Cash Formula Review – a SCAM or Legit Way to $5K a Day?

Are you interested in becoming one of the seven lucky people who could earn up to $5,000 in the next 24 hours? You should stop and read this Cash Formula Review before you decide. There are too many red lights flashing around it which indicate that Cash Formula might be a scam. I urge you to think twice, stay here, and get informed better. 

When you get an email with an offer like this one, your money making juices start to flow. I know mine do. The things they promise during the sales presentation are making you hit that get started button immediately.

Did you feel the same?

But what if I tell you that all those promises are not accurate and designed specially to lead you through a marketing funnel where you’ll get a chance to spend more money.

Would you still go for it?

What if there is no free money making system at the end of the story? What if Cash Formula is nothing but a scam designed to bleed your wallet dry?

You can rest assured. You have landed on the right website.

In this Cash Formula Review, we are going to discover what it is, who is Michael Green, what is the real price, is it a scam, and more!

Official Website:

Cash Formula Review - Scam?

Before we dig into this Cash Formula review, I want to share a personal experience with you.

We live in an age where internet marketing is going mainstream. See the business is still in a development phase. And because of that, the doors to the opportunity to make money online are still wide open to everyone interested in doing so.

Now, let me ask you.

Are You Interested in Affiliate Marketing?

Good! Today is your lucky day.

You see, people like Michael Green use questionable marketing methods to make you believe that you can make money online literally overnight. They know that internet marketing is still Greek for the majority, which gives them a perfect opportunity to scam them. They create scammy products such as Cash Formula to sell you a dream. The quality of the program, on the other hand, is highly questionable.

I seriously doubt that anything they say is the truth.

I’ve seen too many scams to believe that what they say is real. You’ll find links to some of them later during this review.

My advice is to stop and think twice before you give your trust and money to someone who is trying to excite you into buying a product like the one reviewed. Always do your homework and look up for a review to learn more about the product and possibly save your hard-earned money.

The reason I told you that today is your lucky day is that I have something better to offer.

If you want to start making money online in a legit way, you will find everything you need if you click on the red sentence down below.

We have all you need to build a successful online business. We can show you how to make money online but not in 24 hours from now because that is nothing but a lie! Building an online business and making money is a process which takes time and effort. If you have those two, you are fit to start your first steps.

Do you have time and necessary effort to build something great?


What is Cash Formula?

Michael Green claims that Cash Formula is a revolutionary system for making money online on autopilot. You can make up to $5,000 in the next 24 hours with his program. At least that is what he claims to be the truth.

Do you believe this?

If we are to trust the information from the video that you’ve just seen, it is a 100% done-for-you system that takes only a few clicks to make it work. After you set up and follow Michaels system, the cash will start rolling like clockwork. You don’t have to know anything about the marketing or technology to make it work.

The following image is taken from the video.

Cash Formula Review - What it is?

This statement is ridiculous!

Moreover, his system is so unique that he’s letting only a handful of people to take advantage of his system. Imagine, some big marketing companies are mad because he has released this system and you have to act fast before it’s gone.


Now check this out.

Michael also claims that this program has made all of his students six and seven-figure earners. There are 52 students out there who are millionaires all thanks to this DFY free money making system. You can see a few student testimonials that claim all this to be the truth.

Another wow!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to see authors claim that they have discovered a way to make money online by a push of a button. It’s like trying to convince you that the Earth is flat again. Making money like that is only possible in…no, it’s not possible.

And those student testimonials, well, they are probably fake as well. We’ll investigate that also.

So far, I’ve seen a lot of bull crap around this program, and we are not even a halfway through this Cash Formula Review. This ClickBank product reminds me of a couple of others that I’ve found to be using the same methodology as this one.

In the end, they were not delivering any real-life value, which might be the case here as well.

The products that I’m referring to are:

Who is Michael Green?

Michale Green is the creator and owner of the system. He is also known as a ‘green machine,’ a man who makes $10,000 a day by merely clicking a few buttons online. He goes on and tells you that he’s a real deal and that you don’t have to look any further if you want to do the same as he.

However, as it is a case with stories within promotional videos like the one you’ve just seen, Michael was not born under the lucky start. He had to go through hell to get where he’s right now.

Cash Formula Review - Michael Green

Before he has discovered the secret money making system, he used to work as an attorney for a law firm. Unfortunately, due to an injury he has suffered, he was unable to continue working on his law career. The things suddenly went downhill for Michael.

His family was on the verge of falling apart. Michael and his wife could not bear to look at each other in the eye. The bills were coming in every day. They fell into debt and were being afraid to lose the house which they have owned for 22 years.

Now here comes the rainbow!

One day Michales cousin, Ray, called him on the phone and offered access to a secret system for making money online in return for a favor.

Ray told him that this system had made him millions in just three months!

Michaels cousin and his company got the system from, check this out, Ukranian coders!

Yeah, your guess is right, it was Cash Formula that Ray was talking about.

Now, I highly doubt that Michael Green is the person he’s talking about. I believe that he’s nothing but a marketing trick. The real owner has made up the story about Michael because he’s hiding the real truth.

Many scams out there use the same tactic to sell their crapy products.

If this system is such a success as Michael claims that it is, he would have been easy to find. Moreover, if his story is the truth, he would have shown his real face to people.

So far, the fake owner story is a second red flag together with fake student testimonials.

Let’s continue this Cash Formula Review and see if this is a scam or there might be something behind all that fake noise.

Who is Cash Formula for?

Usually, I would say that products such as Cash Formula are for no one.

However, I’ve researched to discover what’s really behind that stupid sales video. I’ve found that there is something of value. You’ll have a chance to read more in just a few seconds.

But first, let me say that it could be for people interested in learning affiliate marketing basics.

Affiliate marketing is a legit business model that many people have used very successfully to generate six and even seven figures monthly! However, not a single one of them has done it in the way that Michael Green has described.

If you are looking for a push button method for making money online, perish the thought right now because it doesn’t exist.

On the other hand, if you have a desire to start making money online with affiliate marketing, then you should check out the link below.

You will discover something which is light years away from everything else out there. Many of our students have turned affiliate marketing into profits successfully. You can be another one if you follow our training to the letter.

Do you want to learn more?


Cash Formula Review – The Truth 

As I’ve said, there is something of value behind the crappy story you’ve heard so far. Even though the real owners have not disclosed their identity and they have used Michael Green character to make you believe in Cash Formula, it might not be a scam after all.

The truth is, however, that it is not a revolutionary system which can help you to make money overnight. Moreover, it’s not a 100% done-for-you system that you can activate by a push of the button too.

Remember that those claims are in 100% cases fake.

The video presentation is nothing but an exciting marketing funnel, which is designed to lead you to buy a few PDF scripts on Amazon affiliate marketing for small dollars. After you decide to get in, you’ll gain access to those scripts as well as a chance to buy additional offers from the owner. Thos offers are usually 5x more expensive!

Here is what you can find inside.

  1. Five tools necessary to get started – you’ll have to buy each tool individually, which means additional expense.
  2. Cash Formula Affiliate Website Theme – that’s going to be a free download.
  3. Cash Formula Guide on Amazon affiliate marketing
  4. Amazon Affiliate Essentials
  5. Amazon Affiliate Blueprint
  6. Fulfillment by Amazon Guide

As you can see, it is a set of scripts, tools, and guides mainly oriented towards affiliate marketing. Those scripts are going to help you understand the business model, which is proven and a legit way to make money online.

However, I highly doubt that you can make money as Michael Green has promised.

He’s counting on your curiosity and desire to make money online. He has amplified both by creating a video full of exciting information about the online business. On top of it all, he’s using false scarcity to make you believe that there are only seven spots left.

Michael, or whoever is behind this offer, know that many people will fall on to this because of the small price tag.

Cash Formula Price 

Speaking about the price. Cash Formula price is $37 one time payment. For that money, you’ll get access to everything I have discussed earlier.

However, the set of ebooks is only a means of justifying the price.

You see, the point of it is not to help you to start making money, but to support the creator of the funnel to make more money for himself.

They put a small price tag for a reason to get people interested in buying and leaving their email address. Then, they will use your email address to push more scammy products to make more money. The more offers they promote, the more money they earn.

Cash Formula Upsells

Now, people who are behind this funnel will use the opportunity to offer you a few upsells once you get into the system. Those offers are usually very promising, but they rarely deliver.

In this case, we have two of them.

  • Upsell #1 – $197
  • Upsell #2 – 297

So, when we do the math it can cost you more than $500 if you get involved!

You can START FOR FREE with my recommendation down below and then upgrade to Premium for $50 monthly if you like our system which is proven by thousands of happy students all over the world. I think it’s sufficient to say, but that includes me as well!

Do you want to work with legit online people or fakers?


Cash Formula Pros

Before I finish this Cash Formula Review, I want to list a few things that I liked as well as some others that I did not like about it.

As per usual, when I review products like this one, there are too not many things that I like. The whole system is repulsive and full of red flags, which leaves me with an impression that it might be a scam.

100% 60-days Money Back Guarantee

This program sells on ClickBank, which means that you can ask your money back if you don’t like it or you do not get the results as promised during the sales video.

Make sure that you don’t go through the customer support because they might ignore you and you can lose your money. Instead, go directly to ClickBank customer support. They will do it without any hassle.

Amazon Affiliate Program is Legit 

The second thing that I like about it is the set of scripts on Amazon affiliate marketing. This affiliate marketing system is legit. You can make money by doing it.

You can get a lot of useful information for only $37.

However, keep in mind that a few scripts and set of instructions are not enough to build a legit online business.

Cash Formula Cons

Before I make an official decision on the legitimacy of this affiliate marketing program, I want to show you all the red flags that indicate the possibility of a scam.

Unrealistic Income Claims

Michael Green will tell you that you can make up to $5,000 in the next 24 hours if you join this system.

Moreover, he goes on and on claiming that he and his students are making some massive amounts without any real evidence of proof. He gives you a few fake snap shoots with some random numbers that should make you believe that he’s telling the truth.

Cash Formula Review - Unrealistic Income Claim

The real creators of the funnel are using unrealistic income claims to trigger you into buying the course. This is a usual tactic which is applied in many other instances like this one.

Fake User Testimonials

In addition to those unrealistic income claims that are coming from Michael Green, you can see some real-life faces telling you the same things. They are bragging in front of the camera telling you how this system has helped them to make massive income overnight.

However, those people are fake. They are hired by the owner to speak the things they say.

You and I can find them on the website called Fiverr where they sell their service. We can pay those people as little as ten bucks to say anything we want.

Cash Formula Scam - Fake Student #1

Cash Formula Scam - Fake Student #2

Michael Green is Not the Real Owner

The person who presents himself to be Michael Green, aka the ‘green machine’ is probably fake as well. He is a spokesperson who is hired to read the promotional text.

The real owner is hiding behind the identity of Michael Green to make you believe that this offer is a real deal. However, as you can see on the image above, the image is a stock photo from the site called Freepik. The actual owner has been using it to create the character of Michael Green.

Cash Formula Scam - Fake Owner

If you cannot show you real face and stand behind the product you create, then I’m left to think that you are fake.

Fake Scarcity 

Another BS that pops out more than often in promotions like this one is phony scarcity.

Putting time pressure on people is a great marketing trick. The real owner of the product knows that as well. He’s using the idea that there are only seven spots left to make you act fast and buy his ‘revolutionary’ system.

Cash Formula Scam - False Scarcity

Expensive Upsells and Hidden Costs

This info-product sells for only $37. However, the full price goes over $500!

I’ve explained how the funnel works already. There is no need to repeat the math. I believe that you get it by now that this system is designed to bleed your wallet dry primarily. And then, if your wallet survives, you can maybe learn a thing or two about how to make money online.

Is Cash Formula a Scam?

As much as I would love to say that Cash Formula is a pure scam designed to rip you off, I can’t.

You see, Amazon affiliate marketing model is a legit way to make money online. If you buy this product, I believe you’ll get a solid foundation to get to understand the business model.

But what about all those red flags?

Well, unfortunately, those red flags are nothing but dirty marketing. I don’t approve that kind of advertisement. I think that it is a nasty way to trick people into buying something which has little value with a point of selling you more crap.

Technically, a scam is an illegal plan for making money. If you don’t get something in return for your money, then you got scammed. In this case, you get a set of ebooks on affiliate marketing, which justifies the price you pay for it.

Do I Recommend This?

Before I finish this Cash Formula Review, I want to say that I do not recommend this product.

The reasons are plenty.

Most of them are listed under the heading where I’ve disclosed those red flags or the things that I did not like about this program.

I would be unfair of me to send you to buy something which is not designed to help you to start making money online in the first place. Cash Formula might not be a scam, but it is not a top quality product either.

Stay away from it!

What Do I Recommend?

While I’m at the topic of legitimate affiliate marketing training programs that can truly help you to start your online business, let me show you the best way to go.

Are you interested in making money from affiliate marketing?

You see, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start your online hustle.

There are many other ways to make money online. However, none of them gives you a long term solution to create a self-sustainable business with little money.

Most of the other options cost a lot as well.

As you can see in the example of Cash Formula, you can end up paying a lot of cash to get nothing in return. It happened to me with a similar program (Internet Jetset) which was promising at the beginning but left me dry in the end.

Luckily, I found something better.

Do you want to know where to start your affiliate marketing business entirely for FREE? 

Yes, you have heard me right! You can start your business for FREE!

We can show you how to get things rolling for zero dollars. Moreover, we will give you two FREE WEBSITE and FREE ACCESS to beginners course on affiliate marketing.

Then if you are satisfied with our service, we can start working seriously to help you create a passive stream of cash online.

What do you say?

Do you want to learn more?

My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Profile


Ivan Head Shoot

I wish you a successful online marketing journey!

If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me!

All the best,


founder, and CEO at


  • Might sound like BS but $5000 a day on amazon FBA is VERY possible. But it is not all profit, its revenue generated for
    your, essentially speaking drop shipping business.

    What is not going to happen is to be taught the complexities in a $37 info product.

    Heck of a lot to drop shipping and amazon FBA – hence why a large percentage of people fail at it. You just cant open a shop, even in your local high street
    fill it with random products and hope to make money.

    Online is no different.

    Incidentally speaking is there a recommended Amazon FBA or drop shipping training program that you do recommend?

    • Hi Derek, I’m also aware that it’s possible. However, it’s not possible as it’s advertised here. The owners are saying to people that they will generate that kind of money literally overnight. Yes, again, you can make money with Amazon FBA, a lot of money. But you can’t make it with Cash Formula.

      Unfortunately, I’m not able to recommend a drop shipping training program. I agree that drop shipping is a great way to make money online. But like every other business, it takes time to learn and to start making a profit. I’m more interested in affiliate marketing. I found it to be a much better solution for many reasons. If you are interested in learning more, check out my #1 recommendation for affiliate marketing training.


  • Thanks for sharing with us the Cash Formula Review. As I always said everything comes with hard work at first and later one it will become easy. I’m glad I got a chance to read your article it prevents me to fall into it.

    • Hi Arif, your welcome. That’s the real formula! I advise you to stay away from programs like this one.


  • Thank you for writing this article, I was thinking about using Cash Formula, but now I’m giving it second-thoughts. Marketing is an interesting business to get into, so many strategies, and some of those strategies just unethical even if they are legal. Thanks again

    • Hi Daniel, I can’t agree more. I’m happy to reveal those strategies to you. The strategies some people use could easily be illegal. Unfortunately, they are not. And those people who are applying them are making a fortune on it. I advise you to stay away from Cash Formula.

      If you are looking for a legit way to start your affiliate marketing business for free, check out my #1 recommendation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

  • Thank you very much for this great review. Now I know that Cash Formula is another online Scam that I will stay away from.

    In this era, we are bombarded with tons of information about easy ways to get rich overnight. So, it is of paramount importance to have websites like yours that provide essential information so we can protect ourselves from scams.

    • Hi Alex, your welcome. I’m happy to see that you’re doing your research before taking any action. Offers like this one can cost you a lot of money.



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