5 Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses For Beginners

I’ve spent a lot of cash to find the best affiliate marketing training course so you don’t have to. My mission is to help you discover which affiliate marketing training course is the most suitable for beginners as well as more advanced marketers. 

#1 Wealthy Affiliate

#2 Savage Affiliates

#3 Chris Farrell Membership

#4 Commission Hero

#5 Super Affiliate System


8 thoughts on “5 Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses For Beginners”

  1. “Make money fast”, “Live jet-set life”. There are so many “make money online” opportunities making promises like that. Most of them are scams, because you can´t really make money fast without hard work. I was also a victim of a similar scam once, I only lost about $50, but I got suspicious. Just like you, I was still suspicious when I found Wealthy Affiliate. It turned out to be a real deal, so I can confirm what you said. I had zero experience with making a website, but the instructions on WA were clear enough, so that even I was able to set up my own website. In WA you get what you pay for, which ca n´t be said about many other affiliate marketing online courses.

    • Hi Kristi, no you can’t, I agree. Success and money don’t go in the same sentence wiht quick and easy. That’s what I like to say. 🙂 I hope you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate then. You made a good choice, I’m happy to hear that you’re progresing.


  2. Hi Ivan,
    Great article and very well said. i, too was burned by John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System and was also finding most of it on YouTube for free. After 3 months and wasted $$$ I started my search all over again. Only to be burned a few more times.That’s the thing with affiliate marketing, we’re suppose to promote crap like that to make money.
    Absolutely Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go to build a substantial long term income. Thanks for your reviews!

    Much success to you!

  3. You started this post in a great manner, my dad’s a farmer and I’ve been to many farmer’s markets, madness! I hadn’t heard of the first two affiliate courses, thank you for giving an honest review of both. The price of both seem to be astronomical compared to Wealthy Affiliate! You’ve also given WA an honest review despite it obviously being the best option of the three, great stuff! The price at WA definitely looks worth it for what you get, don’t you think? How long did you try the other affiliate training for?

    • Hi Nick, yeah, farmer’s markets tend to be crazy 🙂 and the same is when you Google for the best affiliate marketing training course.

      I’m happy to share my experience with Internet JetSet (Super Affiliate System) and Affilorama. I’ve been trying to learn from SAS for about three months, and it was going well. After learning the basics such as how to build a website and write content I’ve felt there a huge gap. They’ve jumped from basic stuff to some advanced marketing. I was supposed to purchase an advanced course to get the full info. With Affilorama, I haven’t stayed too long. At least they were honest with the price immediately. I was watching free lessons for about a month, and then I’ve left to search for some more.

      Now, here I am with Wealthy Affiliate Premium and I’m more than happy to learn and earn here. $50 per month is nothing compared to what you get in return. I spend more on coffee each month. However, the point is not in price in my mind. It’s about the service. I don’t like to be cheated; no one does. That is the point with Wealthy Affiliate, transparency. They teach they don’t deceive.

      Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training course online for many obvious reasons. Plus it’s free to try it out. I’m glad you liked my recommendation!

      All the best,

  4. Quite frankly, I couldn’t agree more.
    Your list of the best affiliate marketing courses is right on point.
    I’ve been reading a lot about most of them.
    John Cresanti is kind of a big deal online, people seem to enjoy his training.
    Then again, Wealthy Affiliate deserves the most attention.
    I’m so grateful for this platform, can’t imagine having my business at the level it is currently without it.
    Great job, keep going the same way.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Boby, thank you for your comment.

      Well, Crestani is a big deal in ‘make money fast’ niche. I can’t disagree that he knows his stuff.

      On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate is the only one that has a focus on creating a long term success which will eventually breed more financial success compared to Creatni’s get rich quick methods.

      I am happy to hear that you have chosen to go with Wealthy Affiliate. They do have the best platform, the best training, and the best entrepreneurship community online. For those who are looking at long term success in the affiliate marketing business, WA is the best way to go!



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