Drop Servicing Blueprint Review – Is Dylan Sigley Legit?

Hi, and welcome to my Drop Servicing Blueprint review.

Have you heard of Dylan Sigley Drop Servicing Blueprint? If not, then you have come to the right place.

There are many ways to make money online, but because there are a lot of them, it is hard for you to decide which one is suited for you.

Drop Servicing Blueprint is one of those that make money online, but the question is, is this a legit program? Or is it just another scam that will do you no good?

We will soon find out!

Throughout my Drop Servicing Blueprint review, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

In this review, we will try to answer all your questions. It should give you a clear understanding of Drop Servicing Blueprint and see if this is worth your time and money.

Drop Servicing Blueprint Review


Drop Servicing Blueprint Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Drop Servicing Blueprint
  • Owner: Dylan Sigley
  • Price: $997 one-time and $397 each every month
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Drop Servicing Blueprint is a course that will teach you how to start and grow a drop servicing business.

Drop servicing is similar to dropshipping.

With Drop Servicing Blueprint, you work as a middleman between people who wants service or tools that can provide that service.

The concept is not new, as some people do the same on freelance portals, and it works for some of them.

You will access recorded lectures, live coaching sessions, a private support group, and tools with this course.

The course currently has more than 30 hours of video lessons.

Now, let us take a look and see if this program is legit or not and is it worth your time and money.

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What is Drop Servicing Blueprint?

Drop Servicing Blueprint Review Website

Drop Servicing Blueprint is a course created by Dylan Sigley.

This course will learn how to grow and start an online business step-by-step.

You will get video instruction, community coaching sessions, and models to know more about the business.

The course has over 30 hours of instruction and is revised regularly.

The course teaches you the power and effectiveness of the drop servicing business model.

Drop-service providers effectively distinguish between people who need an online service and those who can help them.

For example, you sell people tools to design their websites online.

You have to use a wide range of marketing tactics to get potential clients, including cold email, social media, and advertising.

Suppose you sell the service for $2000. Unless you incur additional costs, you have a $1500 profit after paying your freelancer $500.

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How Does Drop Servicing Blueprint Work?

Drop Servicing Blueprints will persuade you to enrol in a six-week video training program in which you must perform the following tasks:

Watch the training video 

Here, Dylan will teach you how to start and climb a drop-service company in this six-week video course.

Select a niche and sell it

You will select a niche and create a website to list your service and sell it here.

This course will provide you with information on creating a website, listing your services and price, and connecting a payment gateway to receive payments from clients.

Reach out to potential customers

Dylan Sigley will teach you how to reach out to potential clients through cold emails, and he will also teach you how to use Facebook and Google ads for advertising your business.

It takes time to respond to a cold email can be big, let alone one client.

Paid advertising can cost time and money because you have to go through some trials and errors along the way until you reach your target audience.

Hire a Freelancer to work for you

Dylan will teach you how to automate your business by creating different marketing, sales, services, and more teams.

However, he doesn’t say how long it will take to find the right people.

You will also have to train them and develop systems so they can take over while you’re gone.

Repeat the steps over and over

You should know how to attract new customers and keep current customers by providing them with repeat services.

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Inside Drop Servicing Blueprint

Inside Drop Servicing Blueprint, there are 6 weeks modules and bonuses.

Here’s a breakdown of each week (module) and bonus:

Week 1 – The Foundations

Here, there’s a total of 7 modules inside the first week.

The training is limited to mindset training, and it is focused on preparing you mentally to start a drop servicing business.

Here’s what you will get inside the 1st week:

  1. How This Course Will Change You
  2. How To Achieve Your Goals
  3. Why “You” Can’t Achieve Your Goals
  4. Transformation
  5. Make A Shift
  6. Maximize Energy, Clarity & Focus For Maximum Profits
  7. Create Your Irresistible Offer

Week 2 – Build Your Business

Inside week 2, there’s a total of 10 modules where you will learn everything you need to know about the business and get everything ready for clients.

You will learn how to set up a website, select a brand, learn how to write copy, create a funnel, and more.

Getting clients is important, and it should be done before anything else.

Here’s what you will get from week 2:

  1. Backward Engineer The System
  2. What Makes Our Clients Buy
  3. Our Copywriting Tool Belt
  4. Choose Your Name & Price
  5. Building Brand Assets & Real Estate
  6. Copywriting Masterclass
  7. The Automatic Conversion Website System
  8. Finding The Best Delivery Team
  9. Building Your Sales System
  10. Building Your High Converting Website

Week 3 – Get Clients With Free Marketing Methods

Inside this week 3, there are 13 modules in total, and here you’ll get a majority of your clients through paid techniques, but you will also get some through free methods.

In week 3 you will find strategies such as cold emails, cold calls, SEO, and social media.

  1. Getting Your First Sales
  2. Design > Build > Test > Automate > Scale
  3. The Leapfrogging Expansion Strategy
  4. Cold Email Domination – Introduction
  5. Cold Email Domination – Setting Up The System
  6. Cold Email Domination – Finding Your Target Audience & Lead Generation
  7. Cold Email Domination – Writing Your Offer & Setting Up Your First Campaign
  8. Cold Calling
  9. Direct Mail
  10. Social Outreach
  11. Search Engine Optimization
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Social Media Marketing

Week 4 – Get Clients With Paid Marketing Methods

Week 4 component is the longest by far and with good reason.

You will spend most of your money on paying to get clients.

Here are the platforms that support paid methods Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Linkedin Ads, Youtube, and more.

Training will be provided on retargeting ads.

There’s a total of 28 modules you will get inside week 4, and those are:

  1. Advertising 101
  2. Competitive Research
  3. Campaign Planning
  4. Campaign Creation
  5. Campaign Management
  6. The Power Of Facebook Advertising
  7. Facebook Ads – Create Your First Campaign
  8. Facebook Ads – Audience Targeting Methods
  9. Facebook Ads – Reverse Engineer Best Ads
  10. Facebook Ads – Create Your Winning Ads
  11. Facebook Ads – Advanced Retargeting
  12. Facebook Ads – Lookalike Audiences
  13. Facebook Ads – Track and Optimize Your Campaign
  14. Facebook Ads – Scale To The Moon
  15. Facebook Ads – Win With Paid Advertising
  16. Google Ads – Introduction
  17. Google Ads – Search Network
  18. Google Ads – Display Network
  19. Google Ads – Research And Planning
  20. Google Ads – Campaign Creation
  21. Google Ads – Management
  22. LinkedIn Ads – Introduction
  23. LinkedIn Ads – Research and Planning
  24. LinkedIn Ads – Creation And Management
  25. Remarketing Introduction
  26. Google Remarketing
  27. Youtube Remarketing
  28. LinkedIn Remarketing

Week 5 – Automate Your Business To Work On Autopilot

Here, you will learn how to build a team that will be delivering the services you ask for.

You will also learn how to train them, automate some processes to save time, and use email marketing to reach out to the right people.

There are 7 modules inside week 5, and those are:

  1. Planning Your Drop Servicing Team
  2. Hiring Your Drop Servicing Team
  3. Managing & Training Your Drop Servicing Team
  4. Automating Production & Administration
  5. Automating Sales & Marketing
  6. Automating ALL of your email tutorials
  7. Creating Working Procedures

Week 6 – Scale To The Moon

Here, you will learn about different strategies like making upsells and managing and accounting for your business.

In week 6 there are 6 modules

  1. The Rapid Scaling Formula
  2. Advanced Scaling Methods
  3. Conversion Rate Maximization
  4. Repeat and Referral Buyers (Building Your Buyer Army)
  5. Increase Your Revenue With Up-sells, Cross-sells, and Down-sells
  6. Managing Finances & Accounting

Bonus 1 – Inside My 6 Figure Drop Servicing Business

This bonus will show you an example of one of Dylan’s Drop Servicing businesses.

You will view his marketing strategy, team, backend setup, scripts, and more.

There is 7 module inside this bonus:

  1. The Story Of My Drop Servicing Business
  2. Our Irresistible Offer: Behind the Curtain
  3. My Marketing and Sales System
  4. My Freedom Team & Administration System
  5. My Backend Profit Maximization System
  6. My Scripts, Templates, and Copy
  7. Complete System Breakdown

Bonus 2 – 7 Day Accelerator – First Sales Fast And Free

In this bonus, you will learn how to choose an offer, build your business, and plan and execute your first sale.

It is broken down into 7 days.

  •  Day 1 – Choose Your Business
  •  Day 2 – Plan Your Business
  •  Day 3 – Build Your Business
  •  Day 4 – Plan Your Launch
  •  Day 5 – Build Your List
  •  Day 6 – Launch Your First Campaign
  •  Day 7 – Get Your First Sale!

Bonus 3 – VIP Access To Our Expert Team

In this bonus, you will get VIP access to one of the low-cost freelancer teams that they used over the years.

You will also get access to one of their best freelancers.

Bonus 4 – Our Top 883 Proven Niche Ideas

If you are in the wrong niche, it’s difficult to profit, but it’s easy to build your business if you are in the right niche.

Choosing a profitable niche is not easy, and it can be difficult and confusing if you don’t know how to do it.

That’s why here, you will get a list of their top 883 niche ideas as a bonus.

You just need to choose any of these proven niches. I made this to copy me and start building your business right away.

Bonus 5 – The Success Vault

They compiled all the interviews in the Success Vault and made it available for you to avoid their mistakes.

This is one of their popular content because you get to hear other ideas and learn directly from some of their successful students.

Bonus 6 – 2x DSB Membership

Here, you will get extra DSB membership, and you can give it to someone for free.

This is for your benefit because when students get someone else they know, they go all in and get results faster.

How Much Does Drop Servicing Blueprint Costs?

There are two payment options with Drop Servicing Blueprint.

The 1st one costs a one-time payment of $997, and the other one is monthly and costs $397.

Dylan says that you can start for free, but it’s gonna take you a long time to learn the tools you need.

However, the cost doesn’t stop there because he said you need to buy some of his recommended software and services for under $100/month to get sales much faster.

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Is Drop Servicing Blueprint a Scam?

Drop Servicing Blueprint is not a scam. Dylan seems to know what he’s doing, and he wants to help you how to make money by doing drop servicing.

However, he rarely talks about the risks associated with drop servicing.

You see, with drop servicing, it appears that you can sell any service online without having to be an expert.

However, you can’t sell any kind of service. So to understand what it is about and how it works, you’d need some basic knowledge and understanding about it.

When you build a drop servicing brand, people don’t realize that you are selling third-party services, or they will go directly to the freelancers and buy from them.

However, you can’t put all your trust in one freelancer alone to complete your work.

You need to hire 1 or 2 more experienced freelancers to back you up.

If you don’t have people to deliver the service, you can’t take orders all at once.

Besides paying for the training, you’ll have to advertise your services.

It will cost you a lot of money to run advertisements on Youtube, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and other social media platforms.

Not just that, you’ll also need money to pay your team members and outsourcers.

So it will cost you a lot of money.

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Drop Servicing Blueprint Reviews Online

At the moment of writing this review, Drop Servicing Blueprint has got quite a few reviews online.

And the good news is that most of them are fairly positive.

You have probably seen and read a few of those testimonials.

I’m not sure whether those are real or not, because I have problems trusting glowing reviews online.

That’s why I always try to find and read a few 1, 2 and 3-star ratings.

Those reviews are actually from real customers who have something to say about the product.

However, at the moment, Drop Servicing Blueprint doesn’t have any negative reviews, which is a good sign, I guess.

That said, here are some of the most common comments and reviews…

Drop Servicing Blueprint Reviews

Drop Servicing Blueprint Reviews 1


Those testimonials above are all from TrustPilot.com. You can click the link and see more.

Also, below is a Drop Servicing Blueprint YouTube review by Aaron Chen.

The reason is that his review is the only unbiased at the moment, and the guy knows what he’s talking about.

Other YouTube reviews sound overhyped and are created by affiliates who promote Dylan’s course.

I’m not saying that those testimonials are fake.

I’m just trying to say that they are not telling you everything you need to know about this training program and business model.

Do you have a Drop Servicing Blueprint review? Feel free to share it in the comments section!

What I Like About Drop Servicing Blueprint

  • Good Traffic Training
  • 30 days Money-back Guarantee

What I Don’t Like About Drop Servicing Blueprint

  • The course is expensive
  • The business model is too complicated
  • offers a money-back guarantee, but to get a refund, you must do the following steps

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Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Drop Servicing Blueprint comes from a legit instructor, and you can learn something from him.

The training is good as well, and there are a lot of traffic sources covered in this course.

The course will teach you how to build a real business online.

The course does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

However, to get a refund, you have to provide evidence that you have taken and completed the following action-based steps.

For you to get a refund, you must do the following:

  1. You must have a fully functioning website that is ready to sell one service
  2. Offer your services to 20 people
  3. Join the VIP private Facebook group and ask 1 question

This is one of the downsides of the program.

Not just that the program is expensive and as you can see the course has 6 weeks of training and fewer than 90 videos

The $997 for that seems absurd.

You can find much content on the web or on YouTube that some will give to you for free.

However, I’m not impressed by the concept of drop servicing. There are more feasible and practical ways of making money online.

Also, the business model is too complicated.

You see, Drop servicing is too difficult to scale the business.

The providers of drop servicing will rely on freelancers who sometimes cant deliver.

It needs an aggressive approach to ensure customer satisfaction and freelancer satisfaction.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Drop Servicing Blueprint review, and I hope this review is helpful and makes it easier for you to decide if this is the one you are looking for.

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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