Click Home Income Review – Is This Software Legit?

Hi, and welcome to my Click Home Income review.

So what is Click Home Income? Now, it claims there on their website that it is a new “Secret System” that unlocks 7 income streams and pays you $29.00 Over N’ Over by doing a simple tasks.

Not just that, it also says that you don’t need to have experience, No big investments, and no fixed work hours.

The program does sound good, but the question here is it legit?

Cant his program delivers what it promises?

Let’s find out!

Throughout my Click Home Income review, you can rest assured of getting an honest and unbiased review from me.

In this review, we will try to answer all your questions. It should give you a clear understanding of Click Home Income and see if this is worth your money.

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Click Home Income – Overview

  • Product Type: Click Home Income
  • Owner: Shawn Josiah
  • Price: $19
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: As I mentioned earlier, Click Home Income is a new “Secret System” that claims it can unlock 7 income streams and pays you $29.00 Over N’ Over by completing a simple task.

It also says that you don’t need any experience doing this and you don’t have to invest big money.

I have seen so many programs like this that claim you can make easy money with just one click.

There is indeed such a program like that, but it is not a reliable source of income.

If you want to make real money where you have to do all the work to earn it, I recommend you check my number recommendation below.

Now let’s take a look inside Click Home Income and see what you will get from this program.


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What Is Click Home Income?

Click Home Income Review Website

Click Home Income is a software application launched on January 21st, 2022.

The program is owned by an online marketer named Shawn Josiah.

Click Home Income is a Cloud-Based App that enables you to create your own products and Info-based products in minutes.

You don’t have to download anything here, and not just that, you will also don’t need domains, websites, or Hosting.

All you have to do is log in, create a product, use one of the page templates, and you’re done.

Once you get access, you can now start using it, and that is where the claim that your earning will start.

Here, you can earn $29 every time you complete a task. Technically, you won’t be completing the tasks yourself because you got Click Home Income, and it can finish 7 multiple tasks for you in under 10 minutes.

Sounds great, right? It’s almost that you don’t have to do anything and let the system do it for you easy money.

However, this kind of stuff is for those lazy people. Yes, it is nice and all, but this kind of program won’t last long because I have experienced it in the past.

They sound good from that start, but when something goes wrong, that is where you will see if they will help you or not.

The Creator

Click Home Income Review Owner

Shawn Josiah is the one who has created Click Home Income and a lot of other products and services on Clickbank.

Based on my research, Shawn is a real person as he has a Youtube channel name after him.

However, his channel doesn’t have that many videos, and it only has 45 subscribers from 2021 till today.

His videos are all about mindset and how to make money.

I don’t know if Shawn Josiah is a real deal, but it seems that he knows what he is doing.

Shawn also has another Youtube channel named Email Profit Academy, and just like his other Youtube channel, it doesn’t have a lot of views on his videos.

It seems that this channel is no longer active because the last video he posted was 7 months ago.

This is why you will be questioning yourself if Shawn Josiah is a real deal.

If he is a well-known person, he should have a lot of views on his videos, but it is not.

Now, let’s look inside and see what you will get from Click Home Income.

How Does Click Home Income Works?

There’s nothing much you can do here because everything here is done for you.

Because all you have to do here is to point your mouse where they show you and click, and that’s it.

That is why it says there’s no need for you to have experience because it is easy to use, and all you have to do is complete tasks in their proprietary software and get paid $29.

There is nothing special here, and all you have to do is hit complete and get paid $27 repeatedly. ​

There are 3 steps with Click Home Income to generate cash on command.

Step 1 – Join The Community

Here, you can join one of Click Home Income to ask questions and help each other as a member.

Step 2 – Push Button Products

The program will do all the hard work and build high-quality polish products with the push of a button.

Step 3 – Enjoy Recurring Income

Here you will sell the products for cash and use them to generate lists of buyers and earn affiliate commissions or sell content creation or design services to other marketers for money.

Who Is Click Home Income For?

Click Home Income is for everyone because it is easy to use, and there is no need for you to have the experience to use this system because the system does all the work for you.

As I said, all you have to do is complete the tasks given to you and get paid $29.

How Much Does Click Home Income Costs?

Click Home Income costs $19, but you will get a $2 discount if you wait for the pop icon, and you can buy the program at $17.

As you can see, the front-end price is affordable.

However, once you are in the program, you will spend more money than you expected that they didn’t show it to you from the start.

Here I will show you the upsells of this program.


Upsell 1 – Unlimited ($47/$37)

This upsell allows you to create unlimited creations of every feature they have, such as:

  • Generate Professional Voiceovers In 41 Languages
  • Create Unlimited Minutes High-End VSL Or Explainer Videos
  • Create Unlimited eBooks With A Few Clicks
  • Design Unlimited Stunning Business Logos
  • Design Unlimited Professional Looking eCovers
  • Push Button Speech To Unlimited Minutes Of Text Transcription
  • Automatically Locate Freelance Gigs From Months Ago
  • 1 Click Convert Video To Unlimited Minutes Of Audio

Upsell 2 – DFY ($297/$97)

This upsell unlocks done-for-you features in the software, such as:

  • Done For You eBooks
  • Done For You Freelance Gigs
  • Freelance Gigs Special Training

It also has step-by-step training and DFY templates on an easy application for gigs.

Upsell 3 – Job Hunter Pro ($127/$67)

This upsell allows you to instantly integrate to more than one platform and now to Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, and People Per Hour for job search ease.

Upsell 4 – Multiple Streams of Income Masterclass ($47/$27)

This upsell will equip you with the skills to create multiple income streams through their 7 specially selected multiple streams of income masterclass.

Upsell 5 – Passive Income Masterclass ($47/$27)

This upsell will equip you with the skills to generate passive income through their specially selected multiple streams of income masterclass.

Upsell 6 – Reseller License ($297/$97)

This upsell claims to grant members the license to sell Click Home Income as their own and keep 100% of the profits for it.

Here’s what you will get from this upsell:

  • Done For You software business in a box
  • Leverage their 7 figure team of Top-Notch designers, copywriters, and developers
  • Keep 100% Profit To Yourself
  • They will handle customer support for you
  • No technical skills needed
  • Video tutorial included

Upsell 7 – High Ticket Maximizer ($167/$67)

This upsell equips you with how to get high ticket commissions.

All you have to do is plug and play the pre-selected high-ticket items to earn commissions per sale.

Upsell 8 – Traffic Booster ($167/$67)

This upsell allows you to ride on their traffic sources and insights to get more traffic from the internet.

Is Click Home Income A Scam?

I can’t say if Click Home Income is a scam or not, but one thing for sure that I can say is that I can’t recommend this to you.

Yes, the front-end price is affordable, and it seems to look like a legit system to make money online.

However, the problem with DFY is that you’re not in control of it, and if something goes wrong, there is nothing you can do but wait for them to fix it.

It would be nice if you have control over the system so that you will know how to do it, but with Click Home Income, there is nothing you can do about it.

Also, the downside with Click Home Income is that they didn’t tell you about the upsell.

It would be nice to tell you how much it really costs than hide it.

I understand it’s a marketing strategy but do you really have to hide it?

People expect that they can get the full package of the program at $19, but the truth is you won’t.

I really don’t like it when creators don’t tell you everything, especially about how much it costs.

If you are a legit person, you should tell everything about your products or programs so that people will know.

All in all, Click Home Income is an easy program to use, but again I can’t recommend this to you.

I’d rather want you to invest your money in a business model where you have full control of it from front to back end and make a passive income.

What I Like About Click Home Income

  • Easy to use
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Video training
  • Everything here is done for you

What I Don’t Like About Click Home Income

  • Hidden cost
  • Upsells

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Now you know what Click Home Income is and why I don’t recommend this program to you.

The program is meant for beginners, and as you can see, it is easy to use.

However, for its front-end price and upsells, I don’t think they can afford it, especially how much it will cost them.

Yes, the program is easy to use but again for its total price I don’t think it is worth it that is my opinion.

There are many done for you systems out there, and some of them are worth spending.

However, you need to be careful about what you invest because some programs are scams making you believe that you make easy money, but in the end, it doesn’t work.

I did say that I don’t recommend this to you, but if you are interested in this program, you can try it if you want. It’s up to you.

Just remember that is just the front-end price of the program, and if you want to get the full package of it, you have to buy the upsells.

Done for you system is nice, but I prefer to build a business that is my own and has full control of it.

If you want to build your own business, I recommend you to check my number 1 recommendation below, and there you might find what you are looking for.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Click Home Income review.

I hope this Click Home Income review is helpful and makes it easier for you to decide if this is the one you are looking for.

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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