CB Money Vine Review – SCAM or Free $500 a Day System?

Welcome to my CB Money Vine review.

I joined CB Money Vine a few days ago to see what it is about and to help you to find out whether CB Money Vine is a scam or a legitimate way to, and I quote, “stuff your account with daily autopilot commissions on over 4,000 hot products.”

If you’re looking for an honest and unbiased review without any affiliate links and fluff, you should keep reading this post.

I have only one intention. That is, to help you to avoid potential time and money waster.

Hi, I’m Ivan and I’m an online marketer who went from waiting tables to managing a full-time income online. I have also tried and tested 500+  courses, scams, and all sorts of schemes to find the best way to make money online.

In other words, I’m passionate about knowledge that helps to improve our lives, build a business online, and more.

So in this review, I’m going to show you what happens once you sign up for CB Money Vine. Also, you will discover how much this “free” system is going to cost you. And ultimately, we will see whether CB Money Vine is a scam or a legitimate product.

Ready to hit the road? Let’s go then!

CB Money Vine Review


CB Money Vine Review – Overview

  • Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Brian Winters and Tom E
  • Price: $0 + $1000 in Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days
  • Recommended?: Absolutely not!

Quick Summary: In short, CB Money Vine is a misleading, overhyped, and dishonest attempt to trick you into spending $100’s while telling you that it is a 100% way to make money online.

One of the major red flags is that the creator tells us that we can make money for free. While that’s possible, it’s not with this program because, in the end, you’re required to invest.

Secondly, the fact that there is no training inside to show you how to build your own online business is another red flag.

Basically, all you can find inside this program (revealed in my CB Money Vine review), are links to popular affiliate marketplaces where you can spend tons of cash on more worthless junk.

In my opinion, this product is best for owners who have tons of these schemes behind them…see the rest of this review to see what’s really going on if you accept this offer.

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What Is CB Money Vine?

CB Money Vine is an ingenious way to stuff your bank account with autopilot commissions. Best of all, it’s a completely free system! Or is it? Well, it’s not really – but more about this later in the review.

If you’ve watched the sales pitch, and I’m guessing that you have, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, you could hear stuff like, CB Money Vine helps you to make $47, $15, $27, $197 or even $500 a pop in affiliate commissions by promoting over 4,000 products.

CB Money Vine Review - Misleading Claims

Moreover, this free system is guaranteed to help you to grow your income to $500 a month, $2,500 a month and even $10,000 a month!

Sounds pretty much too good to be true, right? And you know what they say…

In any case, I was curious to find out more about the CB Money Vine system. One of my top concerns was whether CB Money Vine is a scam or a legitimate free way to make $500 a pop?

And here’s what I found…

Who Is Behind CB Money Vine?

Let’s start with the owners of the product first. I always check the background before I check the actual product because this information tells me a lot about what kind of product you’re dealing with.

Brian Winters and Tom E are the brains behind the CB Money Vine offers. These guys are well-known marketers who create products like this every single month. So far, I’ve reviewed a couple of them on this blog.

A few examples would be:

Although I don’t consider their products a scam, there’s certainly a dose of scepticism about CB Money Vine and all the others in the example above.


It’s because of those unrealistic promises they make. They always claim how this product or that product is going to stuff your inbox with commissions on autopilot and other unrealistic BS.

But guess what? They rarely do…

How Does CB Money Vine Work?

CB Money Vine is supposed to be a free marketplace where you can get access to over 4,000 products. However, those products are actually all hosted on ClickBank and WarriorPlus affiliate marketplaces.

CB Money Vine Review - Marketplace

In other words, this “program” simply connects you with those marketplaces.

All of these products are connected with you with your own unique affiliate link. This link makes sure that you get paid a commission after each sale you make.

So how do you make sales?

According to the content of this program, your main task is to use your free CB Money Vine webpage and links to invite others to join through your page for free. And if they buy something from the marketplace, you make money.

CB Money Vine Review - Affiliate Links

Sounds great, right? But wait a minute.

This also means that you too will be offered to buy some products! So much so about the free system.

CB Money Vine Review

The trick is, you will have to buy at least one product PER MONTH to get qualified for commissions. And the same goes for your referrals.

In other words, you can’t earn money unless you spend money first.

They claim that this is actually good because it forces you to make money with this system haha!

CB Money Vine Review - Dishonest Marketing

How does forcing you to spend money and lying about the free system is going to help you to make money? I simply don’t get these guys at all.

See, when I back up to look at it from the distance, I can see that CB Money Vine is a clever way to give you “free” access to a database of 4,000 products and make you buy something.

If you do so, the creators of this system will earn a commission.

I personally expected to discover something like this. Tom E and his business partner always have a catch like this that is designed to trick you into spending money so that they can earn money.

Unfortunately, CB Money Vine is not what you may have been thinking. It’s not a training program that will teach you how to start your own successful online business.

In my opinion, it’s just a big sales funnel that benefits the owners the most.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at how much this “free” system could cost you if you ever join it.

Is CB Money Vine Really Free?

So as we have established earlier, the “free” CB Money System is not free. You can’t actually make any money with it unless you agree to purchase at least one product per month from the marketplace.

All you get for free is a bunch of white lies, misleading claims, overhyped statements and free access to the marketplace.

CB Money Vine Review - Free Membership

But check this out!

All those products that you can find inside the CB Money Vine marketplace are actually coming from ClickBank and WarriorPlus. And those two marketplaces are free to join. And you can get affiliate links there for free as well!

What a scam this is… – I’m starting to think!

And the tricks and lies do not stop there.

Tons of Hidden Upsells Right From the Door

As soon as you join CB Money Vine for free, they will start with something that I hate! They will offer you five different upsells all under the excuse that this is actually good for you…

CB Money Vine Review - Upsells

I’m disappointed, guys…

  • Upsell #1 – Commission Accelerator – $47 – Some BS about getting paid when your referrals generate commissions. I’m starting to think that this is a pyramid scheme, guys…
  • Upsell #2 – 10K List Mogul – $97 – Some BS about collecting emails from CB Money Vine members so you can send them messages and annoy them to buy more crap…
  • Upsell #3 – 4-Figure Commission Club – $197 – Remember. They said you can earn $500 a pop for free. Now, they ask $197 to get access to these high ticket commissions…scam!
  • Upsell #4 – Traffic Co-op – $197 – Traffic rotator! What a waste of time and they ask $197 for this!
  • Upsell #5 – Six Figure Empire – $397 – And if all this BS was not enough, they have the nerve to sell you more of their products from their collection.

Guys, I’m not saying that CB Money Vine is a scam. But, I mean, look at this!

They’ve told you that you can get 100% free access to a system that is going to make you $100’s in commissions daily and $1000’s monthly all for free.

And then, even before you actually reach this “free” system, they ask you to pay $1000 to buy a bunch of misleading upsells and parts of the program that are needed if you want to make money!

Yeah…let’s talk about that some more.

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Can You Make Money With CB Money Vine?

You can’t make money with CB Money Vine unless you spend money. That’s a fact! However…

In theory, if you’re willing to accept all those upsells and buy one product per month from the marketplace, you can get a chance to earn some money back.

The system they use inside this program is called affiliate marketing and it’s legitimate.

Well, I’m not sure whether the way they are doing it is legitimate, but let’s give them a benefit of the doubt.

So, let’s say you do buy one product from the marketplace each month to get qualified for commissions. And you buy all those upsells to get access to traffic and other stuff.

In this case, you could potentially earn some commissions as well.

However, unlike the owners of CB Money Vine, I’m not going to promise you anything or give you any sort of guarantee.

In my opinion, this is just another corrupt product that I personally am going to avoid…



Who Is CB Money Vine For?

In my opinion, this is best for Brian Winters and Tom E. They have thought of a very clever way to trick people into spending money on useless products so they can earn money on autopilot.

Of course, you too will get some chance to earn some money, but good luck with that!

What I Like About CB Money Vine

When I think about it, I don’t like a single thing about this offer. It’s misleading, overhyped, full of traps, and above all, very close to begin called a scam.

More about this is the next section of my CB Money Vine review.

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Overhyped and Misleading Sales Pitch
  • It’s Not a Free System
  • Upsells and Money Traps on Every Step
  • No Real Training Inside the Member’s Area
  • Designed For Owners Benefit
  • No Value In This Product Whatsoever

Is CB Money Vine a Scam?

I’m very very close to saying that CB Money Vine is a scam. Everything about this offer was wrong right from the start.

They started with big fancy promises about making tons of commissions on autopilot for free. Since I’m used to listening to that BS, I proceeded without any excitement.

Then, once I gave them my email address, they immediately lost my trust by telling me that I have to buy products in order to make money.

How can you say that it’s free and in the next sentence ask for money?

Then, once that BS was over, I had to listen to five upsells. These upsell contain critical parts of the CB Money Vine system without which you can’t really make any money.

Now, this is something I’m very used to when reviewing these types of programs.

And then, once I got inside the members’ area, I found out that this offer does not offer any sort of education on affiliate marketing, ClickBank, WarriorPlus, traffic generation, and all those things you need to know about to make money online.

All in all, CB Money Vine smells like a scam to me…I’m not saying that it is a scam. All I’m saying is that it is a completely misleading, deceptive, and dishonest offer.

What do you think?

Alternative: On the other hand, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

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Do I Recommend This Offer?

I have no intentions of recommending this product. As I said earlier in the review, this offer is the best for those who stand behind it.

From the top to the bottom, the whole thing has been designed with the idea of making money off you. Helping you to make money with CB Money Vine is just an excuse to make you spend your hard-earned cash on products that you don’t even need!

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CB Money Vine Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, CB Money Vine is a platform that offers you free access to products that are already available for free on ClickBank and WarriorPlus marketplaces.

Then, they ask you to buy one product per month to earn rights to earn commissions from this system.

To do so, you will have to recommend other people to the CB Money Vine marketplace using your unique affiliate links. They suggest social media and email marketing get traffic.

However, the system is not complete without upsells, so you will have to consider them as well.

All in all, this offer could and will go from being a 100% free way to stuff your inbox with the commission to spend $100’s on upsells and products that you don’t even need.

Thanks for reading my CB Money Vine review. Was this post helpful? What do you think about this offer? Is it a scam or legitimate?

Let us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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