Campervan Commissions Review – a Scam or $200 a Day?

Is it possible to make money on a push of a button? Campervan Commissions is another affiliate marketing training that claims that it is. But what if this is just a scam? What if there is no push button system or money on tap? For more information, stay here and read this Campervan Commissions Review. 

Wouldn’t it be great to fire up your laptop, make a few clicks, push a few buttons, and make money?

Yes, it’s a dream come true. And it’s partially possible, but not if you are a beginner at affiliate marketing. It takes a lot of skill to get there.

This offer sounds like a little bit too good to be the truth. Usually, courses like this one promise a lot, but I wonder if it can deliver what it claims.

In this Campervan Commissions Review, you are going to learn what it is, who is the owner, how it works, what’s the price, is it a scam, and more!

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Campervan Commissions Review - SCAM?

Before we begin this Campervan Commissions Review, I want to share a thought.

Do not believe every word you hear from the mouth of the people who are trying to sell you a training course of any kind. The internet today is full of offers which are designed to make money for owners in the first place. In many instances, the customers are in the last place.

Always search the Google for a product review whenever you find something you’re not sure about. If you can’t find a decent review, please, feel free to contact me. I’ll get right into things to help you out.

Paul Nicholls is making affiliate marketing sound like it’s a child’s game. In my experience, affiliate marketing is not even close to what these guys are trying to make you believe. It takes time and time, hard work, and practice to get all the pieces to connect and finally to start making money.

It took seven years for Paul to get it right. It took me two years to learn everything. Everyone who succeeds has to go through months and years of trial and failure. There is no magic button.

Campervan Commissions looks like yet another get rich quick scam. But let’s not judge again. There’s a whole lot to inspect before we can say anything.

However, if you are tired of scams, if you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on another one in a row which promises a lot but delivers very little to none, I invite you to click the link below.


What is Campervan Commissions?

Campervan Commissions is an affiliate marketing training created by Paul Nicholls and his buddy, Trevor. They claim that this is a 100% newbie friendly, over the shoulder training which can help you to start making money online by copy-pasting Paul’s and Trevor’s system.

Like many others, these guys claim that you don’t have to be tech-savvy or have previous marketing skills. Anyone can do it as long as you have a laptop or smartphone and a stable internet connection.

So far, there is no mentioning of the method or methods of how you will be making money. Guys will try to push down your throat a lot of screenshots of their earnings over time on WarriorPlus. Not a single word about the way they’ve done it.

At least a free webinar before paying a dime would be nice guys.

That way, I can know where my money is going. It’s hard to trust people on the internet after all those scams. I guess you already know this as well.

Anyway, this is an exact blueprint to Paul’s and Trevor’s online success. It’s a set of video training modules and PDF sheets. Paul is going to show you how to do what he’s doing while ‘bumming’ in his campervan across the UK. Hence the name.

If I were on the market for the affiliate marketing training course, I would like to see a sales page with a bit more information about the product itself and less about the owner — just an opinion, nothing else.

What do you think?

While I’m speaking about the owner, let’s continue with this Campervan Commissions Review and take a look who’s the owner. Is he a legit guy or a scam?

Who is Paul Nicholls?

If we are to believe in what we can see and hear from the sales page, Paul Nicholls is another ‘rags to riches’ story. This guy was a bloody carpenter, yet today, he’s a highly successful affiliate marketer on marketplaces like JVZoo and WarriorPlus and affiliate marketing mentor.

Before Paul ever tasted how online success feels like, he had to go through many months and years of heartache and pain. Like every other struggling marketer, he was about to quit for a few times.

Luckily for Paul and us, he didn’t quit.

He continued with a pursuit of his dream to become a successful online entrepreneur. Today, he’s ‘bummin’ in his campervan while traveling across the UK. Today, he’s able to make a full-time living while working part-time hours.

Paul Nicholls

All of this sounds very good, even great.

But you see, I’m used to seeing a lot of fake stories when it comes to people behind affiliate marketing courses. People make up a character to make you believe that he’s a real deal.

In this case, I’m happy to report that Paul Nicholls is not fake. This guy is a real person with an actual address. And with the real affiliate marketing background. In other words, Paul Nicholls is a legit person.

Who is Campervan Commissions for?

This training program could be for people who are interested in learning affiliate marketing and creating a passive income online.

The package is not so expensive so that it can fit anyone’s pocket. Also, it’s a newbie friendly, which means that you don’t have to be expert at affiliate marketing to get it right. Paul promises that if you follow his system, you can make it with zero experience.

It all sounds perfect, and it should because it’s possible.

Before we move on the part of this Campervan Commissions Review where I’ll explain how it works in more detail, I want to invite you to click the link below.

I can help you to start your affiliate marketing business for FREE. You’ll get two free websites so you can learn the process with zero cost. We can teach you how to make money in the most simple language which everyone understands.


Campervan Commissions Review – How it Works?

The affiliate marketing model that you can learn from Paul works. He’s going to show you how to find products in ‘make money online’ niche on WarriorPlus and JVZoo marketplaces, and make money out of the same by offering them to your visitors.

WarriorPlus and JVZoo are one of the best marketplaces on the internet for finding high converting offers. You don’t have to be accepted to get access, only register with your details to get your unique affiliate ID, and you are ready to sell online. Paul and Trevor have been doing this very successfully over the last few years. This training is designed to teach you how to replicate their success.

At least I hope so.

Campervan Commissions

Here is a summary of the training.

Before you can start selling, you must have a website. In the first module, you’ll learn how to buy website domain and hosting. Paul is going to show you how to build your website in WordPress. Keep in mind that web hosting and the domain name is an additional cost. Moreover, you’ll have to get email autoresponder which costs a few extras as well.

The next step is to find those high converting offers and write product reviews of the same on your blog. As I’ve said, Paul and Trevor have been doing this very successfully over the last years. They will show you how to sell top converting offers within ‘make money online’ niche.

To have an opportunity to sell, you’ll have to get traffic to your site. Paul is going to teach you how to use Google, Facebook, and YouTube to get your content in front of your future customers.

As the last step, you’ll learn how to collect emails from your visitors to boost your marketing efforts. This action is optional but highly recommended.

SEO Means Long Term Success

Campervan Commissions is one of the rare training courses which focuses on SEO (search engine optimization) for getting free traffic from the search engines. You’ll learn how to optimize your site and your content for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Unlike paid traffic, free traffic from search engines takes time, patience, and a lot of work.

I’m an advocate of SEO for many reasons. The reason number one is that the traffic that comes from the search engines is evergreen. It means that once you get ranked on top positions of search engine results for a specific keyword, your content will stay there forever. It may fluctuate between top spots, but you’ll receive free traffic as long as your site is alive.

SEO is a perfect solution for creating a long term business relationship with the most powerful search engine in the world.

As you can see on the example of this Campervan Commissions Review, I’m using the same model that Paul Nicholls is teaching.

It appears to me that Paul knows his SEO and that his training is a neat little program that can teach you some valuable skills. There are seven video lessons within the training, which will lead you through the process step by step.

It’s not a lot of content, but I guess it’s enough to teach you how to do it right.

Now, let’s move on with this review and let’s check out how much it all costs.

Campervan Commissions Price

The original price of the course is $97 one time payment.

However, if you buy this course today, you’ll get a special one-time discount. It can be yours for only $14,97. And if you visit the site tomorrow again you’ll see the same cut again, and again, and again, and again.

It’s a tactic that Paul uses to make you believe that you’re getting a special offer. The truth is that the course is always selling for $14,97.

Campervan Commissions Upsells

I was able to discover that there is more to the original price.

After you buy the course and start your training, you’ll be offered to buy a few upsells. They are not required to purchase for the success of the course, but I guess they can add more value to all you can learn from Paul.

  • Upsell #1 – Done-For-You Email Series ($27)
  • Upsell #2 – Resell Rights ($67)
  • Upsell #3 – Affiliate Mastery ($197)


Campervan Commissions Pros

As it turns out, my skepticism from the beginning is gone. I thought that this is a poorly done offer from a probably fake owner with a matching program. I guess I was wrong.

Let’s go over a few things that I found to like about this affiliate marketing training.

Affiliate Marketing Model That Works

First and foremost, Campervan Commissions is based on the affiliate marketing model that has been proven to work over and over and over again. It’s a simple model which takes time to learn and master, but once you do so, you’ll be equipped for success.

If you pay a visit to Paul Nicholls official website, you can see the final product of his course. It’s a working website filled with a lot of review content. If you follow the training to the letter, you can expect to replicate his success. Paul is teaching the exact steps he took while creating his business.

The Real Owner

Speaking about Paul Nicholls. I’ve been reviewing affiliate marketing training courses lately, and I’ve seen a lot of good and bad stuff out there. One thing that surprised me the most was fake ownership. I can’t believe that people go that far in selling that they are willing to create a character and claim that he’s a real person.

Luckily, Paul Nicholls is a real man with an actual address. I’ve checked his story, and in my opinion, he’s telling the truth about himself. That’s a big plus in my book.

100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Every right product should have at least thirty days testing window with the option of getting your money back.

If you take this affiliate marketing course, and for some reason, you don’t like what you’ve got, you can contact the support team. I hope that you’ll get your money back ASAP.

Campervan Commissions Cons

We are coming close to an end of this Campervan Commission Review. Before we say goodbye, I want to point your attention to a few things that I’ve found to be disturbing about this course.

There is No Such Thing as Cash on the Click of a Button

First and foremost, I hate to see that people use terms like money on the click of the button. Or any other type of B.S. There is no such thing! People will use tricks to push you into buying, but don’t hold your attention too much on it.

Making money is only possible after hours and hours spend it learning and application of learned. In other words, you can make money only if you are willing to work for it.

Hidden Upsells

Secondly, I don’t like to buy into something, in this case, an affiliate marketing training, only to see that I have to pay more to get a complete education. It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s certainly something that cools me off.

This offer comes with a set of three upsells. They are not required for the success of the course, but still, they can take your attention away.

No Community or FB Group for Support

Thirdly, I believe that every right training course of this kind must have a community or something similar where you can communicate with other members of the group.

Affiliate marketing is a complex process. Sometimes you can get stuck. No matter how proper training you have, troubles and problems are inevitable. That’s why easy access to a quick help is one of the most valuable features that a training course can have.

Unfortunately, I was not able to discover something similar in the case of Campervan Commissions.

Fake Scarcity 

Fourthly, false scarcity is another sales tactic that has been used by many smart marketers and vendors on the internet. They put a time limit on their product to make you believe that it will be gone soon if you don’t act right now. Or they say how there is a limited number of copies or seats available for the same reason.

In this case, we can see how Paul Nicholls uses the same to make you believe that there is only one copy left. One copy of a digital product. LOL.

No Website Hosting Included 

To be successful with the affiliate marketing model that Paul is teaching, you’ll have to buy domain and web hosting. Unfortunately, this will be an additional cost, which is something that Paul has not mentioned earlier.

Moreover, you’ll have to maintain, care, and protect your site on your own. In my opinion, the ideal scenario would be if you can get the full hosting service together with the training.

No Keyword Research Tools 

Finally, the last thing I don’t like about this offer is the lack of a keyword research tool. I believe that keywords are the main ingredient of a successful website which relies on traffic from the search engines. Having easy access to specific keyword data is critical for success.

SEO is all about understanding how search engines read your content. To get traffic to your site, you’ll have to get high rankings. Finally, to get your website on top of the search engine results, you’ll have to understand keywords. That’s something I failed to see in this course.

Is Campervan Commissions a Scam?

No, Campervan Commission is not a scam. I believe that it is a legit training course. Everything that I was able to discover is telling me that you can learn a thing or two about affiliate marketing if you decide to go for it.

Paul Nicholls is a legit owner and a successful online marketer.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes, I do recommend Paul Nicholls and his training to everyone interested in learning how affiliate marketing works.

However, I have concerns about this program. I believe that they are justified.

You see, SEO is not something that you can learn overnight, neither you can expect to repeat Paul’s success immediately. It will take a lot of time to do it right. Paul’s course looks a little bit too short. Only seven lessons. I don’t believe that it has all the necessary ingredients for success with search engines.

Is There Something Better?

Of course, there is always something better.

I have been lucky to work with the top mentors in affiliate marketing over the last few years.

Do you want to be educated by the best?

These guys have over a decade of experience in the field. Not only that, but they can give you everything you need to start making money online. I’m talking about things like comprehensive and step-by-step training, top tools and resources, live help and active community, and more!

If you are looking for a better alternative to Campervan Commissions, I invite you to click the link below. You’ll find everything you need to make money online.

Are You Ready to Make Money Online?

Affiliate Marketing Steps


Ivan Head Shoot

I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at

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  • Hello Ivan

    Thank you very much for this review.
    I’ve already bought some WSO’s from Paul and Trevor, and I was always satisfied.
    These guys are real and they know what they teach people.
    As you said in your review, SEO takes time, but when you rank on Nr 1, it is worst waiting and working on it.

    There is 1 OTO that I would never buy, it is the Done for you email series. That is duplicated content for autoresponders and your mail can go into the spam folder.
    Thanks again for this great review.


    • Hi Damien, your welcome. Yes, Trevor and Paul are legit mentors. They are the top affiliates at WarriorPlus and their offers are legit.

      I wasn’t inspecting OTO’s because I’m interested in the basic course only. Thanks for informing me about DFY Emails. It’s something I wouldn’t buy anyway. My readers will appreciate this info! Thanks.


  • Hi Ivan,

    Really great article on Campervan Commissions! I had never heard of it or the people involved. You really covered everything and went in with your eyes opened and gave us a totally honest review. I like that.

    It sounds like a reasonably good system and for the price, less than $15 a pretty good deal. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate myself for a couple of years now and I haven’t found anything better, to be honest.

    Thanks for a great review. Look forward to your next one. Oh btw have you hears of Commission Hero? Robby Blanchard. I have seen the adds. It’s $997 to buy and guarantees you $1000 a day once you learn his system. Maybe worth checking out.



    • Hi Kevin, your welcome. I’ve heard of Commission Hero. In fact, I already did a review. Yes, it’s a bit pricy training, but I believe that there is something to learn from Blanchard. He’s proved himself to be a #1 ClickBank affiliate and FB ads master. However, it will cost you a lot more than $997. That’s only the price of the training. There are costs of advertising on Facebook, ClickFunnels subscription, email responder, etc.

      On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate is ideal for beginners with zero knowledge about affiliate marketing. It’s not expensive, it offers a free trial, it has the best tools, resources, and community online. It’s my #1 place to learn affiliate marketing. I’m happy to hear that you too are one of the many happy students there.


  • Hey Ivan!

    First off, thanks for the insight – I’m always wary of “how to make money online” sites because there’s just so many bloody scammers out there. Funny enough though, this Campervan Commissions program is hardly the worst I’ve seen. Even if it has some ugly upsells.

    Anyways, thanks for the great review.


    • Hi Tyson, it’s good to know that you’re are always on the lookout. This particular training course is not so bad, but it’s not the best either. It misses a lot of ingredients and it’s a bit too short to be taken seriously. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your input. If you need any help, please, let me know. 🙂


  • Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for the info! There are so many get rich schemes out there, it’s hard to find out which one is real and what’s not. Right before I joined the program I’m in now, I was inches away from pulling the trigger on Legendary Marketer. It’s not a scam, but my take is that its just; upsell, upsell, upsell! Which I think will end up costing more than campervan but it’s the same concept. Why do I always have to upsell and not have a business foundation? I’m glad I’m going through a much more affordable training program now. Even if you give up, you will have the knowledge you need to succeed once you decide to try again if you’ve at least gone through half of the training.

    • Hi Ibrahim, I haven’t heard of Legendary Marketer. Thanks for letting me know. I might take a look at it and write a review about it sometime soon. I too don’t like to see too many upsells. It tells me that the main focus is on the owners pocket instead of me and my education. This kind of business model can destroy your chances to succeed and leave you halfway with unfinished business as well as an empty pocket.

      If you have any questions about the Campervan Commissions or any other program, feel free to ask.

  • Great article!

    A lot of people think these things are get rich quick schemes and granted, a lot of them are, but there are legitimate ways to make money online. The problem is, there are those that are willing to put the work in and those that aren’t. After reading your campervan review, it reminded me of a place I was very close to joining. It’s called Legendary Marketer. The program is not a scam and it’s only $30 to join, but my understanding is that you need to eventually pay $2500 before you have any chance of success. It just looks like it wants you to constantly upsell and I’m not interested in that. That’s why I joined the program I’m in right now, because it was reasonably priced and very educational. I don’t think I would have learned as much as I did even in a formal college setting. Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Ibrahim, that’s how the most programs operate. They’ll get you in with a seemingly low price ($30-50) but then, as you progress through the material, you realize that it’ll cost you a lot more than you’re initially led to believe. Some of them are outrages with the process while some like Campervan Commissions are not. I’m glad to see that you’ve found something that suits your taste. Keep it up and talk to you again!


  • Hello, Ivan. Thanks for another extremely thorough, informative article. You spoke about the necessity of a community to help a person along if they are going to succeed in affiliate marketing. Can you elaborate on how the community provides this help and how is that beneficial to them? Most of the people I know don’t want to work to help someone else make money, they want the money themselves.

    • Hi Joseph, thanks for commenting on my review. Advice, push in the back, motivation, kind words, pointing in the right direction, etc. What goes around comes around? That’s how I look at it. I don’t like to rely on the help too much. Because in the end, the work is what counts the most. However, it’s great to have access to the community which can help you resolve the problem if you ever get stuck.



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