Drop Ship Lifestyle Review – Is This A Legit Course By Anton Kraly?

Hi, and welcome to my Drop Ship Lifestyle review.

Here we are again for another Dropshipping course review. As most of you know, there are many dropshipping courses out there on the web, and most of them teach you the same stuff.

The only difference in some of those courses is the strategies they use and how they do it, which is good.

Now the question is, is Drop Ship Lifestyle the right course for you to learn dropshipping? Is Anton Kraly A legitimate person? How much does this course cost? You will soon find it out in this review.

Throughout my Drop Ship Lifestyle review, you can rest assured of getting an honest and unbiased review from me.

Also, in this review, we will try to answer all your questions. It should give you a clear understanding of Drop Ship Lifestyle and see if this course is worth your money.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review


Drop Ship Lifestyle – Overview

  • Product Type: Drop Ship Lifestyle
  • Owner: Anton Kraly
  • Price: 3 payment options $3,497, $9,997, and $25,000
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Drop Ship Lifestyle is a course created by Anton Kraly.

The course was known as one of the best dropshipping courses as it was named the best eCommerce course by Shopify in 2017.

However, at this review, the course seems to be no longer part of one of Shopify’s educational partners, and I don’t know why the course lost its title.

The course is focused on building a profitable store with little maintenance.

Drop Ship Lifestyle is more than just a course, as it has a community focus as well.

They also advertise constant help from counterparts, events, niche verification, and more.

The course teaches you everything you need to know about dropshipping, from creating your store, driving traffic, finding the right product, and more.

However, as I said earlier, is this the right course for you? Or is it just a waste of time and money?

Let’s find out!


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What is Drop Ship Lifestyle?

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review Website

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a course that will teach you how to do dropshipping.

The course was created to teach you how the business work and what strategies to use to become a successful dropshipper.

The course was created in the year 2013 by Anton Kraly.

This course provides you with a 7-step master plan and how to start a successful business in eCommerce.

The best part of this program is that you don’t have to stock the products, and this feature makes it a unique course.

The course will teach you different parts like finding products, designing, locating vendors, advertising, social trafficking, global business, and more.

Now, let’s take a look at what you will get inside from this course, but before that, we need to look at Anton Kraly first.

Who Is Anton Kraly?

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review Anton Kraly

Anton Kraly is the founder and creator of Drop Ship Lifestyle.

He is focused on empowering people through e-commerce and better marketing.

After graduating in 2006, he transformed his cookie sales business into an eCommerce store.

Anton spent a lot of money purchasing a delivery course to sell those cookies in Merrick.

After college, he tried to find a job, but he didn’t like it and made some money until the day he discovered eCommerce and the lifestyle of dropshippers.

Right now, Kraly earns 7 figures doing this business.

Inside Drop Ship Lifestyle

Inside Drop Ship Lifestyle is 8 different modules, each focusing on a different part of your dropshipping journey.

Module 0 – Overview 

In this module, Kraly will give you an introduction to the Drop Ship Lifestyle.

He will then talk about eCommerce Shopify’s foundations and explain to you how dropshipping works, how to make money, and how much it costs.

Anton will also talk about the foundations of the business itself, going into the various types.

He then ends this module by advising you about dropshipping as a lifestyle.

This module is good, and it does have a good amount of content, and the advice he gave is pretty useful.

Module 1 – Niche Selection

This module will teach you how to pick the right niche.

Anton will teach you the different metrics to consider when picking a winning niche for your online business in niche selection.

He then goes over competitor research, product size pricing, and target market.

Picking the right niche is important for your business because if you find the right one that is good and has potential, you can make money from it. That is where you will start making money.

Anton will give you all the information you need to decide when picking your niche.

This module is important, and Kraly doesn’t hold any information back.

He even talks about passion and profit and the mistake that new drop shippers failed during niche selection.

Module 2 – Market Research

This module is about market research.

This module grows upon the ideas presented in the previous module.

Anton goes over finding eCommerce price points, product listing ads, tracking demand, calculating profit margins, and creating your master list.

He will also teach you how to identify and research your target markets and inspect other dropshipping businesses.

This module gives a lot of good information, and Anton does a good job showing you how to do proper research.

Module 3 – Creating Your Website

This module is where Anton will teach you how to create your website.

Creating a website is not free as you have to pay for it to build one.

Anton will teach you how to create your Shopify store, set up a domain name, build your product collection, and how to set up your email domain.

Every course has a standard technical tutorial, but Kraly does it well in-depth.

When people go to your website, they will rate your dropshipping store.

A good-looking dropshipping store means a higher price tag.

Module 4 – Getting Drop Shippers

In this module, Anton will teach you how to source products.

He will also teach things like ranking suppliers, creating a supplier directory, distinguishing between good and bad suppliers, and teaching you how to approach them properly.

He will also teach you how to maintain a good relationship with the suppliers, and he even gives you a script to use.

This part of the module is pretty useful.

Anton teaches you everything you need to know about negotiating as a dropshipper, navigating a supplier directory, and setting up deals using his method.

Module 5 – Get Traffic

Here, Anton will teach you how to get traffic to your store.

He will also teach you how to set up your Google Adwords account, how to drive traffic to your store, and how to set up a tracking affiliate link.

He also tells you about his method and influencer marketing that will give you a good idea.

Overall, the module does provide some good information, but it doesn’t seem fully fledged.

Kraly fails to teach you in-depth keyword research, which is an important part of paid traffic.

Module 6 – Optimize For Conversions

In this module, Anton will show you how to optimize your store, create urgency, get reviews, recover bounced visits, competitor spying, and usability.

This module is good as it gives you useful information about optimizing your store for maximum conversions.

However, it lacks advanced strategies widely used for optimizing and scaling your dropshipping business.

Module 7 – Automation

Anton will teach you how to automate your business in this last module.

He will also teach you how to use automation, google sheet automation, abandoned cart scripts, tracking orders, and content distribution.

Not just that, he will also teach you the importance of outsourcing your work, which is the other side of automation.

The course content in this will help your dropshipping business make money.

You will reduce your workload if you follow everything Kraly tells you in this module.

Kraly shows you how to simplify your customer’s buying process, which can help recover lost sales.

The software and tutorials he shows you are quite useful.

How Much Does Drop Ship Lifestyle Cost?

As I mentioned earlier, there are 3 payment options if you want to buy this course.

The package is a Premium Edition that costs $3,497, and with this package, you will get access to Dropship Lifestyle, a premade storefront, and 3 months of private coaching.

The second package is an Ultimate package that costs $9,997, and in this package, you will get all the contents of the Premium Edition, but with 6 months of private coaching and 6 months Done For You content marketing.

The last package is an Unlimited package that costs $25,000, and it comes with all the contents of the Ultimate package.

You will also get a lifetime of private coaching, 12 months Done For You content marketing, and a ticket to their lifestyle retreat.

As you can see, it is not a cheap course as it costs a lot of money and not just that it will cost you more money when you start dropshipping business.

The course does offer 30 days money-back guarantee.

However, to be eligible for the refund, you must prove that you have completed the following action tasks within 30 days: 1) Select a Niche, 2) Find 20 suppliers, and 3) Build a Website.

Keep in mind it says to be “eligible or qualified” by completing all the steps.

So you have to make sure that you have completed all those steps to get qualified because if not, your money will be gone.

This might be the reason why this course is no longer part of one of Shopify’s educational partners, just my guess, though.

This is the downside of this course because you have to do all those steps to get your refund and not just that you also have to spend money on it because you have to make a website.

Does Drop Ship Lifestyle Deliver?

The course does deliver what it promises, as Anton teaches you almost everything you need to know about dropshipping.

I said almost because he forgot to teach you about keyword research which is an important part of your business.

But all in all, the course is good despite the absence of some of the teachings.

Remember, dropshipping is not an easy business, and there is no guarantee that you will succeed even if you follow Anton’s method.

The course is only he to teach and guide you on how to do it because, in the end, you’ll be the one doing it for your business, not Anton.

Who Is Drop Ship Lifestyle Best For?

The course is for those who want to take dropshipping as their business.

However, as you can see above, the course is not cheap, and not everyone can afford that kind of money.

Yes, the course is good, but I don’t think it is worth it for its price.

You see, there are a lot of dropshipping courses out there you can find, and some of them are cheap.

Not just that, you can also find a lot of dropshipping courses on YouTube as well that some of them will teach you for free.

All the things you want to learn about dropshipping are on the website, and all you have to do is search for it.

Again, if you are interested in dropshipping, I’d rather search for it on Youtube as there are a lot of them, and it doesn’t cost money.

You can also find a dropshipping course on Facebook in some group pages where you can join and help you how about the business for free if you are lucky to find one.

Is the Drop Ship Lifestyle A Scam?

No, the Drop Ship Lifestyle is not a scam. It is a legit course that teaches you how to do dropshipping.

As you can see, the course was voted for the best eCommerce program by Shopify before it got removed by them.

The course does give almost everything that you need to learn about dropshipping.

However, there are many areas where Anton Kraly lacks, like the A/B Split testing, keyword research, and even SEO which are the important part of the business, and he didn’t teach it to you.

Also, the course is very expensive it’s like you’re buying a car for its price.

Buying a car is ok because we use it every time we go out but buying a course at that kind of price and there is no guarantee that you will succeed I don’t think it is worth it.

Yes, the course is good, but as I said earlier, there are a lot of dropshipping courses out there that will teach you the same stuff, and some of them will even give you complete information that Anton Kraly didn’t teach you.

That is why I can’t recommend you this course because of its price and the lack of important information about this course.

What I Like About Drop Ship Lifestyle

  • The quality of the course is good
  • Very thorough explanations
  • Anton Kraly is a legit person
  • You will learn a lot from this course
  • It was voted as the No. 1 eCommerce course by Shopify.

What I Don’t Like About Drop Ship Lifestyle

  • Expensive
  • Lacks information like the A/B Split testing, keyword research, and even SEO which are the important part of the business
  • Many cheaper alternatives
  • Sketchy money-back guarantee
  • It only covers Shopify stores.

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Overall, Anton Kraly’s course produces a good lesson as it gives you a good amount of content, teaches good information, and has great production quality.

However, the course is very expensive, and that is the problem and not just that the refund is Sketchy as you have to go all those steps to get your money back.

The course would be good if the price is not that high and I could recommend it if that happens.

Right now, I can’t recommend this course to you, and I’d rather want you to find other courses out there that are worth it.

Like I said earlier, dropshipping is not an easy business as there will be a lot of trials and errors along the way, and not just that, it will cost you a lot of money as well.

You see, you have to spend money on your ads, website, tools, products, shipping, and more related to dropshipping business.

As you can see it will cost you a lot of money.

But if you want to do other business besides dropshipping, there is one that I recommend, and it will not cost you thousands of dollars to start.

If you are interested, I recommend you to check my number 1 recommendation below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Drop Ship Lifestyle review.

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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