18 Best Types Of Content For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has a good reputation and high popularity for a good reason. But what types of content are the best for affiliate marketing? What kind of content converts the best? Keep on reading…

When I first started with affiliate marketing, I quickly learned that product reviews, product roundups, and how-to types of content are the best not only for getting high conversions but also for creating relationships with your visitors.

People tend to like and trust people who help them make a decision or solve a problem. As an affiliate, you can be that person for them. Your reviews and how-to articles could put you in a high position in this business.

But this is not the only type of content that you can leverage to attract more visitors and sales. There are tons of kinds that you can use in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Here is my list of the top 18 types of content for affiliate marketing…

What Type Of Content Is Best For Affiliate Marketing?


Product Reviews

Reviews are one of the easiest and most commonly utilized types of affiliate marketing content. So how can you leverage them in your affiliate marketing business?

Just compose when and how you learned about a product, why you chose to try it out, and how it helped you. Point out all things you liked and didn’t like about utilizing the product and point out things that you believe could be enhanced.

You may ask yourself, why share the flaws or issues if you desire to promote a product?

Due to the fact that highlighting what you don’t like about it shows your audience that you aren’t attempting to paint it as something perfect, but are objectively identifying both the great and bad sides to assist them to make the best choice.

If you’re a bed mattress manufacturer, for instance, instead of highlighting just your best bed mattress and its features, you should also point out who it’s not ideal for.

Or, why it’s a bit expensive (presuming it is)? The primary objective here is to offer your readers enough info about what makes a product worth purchasing without being excessively sold.

My team and I have written over 700 product reviews in the make-money-online category, so trust me, they are a type of content for affiliate marketing.

Product Roundups

Another content type with enormous purchasing intent: is “best x for y” short articles (aka “list” posts). The Wirecutter is a timeless example of this. Here are some examples of their content:

  • Best tabletop radios.
  • Best cordless Bluetooth earbuds.
  • Best audiophile earphones for everyday usage.

These are tailored to a specific audience where the buying intent is super high. Plus, this content usually contains multiple product links, which increases the odds somebody clicks.

The appeal of utilizing this type of content for affiliate marketing is that any niche can use it as long as you focus the post around “money keywords” your readers are browsing for.

You can check out my list of best free affiliate marketing courses as an example.

Product Comparison

Product comparison types of content are incredibly helpful for internet users who are preparing to buy specific items and wish to know how they compare to their options.

Comparison guides plainly reveal the main resemblances and differences between products, the good and bad of each, and determine which product has the best worth for money.

All of this information is extremely important for anyone who wishes to select the best item out of numerous choices.

Providing this type of information relies on your know-how and may encourage readers to utilize your affiliate links to buy.

Here is my example of a comparison article: Wealthy Affiliate vs Savage Affiliates.

Furthermore, product comparisons help you to reach the users who can convert. These are individuals who are at the end of the marketing funnel. They wish to read reviews to determine the product they want to purchase rapidly.

People usually read product comparisons to find some quick details and to check if they are going in the best direction.

Make sure that the affiliate marketing content you create is simple to understand and absorb. Because lots of people are in a rush, making it easy for them to find the info will do you a great favor.

In addition, ensure that it is simple for users to skim the short article. Make certain that you highlight the functions of the items that you are comparing.

Buyers Guides

One of the best types of high-converting content for affiliate marketing is buyer guides. Buyer’s guides are detailed outlines that assist your visitors to make purchase choices. They are geared towards a particular individual or activity or both.

Buyer’s guides work because they streamline the job your audience has of deciding what to purchase beyond just a single step. They walk your audience through the entire process and make it easy to choose all the important things they need.

A buyer’s guide is a start-to-finish resource for your audience.

How To Content

How-to articles are a simple way to notify readers about a variety of items and send them to click through to various services to purchase products.

You can write how-to posts about a complex subject and simplify, connecting different items you have actually utilized along the way.

If you’re part of an affiliate program for a cosmetics company, you can compose a how-to article about proper skin care and link numerous products you use in your routine.

You can likewise write a how-to article with detailed directions on how to use a product with a lot of features.

Furthermore, various apps and other software often include functions the average user wouldn’t understand about.

You can compose a how-to short article that covers more unknown aspects of the item or just write a guide on how to use all the features of the item to make your life simpler.

Here is my own example of how to start an affiliate marketing business.

How-to articles are effective in affiliate marketing since they provide your readers with more content and information about a product.

Instead of needing to cobble together info from numerous evaluations and user manuals, they can read everything in one well-written how-to short article.

NerdWallet is an affiliate website for financial services that provides tips, suggestions, and reviews on whatever from credit cards to financial advisors.

The site features how-to articles that break down complicated financial subjects with links to various partners, including this article discussing how to pay for college.

Tutorials (Guides)

Guides can be a great method of recommending items and at the same time constructing a brand name on your own. There are many methods by which you can produce a guide to assist customers to comprehend the functions of products.

You can create a guide that advises the best items for gifting at various events. Or it could be a guide to learning a new activity, connecting to the pages where readers can find the items they will need.

You get a much larger chance to discuss the benefits of a product in a guide than you would in a single-page review.

Many affiliate marketers achieve success in earning their audiences’ trust by writing comprehensive, extensive guides. Also, long-form guides normally get more shares and revisits.

Go through some popular guides in your niche and attempt to discover gaps in the content or something that hasn’t been plainly explained.

In creating a buyer’s guide for a product, somebody might not have stated anything about the accessibility of all the brand names mentioned in your target market.

This could be your chance to produce a much better guide that is niche market specific and accommodates a lot of buyers.

Case Studies

One of my favorite types of content for affiliate marketing… Case studies are real-world examples of the impact that your deals have on people’s lives.

In a nutshell, they make up stories that detail why and how somebody took advantage of a service or product and the problem they resolved.

Case research studies are relatable for audiences because they talk about the actual issues people deal with and how these are conquered using a product you promoted.

They are compelling because your audience will be able to see themselves in the story and relate to the requirement for your product. Case studies also show your audience that you aren’t the only one recommending a product.

It adds to the aspect of social evidence to see other audience members attest to the purchase. Real examples and actions are crucial to effective case research studies that will get your audience to know, like, and trust you.

Video Content

In addition to a written review or comparison post, you can also create a video variation of your content and post it on your blog or website. Video marketing continues to acquire traction as a popular material marketing strategy.

Video is an outstanding method to reach people online, as the average person invests about 100 minutes per day seeing them online.

Internet users often prefer the content of this type since enjoying videos takes less energy and time than reading a wall of text. In addition to that, videos can be more amusing and interactive.

According to several research studies, viewers keep 95% of a video message compared to just 10% of a similar message revealed to them as text.

Embedding a review video inside an article short article will not just strengthen your affiliate message but also please your readers by providing the option of reading or enjoying a review.

Make them engaging, and supply the viewer with the information they require to make a purchasing choice. If you’re a specialist in a certain niche, talk about it upfront.

By that method, your viewers will understand you’re reliable and trust you to evaluate the products.

Resource Pages

If you are searching for the best kind of affiliate marketing content, resource pages could do the trick for you.

As you establish yourself as an authority in your niche, your audience will need to know your recommendations for particular products. It’s a natural progression.

In my niche, affiliates discuss blogging, affiliate marketing, and side hustles, and their audiences would like to know what tools they advise.

Resource pages are the best way to offer their audience services and promote affiliate offers all at once.

For instance, if you develop an effective affiliate website about running, naturally, your audience will desire to understand what sort of shoes or apps you suggest.

Making a “recommended tools” page will make you a great deal of cash and help your audience at the exact same time. This is a win for 2 factors:

  • You keep them on your site. There’s no need for your reader to open a new tab and “Google” your item recommendation. Your resource page does that for them.
  • Moves your reader down your funnel as they end up being more “service mindful” and closer to purchasing.

If you run a blog site or a site, creating resource pages with practical links and material is likewise worth it. Depending upon your market and niche, this can be anything from material for marketers to appeal product recommendations, and so on.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are standalone web pages that direct website visitors to the last step in the affiliate funnel. Generally, landing pages are enhanced to target a single CTA. As a result, you ought to design the page so that it cultivates affiliate conversions.

The traffic to the landing page originates from a site, blog site, email newsletter, or organic search.

If you desire your users to convert, warm them up and motivate them to purchase the service or product you are promoting by publishing great content on your landing page.

The landing page is the last thing your users will connect with. The best part is individuals who click the landing page are generally currently thinking about the product and are in the final stages of buying it.

To create a landing page that works, you first have to perform a little research on your target audience. You require to recognize their discomfort points and learn what they want to hear.

Unless your material adds value to their lives, it can’t get in touch with them emotionally.

Furthermore, your affiliate products need to be able to address these discomfort points and provide an option. This will provide you with a clear concept of what you must add to the landing page and what you can avoid.

Email Content

In my 5-year experience in affiliate marketing, email content was the type that worked wonders for my conversions.

Utilizing email affiliate marketing as a way to drive traffic to affiliate links can look like crafting e-mails as standalone pieces designed to convert directly, or linking back to your existing material (blogs, tutorials, and so on).

Whether you need to connect straight in your e-mails depends on the rules of the network or marketers you’re working with. For example, Amazon does not enable affiliate links in e-mails.

In these cases, it’s the best idea to integrate links to either a blog site or a landing page within your newsletter.

If you have an active and engaged e-mail list, e-mails can be a fantastic location to promote your affiliate brand. You can do it in different ways:

  • Send out a useful series gradually to provide the different features of the product
  • Add your affiliate link to a section present in all the emails you send out to your audience
  • Promote your content released in other channels in your e-mails.

And if you don’t have an email list yet, affiliate marketing can be a fantastic reason to start building one with a signup form published on your blog or website and promoted across your other channels.

You can even include your affiliate link in the footer of your work or individual emails if you understand people from your network may be interested in using the item you promote.


As quickly as you have in fact developed your knowledge in a specific niche, you can host webinars to pass that details on to others.

You can likewise host webinars to share discussions from the organization itself. Or you might release a product presentation or a thorough Q&A about complex services or products. You can similarly host a webinar that runs as a video tutorial.

Walk your audiences through a procedure, keeping in mind the products you’re utilizing in each phase and offering links in the video description. You can either release the webinar as a video or live to stream it.

In this manner, you can directly get in touch with the audience and respond to questions. Live webinars are most efficient when you engage with your audience.

Prior to hosting the webinar, test out your equipment. Host a virtual conference with a buddy or relative to ensure your internet connection works and to examine the quality of your video and audio.

If you’re showing an item, practice on the webcam ahead of time so you understand that the item and its features stay in the frame and are viewable by your audience. If you’re sharing a presentation, record a session to see what it appears to audiences.

Social Media Posts

A social network is one of the best kinds of affiliate marketing content to get in touch with individuals. Why? Well, today, 4.62 billion individuals use social media.

It is, for that reason, a great way for content creators and publishers to connect and interact with their users. The typical time individuals invest on social networks every day is around 2 hours and 27 minutes.

If you wish to use social media successfully, you need to do the following:

  • Regularly post social network content
  • Publish different types of content people like to engage with
  • Rather than existing on every social media channel, only be present on platforms your target market utilizes

While this requires active engagement with your readers, when done correctly, it can yield huge results quicker. And, like getting any traffic, you can share relevant affiliate links in your posts.

Engagement goes a long method on social, so the more you regularly show up, the likelier your readers will click your links.


eBooks, simply like guides, can be a really important addition to your affiliate material library. However, these take more effort and time to produce but can do great things for your affiliate business.

If you intend on writing an eBook in your niche, make certain that you are comprehensive with the topic you select.

Even if you don’t understand everything about the topic, conduct as much research study as you can and learn whatever there is to understand.

This likewise consists of discovering if there are ebooks already readily available on the subject and how well they have actually been offering.

This research will help you learn if the subject you picked is too mainstream and how you can make it more intriguing.

Simply remember that you can’t get away with half-baked content or shallow info in an eBook. When a reader downloads your eBook, she or he would expect extensive info on the subject.

If you are still in the nascent stages of your affiliate business, it is advisable to keep your eBook totally free to download.

It will take some time for individuals to start trusting your material and until then you can let them download it totally free after filling out a brief opt-in form.

Promote your eBook on your affiliate website and on social networks. You can also hand out a few evaluation copies to popular blog site owners in your specific niche and ask them to advise it.


Readers enjoy all sorts of “to-do” lists, which sum up whatever they require to do to attain a certain result. To-do lists need to supply clear directions on what to do, when, and why.

Checklists can be utilized in all industries. If you have a cooking blog site, for instance, you might create a list for one of your recipes total with the list of the needed active ingredients.

Additionally, if you promote an app or software, you could make a step-by-step list of how to complete a specific job using your tool.


Infographics have actually had the most significant increase in usage amongst B2B marketers in the last four years. It’s no surprise that, if an image deserves a thousand words, an infographic is worth many times more.

Infographics are images combined with data, realities, ideas, and any other relevant info. And they work remarkably well– studies reveal an 82% increase in readers’ attention periods and recall through making use of colors in visuals.

Readers keep in mind aesthetically appealing charts, images, and other infographic aspects much better than easy text content, so infographics are an amazing tool for educating your readers on industry realities, stats, or news.

What’s even better is that infographics can be easily added to your blog or social networks account, and they can be shared similarly as quickly, as infographics receive 3x more shares than any other type of content.

As an example, you could use infographics to improve your program’s brand name awareness by showing your readers the most intriguing realities and information related to the product or area you are promoting.

Deals And Coupons

Deals and discount coupons are extremely reliable tools for an affiliate marketer with digital coupon redemption on track to go beyond $90 billion in 2022.

Offers and coupons are visual “coupons” that permit your audience to use your affiliate deal and as a result get a discount, a freebie included, or several products for the exact same price.

Digital offers and vouchers consist of banners on your website, pop-ups, or any other visual components that communicate the offer.

The success of coupons and deals is simple to quantify because if you conserve somebody’s money, they currently know the value of what you’re using.

Individuals frequently browse for vouchers or offer towards the end of their purchaser’s journey.

Providing a discount or perk provide to someone as soon as they have actually already made the choice to acquire makes them more likely to choose you than anyone else.

A voucher or discount rate is also a way to offer someone that last push when they are considering a purchase.

Seasonal Content

There are lots of products out there that individuals look for throughout unique occasions or specific seasons.

Not lots would be looking to purchase a superhero outfit most of the year, but just prior to Halloween. Or exercise devices could be in high need simply prior to January, thanks to those unsatisfied New Year resolutions.

For example, while providing very targeted gifting concepts to the viewers, you can likewise add links to the affiliate items in the description.

Molding your affiliate content to satisfy these seasonal trends and releasing them at the correct time can work wonders for your affiliate campaign.

Mark your calendar to monitor such occasions when seasonal content could be published. It is also a great time to promote deals and discount rates on items as a lot of merchants do have special offers during peak seasons.

What Kind Of Affiliate Marketing Content Converts The Best?

In my personal experience, product reviews are the best type of content for affiliate marketing. Some of the reasons have been mentioned in this article and they all hold true.

When you start creating product reviews, you’re actually helping people in your niche to make a well-informed buying decision. And if you can do this with integrity and honesty, your reviews will convert like crazy!

On top of product reviews in your affiliate marketing content arsenal, you can add product comparisons (product A vs product B), and product roundups aka. best of product lists.

But don’t forget to include other types as well and best of luck!

What are your favorite types of affiliate marketing content? Feel free to share it with the rest of us below in the comment section.

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