Digital Payday Review – a SCAM or Legit Way to $5K in 24 Hours?

Welcome to my Digital Payday review. There are many programs online that promise 1000’s in the next 24 hours or so. Unfortunately, most of them are scams. Wondering whether Digital Payday is a scam too? Here are your answers.

Digital Payday Scam Review

Product Name: Digital Payday

Owner: Daniel Bluth (Fake Name)

Price: Free to Join, $250 Initial Investment + 1000’s to Keep Investing

Recommended?: No!

Quick Summary: Digital Payday is an online offer that promises the opportunity to make $5000 in the next 24 hours. But in reality, it’s a scam full of lies and misleading claims. The owner, Daniel Bluth is not a real person and testimonials are fake too! It won’t help you to make money as it claims. Whoever is behind this offer has created it to funnel you to another scam called Clicks Dealer, where you can lose a lot of your hard-earned cash. My best advice is to steer clear from banner ad scams.


Digital Payday is allegedly a system that guarantees $5K in the next 24 hours after you join in for free. You can get a chance to leverage the money-making methods used by Google and Facebook, again, for free. If you join this program, for free, you will quit your job tomorrow. Or at least that’s what Daniel Bluth promises.

If those promises sound too good to be the truth and you want to know for real whether Digital Payday is a scam, don’t worry, here’s the truthy only! I’m not associated with this program, nor do I give a false review to make a sale.

By the way, congratulations on researching before getting into things headfirst. I know it’s hard to trust people on the net these days. But if you are looking for something real, check out this genuine way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Within this Digital Payday review, I’ll show you what it is about. Also, I’ll explain how the whole thing works. I’ll show you some warning signs and show you why this is a pure scam designed to rip you off.

What is Digital Payday?

According to the author of the program, Daniel Bluth, Digital Payday is the best way to earn a passive income online. He claims that you can make up to $5,000 in the next 24 hours after you join this program. As mentioned, it’s free to join. If we are to believe him, he has discovered a loophole that allows you to make thousands per day. That’s a pretty tempting invitation, isn’t it?

However, the problem is that Daniel does not back up his theory during the video, nor does he shows you how his system works although he said he would. Instead, he goes on and on about how you can start making massive amounts overnight and by clicking a few buttons. Now that’s a ridiculous statement.

If you have watched the video, you can see how he claims that some of his students gave up their 9-5 jobs as soon as they got in contact with his system. He even shows you a few real-life faces of people who claimed the same. However, they are paid to give fake testimonials. Below is an image that proves those testimonials are fake.

Digital Payday Scam Fake Testimonial

In my experience, this offer reminds me of many other programs that were using the same baits to lure you in. In the end, none of them was able to deliver what they promised during the sales video. Many of those programs were busted to be a scam. Here are a few examples like Cash FormulaExplode My Payday, Bulletproof Profits.

Everything I’ve seen so far tells me that Digital Payday might be a scam as well. Let’s continue with this review and find out the truth, shall we?

Who is Daniel Bluth?

Now, Daniel Bluth claims to be the owner and creator of Digital Payday. Daniel is just another person like you and me who have discovered that making money online is possible. However, things were not easy for him as it may look right now. At least that’s what he claims.

After dabbling with many opportunities that came along the way, Daniel has discovered the secret behind Facebook and Google Ads. At that moment, he has decided to put all of his effort and energy into learning how to make money by running ads online.

Daniel Bluth

A few years fast forward, and Daniel Bluth is a multimillionaire. And today, he’s giving you the secret program. Oh yeah, he’s also a fan of fish tanks as you can see on the photo. His fish tank was featured in the favorite Animal Planet tv show, Tanked.

But once again, I’ve seen many scams online. The one thing all those get rich quick schemes have in common is a fake story of the ownership. In my opinion, Digital Payday is just another scam.

Digital Payday Scam Daniel Bluth Stock Photo

As you can see below, Daniel is not a real person. The photo has been downloaded from a Shutterstock website. Meaning, Daniel Bluth and his offer are fake and whoever is the owner, he or she is trying to scam you.

Who is Digital Payday for?

The owner claims that you don’t have to possess any marketing or computer skills. His system supposed to work on fully automated principle, which means that all you have to know is to click with the mouse on the screen and you’ll be able to make money fast.

In other words, Digital Payday is for suckers. It’s not the real deal and I’ll show you now what’s really behind the scenes and why you should stay away from this scam.

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How Does Digital Payday Work?

I did my best to dig this information. What I discovered is what I thought it would be. Digital Payday is nothing but a funnel. It’s a sales page that leads to another offer which has nothing to do with this program. Daniel Bluth, or whoever stands behind this offer, did an excellent job to convince you that Digital Payday is a real deal. As it turns out, it’s not so real after all.

In a nutshell, they create fake offers and do their best to hype them up. Then, after (if) you decide to go for it, you land on something different. In most cases, you get disappointed because it’s not like you have expected to be. And the guy who made the funnel makes money.

The truth is, Digital Payday is a part of the funnel for the offer called Clicks Dealer.

Clicks Dealer

You can read my review where I prove that Click Dealers is a scam too. It’s a scheme that claims that you can invest your money into ad banners to make easy cash. However, the business is not real and many people have filed complaints that they have lost a lot of money.

That said, Digital Payday is a fake offer and a scam full of empty words, nothing else. Let me show you how much could this cost you if you fall on those false promises.

How Much Could This Cost You?

Now, as far as the price is concerned, Digital Payday is free to join. They ask for your information like name, email and telephone number.

If you enter your data and apply to this scam, you can expect to get a lot of scammy offers in your mail during the next few weeks. The guy who designed the funnel wants to squeeze every possible dollar out of your pocket, so be careful. If you have already left your details, I believe you can unsubscribe from the mailing list somewhere within the emails you receive. I advise you to do so ASAP.

So if you want to start buying those ads from Clicks Dealers, it’s not such a cheap adventure.

You’ll need to deposit $250 to be able to start buying those fake banners. Then, Click Dealers offers premium memberships and deals which go for a couple of hundreds and even thousands. The truth is, the whole thing is designed to rip you off slowly until you notice that you’ve been scammed.

Digital Payday Pros

I have to say that there is absolutely nothing that I like about his scam. What’s there to like? The guy who has made Digital Payday is a liar.

Digital Payday Cons

1.) Fake User Testimonials

As I have a few reviews under my belt, it was not hard for me to recognize some familiar faces. The guy who has made Digital Payday funnel has used actors from a website called Fiverr to create a few fake testimonials.

This tactic is usually applied when there’s nothing of value behind the funnel. If there were something, there would be some real students showing their success, wouldn’t you agree?

2.) Daniel Bluth is Not a Real Person

The second red flag that waves around Digital Payday is fake ownership. That’s also a tactic that has been used in many other scams such as this one. Whoever had made this offer is hiding behind the character of Daniel Bluth. Daniel does not exist. His story is fake also. Moreover, the picture is a stock photo bought for ten bucks on-site called Shutterstock.

The real owner is a digital marketer who’s making commissions by sending you to Clicks Dealers.

3.) Unrealistic Income Claims 

To get you in ASAP so you can start buying those banners (don’t do it!) the guy who’s behind the Digital Payday has flooded the page with most unrealistic claims ever!

He goes about and tells you straight away that you can make up to $5K in the next 24 hours. Moreover, he’s so convinced in his statement that he’s telling you that you can quit your job today! He literally tells you to put back the coffee pot, hang your jacket, and throw away your punch card. I mean, come on, man!

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Is Digital Payday a Scam?

Digital Payday is a scam. Everything about this offer is fake. That includes false names, fake ownership, student testimonials, incline claims are made up as well, and the list goes on.

There are many offers online which operate the same way. However, at least they can give you something in return like a crash course on affiliate marketing or a set of ebooks on the same topic. This one has zero value and could cost you a lot of money.

Of course, you can read a few reviews out there that claim that Digital Payday is legitimate and 100% safe. However, keep in mind that those reviews are fake too and if you join the scheme through their link, the creator will get paid. But once again, Digital Payday is a pure scam and not a real offer. Do not fall for it!

Do I Recommend Digital Payday?

Of course not! Stay away from this offer as far as you can. Do not enter your details. Even if you are curious about Clicks Dealers, and you want to give it a shot, don’t do it. I’ve researched the net to learn that the platform is full of BS. You could lose a lot of your money, even your entire savings if you go for it.

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Thanks for reading my Digital Payday review. I hope I have helped you to learn more about what it is and how does it work and answer your question, whether it is a scam or legit. If you have any questions or maybe you can offer an experience, feel free to leave them in the comment box below.

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All the best, Ivan.

Ivan Head Shoot

Founder, and CEO

28 thoughts on “Digital Payday Review – a SCAM or Legit Way to $5K in 24 Hours?”

  1. I am so glad to have read this review about Digital Payday! It is actually so popular now in some social media (because it is free to join). But knowing what is behind this scheme is really upsetting. Especially the idea that people new to affiliate marketing are the ones who are going to fall for this and will be scammed.
    Thank you, Ivan, for sharing your review about this program, and I thank you for continually giving us, readers, your reviews on programs like these.
    All the best!

    • Hi Hanna, thank you for leaving your comment. If you are browsing this program, my advice is to run away. Digital Payday is not real! It’s a scam designed to trick you into another program (ClicksDealer) which is also fake and a scam.


  2. Hi Ivan, thanks for the eye opener on this scam program, nowadays there plenty of them online and I was very vigilant not to fall a victim till i found the best WA. Here you learn as you expand gradually. you are doing a brilliant work by exposing the scammers cos many people fall victim to the scammers.
    Best Regards

    • Hi Bruce, thanks for leaving your comment. I hope my review has helped you to see the truth behind Digital Payday. And I’m happy to hear that you’ve found Wealthy Affiliate. Keep following the training there to the letter and if you need any help further, feel free to contact me personally at WA.


  3. Hi Ivan, I’ve often wondered how these companies and people can create such false claims, but you made a good point that there are a lot of people who still don’t know how to make money online, so this is what these people are counting on. I too know how to ask people how to create videos on FIVERR, so it’s great that you point this out to show how fake this company is. I like how you’ve pointed out so much and shared your valuable observations to demonstrate how this company works so convincingly to take unsuspecting people’s money. Thank you for such a valuable review to help others find out the truth about this company.

    • Hi Kat, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment here. I’m happy to help you to see the truth behind all those fake claims and testimonials. Digital Payday is something you should avoid at all cost. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


  4. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe they charge so much for an initial fee! That is ridiculous! They trick you with the fact that they are free to join.

    • Hi Jessie, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my review 🙂 I hope I have helped you to learn more about Digital Payday. My best advice is to stay away from it as far as you can.


  5. Nicely documented research Ivan!
    Thank you for all the work, and most important for trying to spread the word about all these scams. I usually avoid any sites that claim they can help you make a lot of money in a very short term because this is not really going to ever happen 🙂 Somehow I ended up in their marketing target group, as I keep seeing their ad on social media. They seem to make a lot of money since they spend this much on ads.


    • Hi Alex, thanks for leaving your comment 🙂 much appreciated! I’m happy to see you doing research before going any further with Digital Payday.

      Well, scamming people is apparently a lucrative business. I received tons of emails each day full of scams and get-rich-quick opportunities that are only after my money. Unbelievable! I hope I’ve helped in this case.


  6. Hello,  I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. I don’t know why some people would just engage in this mischievous act of trying to extort money from other innocent people. My sister was a victim of digital payday. Even after writing to their support, there was no response. I think wealthy affiliate is the most trusted platform to make easy money online. Thank you 

    • Hi Benny, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment 🙂

      I’m sorry to hear that your sister has fallen into this scam. I hope she didn’t lose a lot of money and I hope she can get some of it back.

      I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the most trusted platform to make money online. It requires a lot of work to make it happen and these guys are honest enough to admit that, which is why they are one of my top recommendations for making money online.


  7. I appreciate this opportunity to read through this article, the rate at which scams are popping up online nowadays are becoming so alarming and disturbing, so I always love to read through article with facts like this that’ll help differentiate the good from the bad. A business with no real owner like this Digital pays is not meant to be considered, likewise, i see no reason why fake user testimonies should be used if not that the offer is not profitable. Thanks

    • Hi KingAndrea, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment 🙂 Digital Payday has too many warning signs and it has been confirmed that it’s a scam. I’m glad to see you doing research before handing over your hard-earned cash to fake sites.


  8. So they’re lying to people and using fake testimonials and all that deceitful stuff. I think the first giveaway that they’re a scam is how they tell you that you can make $5000 in your first day, I mean you gotta be extremely gullible to fall for that. I see these types of products all over the net, the crooks behind this kind of stuff need to be punished. I’m sure they’re profiting off some suckers or else they wouldn’t be doing this.

    • Hi Son, thanks for leaving your comment 🙂 I’m glad to see that you are smart enough to research the whole thing first. Digital Payday is a proven scam, steer clear!


  9. Hi Ivan,

    Thanks a lot for the thorough and comprehensive review post.

    $5000 in the next 24 hours! Oops, this is a big turn off for me, I really hate these types of hype and unrealistic claims. Nowadays, there 1000’s of scams and products that under-delivers with low-quality. So unbiased review posts like this are a greater help. Owner hiding his identity is a big red flag for me.

    To be honest, I have already seen her (who gives the testimony – Fiverr Actor) in some products sales page.

    Digital Payday is a NO-NO for me and thanks for saving people trouble, time, effort and money.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for leaving your comment here 🙂

      I’ve seen her in many other scams too. If Digital Payday were legitimate, they wouldn’t need to hire actors to give testimonials. Good to see you doing research before going for it.


  10. I found your review very useful and informative.

    I agree that Digital payday is a scam full of lies  and misleading claims.The alleged creator of this program is Daniel Bluth(fake name). The company got fake user testimonials.Thay are tricking people  into investing  in fake online advertising.

    Well thanks for sharing Digital Payday Review !

    • HI S.J, thanks for leaving your comment 🙂

      As you can see, no company can be trusted if they use stock photos, fake names, and testimonials. Besides, Digital Payday is not even a company, it’s just a funnel to Clicks Dealer, which is also a scam.


  11. Thanks for this review on Digital Payday Ivan. Good job at exposing this scam! It’s a shame that people try to take advantage of others that are looking for a way to make money online. It takes time and effort to make honest money, so I run when I see these “make money overnight opportunities. I’ll stay clear of Digital Payday as well.

    • Hi Karen, thanks for leaving your comment on my review 🙂 Thanks! It’s always a good thing to do a quick google search on sites like Digital Payday. In most cases, it’s a scam that looks too good to be the truth. You’re right, making money online takes time and effort, and it’s possible, but not overnight as these people imply.


  12. Hi Ivan, First I hope that I can comment on your site today 😉 I love reading your posts!!! there are so much scam out there that this is very important for people to read.
    I think you should also have a youtube to these articles, I have in the last month or so followed coffezilla on youtube and its so refreshing to see people drag those idiots into the light as you do.

    • Hi Andreas, thanks for leaving your comment 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that you were not able to comment before. It’s good to see you visiting my site and searching for reviews. I do have a YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe if you want.


  13. Reading your article, Ivan, I remembered someone was offering my something called Flipping Your Cash recently, claiming 150 dollars can make me 1500 in 30-45 minutes. Have you heard of that? Another scam for sure. If only it was so easy to make money 🙂  
    This Digital Payday is just one of many. Thank you for unveiling them because people need to know. 

    • Hi Lenka, thanks for leaving your comment 🙂 much appreciated! I haven’t heard about Flipping Your Cash, but I will certainly have a look into it. Thanks again for stopping by, I hope this review has helped you for now. Digital Payday is, in my opinion, a scam.


  14. Hey Ivan,

    thanks so much for the heads up on Digital Payday. I just ran into recently so reading this definitely is a warning, I will stay away from.

    • Hi Carlton, thanks for leaving your comment on my review 🙂 I’m glad to see you researching Digital Payday before going for it. Certainly not recommended.



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