Automatic Home Websites Review – Is It A SCAM?

Welcome to my Automatic Home Websites review.

A woman named Pam claims that she has a completely automated system that works on a push of a button and will make you money on autopilot. Seems like a sweet deal, right?

But is this legitimate thing? Is Automatic Home Websites a scam?

Could these sites earn you any income? Is Pam even a real person?

I’m glad you asked. In this Automatic Home Websites review, I’m going to show you what this offer is about, how it works, and more. But most importantly, I’m going to show you that Automatic Home Websites is a scam.

Automatic Home Websites Review - Scam Or Legit?


Automatic Home Websites Review – Overview

  • Product Name: Automatic Home Websites
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Pam (fake name!)
  • Price: $47+ Upsells
  • Rating: 1/5
  • Recommended: NO!

Quick Summary: Automatic Home Websites is a rehashed version of a get-rich-quick scam that has been circling the internet for a quite some time. It’s designed to make you believe that you’ll make money instantly and by clicking your mouse a few times.

However, the main idea behind those fake claims is to convince you to pay $47 to get access to a set of videos where you’ll be shown how to spend more money on marketing tools and resources.

In my opinion, Automatic Home Websites is a scam! It’s best of Pam, or whoever hides behind fake names and clones websites.

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What Is Automatic Home Websites?

Automatic Home Websites is an opportunity to earn a life-changing income online. The offer has been created by a woman named Pam, who claims that she has automated the entire process for you.

According to the sales presentation, Pam has helped a ton of people so far with her revolutionary system for making money online. Allegedly, the system works on a push of a button and is 100% done-for-you.

Moreover, Pam has even created a live account with which she shows you how this system magically makes money. By the end of the presentation, the account has gone from zero to a few $100’s and all she had to do is click her mouse a few times.

Automatic Home Websites Scam

Pam claims that anyone can do this. It doesn’t matter if you have tried and failed so far. Her system is perfect for newbies because everything is automated, hence the name, Automatic Home Websites.

However, since Pam does not reveal what this system is really about, there is very little ground for her cute story. See, she doesn’t tell you how you’ll be able to earn this money, which is the first of many scam signs.

I was watching the video diligently to catch at least a glimpse of the power behind Pam’s system. However, she didn’t mention anything about what you’ll be doing to make this money, except pushing a few buttons.

My guess would be affiliate marketing, but there is very little evidence for this.

See, the only thing she wants you to do is to pay $47 to join this magical system. But why should you pay $47 to an unknown person on the internet just because she claims that you will get rich quickly?

By the definition, a get-rich-quick scam deceives people with shiny promises about earning tons of cash and asks for money first and then gives access to the system second.

A legitimate program always gives either a free trial or reveals all the details about the program before asking you to pay any money.

That said, I’m pretty sure that Automatic Home Websites is a scam. Moreover, I’ve seen this scam going around the net for years. They just change the name from time to time to make it appear different.

For example, you can take a look at Income Sites Online, Fast Home Sites, Five Minute Profit Sites, Quick Home Websites, Private Cash Sites and more!

All these websites are copy-pasted version of Automatic Home Websites scam. They simply change the name of the creator, who is always a fake person. They show fake testimonials and fake income proof for the sole purpose of getting you to sign up.

In the next section of my Automatic Home Websites, I’ll show you in more detail how these scams usually work.

How Does Automatic Home Websites Work?

Automatic Home Websites is supposed to work on a push of a button or a few click of the mouse. Those are the exact words that Pam used during the sales pitch.

Moreover, she said that everything inside is 100% done-for-you and ready to help you to make hundreds and thousands of dollars just by pressing a few buttons here and there.

And she even created a live account to demonstrate how easy this system is.

Your Live Account

Sounds like a scam, doesn’t it?

See, this is not going to work as Pam told you it will.

Just like in all those other examples from the above, you’ll get a set of DFY website templates that could be used to promote products with affiliate marketing.

The main idea behind the Automatic Home Websites scam is to get you inside so that the unknow owner could make some more money off you.

See, you’ll also get access to a few “training videos” where some person is going to show you how to purchase various tools, hosting, autoresponder and everything else that you need to make these sites functional.

And of course, each link inside Automatic Home Websites is an affiliate link. This means that the unknown person behind this program is using you to make commissions online.

Now, on the bright side, if you follow all these instructions, you’ll have an affiliate marketing business set up and ready for traffic and sales.

However, this is where Automatic Home Websites fails to deliver.

To make money online, you need to have a product, build a website, and get traffic. Automatic Home Websites will provide you with the first two keys. But they will not show you how to get traffic.

Without any traffic, you won’t be able to make any money!

All in all, you’ll be left with a half-baked business in your hand, and your bank account will be lighter for a few $100’s.

On the bright side, if you do manage to get some traffic to these sites, you could, in theory, earn some commissions. But don’t hold your breath.

See, Automatic Home Websites is a scam that tricks people into spending money on tools and resources for starting an affiliate marketing business, that’s all.




What I Like About Automatic Home Websites

Hmmm…let me see. Well, I don’t like a single thing about Automatic Home Websites. I’ve seen this scam going around in circles and it’s just a matter of time before it changes the name again.

The main idea behind this scheme is to fire you up to grab some secret money-making system that works on a few pushes of a button. Then, once you’re inside, they will use the opportunity to earn even more money off you.

In the end, you’ll probably buy all those tools because you trusted them. However, you’ll probably not going to make any money with Automatic Home Websites because they will not teach you traffic generation.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model. But these scams are really giving it a bad name.

Automatic Home Websites Scam Signs

Before I give my final verdict whether Automatic Home Websites is a scam or not and whether I recommend it or not, let me show you a few scam signs which reveal a highly unethical funnel.

Live Account Is Fake

I have mentioned a live account at the top of this Automatic Home Websites review. However, I haven’t told you that the account is 100% fake! It’s just one of many tricks this scam is using to sign you up.

If you ever join this scam, you’ll find out that there was on account at all. It’s just an illusion.

Testimonials Are Fake Too

Another thing that is designed to push all the right buttons are testimonials Pam shows you at the beginning of the sales pitch. She shows you a set of random, and pretty lame, testimonials by previous users of Automatic Home Websites.

Automatic Home Websites Fake Testimonials

But just like all the other things related to this funnel, those testimonials are probably fake too. I mean, how come they can’t get at least two people in front of the camera?

Pam Is Not A Real Person

We cannot be really sure whether Pam is a real person or just a fake character. She does not share any details about her self except her name. There is no about me page, no social media accounts. Nothing!

This is already a third sign that Automatic Home Websites is a scam!

If Pam is not willing to disclose more info about herself and show you at least her email address, then there’s nothing else left to think except that Pam is not even a real person.

Sales Pitch Is Full Of Get-Rich-Quick BS

During the Automatic Home Websites sales pitch, Pam shows you a proof of payment to some guy named Todd. She also talks about this opportunity as if it’s some magic system that will make you too rich overnight just as it have made Todd and others.

Automatic Home Websites Get-Rich-Quick BS

Not only that this could make you a pile of cash, but you can also make it without having to do anything. Oh yes, you’ll have to click your mouse a few times according to Pam and the money will start rolling into your account.

Let’s be real. All these claims are clearly fake get-rich-quick BS designed to get you to sign up. None of them is real!

Automatic Home Website Hidden Costs

The sole purpose of all those overhyped claims, fake names and accounts, is to get you to pay $47 to get access to your account and the DFY system. But that’s not the only agenda of this scam.

Once you’re inside of Automatic Home Websites, you’ll be asked to buy tons of tools such as funnel builder, expensive hosting, autoresponder, and more!

Clone Scams Are Everywhere!

And lastly, Automatic Home Websites is just one out of many scams that are using the same tricks to sign you up. You can take a look at a few examples below to see what I mean.

Can you see what I’m seeing? They are just a bunch of clone sites that someone is creating to earn money by promoting products using affiliate marketing.

Is Automatic Home Websites a Scam?

Now, the final question in this review. Is Automatic Home Websites a scam or legit? My answer is, yes, Automatic Home Websites is a scam that you should avoid like a plague.

The whole scheme sounds too good to be true right from the start. You’ve been told that you’ll get access to a live account that has magically made $100’s while you was watching the presentation.

Moreover, you’ve been told that the whole thing is DFY. All you have to do is click your mouse to activate a life-changing income online. But they didn’t tell you that you’ll have to spend tons of cash on this system to put it together.

On top of that, they never told you what it is really about!

All that you’ve been told is that this system is going to make you tons of cash on a push of a button.

How would you call it after seeing all these red flags? Would you say that Automatic Home Websites is a scam or legit? To me, the answer is obvious.

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business?

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14 thoughts on “Automatic Home Websites Review – Is It A SCAM?”

  1. Thanks for this post. Any get-rich-quick or make-money-overnight claim is a scam. I used to fall for these things when I was a newbie. No one ever made money overnight. It takes work. People get sucked in because these ads speak to people’s laziness and desire for instant gratification. I’m so glad your review is honest. You’re saving a lot of people disappointment and heartache.

    • Hi Shalisha Alston, thanks for your comment. I’m sure we all have fallen for those scams when we were getting started. But at least we learned that Automatic Home Websites and others alike are a scam, right?


  2. Hi Ivan, there are really a lot of online scams out there and normally when something feels to good to be true, it usually is! Unfortunate a lot of people already fell for this site or all the others that you have shown. I’ve seen a few of these get rich quick scams over the years, they like to promise you the world and at the end of the webinar you have to pay for something they told you would be free…

    You have convinced me that this is a scam and it’s a good argument that Pam can’t get at least one person in front of the camera to confirm the review.

    Does anything happen to these people, or do they just go on and on scamming people without any repercussions?

    Thank you for the in detailed review, Ivan. It really shows what to look out for to not get scammed.

    • Hi Cornelia, thanks for your comment. Well, first of all, Pam is probably not who she claims to be. It could be any person from anywhere in the world using this name to cover up his or her identity. I’ve seen this 100’s of times while reviewing online scams like Automatic Home Websites. That said, it’s highly unlikely that we will ever know who the person behind it is. Therefore, I doubt that anything will happen to him or her for creating offers like this.


  3. Hello Ivan, Thank you for such an honest candid review. So many people are looking for a solution to their financial problems these days. Desperation can cause people to join a program hoping it is the answer to their prayers only to find out they have been scammed. I appreciate reviews like yours to help the thousands of people looking for online at home income. I have to say your recommendation looks honest and hopeful! So with your recommendation I can create my own website and learn how to generate income? What do you feel is a reasonable time to start making money? I realize get rich quick programs don’t work. I’m fully open to putting the time and effort in to something that really works.
    Thanks again for a great review!

    • Hi Jamie, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, there will always be scams like Automatic Home Websites that are designed to take advantage of newbies and people in a desperate financial situation.

      Yes, with my recommendation, you can create your own website and learn how to generate passive income online with affiliate marketing. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It would take about 3-6 months of hard work to start generating income. For some people, it takes a few months, and for some others, it may take a year or longer. The system works, but it requires a lot of work and effort.


  4. Hi Ivan,
    I agree with you that this is another online scam. I guess that the $47 goes directly into Pam’s pockets. I didn’t know that most scams cost $47—very interesting comment by Partha.
    I love how you have set up your review, with the product overview close to the beginning. I want to do something similar with my reviews.

    • Hi Jeannette, thanks for your comment. Partha is right, a lot of these ClickBank scams cost $47 or between $10 and $50. It could be that there’s one person behind them all so the pattern keeps repeating over and over.


  5. Rule number 1: If a system claims to have everything done for you, you should probably stay away from it cause there’s a huge chance that it’s a scam.

    I’ve fallen for a couple of similar scams in the past and thankfully learned my lesson to always do my research prior to buying.

    I can’t quite remember what the name of the DFY system was, but I think it was called Site Sniper or something like that.

    It seemed too good to be true at first, and plus I was so hyped at the time thinking that I would make $1000 by the end of the next day, but my ooooh my, was I wrong.

    Anyhow, thanks for crafting such an amazing review, Ivan. I highly appreciate it.

    It’s good to see that there are still people who don’t hold back on the truth. One of few.

    • Hi Gorjan, thanks for sharing your comment on my review. I agree with you and your rules. Everything that comes in DFY format is not 100% legitimate. I’ve actually reviewed the Site Sniper program that you’re talking about and can confirm it is a scam.

      Just like Automatic Home Websites, it promises 1000’s of dollars on a push of a button and a DFY system that does not require any work at all. Those are popular tricks scams use to make you believe that you+re getting something “out of this world” but all you’re getting really is an empty bank account and a bag full of empty promises.


  6. Hi Ivan,

    I’m totally with you in terms of Automatic Home Websites being a scam, but it was actually something totally unfounded and weird that led me to this conclusion (before I read your review that is).

    I recall when I first started online I began to notice that certain programs (that typically didn’t work) seemed to all have the same price tag, and guess what, it was $47.

    Now I’m obviously not saying that everything priced at exactly $47 is a scam, but I just happened to purchase 5 or 6 programs at this price (back in 2009) that all turned out be complete fluff.

    Automatic Home Websites actually takes me on a trip down memory lane, as everything about it reminds of those scams from many years ago.

    I’m talking about the “mystery” creator, the push button system, DFY, wild income claims, “watch me press a few buttons and earn hundreds of $$$”, etc.

    It’s just all too overhyped and full of BS as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m pleased that I did go the whole way through your review, as I’ve learned to trust your opinion, and it seems we’re in perfect agreement.


    • Hi Partha, thanks for sharing your comment on my review. Yes, indeed. Automatic Home Websites is a scam. As you have noticed, this is a part of probably a network of scams that all cost $47. I’ve left you a few examples in this review.

      As you can see, it’s always the same story. They use fake names, push-button system, fake testimonials and other such BS to get you to sign up. But eventually, you’ll see that the whole story was nothing but a bunch of lies designed to get you inside.


  7. Hi Ivan,

    I believe we have enough of get-rich-quick schemes on the internet that only look for your pocket instead of really helping you make money online with a legitimate business model.

    I personally don’t buy any programs that claim you can make money online starting today with a few clicks because I know things won’t go in that direction. How come Pam’s program doesn’t tell us how it works or the process behind it? Which makes it super skeptical, so I won’t step further to join it.

    Thanks for spotting another seemingly good program today, which makes my hard-earned cash safe again.


    • Hi Matt Lin, thanks for sharing your comment on my review of Automatic Home Websites. I agree with you. We have too much of these scams all over the internet.

      I’m sure that Pam does not want to disclose how this program works because if she does, she would have to change every single word from the sales pitch. This way, she is BS-ing you about making money in just a few clicks, and then gives you the real deal once you join inside.

      In any case, I strongly suggest keeping your distance from programs and scams that promise fast earnings such as Automatic Home Websites. There’s no such thing as getting rich overnight.



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