Automatic Clients Review – Is This A Legit Automated Program Or A Scam?

Hi, and welcome to my Automatic Clients review.

There are so many automated programs that they claim that you can earn big money by using their automated system.

However, not all automated systems are legit, as some make you believe that you can earn money by using it, but in the end, it doesn’t work.

So is Automatic Clients legit or one of those scam programs.

Let’s find out!

Throughout my Automatic Clients review, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

Also, in this review, we will try to answer all your questions. It should give you a clear understanding of Automatic Clients and see if it is worth buying.

Automatic Clients Review


Automatic Clients – Overview

  • Product Type: Automatic Clients
  • Owner: Robert Neckelius
  • Price: $27
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Automatic Clients is all about turning a small ticket into a high ticket one.

In this program, the book is over 300 pages, and you’ll get some video training as well.

However, there are many upsells in this program that you may or may not want.


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What Is Automatic Clients?

Automatic Clients is a program that says it will teach you how to make money online.

Robert Neckelius is the owner of this program, and he claims to help you turn a low price ebook sales into thousand+ sales.

The idea is to sell cheap ebooks to capture prospects and convert them into customers, paying you a big amount of money.

This kind of strategy is not new to the online world, as many online marketers do this to sell their courses.

It works by creating an email list and then upselling them with high ticket products in the sales funnel.

It is easier to sell something to someone who has already bought something from you.

This is the strategy that Robert Neckelius implemented.

Once you buy the program, Robert will upsell with a lot of expensive products.

Inside the program, you are going to watch a sales video to access their ebook.

The reason why you have to watch that video is that they are getting your account ready. So that is why you need to that video until the account is finished.

After that, they want you to watch another upsell video called Rapid Launch Stack that costs $197, and with this, you get access to the sales to funnel that Robert uses.

He claims that this upsell is a one-time deal, but you won’t find Rapid Launch Stack when you search the product on Google.

That is why you should be careful about what you buy to avoid wasting a lot of money.

Internet marketers are familiar with this kind of upsells, and that is what you will learn in Automatic Clients.

Now you think the upsells stop there, well think again because there are more upsell.

Robert will offer you a mentoring program that costs a lot of money, like more than a thousand dollars.

Now, let me show you what you will get when you buy the Automatic Clients.

Who Is Robert Neckelius?

Automatic Clients Review Owner

Robert Neckelius is the owner and the creator of Automatic Clients.

Upon my research, Robert started his online journey in 2012, and the 5 years he had set had achieved his goals.

Robert also has a YouTube channel named Robert Neckelius, and there you will see that he has 1.92K subscribers at the time of this review.

However, I don’t think that he is very active on his Youtube channel, and if you look at his channel, there are only 4 videos, and his latest video was 11 days ago, and the rest was 3 or 4 years old ago.

Because of this, I will make you think if Rober is a successful person or not.

However, as you already know, Robert started his online journey in 2012, which means he knows what he’s doing.

If you look at the design of his website, it is very professional, which shows that he knows a lot about online marketing.

Now, let’s look at how Automatic Clients work and what you will get from this program once you purchase it.

How Does Automatic Clients Work?

The program is split into 2 sections the acquisition phase and profit phase.

Acquisition Phase

This section is trying to take the respective customer information, also known as your subscriber.

Also, in this section, they offer you an ebook for a small fee.

Once you have purchased the product, they will offer you a product or upsell that costs $197.

If you didn’t like the product and you declined it, they will offer you another one, but it is still the same product but cheaper.

The process of both products is the same there the main goal is to capture your customer’s information.

Profit Phase

Here is where you hope that you will make the big bucks.

The idea is to get an agreement going with your subscribers to get a good feeling about you.

You need to make your subscribers trust you, and this takes time.

Building trust with your subscribers is not that easy because you have to convince them that you are a trustworthy person.

So don’t expect quick results from this section because it is not that easy.

If you watch the sales presentation, you will hear Robert talking about “bombarding” his subscribers, which means he will be spamming offers all the time.

If you look at the picture, it suggests getting their subscribers to hand over anywhere from a few thousand up to $25k.

Will this kind of concept work? Maybe but I don’t think so.

Maybe this is why he has increased the program’s value from $5 to $27.

Inside Automatic Clients eBook

Automatic Clients is a lot longer than you expected because it is over 300 pages long.

The book is broken down into 3 parts, and here’s a summary for each part:


Here, you will learn the basic concepts and principles you need to succeed with the book.

There are a total of 12 foundations chapters in this section, and here are the following:

  • The ascension framework
  • Transition periods
  • How people get famous
  • Content product vs. consumption
  • 3 levels of customers
  • Marketing vs. problem solving
  • Conversion velocity
  • A mobile-first world
  • Complex copywriting simplified
  • Compete on economics, not marketing
  • Dominating ad networks
  • Critical conversion theories

If some of you want to succeed with internet marketing, you will benefit from this section.


In this section, Robert will teach you how to make money.

He will show you how to sell cheap books and courses so that you can convert them into high-paying sales.

Here there are a total of 10 implementation chapters in this section, and here are the following:

  • The ECA method (economics, components, and assembly)
  • The Automatic Clients formula
  • Create your sales funnel and products
  • Launch checklist
  • Plan your high ticket products
  • Value bombs and the awareness bridge
  • Closing $5,000 to $10,000 deals
  • Systemic scaling
  • Creating vs. running offers
  • Removing constraints of growth

Bonus Chapters

There are 7 bonus chapters, and those are:

  • Becoming a grandmaster
  • Make a decision
  • Good enough is perfect
  • Facebook script
  • Our best $200,000 ad
  • Get unstuck: the one item todo list
  • Tech stack

Automatic Clients also includes 7 video courses, and each of them spans 90 minutes long.

The video course is a supplement to the ebook and covers the same material.

Here’s a quick look at each section:

  • 7 figure math and AC formula
  • Your market, superpower, and disruptive idea
  • Your acquisition offer
  • The awareness bridge and your profit center
  • Getting your first 1,000 customers
  • Getting your first 10 high ticket clients
  • Scaling and optimizing your offer

How Much Does Automatic Clients Cost?

Automatic Clients Review Price

Automatic Clients costs $27.

As you can see, it is not that expensive, but that is just a front-end price because once you are inside this program, they will upsell you with a lot of expensive products.

The upsell products cost thousands of dollars which I don’t recommend you buy it.

The price of Automatic Clients is affordable, but buying those upsell products, I don’t think so.

The good thing, though, is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, unlike other programs out there that are cheap don’t offer a refund.

Is Automatic Clients Worth It?

To e honest with you, the program is cheap, that’s for sure, and anyone can afford it.

However, the upsell they offer is the downside of this program because it is very expensive.

Yes, you will get a 340-page ebook, spreadsheet, a 7-day fast-track video course, plus their best sales campaign, and you will also get access to their private Facebook group.

But again, the upsells are the problem here as it costs thousands of dollars, and not everyone can afford that price.

Is Automatic Clients a Scam?

I can’t say if Automatic Clients is a scam or not, but one thing I am sure that I don’t recommend this one to you.

As you can see, the program might be cheap but the upsells is the reason why I don’t recommend it.

In my years doing a review, I have seen a lot of this kind of strategy where they show you how cheap the program is, but once you are inside, they will hit you with upsells and work on a percentage.

Also, the way Automatic Clients work is through paid ads that most of you know can be very costly.

That is why they didn’t show you how much this program will cost you because they don’t want to scare you away.

As for this course it doesn’t cover free traffic strategies, which we use, which means that we are saving a lot of money.

Another question is, is Robert Neckelius legit?

To be honest, we can’t say that’s because of the lack of information that we get.

Vendors like Robert often brought on previous products, but it looks like Automatic Clients is the first product he bought on the market.

There is a lot of work gone into this product which doesn’t come cheap, but whether he has been successful with this program or not, we can’t tell.

What we liked about Automatic Clients

  • The price is affordable
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Robert Neckelius is a real person

What we don’t like about Automatic Clients

  • Hidden costs
  • Upsells that will cost you more than a thousand dollars
  • Some information that you will get in this program can be found on YouTube for free

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Now you know what Automatic Clients is and why I don’t recommend this program to you.

Automatic Clients is not a new system as the way it works and the method they use it has been around for many years.

Yes, you may get some benefit from the ebook alone, but not showing you how much it costs is quite disappointing.

There are a lot of programs out there that teach you the same way like and they are much cheaper and not just that there are some programs out there that will give it to you for free.

However, you have to be careful what program you join or buy because not all of them are legit.

So always do your research like what you did right now to know what kind of program it is and see if it is worth spending.

Again I don’t recommend this program to you because it is very expensive.

I’d rather want you to find a better alternative than spending money on those upsells and other costs that you have to spend on this program.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Automatic Clients review.

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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