Course Hero Review – Is This Course Legit Or A Scam?

Welcome to my Course Hero review.

What is Course Hero? Course Hero is an online learning website where students and educators can upload and share their study resources.

It is nice that students and educators can share their study materials on the site and see other people’s study materials in exchange.

But the question is, is Course Hero legit? Is this the right course for students? Or is this just another course that doesn’t work and scam you?

Well, let’s find it out here in this review.

Throughout my Course Hero review, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

We will also try to answer all your questions about Course Hero, and it should give you a clear understanding of the website and see if it is worth your time and money.

Course Hero Review


Course Hero – Overview

  • Product Type: Course Hero
  • Owner: Andrew Grauer 
  • Price: $10 up to $119.40
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Course Hero is an online learning resource website where students, educators, and others can share and upload their study resources.

Course Hero says that its mission is to help students graduate confident and prepared. 

It also says that students can subscribe or contribute their resources to earn a Netflix-like subscription to more than 60 million course materials, tutoring, and support resources. 

Course Hero has 60,000 faculty across the United States, Canada, and Australia who have joined the community to share their resources, collaborate with faculty in other fields and hone new strategies for instruction.

Now let’s see how Course Hero works and see if this course is for you.


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What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online learning website founded in 2006 by Andrew Grauer and his fellow students to share resources. 

Course Hero is now based in Redwood, California, and its mission is to help students graduate confident and prepared.

Here, students and educators can upload and share their study resources.

Course Hero provides three ways for you to make money online by Uploading Documents, Referring Friends, and Tutoring.

Course Hero will pay you to upload educational material such as study guides, flashcards, quizzes, class notes, and practice exams.

You can also earn a commission if you refer a friend, earning from the materials they upload.

Tutoring for Course Hero is different from most online tutoring platforms because they spend their time in a question and answer type forum, which is a good way to help others.

How Does Course Hero Work?

The first thing that you need to do is to register.

The sign-up is simple, and there are two options: you either sign up as a student or an educator.

You can use your Facebook, Google, or Apple account to sign up or create a new account to register. It is up to you which one you will choose.

However, the process may take a few days or weeks, depending on how many courses you choose to tutor. 

Once you have created an account and fill out the application form, they will contact you by phone for an interview. 

If you got accepted, you would take a one-day basic training course you must take.

You need some minor requirements if you want to sign up with Course Hero to prove that you have sufficient knowledge in the subjects you plan to teach and answer questions.

The requirements are that you need a computer and web access, and if you want to earn money by uploading study guides, class notes, and more, you’ll need a scanner or a phone with a decent camera.

How Much Does Course Hero Cost?

Plans And Pricing

Course Hero Plan


Course Hero comes with free subscription options that involve uploading content, becoming a tutor, or referring other people to join, all of which unlocks resources. 

However, that option provides limited access to the study material, but if you get and pay for the premium services, you’ll get access to all the materials.

With Course Hero, there are 3 pricing options available:

  • Annual membership – $9.95 per month, which is billed in one advanced installment of $119.40.
  • 3-month membership – $19.95 per month, which is billed in one advanced installment of $59.85.
  • Monthly membership – $39.95 per month.

It is up to you which plan you like to get, but if you choose the annual membership, you can save more money in the year compared to the 3-month membership.

As you can see, the monthly membership costs much as the monthly payment of a yearly membership.

Students are always looking for new study materials but don’t have access to the libraries or resources. You can opt for the annual membership. 

However, not all students don’t want to avail that service for that long.

So if you don’t like that yearly plan, then the 3-month membership must be for you as it provides the most value.

As you can see, the membership plan is a bit expensive for some students, so it may only be appropriate for students facing a one-time study emergency.

But again, it is up to you on which membership plan you will get as long you have the budget to spend.

However, accessing those documents is important for your studies, so you may want to consider a no-interest credit card to cover your membership fees. 

Does Course Hero Offer A refund?

Yes, they have a refund policy. 

If you are new and they found out that your GPA has dropped compared to the previous semester, they will offer you a full refund. 

To be eligible for the Better Grades Guarantee, you must have used Course Hero in the last 6 months and unlock at least 6 study resources or ask their tutors at least 3 questions.

Also, you must request your refund within 6 months after the date of first registering as a paying subscriber.

You may be required to verify your eligibility by submitting a copy of your transcripts from the two most recent academic terms.

The refund will take about 3 to 7 business days for your financial institution to process, but it may also take up to 9 days to be reflected on your statement. 

If you use Paypal to pay, your refund will be sent back to your PayPal account. 

Does Course Hero Have A Support?

Yes, Course Hero does have support but doesn’t have phone or live chat support, which would make it a lot easier, so you have to send them an email.

To contact the customer support team, you need to fill out an online form that will ask you what they can help you with, your contact details, and any other additional information you would like to contribute. 

How Much Does Course Hero Pay?

There is no information on how much they will pay you here, but upon my research, I found out that they will pay you between $0.25 and $0.75 per document if you upload materials.

As far as tutoring, you’ll get paid around $1.00-$5.00 per question that you answer, which depends on the subject and complexity of the question. 

If you remove a single question, there are several more inside that require explanation before you can get to the main one.

The number of questions that will be available will depend on the number of subjects that you have been approved for and how quickly you can answer them.

Reviews and Complaints

There are many negative reviews about Course Hero that some of them say that the pay is low, and some say that Course Hero will suspend your account without debate.

There is no clear explanation for why getting banned, but this complaint should not be taken for granted.

Here I will show you what other people say about Course Hero.

There are 3 review websites that I will show you: SiteJabber, quora, and BBB ( Better Business Bureau).

The first site is Sitejabber, and here there are 152 reviews, and they gave Course Hero a 1.7-star rating which is bad.

One person who says that he feels that he was scammed because he purchased 1-month premium membership for $40, and he never received a confirmation email from them, and the $40 is not in his bank account anymore, as he still only has free access to the site.

See the image below.

Course Hero Sitejabber Complaint


There are no ratings with Quora, but people share what they have experienced with the company.

Here one says that he will not say that Course Hero is a scam, but what he finds is a bad management system and reckless handling of tutors. 

Quora Complaint

Lastly is BBB, and here they are accredited with them, and they got a good A+ rating, and it has an average of 52 Customer Reviews, and out of those customers, they gave Course Hero a 1.13/5, which is bad.

Here, you will see many complaints that they got charged even though they canceled it, and some say that Course Hero is a fraud.

You will see a lot of these complaints if you go to the BBB website.

BBB Complaint


Now I’m not saying that they are a scam because they have been around for a very long time.

I’m just showing you these complaints so that you will know what they have experienced and I don’t want you to have the same experience as them.

It’s easy to look at the complaints and make an overall assumption, but to be fair, each complaint or accusation is an individual case with its circumstances, and we may not be getting the full story.

Is Course Hero A Scam?

Course Hero is not a scam as they have been around for more than 15 years now.

Course Hero is a good educational service that enhances a student’s learning experience. 

However, some say that they encourage cheating. 

Also, they do not enable their students to cheat. It is created on the same concept where students come together, share notes, and exchange ideas. 

Also, they do not tolerate cheating, copyright infringement, or plagiarism, or they will be banned permanently or anyone who violates these rules.

Do I recommend Course Hero to you? Unfortunately, my answer is NO, I can’t recommend this to you because of the number of complaints we saw, and I don’t want you to experience what they have experienced.

Even though there are many complaints about Course Hero, there are also positive reviews about them. 

If you go to Trustpilot there, you will see a lot of positive reviews about them.

Again this is not a scam, and if they are, the website should be shut down for a long time now, but no, they are still running to this day.

What I Like About Course Hero

  • Free to sign up.
  • Multiple ways to make money.
  • Huge catalog
  • Quality study material
  • Scholarship options
  • Free membership, when contributing study materials

What I Don’t Like About Course Hero

  • A lot of negative reviews
  • Low pay
  • You’re still trading hours for dollars. There is no passive income potential here.
  • High premium membership cost

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Course Hero is a good educational service that enhances a student’s learning experience. 

Even though there are people concerned that they promote cheating, using it is not any different, especially if you are in a study group or getting a tutor to help you with your lessons. 

Not to mention that they will ban anyone who violates their strict standards on cheating and copyright infringement.

Course Hero is good for students who are looking for research material or struggling with their studies. 

But again, in my opinion, I can’t recommend this to you, especially if you are looking at how to make money online. 

If you’re serious, then most people are about earning an income from home, then this is not for you.

I hope my Course Hero review was helpful and if you have experience with or questions about Course Hero? Please leave a comment below? 

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  1. This is a thoughtful concept! It is great for students to learn and find study materials online. I remember, when I couldn’t find study material when I was in college, for a specific subject, I would have to hunt all over for it, which was very difficult and tiresome.

    I think Course Hero would be a great help to many people who are trying to complete their education. I will surely recommend it to the people within my circle!

    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for another great review. I’ve never heard of Course Hero before (not that i have been particularly looking for something lie this personally). I must say though, it seems to take quite a while in getting things set up, although i’d expect it to take a while when you are enrolling at a physical universit.


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