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This is NOT a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME! I’m sick of those things as much as you are.

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There are thousands of successful Wealthy Affiliates out there.

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Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

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Wealthy Affiliate Success 2

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Hey, fellow online entrepreneur! I’m Ivan!

I won’t tell you that I managed to make 100’s and 1000′ overnight, or say that it was an easy thing to do.

I believe that you have had enough of that BS so far.

I failed at this miserably, and I failed a lot. That’s just how it is.

But I never gave up, and today I want to show you how you too can stop wasting time online and start earning a passive income from home.


I Worked As A Waiter In A Restaurant


I use to be just another sheep in a herd, working my ass off for a limited pay 350 days in a year.

I worked in shifts all the time. Night shifts, day shifts, double shifts, you name it!

It was dreadful and I hated all those things related to having a job such as travelling every day, punching card, waking up on the alarm, saying yes to my boss although I wanted to slap his stinking face, etc.

As you can see, I was serving fancy food and drinks in a 5* hotel.


My Old Job


But I wasn’t too fond of the “system” at all, and I wanted out of the trap of trading our time for money.

Just like many people out there, I discovered making money online and literally felt for it from the first moment.

See, unlike having a traditional business, having an online business gives you a complete time and space freedom.

It means that you can work whenever you want, wherever you want.

You don’t need to rent a shop, hire or fire people, deal with superiors, or any of that boring stuff.

All you need is a laptop and a WIFI connection to make money online.

This is also known as the laptop lifestyle. 🙂


Photo collage


I started my first online business 3 years ago.

And since then, all thanks to training at Wealthy Affiliate, my online career is thriving!

My online business has finally taken off, I make consistent passive income, and most importantly, I don’t have to fight through traffic, wake on the alarm, report to a boss, etc.

Here’s how my email inbox looks like these days…



As you can see, commissions are coming in every single day, and as my business grows, the payouts are becoming larger and larger 😀

Thanks to the power of a PASSIVE INCOME, I can work whenever I want, wherever I want. I can travel, sleep in if I want, spend more time with my family, and make money doing something I like to do.

And today, I want to HELP YOU too, to follow my steps!

But I’ll be completely honest with you…


I’m Not An Internet “Guru” Or Anything Like That…


All I know that making money online is not a myth, it’s the REALITY.

And I’m 100% sure that ANYONE can make money online just as I do. However, it’s not going to work overnight or on a few pushes of a button.

I took this opportunity seriously. I invest a lot of time and effort into this.

And as a result, I earn a nice passive income online every single month, which allows me to live a completely different lifestyle than I was living before.



I’m receiving commission checks like these every single month!

And I can confidently say that if you are willing to devote enough time and put a lot of work into this, you too could achieve the same!




Affiliate marketing is a simple business model that comes down to promoting other people’s products in return for commissions using the internet.

You see, we live in an era where EVERYTHING IS MOVING ONLINE.

Commerce, especially! 🔥🔥🔥

As you can see from the diagram below, the number of internet users is rapidly increasing and it’s estimated to grow even more in 2020es.



This means that the opportunity in affiliate marketing is increasing every single day!

Today, you can work in association with companies like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Apple, Nike, Wealthy Affiliate and more, to help them to reach more customers, and they will pay you money for doing so.



And the beauty of affiliate marketing lies in the fact that you don’t have to own any products.

Moreover, you don’t have to stock products, ship them, deal with customer support and returns, or any of that boring stuff!

With affiliate marketing, all you have to do is find a product that you like and would want to make money with, take your affiliate link, and promote it to other people who are looking for this product on the internet.

It’s that simple, and here’s how it’s done in practice…


REVEALED: A Proven 4-Step Formula That Allows Me To Earn A Consistent Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing


The idea is to choose an interest, create a simple website, attract visitors through blogging, and earn revenue by recommending awesome products that you don’t even own!




Those four steps are explained down to every single detail with a practical step-by-step video training.


✅ You’ll learn how to choose a profitable niche and find hot products as well.

✅ You’ll learn how to build a profit-ready website from scratch in a step-by-step manner.

✅ You’ll learn how to get unlimited FREE TRAFFIC from search engines and social media.

✅ You’ll learn how to make money promoting those same products to millions of people all over the world!


You don’t have to worry about not having skills or experience.

I know it sounds like a cliche, but you don’t really need any previous knowledge.

If a college dropout and an ex-hotel waiter with ZERO EXPERIENCE can make it, I don’t doubt that you’ll do the same, if not even better! 😉

It’s NOT an overnight process, BUT IT WORKS if you are willing to work on it.




In order to build a successful online business, you need the training, the tools, and access to the helpful community where you can ask questions when you get stuck.

And you need all these features for an affordable price.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you’re getting the BEST deal there is! 💯💯💯


KEY #1 – Step-By-Step Video Lessons


You get 120 step-by-step beginner-friendly video lessons that will lead you from zero to hero in a matter of weeks! These exact steps have worked and are proven by 1000’s of wealthy affiliates out there!


KEY #2 – Tools, Websites & Resources

Website Builder

You get access to state-of-the-art research tools, websites, hosting, affiliate programs and everything else you need to make money online. As I like to say, this is a one-stop-shop for building a successful online business!


KEY #3 – Most Helpful Community

Online Community

You get access to the Most Helpful Community of marketers ever gathered in one place! Wealthy Affiliate counts 1.4 MILLION members and they are all ready to give you a hand 24/7/365!




Probably the best feature of Wealthy Affiliate is its Freemium Membership.

You don’t need to pay any fee to try it out!

On top of that, you’ll get a complimentary free website and 10 video lessons to learn how making money online works!


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There is also a Premium Membership for those who are ready to make money.

It’s free to get started and only $49/month to go full-time.

Wealthy Affiliate enabled me to generate a consistent 4-figure monthly income online in less than one year. My Premium membership has paid itself off 100X so far!

If you’re ready to make money online, Wealthy Affiliate Premium is an absolute must!

And one more thing…

If you join Premium, I’ll be your PERSONAL MENTOR and will lead you by hand from building your first site to earning your first $ online.

PS: You’ll get a special discount if you join today!


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Once again, this is just a tip of the iceberg.

1000’s of regular people like you and me have taken MASSIVE ACTION with Wealthy Affiliate.

Today, they have all the bragging rights!


Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

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