Bossgram Academy Review – Is Vanessa Lau Scam or Legit?

Hi, and welcome to my Bossgram Academy review.

Nowadays, you will see a lot of courses out there on the web where some of them will teach you how to make money online, build your own business, and more.

However, some courses are legit, and some are not, so the question is, is Bossgram Academy a legit course? Will this course help you on how to make money online?

Let’s find out!

Throughout my Bossgram Academy review, you can rest assured of getting an honest and unbiased review from me.

Also, in his review, we will try to answer all your questions. It should give you a clear understanding of Bossgram Academy and see if this is worth your time and money.

Bossgram Academy Review

Bossgram Academy – Overview

  • Product Type: Bossgram Academy
  • Owner: Vanessa Lau
  • Price: $997
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Bossgram Academy is a course for people who want to be online coaches.

Becoming a coach is good because you can help other people by coaching them.

However, not all people like coaching because some may think it is hard or is not the type of work they want.

But, some people want to become a coach because they like to help people.

Now the question is, do you want to become a coach? If so, then this might be the website for you.

Before you sign up and pay, we need to look at it first if Bossgram Academy is worth joining or just a waste of time and money and see if this is the right coaching course for you.


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What Is Bossgram Academy?

Bossgram Academy Review Website

As I said earlier, Bossgram Academy is a training course created for people who want to become a coach or consulting business.

Bossgram Academy was created by a social media influencer, Vanessa Lau, and the course was launched in April 2019.

The course offers its members the opportunity to learn how to get leads while mastering Instagram.

Inside, the course consists of video modules, scripts, download templates, and it also comes with a host of other bonuses, should you decide to take their special launch promotion.

You will get 12 months to go through the material and complete the course once you register for the course.

However, according to the course founder, most people who registered needed only around 6 months or so to complete it.

Who Is Vanessa Lau?

Bossgram Academy Review Vanessa Lau

As you already know, Vanessa Lau is the founder of Bossgram Academy.

Vanessa also has a YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers and more than 26 million views.

On his channel, you will see many videos there where she will teach you how to make money online.

She also has a LinkedIn, and there you will see her results that show that her teaching works.

Vanessa’s goal is to help those who want to be a coach and teach them how to build their influence and scale their businesses by leveraging social media.

Inside Bossgram Academy And What Does It Teach?

Bossgram Academy is a training course for those people who want to be a coach.

The course comes with a 3-step process and bonuses included.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will get from this course:

Phase 1 – Get Crystal Clear 

This one is about getting yourself ready for your first client.

There will also be training that involves your mindset and stuff like that.

Not just that, you will also learn how to come up with an offer.

This is all done over 30 days to get your first few clients.

Phase 2 – Attract Clients

The second phase is scaling your process and building your Instagram profile.

You’ll also learn strategies and content ideas and how to get as many people to see your offer as possible.

Phase 3 – Convert With Ease

The last 30 days are where you will complete your sales funnel and launch your offer.

It will also help you convert at the highest rate possible, which means more money will come for you.

Bossgram Academy Review Bonuses

Bossgram Academy Private Facebook Academy

Here, you will get 12-month access to their Facebook community, where you can ask questions and get answers.

Visual Branding For Online Entrepreneurs

This one will help you grow and also help you lead to free advertising or free sales.

You will also learn how to brand your coaching business and when it’s time to invest in professional help.

Bossgram Academy Sales Pages That Convert

Here, you will get a min course taught by a copywriting expert who has worked with popular internet marketers.

You’ll also learn how to create a sales page that converts as high as possible in this bonus.

Hashtag Boss Bank

Many people are using hashtags now to bring their offers in front of people organically.

In this module, you’ll learn how to use it effectively.

You will also get 1,000 hashtags that you or anyone in any niche can use.

50 Lessons In Your First Year Of Business Ebook

This is a 50 page PDF where Vanessa will tell all her mistakes in the first year of running her business.

1 On 1 coaching Sales Page Examples

As you already know, Vanessa herself is an expert in 1 on 1 coaching, and she knows what kind of sales pages to convert and which don’t.

Here, you will get an example of some of Vanessa’s 1 on 1 coaching sales pages.

Create Your Linktree

This one will teach you how to optimize your linktree.

It links your website and all your social media accounts in one place.

How To Streamline Your Coaching Biz With ClickUp

Here, you’ll learn how to get your business and life in order with ClickUp.

ClickUp is a time management tool where all of your work is in one place, such as Tasks, Docs, Chat, Goals, & more.

Act Like A CEO

Nina Marinara teaches this one, and it goes over all the legal aspects of running a business.

Overcoming Sales Objections With Confidence

This one goes over closing sales. You will also get tips on handling complaints and what to say so you won’t lose prospects unnecessarily.

IG Carousel Templates

This can help you increase engagement. In addition, you get a plug-in template that you need to customize.

Bossgram Academy Lead Magnets Funnel Strategy

Lead magnets are how you will get people onto an email list.

You see, email marketing is very powerful, and the more people on your list, the more you can make.

You will also get an example of lead magnets and how to increase sign-ups.

Setting Your Business Up For Your Financial Success

This one is taught by a certified accountant named Brittani Shantel, and here you will get training on accounting and bookkeeping.

Ditching Limiting Beliefs

This one is known as NLP, and this is about building your confidence and using self-hypnosis tricks.

How Much Does BossGram Academy Costs?

There are two payment options with BossGram Academy.

First, you can buy the course BossGram Academy for a once-off premium price of $997.

The second option is broken down into 4 monthly installments of $297. In this case, you are going to spend $200 or more.

Vanessa’s team is also willing to look at other payment plan options case-by-case basis.

Just e-mail their support and tell them your situation and see what happens.

Does BossGram Academy offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, they do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

However, to get a full refund, you need to do something first, and that is you have to complete the entire course, try your best, share with us what you have learned, and provide an objectively fair reason why you want to get your money back.

Here are the following documents and tasks to complete before requesting a refund:

  • Proof of a worksheet completion rate of at least 50%;
  • A link to the Client’s Instagram handle proves that the Client has implemented the lessons accordingly and has made an effort to use our strategies with screenshots included.

Screenshots of the following:

  • Proof of market research survey with at minimum 5 responses from a third-party audience.
  • Proof of initiating requests and promotion for people to join Client’s signature or beta program.
  • Proof of using Program tools to validate a profitable niche.
  • Ideal audience profile created using Program’s market research strategies and tools.
  • Screenshot of Client’s Instagram bio demonstrating Client’s offer and/or services.
  • Proof of using and executing our BGA Content Conversion System, proving the Client’s attempts to cultivate and connect with an audience.
  • Proof of active participation, initiative, and responsiveness in the private BGA student Facebook community.
  • A progress rate of at least 50% within the Kajabi member’s portal.
  • Screenshots and proof that the Client has made an effort to ask questions when experiencing challenges during the Program.
  • A minimum one-page write-up on the top 3 lessons Client learned from the Program and a fair reason why Client thinks the Program didn’t work for Client’s particular needs.

If you follow these tasks and complete them, you can send them and ask them for a full refund.

Is Bossgram Academy A Scam?

In my opinion, I don’t think that Bossgram Academy is a scam.

It is a legitimate online training and coaching platform that will help aspiring online coaches promote their businesses.

Also, having an online coaching business is part of a billion-dollar industry.

Most people want technical knowledge and want it fast, and some of them are willing to pay for it.

While Bossgram Academy is not a scam, it might not be for everyone.

It’s for those in the line of coaching or consulting who want to scale their business and get new customers.

You need to have a fair knowledge of how you will help people.

The Academy might have the tools and show you the technical parts, but you need to be familiar with your niche.

Then the other issue is the price. If you are still unsure whether the course is for you or not, then there is a way around it.

You could first try implementing all of Vanessa’s free strategies by checking out her YouTube channel the content that she has produced.

Suppose you find that your Instagram account grows. As a result, you can decide to buy the course.

What I Like About Bossgram Academy

Decent Training

The training is good as it provides you with comprehensive video lessons and bonuses that could help you become an online coach.

Vanessa Is A Successful Person

As you can see, Vanessa knows what she is doing, as you can see on her Youtube channel, how to build social media profiles and get them popular.

Vanessa has been successful in what she’s doing, and she earned a lot of money because of it.

60-Day Refund Policy But?

As you already know, Bossgram Academy offers 60-day money-back guarantee, but there’s a premise.

Like I said earlier, you’ll need to prove that you went through the course and did all the tasks in the course.

What I Don’t Like About Bossgram Academy

Limited Access

Here’s the thing, once the year of subscription has ended, you will lose access to the program.

So make sure you learn and apply it so that the money you spend will not be a waste.


As you can see, Vanessa’s Bossgram Academy is not cheap as it costs almost a thousand dollars and more is not that practical.

Also, there is no guarantee that you will succeed in this course because, after all, it will still depend on you.

Tough Business Model

There are many ways to make money online, and being an online coach isn’t one of the easier ways.

As for an earning opportunity, online coaching may not be the best opportunity.

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Now you know what Bossgram Academy is and why it is a legit online training and coaching for those into online coaching.

If you think that Bossgram Academy is for you and want to learn more about being an online coach, this could be for you.

Remember, this is not a cheap training course, and if you are interested in it, you need to have a lot of money, but if not, I suggest you find another way.

However, it has a limit. You see, after a year, you will lose access to all files provided.

Also, this business model is tough and not the best way to earn income, and that’s why I cannot fully recommend it to you. Unless you are serious about starting this business, then you can consider it. It’s up to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Bossgram Academy review.

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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