy this little tool, you’re going to get a software that creates PDF reviews and shares them on social media.

It’s not even close to what’s been said on the sales page, but it works (almost) as they say.

Although I found it to be worthless, it’s still a legitimate thing.

I don’t recommend AAM 2.0.

In my opinion, this software is a massive waste of time and money.

This is not a proper way to create reviews and market products via social media.

Worst of all, the owners have been lying to you all the time just to make money from sales.

Those stories about making fast cash with little to no work are bedtime stories. That’s all.

There’s no such thing as money on a push of a button.

My best advice is to go around this one.

Thanks for reading my Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 review. I hope this article was useful to you.

Let me show you how to really make money online!

This platform is proven by thousands of marketers all over the world, including me, and it’s suitable for beginners and advanced marketers.

Make sure to check it out today!




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And make sure to share this post with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

8 thoughts on “Auto Affiliate Machine 2.0 Review – Not Another Push-Button Scam!?”

  1. Hi There Ivan,

    Sounds like yet another worn out fairy story scenario, attempting to dupe those who are new to the working from home arena – thanks for highlighting this junky and tossed off bag of crap.

    See You Around – SIMON

    • Hi Simon, yup, it’s another overhyped fairytale software that crates cash out of thin air. Good to see you researching. Thanks for leaving your comment. See you around.


  2. Hey, Ivan! Thanks for writing this review and warning us of this. It’s amazing how companies think they can get away with promising amazing results with minimal work. I am all for a passive income, but to expect it to be automatic in under a minute is ridiculous. Unfortunately, they think they can get away with it because I suppose a lot of people fall for it. Thank you for taking the time to write this and keep people from making a mistake!

    • Hi Steve, I’m on the same page as you. I like the idea of passive income and I know that it is more than possible to achieve the same on the internet. But programs like Auto Affiliate Machine make the internet business look like an ATM, which is far away from reality. Those promises are unrealistic and the whole product is not worth it, in my opinion. Let me know if I can help.


  3. Hey Ivan, how goes the battle man. Another great review that weeds through all of the hype. Keep doing what you are doing man. It blows my mind that companies continue to try to dupe people with these get rich quick schemes. I guess when you are new to IM it is easy to fall for the no work big return schemes. Also really dig the program you recommend, I have heard great things about it. Cheers man.

    • Hi Robb, I’m still rolling, thanks for asking. Well, I guess we were all gullible newbies at one point. That’s why products like Auto Affiliate Machine will always have a steady stream of customers, unfortunately. Those promises are ridiculous, at least. I wouldn’t call it a complete scam, but it’s close. In any case, not recommended program.


  4. Another dishonest scheme exposed! Thanks for this enlightening article! I wonder how many people fall for this stuff?


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