Commission Hotshot Review – A Scam or Passive Income in 19 Minutes?

Welcome to my Commission Hotshot review.

With this post today, I want to help you to find out the truth about Art Flair’s and Phallab Ghosal’s latest 3-step formula for earning a passive income online through free traffic. Allegedly, Commission Hotshot is making $789.80 in less than 24 hours for these guys, and it looks like you can do the same in less time.

But if this is your first time bumping into Art and Phalab, you should know that Commission Hotshot is nothing but an overhyped system for earning an income online that took them years to develop.

And now, they say how you can repeat their success in just three steps. Yeah, right.

So, is it possible to make money in just three steps, using free traffic and in less than 24 hours? Well, let’s just say that the truth is going to shock you and from now on, those flashy sales pages won’t have an effect on you.

In my Commission Hotshot review, you’re going to get a chance to learn what this system really is about, and how it works for real. Also, I’m going to lead you through the sales funnel so you can see what the real intention is, and much more!

Commission Hotshot Review


Commission Hotshot Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Price: $13 + 6 UPSELLS!
  • Product Owner: Art Flair
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-days (questionable?)
  • Recommended?: No

Quick Overview: Commission Hotshot is a free traffic and commission formula that makes $ 100’s in just 24 hours. All you have to do is deploy the system and earn a passive income. That is, of course, what they say on the sales page.

But in reality, this product is nowhere near those claims form the sales page. Commission Hotshot is a training program that is going to show you how to create unethical YouTube video reviews to get traffic and eventually, earn commissions.

It is also an expensive and overhyped sales funnel designed to make money for the owner and his team. You see, these guys release a couple of these “secrets” products each month. In other words, the chances that this system is going to work for you are slim.

In my opinion, this is not recommended product, and in the rest of my Commission Hotshot review, you’re going to see why I’m not confident to give the green light to this product.

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What is Commission Hotshot?

The problem with most product out there today is that they promote making money the wrong way. All of them say is how you can earn an income 24 hours from now using free traffic on tap and a lot of other BS. How many products that use these claims have you encountered so far?

Even better, how many of those products actually worked for you? Let me guess, flat 0.

Today, we have Commission Hotshot that is supposed to be something different. It’s a potent new mix of experience, technology and step-by-step video training designed to help you and every other newbie to earn sales as fast as in the next 24 hours. Commission Hotshot is based on three major steps that will help you to generate high-quality traffic.

Commission Hotshot - Sales Page

But the thing is, you see, Art and the gang say how you can replicate the success that took them a few years to accomplish in just three steps.

I do agree that they could show you a faster way to results. You could use the tested and proven formula to eliminate all the guesswork, testing and tweaking of the system to get results. However, this does not guarantee that you will ever achieve results.

In fact, if you take a look at the bottom of the sales page, you’ll notice that there are no guarantees with using Commission Hotshot. In other words, you could give it a try, but results may never come because this system is not going to work as they told you earlier.

You see that free, high-quality traffic that is going to make you money on autopilot requires a lot of work. There’s no way in hell that you can repeat their results in less than 24 hours or less. How do I know this? Well, the Commission Hotshot system is based on YouTube video reviews. Yes, you’ve read that right!

So when they say that Commission Hotshot requires no list building, no paid ads, and no investment, they were not lying to you. However, they failed to say that this method requires a lot of time, work, some money, and a lot of skills before you can get a single drop of traffic to your offers.

In other words, the sales page sounds too good to be true…

Commission Hotshot Sales Page Claims

On the other hand, YouTube review videos do have incredible traffic potential. There are no limits actually to the amount of traffic that you can accumulate reviewing other people’s products in front of the camera and then posting them on YouTube. But have you ever done a review?

You see, the system might sound good on the paper (if you can forget about the overhyped BS from the sales page). And I will urge you to keep reading my Commission Hotshot review because you’re about to discover why this is not going to work as advertised.

About Art Flair and the Team Blackbelt

Art Flair, Phallab Ghosal and Ram Rawaer are three digital marketers who like to call themselves “Team Blackbelt.” These guys are, first and foremost, serial product creators. They have “developed” tons of similar products and system on Warrior plus over the last few years.

Commission Hotshot - Creators "Team Blackbelt"

Some of the are:

You see, most of these products are nothing more than seriously overhyped marketing campaigns designed to make cash for the “Team Blackbelt.” And in the next sections of my Commission Hotshot review, you’re going to see that this one no different than other “magic” system created by these guys.

What You Get With Commission Hotshot

In the next sections of my Commission Hotshot review, I’m going to reveal the sales funnel that you have to go through before you can get access to the content of this program. In this section, I’m showing you what you get with this system if you ever get into this.

Commission Hotshot - Members Area

Commission Hotshot Training Videos

According to the sales page, you can use this over-the-shoulder video training to copy and paste this system to get results in the next 24 hours or less. Needless to say, these claims are pure BS!

However, in reality, you’re going to get a set of training videos where you can see how to get that free traffic from YouTube. And remember, this method takes a lot of time and work, so never expect fast results. Here’s the list of the training videos.

  • Case Study Results
  • Selecting The Right Offer + Affiliate Hack
  • Your Online Hub
  • Free Tools
  • Your Money Magnet
  • Optimization
  • Optimization For Traffic #1
  • Optimization For Traffic #2
  • Additional Traffic
  • Scaling It Up

Commission Hotshot - Training Videos

This training inside of the Commission Hotshot is based on Art’s experience. If you have ever searched for YouTube product reviews in the make-money-online niche, the chances that you’ve seen Art’s videos are vast. He’s been doing this successfully for years now.

The keyword is YEARS. Not hours, not days, not week or months, but freaking years!

And when Art says that Commission Hotshot works with no previous online assets, like an email list or a website, and…

  • You Can Get Free Traffic In Any Niche
  • You Can Send It To Any Offer You Want
  • It Converts Into Sales Because You’re Going After Buyers

He’s telling the truth (at last!). You can use this system to promote affiliate products, CPA offers, eCom product or your own products and services.

Commission Hotshot - Software

Commission Hotshot Automated Software

To help speed things up, Art and his team have included software that is designed to automate the process. According to the sales page, this software has a few benefits that could improve your chances for success.

  • Use it to get traffic faster
  • No need to hire someone else for it
  • Saves you time
  • Saves you money
  • Puts you in control
  • Allows you to see results in the first 24 hours

However, you have to be aware that no software can do the work for you.

With all that being said, and with the content of this program covered, it’s time to move to the part of this Commission Hotshot review where I’m going to share how this program works.

How Does Commission Hotshot Work?

The problem with the Commission Hotshot is in the difference between the story that you’ve had a chance to see and hear from the sales page and the actual reality. In other words, these two concepts are two separate worlds, which is a huge red flag.

Commission Hotshot Steps

For example, here’s the official explanation of how this system works.

  • STEP 1: You Find “The Right Offer” That People Want To Buy
  • STEP 2: You Go Through The Commission Hotshot Traffic Formula
  • STEP 3: You Withdraw Your Earnings Any Time You Want
  • STEP 4 (Optional): You can do this over & over again and use the compounding effect to scale this up beyond your wildest dreams

Now, on the other hand, here’s how it works in the real world.

How Commission Hotshot Really Works

Within the training area, you’ll find a case study where Art explains how he’s used the Commission Hotshot method to promote a product called the Easy Arbitrage. In this case study, he shows his results, which were more than successful and he confirms that he’s made $789 using only one source of traffic.

Commission Hotshot - Case Study

So when he says that you don’t have to pay for traffic or post a bunch of links on social media, he’s telling the truth. I know for a fact that Art was using only YouTube to get rankings and thus, free traffic and sales.

However, the thing that Art is not telling you is that it takes a lot of time, skill and work to get this free traffic from YouTube. In my experience, it is going to take at least a few months to get results under the assumption that you know what you’re doing.

You see, Art’s Commission Hotshot method comes down to:

  • finding a product that converts
  • analyzing and researching the product
  • creating a video review
  • optimizing the video for search engines

And it is going to take a few months to master these four areas of YouTube marketing, no doubts. So forget about results in less than 24 hours.

The idea is simple. You find the product you like, do the research about the product, and then share your views and review on video. Once you’re finished, you need to SEO optimize the video so that YouTube can give you rankings and thus, send you free traffic.

And to earn an income, all you have to do is leave your affiliate link somewhere in the description of the video and tell your viewers to click on it if they are interested in the product. It’s a simple process in theory, but complicated in reality.

In addition to recording YouTube videos, Art is going to show you how to create your own blog and post the video on your blog with Commission Hotshot training. This gives you better chances to rank your video high in the search engines like Google and YouTube.

If you don’t want to shoot review videos, if you don’t want to be filming your face, recording your voice, etc. They will show you how to do it in a couple of different ways. You can use other people’s videos and do this successfully as well.

Now, where can you find these products?

It’s About Promoting Warrior+ Brand New Releases

Well, Art and his buddies are friends with a lot of WarriorPlus vendors. So, each time these guys have a new product that needs some marketing, they send JV documents to all affiliates. Then, affiliates use the Commission Hotshot method described above to create videos and promote these products to earn commissions.

So in a nutshell, they are creating fake reviews to help their buddies to make more sales and to earn commissions themselves. Just type in Commission Hotshot review, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Out of 10 reviews, only two are sharing accurate information. The rest is just repeating the BS from the sales page.

However, you’re not bound to doing this. You can still apply the WarriorPlus affiliate marketing method on any products and niches out there and do this more ethically then these guys.

Furthermore, guys are going to be talking about SEO and optimizing your videos for search engines. This way, you’ll make sure your videos are properly optimized. And if you follow all the guidelines, there shouldn’t be any problems in ranking your review videos inside YouTube and even Google.

As I said, they’re also going to show you how to use other people’s videos to get free traffic if you don’t want to make your own. The Commission Hotshot method, however, is also unethical, and I do not advise it. My best recommendation is to do this ethically by creating your own honest reviews.

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Who Is Commission Hotshot For?

In most cases, when reviewing Art Flair’s product, I would say that the system in the review is best for him. You’ll see why I’m saying this in the next section of this Commission Hotshot review. Here’s a hint: UPSELLS.

However, after taking a closer look at this system, I would like to add that this is for:

  • affiliate marketers
  • YouTube marketers
  • digital marketers
  • product creators
  • freelancers

Commission Hotshot Price and OTOs

So, for $13 one time, you’re getting the Commission Hotshot Pro package which includes the following features:

  • Case Study
  • Video Training
  • DFY Images
  • Cheatsheets
  • Bonuses
  • Description Creation Sofware
  • Analyzer Software
  • Bonus Case Study
  • Commercial Licence

Then, if you want, you can choose to upgrade with these upsells (OTO).

Commission Hotshot - Price and OTO

OTO #1: Real Life Case Studies ($27)

With this Commission Hotshot OTO, you’re getting access to a set of eight real-life case studies where you can see made $ 1000’s with this method. Also, they will include some advanced and bonus training.

  • 8 Real-Life Case StudiesAdvanced Training
  • Advanced Training
  • Bonus Training

OTO #2: Done For You Package ($37)

This Commission Hotshot OTO gives you access to a set of DFY affiliate campaigns where all critical aspects are completely DFY. Meaning, all you have to do is use them properly.

  • DFY Evergreen Affiliate Campaigns
  • DFY AUTOMATED Campaigns
  • DFY CPA Campaigns
  • DFY Social Media Promos
  • DFY Email Campaigns
  • DFY Engagement Posts
  • DFY Squeeze Pages
  • DFY Stock Music
  • DFY Images

OTO #3: Commission Hotshot Reseller Pack ($197)

If you’re interested in selling Commission Hotshot and keeping 100% of the profits, this upsell gives you reseller rights. Meaning, you can sell this product as your own. Here’s what is included:

  • Makeup To $498 Per Sale
  • Resellers License To Commission Hotshot
  • Resellers License To 6 Additional Funnels
  • All Promo Material
  • Free Set-Up
  • No Hosting Required
  • No Domains Required
  • We Look After Support

OTO #4: 45+ WSOTD & POTD Awarded Products ($147)

As I said earlier in this Commission Hotshot review, the “Team Blackbelt” owns tons of these products. With this upsell, they give you access to every single product they released since 2015, which includes 45+ products.

OTO #5: 6-Figure Training ($47)

This Commission Hotshot OTO is designed to help you scale your income even more with additional traffic sources such as Instagram, Google Ads, and even though creating your own products. This advanced training included three other training modules:

  • Instagram Traffic Module
  • Google Adwords Module
  • Product Creation Module

OTO #6: 03 Traffic Softwares ($27)

The last upsell gives you access to software that creates lead magnet funnels you can then use to build email lists of potential buyers. Also, you get a keyword tool that helps to find profitable keywords for Google and YouTube. Lastly, you get a bot for creating a following on Twitter

  • Rapid Lead Magnets
  • Keyword Research Ninja
  • Twitter Marketing Bot

What I Like About Commission Hotshot

  • YouTube video reviews are a proven way to get traffic
  • The product includes step-by-step video training and case studies
  • Low front-end price
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

What I Don’t Like About This Product

  • Art and his “team” create at least 2-3 product like this each month
  • The YouTube method they use is unethical (creating fake reviews)
  • With this method, you’re risking your traffic, and income (YouTube could ban you)
  • The sales page is overhyped, and they use misleading claims to make sales
  • The product comes with six upsells ($482!!!)

Is Commission Hotshot A Scam?

Whether Commission Hotshot is a scam or legit is up to you and how you feel about a scam. In my opinion, it’s very close to being called a scam. Nonetheless, since you get some training and the method is workable, the final verdict is legitimate.

However, this is not the way to create a long term and legitimate business online. In my opinion, this method is oversaturated, risky, and is not for everyone.

Maybe my statements here are a bit confusing for you right now because you’ve probably read a few Commission Hotshot reviews before mine. But let me tell you, those reviews are precisely why I’m not going to recommend this product.

Commission Hotshot Scam

You see, they are all associated with Art. In other words, he sends them JV material each time he has a new “magic” system ready for the market. Then, these guys go ahead and create fake reviews where they repeat the BS from the sales page and compete to make the sales.

In other words, none of these products was designed to help the user. The main intention is to trick you and 100’s of newbies out there into believing how this product is going to make you rich.

Sounds like a scam to you?

Conversely, the only people who are going to get rich with Commission Hotshot are Art and his team of affiliates.

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Commission Hotshot Review – Conclusion

So, now you know what Commission Hotshot is all about, you know how it works, and you have an insight into the full price of this overhyped training program. I hope you can now make your own confident decision about what to do next.

Thanks for reading my Commission Hotshot review. If you need more info or have the experience to share, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

14 thoughts on “Commission Hotshot Review – A Scam or Passive Income in 19 Minutes?”

  1. Thanks for your honest review of Commission Hotshot! This is a money-making system that’s too good to be true. Even though it sounds like a scam, many newbies looking for a get-rich-quick scheme will fall victims. I wonder why many people haven’t rushed into it if it ever delivered what it actually promised. When it comes to YouTube marketing, it’s easy to get started, but building an audience of people and make money is complicated. Thanks for the enlightenment!

    • Hi Joyce Easton, thanks for your comment on my review. I agree with you! Getting started with YouTube is easy, and there are a ton of free resources that could teach you the same things as Commission Hotshot. But it’s not as easy to reach your audience and make money. Glad this post was helpful.


  2. Today is another weekend. I didn’t go out. I just had time to find some projects that can make money online. I happened to see the Commission Hotshot mentioned in your post, but after I read the full post, I still decided not to try it but was very interested in the #1 Recommendation mentioned in your post.

  3. A great review of the commission hotspot. In my view, there are two ways to make money online. The quick way which may or may not work, but if it does, not for long. Or a sustainable way to build business. Sustainable means that it will make money day in and day out for years

    • Hi Catherine Ford, thanks for reaching out. You’re absolutely right. Quick ways could work some times, but if you’re inexperienced marketer, it won’t last for long. The slow way is always the better way. Thanks again for your comment on my review of Commission Hotshot. If you have any questions, do let me know.


  4. It always baffled me why would someone expect us to believe they are giving their “golden goose” away for nothing (well, $13 in this case). If no website, no list, no social media, no paid advertising, no traffic, no chatbots, no funnels, no product and no work is required, what am I needed there for? Why don’t they operate their bulletproof system themselves and earn all that money themselves? Why would they give away hundreds of dollars(almost 800) every 19 minutes?
    Not to mention encouraging newbies to steal other peoples work! What a knavish behaviour-shame on them.
    Thank you for another eye-opening review. I honestly hope many-many will read it.

    • Hi Kerryanne, thanks for sharing your comment. I agree with you. As always, these overhyped products want you to believe in impossible. Making money online is never a result of pushing a few buttons. It’s stupid, right? In essence, Commission Hotshot is not a scam or anything like that. But it is a seriously overhyped product that teaches unethical methods of getting traffic and earning an income.


  5. There are so many of these sales pages with overhyped promises. It’s sad that so many newbies fall for it, believing they can make money within such a short time. Most will give up even after buying all the expensive upsells. It’s true you can follow the training as long as you put it into action and not create fake reviews. Your recommended training program is by far the best option:)

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yes, you can make it as long as you are ready to invest a lot of effort into your business. Commission Hotshot system is legitimate and it could work, but I wouldn’t suggest this route to newbies. Yes, my recommendation is by far the best option, I’m glad you like it.


  6. Thanks for your review Ivan. It is very bad that those guys are actually successful online. That is bringing very shady idea for everyone starting out online. No wonder that online money making is niche, where many people are doubtful. I think that any program where unethical reviews are part of the “job” should be ignored. I hope that your review will help many people to decide whether to join or not. Cheers.

    • Hi Julius, you’re welcome, and thanks for your comment. Unfortunatelly, a lot of newbies are going to fall for those promises only to learn that making money online is harder than these guys claim. It takes a lot of time, work, and perseverance to start a successful online business.


  7. Hi Ivan,

    $789.8 in 19 minutes? If Commission Hotshot delivers what it claims, why isn’t everybody doing it right now, right? Meaning there must be something wrong behind all this, and I am glad your review helps me go through with it.
    I believe they over simplified the process to make money through YouTube, and it is just like what you mentioned it’s complicated. Without time and effort spending on creating quality video and building trust with your audience, it’s impossible to make it happen. So, I don’t think Commissions Hotshot can take me further.

    Thanks for sharing today,

    • Hi Matt, you’re right buddy. If this were some system that makes $100’s in a matter of minutes then why everyone is not using it? It’s because those are owners private results. And as you can see in my review, Commission Hotshot is not the best thing out there for earning an income online. Yes, YouTube is simple in theory but complicated in reality. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here.



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