12 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Courses (2022)

Where can I learn affiliate marketing for free? Finding the best free affiliate marketing courses could be associated with finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why I want to help you to save time and money with this post!

I have been actively joining and reviewing affiliate marketing courses over the last few years. That said, this post is based on 4+ years of experience with almost every course out there – free and paid!

In this post, I will share 6 free training courses and 6 alternative free resources (YouTube channels, podcasts, and blogs), hence the number 12 in the title of this post.

So without any further ado, let’s check out the best free affiliate marketing courses for 2022.

Best Free Affiliate Marketing Course For 2021 & Beyond


Best Free Affiliate Marketing Courses (2022)

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start making money online. You don’t need any special skills or experience to start. But you do need to learn from someone who can talk the talk and walk the walk.

Moreover, you don’t need too much (or any money) to start with affiliate marketing. You can start learning from some of the best free affiliate marketing courses out there, and below is the list of top choices for 2022:

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • Commission Academy
  • My Online Startup
  • Legendary Marketers Club
  • Four Percent Group
  • Spark By ClickBank

Keep in mind that I have personally reviewed and tested each one of these courses – so you don’t have to!

Wealthy Affiliate 

Wealthy Affiliate

One of the best free affiliate marketing courses on the market that offers a free version is without a doubt Wealthy Affiliate.

WA was founded back in 2005 by two Canadian pioneers – Kyle and Carson.

The course is still going strong in 2021 and is voted the best free affiliate marketing course on my sites and blogs.

Some of the features of the WA free version include:

  • 10 free beginner-friendly video lessons
  • 1 free WordPress-powered website
  • Free hosting and domain name
  • 30 searches in Jaaxy – keyword tool
  • Affiliate program research tool
  • 7 days of free support and community access

NOTE: WA is 100% free to join. You get to keep access to 10 video lessons and 1 free website forever. But if you want to unlock the advanced lessons, you will have to upgrade to Premium membership ($49 per month).

Commission Academy 

Commission Academy

A few months ago, Commission Academy came out and it has quickly become one of the best free affiliate marketing courses on the internet.

The owner of Commission Academy is a super-affiliate Dale from the UK.

What separates CA from many other affiliate marketing courses is the fact that it is absolutely free to join and Dale is an excellent mentor.

Some of the features of CA are:

  • 16 free step-by-step affiliate marketing videos
  • 1 free WordPress-powered website
  • Tons of free tools and recommendations
  • Support and coaching

NOTE: CA is a free course. However, some of the tools and recommendations inside the platform have limited free versions and a small investment is required at the later stages.

My Online Startup 

My Online Startup

My Online Startup was founded by Chuck Nygren and it is jam-packed with free video lessons where you can learn how to set up an affiliate marketing business (almost) free of charge.

What I like about the MOS course is that it has really good content and it’s easy to follow.

Some of the top features of this course are:

  • 51 free video lessons about affiliate marketing
  • Access to tools and resources
  • Free support system and community

NOTE: My Online Startup is also 100% free to join. However, you will have to invest in hosting and websites. Also, there is an upsell that unlocks advanced strategies and features ($147 one-time fee).

Legendary Marketer’s Club 

Legendary Marketer's Club 

Legendary Marketer’s Club is a free affiliate training course where you can learn some of the very basic methods and strategies for getting started online.

The course was founded by Dave Sharpe and it has become one of the top free courses on the internet. You can read a full Legendary Marketer review here.

Here’s what you get with LG’s Club:

  • 15 step-by-step video lessons
  • Rights to promote Legendary Marketer
  • 1 Live Coaching Call

NOTE: The Legendary Marketer’s Club is an introductory course to advanced parts of the Legendary Marketer program. To get access to the entire affiliate marketing course, it is going to cost you $30 a month + high-ticket upsells.

Four Percent Group 

Four Percent Group 

Four Percent Group is one of those affiliate marketing courses that has been rapidly evolving over the last few years. What separates it from other courses online is the fact that you can start for free!

FPG was founded by Vic Strizheus, who strives to become one of the top faces in the affiliate marketing industry.

Here’s what you get with this course:

  • Limited access to free affiliate marketing courses
  • Free access to the community
  • Support system

NOTE: Four Percent Group free version is very limited and requires several upgrades to unlock the content in full.

Spark By ClickBank

Spark By ClickBank

Spark By ClickBank is a recently launched course by experts from one of the world’s most popular affiliate product marketplaces.

The course is not as high in quality as those above, but it’s free for 3 days, which gives you enough room to see what it is about and make your own decision.

With Spark By ClickBank, you get:

  • 70 short affiliate marketing video courses
  • Free access to the community

NOTE: You will have to make a quick decision with this affiliate marketing course because it gives you only 3 days of free access before you pay $47 a month to keep the access.

Authority Hacker Blog 

Authority Hacker Blog

When I was starting to learn about affiliate marketing and building my first affiliate website, I was a frequent visitor of the Authority Hacker blog.

These guys are definitely one of my favourite people in this industry and there’s so much free stuff to learn on their blog.

And if you like what you can learn from these guys, you can join their The Authority Site System course to learn how to build authority websites and earn revenue with affiliate marketing.

Miles Beckler’s YouTube Channel 

Miles Beckler YouTube Channel 

Together with guys from the Authority Hacker blog, I was frequently watching Miles Beckler’s YouTube channel as well.

What I like about Miles is that he has some in-depth affiliate marketing guides where he leads you step-by-step through the process of building funnels, finding products, driving traffic, etc.

Just like every other free resource on the internet, Miles’s YouTube Channel includes paid promotions.

Income School YouTube Channel

Income School YouTube Channel

If you’re looking to learn a lot about affiliate marketing for free, you should definitely visit Income School YouTube channel.

The amount of effort these guys put into teaching people about this business is incredible!

If you like what you can learn from these guys, you can join Income School Project 24 course as well. It’s been rated as one of the top affiliate marketing courses in 2021.

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Blog

Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Blog

Pat Flynn is one of those affiliate marketers that has a big passion for helping people to get started. And that is really visible on his website.

You can get access to a free podcast, a Smart Passive Income blog, and even a YouTube channel.

And if you decide to follow Pat’s coaching, you could join his 123 Affiliate Marketing course. Keep in mind that this one is for only advanced marketers.

John Crestani’s YouTube Channel 

John Crestani YouTube Channel 

When I was starting out with affiliate marketing, one of the first people I followed on YouTube was John Crestani.

John might not be everyone’s favourite online guru. However, he is a seven-figure affiliate marketer who has managed to build a real empire online.

You can definitely learn a lot for free from John’s YouTube channel.

And if you like his way of affiliate marketing, you can join his Super Affiliate System course to keep learning from the “beardo” himself.

Passive Income Geek YouTube Channel

Passive Income Geek YouTube Channel

Lastly, one of my top alternatives to free affiliate marketing courses is the Passive Income Geek YouTube channel.

Morten Storgaard is a guy from Denmark who has been “secretly” making tons of money building websites, driving traffic, and promoting other people’s products.

Recently, he launched a YouTube channel where you can learn about affiliate marketing for free!

And if you like his methods and approach, you can join Passive Income Geek paid course.

Verdict: Best Free Affiliate Marketing Course For 2022 Is…

After reviewing and testing over 600+ courses, programs, and even scams and get-rich-quick schemes, I have learned that the best free affiliate marketing course is WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

15 years have gone by and this course is still leading the industry with ever-evolving training, state-of-the-art tools, super-fast hosting, an amazingly helpful community, professional coaching, and more!

And the best part of it is that you can join for free and start learning about affiliate marketing today.

What Free Affiliate Marketing Course Should You Join?

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best free course for affiliate marketers of all levels to join.

What separates WA from others is that you can get not just a free course but also, you get tons of tools, a free website, hosting, and more!

This really helps you to save a lot of money at the very beginning of your affiliate marketing journey.

And in my experience, that is exactly what every newbie should be looking for.

You don’t want to share my experience where I didn’t do my research right away so I ended up paying thousands of dollars on paid courses, expensive tools that I didn’t know how to use, etc.

But if you don’t like WA, there are other 11 free courses and resources in this article that you could use!

So tell me, what is your best free affiliate marketing course? Feel free to reach out via the comment box below with your thoughts and opinions on this post.

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

28 thoughts on “12 Best Free Affiliate Marketing Courses (2022)”

  1. Ivan, thanks for this great round up of free affiliate marketing courses. I certainly agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate leads the way. There are a couple of other YouTubers that are probably worth checking out. They are: Franklin Hatchett who is a New Zealander and has heaps of free videos. Tyler Stokes has great information for beginners to the affiliate marketing business.

  2. Agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the Number One (1) affiliate marketing course around. Although there are other very good ones, Wealthy Affiliate provides extreme value for the price. The others that you have described all have merit but they do not meet the high standards of Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion. I have heard of a few of the other courses you have presented while others I was totally unfamiliar. 

  3. For me the best Affiliate Marketing platform is Wealthy Affiliate. Looking at some of the other examples you have provided they are trying to duplicate Wealthy Affiliate both in their design and some of the courses. I have struggled through the large affiliate marketing niche that is out there and Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best value.


  4. I really like how you played out the top free affiliate marketing course in this article. It made it very easy to depict which is best for me. I personally have been using wealthy affiliate and it is the best decision I have made so far, especially after trying tons of systems and course that never worked or were scams in the end. Thank you for this info!

  5. I tend to agree with you when you say that the top affiliate marketing course is done by Wealthy Affiliate. I have tried some of the others too, and none come close. I think it is because Wealthy Affiliate is not only a course but also a community of people to help you as well as all the tools that you need all under one umbrella. The cost is really nothing if you look at all the things that you are getting.

    I am going to check out some of the resources and tools you have left at the bottom of this post, as there may be something worthwhile promoting on my website there.

  6. With respect to Affiliate Marketing capability building market, two broad perspectives are provided by the author: Primary and Alternatives, it is a good start! Primary part covers 6 competitors qualitatively and implicitly with their strengths and weaknesses! Glad to know at least the first two competitors mentioned immediately after Wealthy Associates (WA) are somewhat like WA! The Alternative perspective is quite interesting! I think it is worth to checkout! Thanks for enlightening on this! Thanks for providing opportunity to comment on the blog! Have good times!

  7. I really appreciate the timely article about the Best Free Affiliate Marketing Course for 2022. The year is still getting started and I want to be focused on the best uses of time for free affiliate marketing courses this year. I was happy to see WA listed as the #1 pick but also to see what new options are now on the list as well. It looks like there are a few more resources that could be of help. Thanks so much!

  8. Thanks for your review on the 12 best free affiliate marketing courses for 2022. It’s hard to find anything worthwhile for free when it comes to learning how to make money online. But I’m sold on your #1 choice, Wealthy Affiliate. I like that with Wealthy Affiliate, you get a lot! In fact, you get access to a plethora of tools to start building your own website online through their Site Rubix platform.  You also get free access to 1,000s of other members in the group who are there to support you. Even if you decide to upgrade to premium at $49 per month, Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent bargain. Thanks for your review. 

  9. These are some interesting affiliate marketing courses you have listed here! I have only heard of a couple, and I stay away from ClickBnak offers as being burned too many times and they have way too many upsells or not finished training. I agree with your choice of #1 on the list Wealthy Affiliate, and no one going to find a training course like offered by Kyle. 

  10. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best, but that doesn’t mean that other platforms are bad. I’ll check out the Authority Hacker Blog and Podcast soon. I also found that the Youtube channels of Buildapreneur and H-Educate are good places to learn too. Great Article, and thank you for sharing. 🙂

  11. Hi Ivan,

    People will love this article and find great value from you because you are saving tons of people’s lives searching online to find the perfect affiliate marketing platform! I was in their shoes in the past because I did lots of online research to find the one platform I could afford and tried my best not to get scammed. I understand what they will say about your sharing.

    Besides Wealthy Affiliate, Miles Beckler’s Youtube channel is where I often visit to learn his ninja tips to grow my online business. So, I saw lots of value from this post.


  12. Being an affiliate myself, I firmly believe that Wealthy Affiliate is by far one of the best courses a beginner can enroll in. The community support is truly unbelievable and one of the reasons why so many ranks it so high!

    The other courses/channels are also worthy of praise, but not as much as WA is! Such a valuable list of free affiliate marketing courses, Ivan. You never seem to disappoint, and I’m sure many newcomers will appreciate that.

  13. Hi Ivan,
    Thanks for a very informative post on some of the free affiliate marketing courses out there. I think most people would like to have the knowledge to be able to become an affiliate marketer. You have now shown them where they can gain that knowledge.

    I am going to take a look at some of your suggestions and see where it takes me.

    Thanks again for the information in your post.


  14. I liked the idea of learning affiliate marketing online with Commission Academy and a few of the others. I’m sure they all have their own twist on how to do things in the right manner. Thank you for writing this post.

  15. I didn’t realize there were so many good training courses out there.
    I am a member of WA, and am very happy with their training and support… world-class!

    However, I also know that I do not yet know everything, so with a view to learning more, I’m going to check out some of your suggestions. You never know what tip or trick you can pick up, just because it is presented in a different way or by a different person.

    Thanks for doing all the hard work, the research, for us Ivan.

  16. You Rock Ivan, thank you for the blog, will be checking out some of those YouTube channels for sure.

    I am a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate and Bang for buck their the best in my eyes. Easy to work with and the biggest bonus is the community. So many there to glean from, a blessing in my world for sure.

    • Hi Scott, thanks for your comment! Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best of all. The community is awesome and extremely helpful. The training is proven and easy to implement. Plus, you get all the tools you need so there are no extra costs. Best of luck.


  17. I am always on the search for good affiliate courses, and even better if one can start for free,so it is great to find this post with so many options. I am part of the Wealthy Affiliate community, and yes I joined because it was free. With that said, I do think it is a world class platform. I will certainly explore the other options that you have presented me with, as diversification is always good. Thanks for sharing great options.

  18. Hey Ivan, I am a regular visitor to your website and I enjoyed reading your post. I came to know about a lot of new programs. But I will 100% vouch for WealthyAffiliate and agree with you on the fact that WealthyAffiliate IS THE BEST ONLINE BUSINESS PLATFORM on the internet. I will check out some of the programs mentioned by you here but I’m sure nothing will be close to WealthyAffiliate! 

    • Hi Augustine, thanks for your comment. I’m glad to hear that you agree with my list here. If you’re already a member of WA, I would suggest sticking to the program exclusively until you achieve your goals.


  19. Thank you for compiling in one single post, the information of most of your site. I have been engaged with your site for quite a long time. I like it because you give us good platforms and also identify scams or platforms that are not worth joining and you tell us about them. 

    So, I will definitely bookmark your post and share it also with friends, that as me, are looking for ways to make it  online.


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