Commission Seeker Review – Is It a Scam or Legitimate Method?

Welcome to my Commission Seeker review.

Are you wondering what exactly this method is all about? Is it a scam or a legitimate method? What do you even get with this program? How does it work in real life? Are there any upsells and bonuses?

Commission Seeker is a secret and underrated method for making $186 per day that requires no website or email, no experience, no product creation and it’s 100% beginner-friendly and proven way to make money online. The product was created by Cynthia Benitez, who claims that it is going to make you commissions starting the very same week!

Sounds incredible, right? Sounds a bit like a scam as well, wouldn’t you agree?

To find out whether this is true or a scam, read the rest of my unbiased Commission Seeker review. I’m going to reveal what it is about, how it works, what you get with this offer, what are the upsells, and more!

Commission Seeker Review


Commission Seeker Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Product Owner: Cynthia Benitez
  • Product Price: $11.95 + 4 UPSELLS
  • Recommended?: See the summary below…

Quick Summary: 

In reality, Commission Seeker is a proven method that Cynthia Benitez leverages to earn $186 per day with affiliate marketing. The course contains step-by-step training videos as well as a set of bonuses and upgrades to help you get the most out of this method.

In my opinion, Commission Seeker is not a scam, but for more details about this product, keep reading my review…


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What is Commission Seeker?

Commission Seeker is an underrated and overlooked method that is here for ages, and yet a very few marketers are using this to make money online. However, as you scroll through the sales page, you don’t get any details about what this is really about.

I mean, there’s zero information about the process which is a scam sign, folks. Too much secrecy and complete lack of transparency are not what I’m used to seeing from Cynthia Benitez. Here’s what this product is about…

  • Commission Seeker is an UNDERRATED method that helps you make commissions, starting the very same week.
  • With the Commission Seeker method, you can easily make $100+ in one day, with barely making any effort.
  • Full Over The Shoulder Case Study training. Follow along as I walk you through the whole method step by step.
  • YOU can genuinely use the Commission Seeker method to get fast results online, even if you have never made any money online before.
  • No experienced required to make this method work. Everything you need is explained in training.
  • A repeatable method that you can do over and over again.

Commission Seeker

With this method, you don’t need to buy domain names or hosting, and you don’t need to build a website or have an email list. You don’t even need any experience as Commission Seeker method is 100% newbie-friendly and works in any niche you choose.

Everything you need to know about making money with this method has been explained with step-by-step training videos. All you need to do is watch the training, apply the steps, and watch the money roll into your bank account. Allegedly, Cynthia is making $100+ per day with this method.

I’ve personally seen a lot of products for making money online so far and Commission Seeker struck me as a legitimate course. To be honest, it’s not the best one I’ve ever seen but Cynthia is a real person and she really knows how to make money online.

That said, this course contains legitimate information and is a relatively cheap way to learn how she makes money and how you too can replicate her success.

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What Are a Top Features of Commission Seeker?

The top feature of Commission Seeker is the 10-module training course that does not require any experience to implement. You don’t have to create a website or shoot YouTube videos. With this training, you get to see precisely what Cynthia is doing to make those $100+ days and a chance to do the same.

Here are some of the top features of Commission Seeker training program:

  • It’s a Proven Method
  • You Don’t Need A Website Or An Email List
  • 100 Newbie-Friendly
  • Step-By-Step Case Study Training
  • No Experience Required
  • You Don’t Need To Make Videos
  • Send A Flood Of Traffic To Your Offers
  • No Product Creation Needed
  • Work Less, Earn More

Commission Seeker Features

Commission Seeker Bonus Features

BONUS #1 Best Way To Make Money in 2020

Te first bonus feature is a 40 minutes long webinar with Cynthia, where she talks about the same business model she uses to earn a passive income online in 2020.

BONUS #2 How To Build An Email List Fast & Free

Another bonus gives you access to a few methods that talk about building an emails list fast and for free. This bonus also includes a few case studies.

Commission Seeker Bonus Features

BONUS #3 How To Start Making Money Online For Free

This bonus feature is a video where the author is talking about how to start making money online for free and from zero.

BONUS #4 The Freebie Page

The last bonus gives you access to a page with free products and courses you can use to share as freebies to attract more subscribers and customers to your business.

How Does Commission Seeker Work?

According to Cynthia Benitez, no experience is required to make Commission Seeker work. Everything you need is explained in training. So all you need to do is follow the simple instructions from these videos, take massive action, and hope for the best results.

But as you probably know already, there are no guarantees that this method is going to work 100%.

Commission Seeker Training

Once you log into the dashboard, you’ll get access to a step-by-step training program. It contains several video modules where Cynthia shows how to leverage her method from making 100’s per day.

With that said, Commission Seeker works in three steps as follows:

  1. Log In and View the Step-By-Step Training
  2. Copy Exactly What You See In The Course
  3. Sit Back And Watch $ 100’s Roll Into Your PayPal Account

The last step is something you have to take with a grain of salt.

You see, what works for Cynthia, might not work for you. The success of this method depends, first and foremost, on your ability to follow the instructions and take action on what you learn. Secondly, this is not a quick way of making money online, so you need to have a lot of patience and be persistent.

See, Commission Seeker is based on affiliate marketing which is not a get-rich-quick scheme. So if you ever join Cynthia’s course, make sure you take every single step with the utmost attention.

In my experience, affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and “site back and watch $100’s roll into your PayPal account” is an overhyped statement.

If you ever join Commission Seeker, keep in mind that it might take weeks, even months before you start seeing results. And as I said, there are not guarantees whatsoever, despite the shiny sales page.

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Who is Commission Seeker For?

Since Commission Seeker method does not require any experience or skills, and you don’t need to build a site or make videos, I would say it is for anyone wanting to make money online without having to get involved into the technical side of the business.

How Much Does Commission Seeker Cost?

At the time of writing this Commission Seeker review, the front-end product is selling for $11.95 one time. You get access to the main course and four bonuses from the author. Also, the product is backed with a 30-day refund policy and comes with four UPSELLS.


Upsell #1 – Commission Seeker Advanced ($17)

This upsell leads you though some advanced strategies that the creator is using to get even more business. This video requires the basic version of the training and the account on YouTube.

Upsell #2 – Commission Seeker Rolodex ($37)

With the second upsell, the owner gives away premium resources that she uses to speed up the process. This material saves you time spent in research and helps to make money faster.

Upsell #3 – Commission Seeker Reseller Rights ($67)

The third upsell allows you to sell the training program as you own and keep 100% commission across the entire funnel. This upgrade is for those interested in reselling this program.

Upsell #4 – Coaching ($197)

The last upsell is an option to hire Cynthia Benitez as your private coach for one month. In other words, she is going to help you with any questions related to affiliate marketing and her training program for one full month.

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What I Like About Commission Seeker

Commission Seeker is a method that Cynthia is using to make money online every day, which I like the most about this product. The fact that she works on this daily means that she knows what you need to do to replicate her success. Just remember, there are no guarantees of any kind.

I like the low-front end price and the fact that you can get your money back during the first 30 days. You get full training as well as a set of bonus videos and case-studies.

So, to sum up:

  • Cynthia Is Using This Method To Earn An Income Online
  • Training Includes Case-Studies and Bonus Features
  • Low Front-End Price
  • 30-Days Refund Policy

What I Don’t Like About Commission Seeker

Commission Seeker sales page contains some information that is unrealistic and hard to believe. For example, Cynthia claims that you can start making money as fast as this week. I’m afraid this is not going to be possible, especially if you’re a newbie. Advanced marketers may find ways to earn money faster.

Another thing that I don’t like is that it is hard to understand what Cynthia is talking about some times. So it would help if you listened carefully to get the grip. Also, I feel you’re going to need to take upsells to complete the information from the main training course.

  • Sometimes Cynthia is Hard to Understand
  • Cynthia Gives Unrealistic Promises
  • You Need Upsells to Complete the Course

Is Commission Seeker a Scam or Legit?

Commission Seeker is not a scam. I admit I was a bit worried when I  have encountered the sales page for this product. The creator openly claims that you can make 100’s almost instantly with this system.

And after reviewing 100’s of online scams, I always take those promises with a grain of salt.

See, making money online is possible, but there are no guarantees at all. And the same is with Commission Seeker. In other words, you will get a step-by-step course, but if you don’t follow through, you will never achieve any results.

Other than these unrealistic promises, I haven’t found any other scam signals related to Commission Seeker. I didn’t like the fact that it comes with unexpected upsells, but that’s hardly a scam signal. That’s just Cynthia’s way of making more money with this offer.

The bottom line is, Cynthia is a legitimate marketer, and her courses are too, so no need to worry about being scammed. This product is legit.

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Final Words and Recommendation 

There are plenty of ways to make money online. With Commission Seeker, you can learn how to use the same method Cynthia Benitez is using to make $100 in commission per day. The course includes ten video modules, bonus features, and upsells that are designed to help you get the most out of this underrated method.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

18 thoughts on “Commission Seeker Review – Is It a Scam or Legitimate Method?”

  1. Hi Ivan, thanks for sharing this honest review – I personally don’t really like it when a course has so much upsells when they know that users will need the whole thing to make it work..

    And unless the founder of the product can give your money back guaranteed if you don’t make what they claim, I’ll try to stay away.
    I want courses that can give realistic number and well, be humble.

  2. Thanks for the review of Commission Seeker. I haven’t tried this before. This program seems legit. It’s very good to generate an email list.
    I will definitively try this program.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks for sharing with us your point of view for Commission Seeker. I lost a lot of money with quick become rich plans and that why I decided to check reviews before buying. Honestly, I didn’t know about commission seeker, but it sounds interesting.

    But though as you said I feel a bit sceptic about making money in just a week. Sometimes there are good online methods to make money but the coaches exaggerate when doing their marketing, which makes the products look like scams.


    • Hi Arnaud, thanks for your comment on my review. The smartest thing you can do before buying a course is to read a few reviews. Good to see you doing exactly that! Yes, I’m seriously sceptic about some of the claims that Cynthia makes on the Commission Seeker sales page. Actually, I’m 100% sure that no one is going to make money as fast as she claims with this course. It has the potential, but it takes time and effort.


  4. Hey Ivan,

    Someone who is just getting started in possible looking for a program to help me get started, this really helped me and informed me about commission seeker. Being a newbie I really love that the program is catered to people like me and how you explained it makes it seem so easy to use.

    I can truly trust your review on commission and really enjoyed how you provided me with the items you liked and an honest opinion of the items you don’t like about it.

    Overall love the review and was very informative.

    • Hi Elias, thanks for your comment. I’m glad that my review was helpful. Commission Seeker is a good course for newbies because Cynthia herself is relatively new to the scene and it could help to understand how making money online works. I doubt that a newbie can start making money as fast and easy as Cynthia claims on the sales page, but at least it’s based on the legit method. It’s a good one but not the best one.


  5. Thanks for such a great review. Nothing frustrates me more than unexpected upsales and that Cynthia doesn’t fully explain the program. Nothing is as easy as it seems. It seems like a lot of these online businesses are the same. They all say you make money this week which I’m sure is possible, but the fact that they market towards beginners makes this highly unlikely. I like how your recommendation is straight forward and explains it is not getting rich quick but a genuine explanation of true affiliate marketing. I don’t think anyone is scare of earning their money but when things are touted as easy as 1-2-3 only to find out they aren’t removing the faith in the system entirely.
    Thanks for such an honest review!

    • Hi Jamie L., thanks for your comment on my review. I too hate to see upsells, but when a course is actually good, I tend to overlook them. Commission Seeker might not be the best course, but it’s legit. With my #1 recommendation, there are no such problems. I’m glad you can see the value in it.


  6. Hey. Pretty thorough review on Commission Seeker! Glad I came by this. Commission seeker do seem like a good platform tho, for those who are willing To spend a little money, to make back more money and grow their list at the same time. I would surely keep an eye out for this.

  7. Another great review and thank you for keeping us all informed of the programs to watch out for.

    Not heard of this program before but I guess one to put on the “don’t bother” list.

    What is the significance of $186.83 I wonder?

    Another copy and paste and no website to think of. I love this type of program and just full of red-flags.

    All at a value of $1458.00, wherever that comes from.

    I’m sure it isn’t a scam, but very close but this is definately not for me.

    • Hi Mick, thanks for reaching out. I’m guessing that was the most she has earned in one day with this method. Anyway, thanks for your comment. It’s on point!


  8. Hi Ivan,

    A fantastic feview as always.

    I, very much like you, felt my “scam alert” go off when you spoke about the sales page.

    I mean, I’m always extremely worried whenever I read claims such as those made by Cynthia.

    This is especially true when a sales page quotes a certain figure of earnings, and then goes onto to tell you that you don’t need a domain name or hosting, a website, an email list, or even any experience. It just makes it all seem so easy, literally too good to be true.

    And as we all know, normally when something seems to good to be true, then that normally is the case – you are left disappointed.

    However, based on your review, and also Cynthia’s standing as an online marketer, this could definitely be a viable program to get invovled with (although as you’ve pointed out Cynthia is not very forthcoming with information on the sales page about what exactly is involved).

    With that said, considering the low price and the 30-day money back guarantee, this may be something worth looking into.


    • Hi Partha, you’re welcome and thanks for sharing your opinion on Commission Seeker program. I’m sure this is not a scam as you get 30 days to give it a try and it is based on legitimate methods for making money online. Also, Cynthia Benitez is a legitimate marketer whose work I’ve been following for a while. She probably went overboard with all the secrecy and hype here, but in general, this is a legit program. Glad my review was helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.


  9. Thanks for the review. Still feeling a little overwhelmed with my own progress so far. Glad to have this information so I can leave this off for later on in my journey. Thanks a lot again.


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