Earn Online Mentor Review – What Is It? Is It a Scam or Legitimate?

Welcome to my Earn Online Mentor review.

What is it? Is it a scam?

If you have any of those questions about William Marsden’s system, you are in the right place.

Just a few days ago, I was digging through my email (spam folder) to clean it up and make sure that something important didn’t end up there.

I noticed this weird looking email that was poking my eye, so I opened it.

Surprise, surprise, I was invited to claim some free money that I allegedly deserved.

In other words, just the usual spammer stuff that I get every day.

Once I clicked the link, I landed on the Earn Online Mentor website.

At first glance, I thought “alright, this might be something legitimate.” But as I was getting into it, I started to change my mind.

If you share my experience and wonder if it’s a scam or legit, make sure to read my review.

In this Earn Online Mentor review, I’ll show you what this website is all about, how it works, how much could it cost you to if you join.

I’ll share a set of pros and cons and my personal opinion on why I think you should avoid it!

Earn Online Mentor Review


Earn Online Mentor Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Owners: William Marsden
  • Price:$47
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-days
  • Recommended?: Not really…

Quick Summary: Earn Online Mentor is a sort of a DFY system that allows you to resell William Marsden’s products, mostly eBooks. You get the material so all you have to do is send traffic to it and hope for the best.

That said, this offer is not a scam. However, I’m definitely not recommending it.

In my opinion, those eBooks are outdated, and probably are not going to sell as good as the creator claims. I really have no idea who would buy those eBooks when you can now access PLR products for free all over the net.

Basically, in my opinion, Earn Online Mentor is the owners attempt to earn more money from washed-up products. Check out the rest of my review to see what I’m talking about.


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What is Earn Online Mentor?

Earn Online Mentor is an opportunity to take over William Marsden’s business. He claims that he’s been secretly making thousands of dollars online, and today, he’s had enough.

William offers us to take his products, learn for him, and to make the same money he makes.

His program is supposed to teach you how to tap into this secret industry that has enabled ordinary people to earn millions online.

What’s the name of the industry? It’s called informational publishing.

Have you heard about Kindle? I bet you did. Well, that’s an example of informational publishing. Earn Online Mentor is about to show you how it’s done, at least that’s what William claims.

Earn Online Mentor Bold Claims

But in my mind, William is blowing things out of proportion a little bit.

First of all, Kindle publishing is not exactly a gold mine, especially if you are a newbie.

There’s a lot of things that need to be done to become successful with online marketing. Like every other business, it takes time, money, and effort to make it happen.

Of course programs like Earn Online Mentor could help to speed things up. However, I believe that the intention here is something else.

You see, William claims that Earn Online Mentor is a ready-made, done-for-you online business. He calls it a cash-generating machine that runs on autopilot 24 hours a day.

Sound a bit too good to be the truth?

Well, I’m used to listening to these stories ever day. I believe that this one is no different than every other online scam.

How Does Earn Online Mentor Work?

Based on my research, Earn Online Mentor works like a sort of MLM/affiliate marketing business. So basically, you’ll purchase the program and get resell right for all digital programs that William is already selling on his behalf.

Also, the program includes training, sales literature, DFY websites which are specially designed for each product, as well as his personal coaching and support.

Once you get into the program, you’re going to get seven digital products that you can resell. The products are “How To” style eBooks, guides, and manuals.

  • Internet Start-Up Kit
  • Modern Millionaires
  • Rapid Instagram Profits
  • Bitcoin Profit Secrets
  • 7 Ways to Success While You Sleep
  • My First Internet Business
  • Forex Fortune Guides

It seems that Earn Online Mentor is indeed a DFY system.

The program includes the basics of driving traffic to your sites, which is a critical part of every successful online business. But there’s no info on how exactly will you be doing this, and that’s a concern.

To sell these products successfully, you’ll need proven traffic strategies. Not every traffic will work.

Also, I did some research on those ebooks and basically, those products are not the best. You’re going to charge for the information that is, in general, free all over the net.

And another thing, the prices William puts on these books are overexaggerated. You can find the same on Amazon selling for less than $1!

People might notice that, if not already.

Earn Online Mentor Products

Earn Online Mentor Products

It seems to me that the only person who is going to profit for sure with Earn Online Mentor is going to be the owner himself. Yes, he’s giving away his system, but it may take some time to figure it out.

Even if everything is DFY, you’ll still need some experience to make it work.

And the question is, does it work after William has used it to the max?

Can You Make Money With This?

Every make-money-online system is designed to, well, make money. So I believe that if you manage to apply everything and if the program is working, you might make something with the Earn Online Mentor program.

However, I wouldn’t be too excited about it.

Those PDF’s that you’ll be seeling are not the hottest products online. Also, they are pretty much outdated. People are looking for proven strategies and training that works.

Affiliate marketing is changing every day, and what works today might not work tomorrow.

You see, William has probably earned a lot with his system and there’s also a possibility that his system is not working anymore. That’s why he’s giving it away for a seemingly low price.

The internet is full of outdated systems and courses, and I wouldn’t be surprised that Earn Online Mentor is one of them.

What the Full Price?

William claims that the Earn Online Mentor system is worth $45,400. That’s pretty much a ridiculous claim given the fact that you’re buying resell rights for outdated products as well as a basic affiliate marketing system.

But you’re not going to pay that much because he’s giving you the whole thing for only $45 one time payment.

However, don’t be surprised if you stumble across some additional costs such as web hosting and a domain.

Since Earn Online Mentor is based on affiliate marketing, you ill have to buy tools such as email autoresponder, and other marketing resources.

Can You Get a Refund?

Earn Online Mentor is covered with a 100% money-back guarantee. Or at least that’s what William claims. He claims that, if for any reason, you don’t make money with his system, he’s going to give you your money back.

Not only but also, he’s going to let you keep the system and even give you $100 as an apology.

The man really believes in his products, I must say.

What’s Good About Earn Online Mentor?

1.) The Program is Based on Legitimate Methods

Informational publishing, affiliate marketing, and email marketing are legitimate methods for making money online. Based on my research, Earn Online Mentor is based on all these methods.

So I guess that’s a good thing. But will it work?

2.) William Marsden is a Real Person

At first glance, I thought William Marsden is a fake name. You see, I review products like Earn Online Mentor every day, and 99% of those products are using pen names and fake characters to hide the owner’s true identity.

William seems to be a real deal, and if you ever buy this program, you can contact him personally. Or at least that’s what he claims.

You never know with these shady products.

3.) Money-Back Guarantee

Most online products offer a money-back guarantee, so does Earn Online Mentor too. They have one of the most generous refunds I’ve seen. I just wonder does it really work as they promise.

When it comes to products like this one, there’s a possibility that you’ll have to beg for your money back. Just a thought.

What’s Wrong With Earn Online Mentor?

1.) Overhyped Earning Claims

While scanning the Earn Online Mentor sales page, I noticed that William is putting some big numbers out there.

Yes, there’s money in info-publishing. However, those are pro numbers.

William has been working for years to reach that level and now he’s telling you that you can have the same success in 24-48 hours. That’s ridiculous and not true.

Earn Online Mentor Fake Claims

2.) Products are Outdated and Overpriced

There’s one small (huge) problem with info-publishing. It used to work like crazy. But you see, just like you are reading this Earn Online Mentor review for free, people are doing the same with everything else.

No one is buying PDFs for $30-$40 when they know that all they have to do is type the right question into search engines and the info is theirs for free.

Besides, online marketers are aware of the fact so they give them away for free on every corner.

3.) There Might Be Additional Costs

The price is of the Earn Online Mentor system is “only” $45. But every business needs tools and resources. And they cost more money.

William is going to share guides and hopefully some training, but you might keep in mind that 45 bucks are not going to be the final price.

As I’ve said, this business requires further investment. I don’t see anywhere that he’s giving you those for free or at least included in the price.

4.) Zero Testimonials or Evidence That It Works

The thing that concerns me the most is that there is literally zero evidence that the Earn Online Mentor program really works. That raises some serious doubts about the legitimacy of this program.

I mean, if it’s so powerful and effective, why there are no testimonials from people who’ve been money with it?

Is Earn Online Mentor a Scam or Legit?

It’s hard to say that Earn Online Mentor is a scam. Based on everything you’ve seen in this review, we can say that it’s a legitimate opportunity.

William Marsden seems to be very confident about his program and he’s willing to back it up with a money-back guarantee.

But if you ask me would I recommend this? My answer is, hell no! Why?

Well, I’ve given you plenty of reasons why not.

Although Earn Online Mentor is not a scam, it’s not a fully legit program either. Those books are pretty much outdated and you can buy the same for a few bucks even a few cents on Amazon.

Besides, people are rarely even buying those anymore.

However, my biggest concern about this program is not outdated books and overcrowded market, but a serious lack of evidence that it really works. Except those from William himself.

$45 seems a little bit too much for “trust me on my word.”

In any case, I don’t recommend this, especially because I know there are much better ways to make money online.

Wanna Work With Real Mentors?

Thanks for reading my Earn Online Mentor review. I hope you’ve found everything you were looking for. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in a comment box below.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

16 thoughts on “Earn Online Mentor Review – What Is It? Is It a Scam or Legitimate?”

  1. Hello Ivan
    I had high hopes with online mentor.com
    Willam Marsden sells a good line but after suspicions mounting for the past week since I purchased the program for $97 I still haven’t received my key I thought I’d better check on the Internet and I went to you for reviews one of my friends that told me about you and he said that you always have been right on!

    Well I’m calling my bank after I finish writing to you and telling them I want my $97 back and I’m going to go with your recommendations I’m so glad that I didn’t waste anymore of my time I’m eager to get a program to make some money online and I’m willing to work for it! I spent too much money in the past getting programs that promise and once getting signed up you have to spend more and more and more to get to make any money

    Thank you for being there for people like me I feel ashamed of myself for being so eager to jump out at a program like this another one bites the dust for me but now that I found you I know I won’t have to worry about it anymore!

    I’m going to sign up with your recommendation above thank you my friend

    • Hi Chaz, thanks for your comment. I appreciate your kind words and I’m happy to help you in any way I can.

      You’re not the only one who got tricked by Earn online mentor. I would suggest you call your bank and request the funds back. All banks have teams that deal with these kinds of things and in 99% of the cases, you will get your funds back on your account.

      I’m glad to hear that you’re willing to WORK to get what you want! That’s the only path I recommend to people like you because I’ve been in your shoes and I know what works and who is only after your money. Once and if you join my recommendation, do reach out and I’ll help you from there!


  2. I don’t even know what to say about online marketing, but for some time now I’ve been looking at getting the hang of it as I’m anticipating that’s where most of jobs opportunities will be, and I personally don’t wanna be left behind.
    I saw this Pop up in my mail, out of the many I’ve checked out this one almost got me, infact I’m writing to you with my Dcard in hand, just a thought to search for the name via Google search.
    So glad I did, are else I wouldn’t be able to access your review, thanks so much for your head’s up Ivan, keep doing the great work, it’s much needed for those like myself who just wanted a legitimate way to our financial independence.

    • Hi Rev Mavrik, thanks for your comment on my review. Glad my post here was helpful. It’s good to see you doing the research before handing over your hard-earned money to random sites on the net. Let me know if there’s anything I could help you with.


  3. Your terminology and use of frases, is recently insanely familiar. Another missed chunk in the chain are time frames it’s been selling for way over 12mnths, along time for $45 profit, thnx Will I mean Ivan

    • Hi Heathe, you’re welcome and thanks for your comment. You’ll have to be more specific about the other offer you’re asking about. There’s one offer called Paid Social Media Jobs that promises a lot of ways cash for doing virtual assistant jobs, but in the end, just tricks people into spending $20-$30 on some useless PDFs and gives them links to places like Fiverr and Upwork where you can find online virtual assistant jobs for free.


  4. Thanks alot Ivan for this genuine review! you dont know what you have done, i was 4 minutes away from buying that system for William.

    I also noticed those low prices on amazon for those products,,, Eeeeeesh! This guy ooooh. Heartless he is.
    This review has done it for me.

    Thanks i will never buy it..

  5. Hi Ivan, great review!!

    This sounds suspiciously like another product I’ve seen this past year. I can’t think of the name of the top of my head, but it’s almost identical.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the same product that he relaunched with a different name. I personally believe they make all their money with the launches because they offer prizes to their affiliates. Then it dies down, and they repackage it with a new name, lol.

    I hate that they do this, but all they care about is making money off of innocent people who don’t know any better. I’m so glad you’re exposing these types of products. Any truly successful marketer doesn’t show off their cars and houses. That’s a big red flag to me!

    Thanks again,

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      It wouldn’t surprise me either. There are too many scams that are simply rebranding products to make more cash. There was a product called Your Freedom Mentor, but it’s gone now since there are too many negative reviews. Earn Online Mentor might be a rebranded version. Anyway, I’m happy to see you doing research before going any further. I hope others will follow your steps.


  6. Thank you for this information on earn online mentor Ivan. Another promise from a ‘so called money making mentor’ with false promises. They always seem to be good at jazzing up what you can do with these programmes rather than being honest and realistic. I hope many people looking to earn money online come across this post and realise the best way is affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Lee, thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment on my review 🙂

      I hope you’ve found all you were looking for. Earn Online Mentor is, in my opinion, not the best solution for making money online. DFY systems are unreliable and usually, promise too much but deliver very little.


  7. You are always right on top of the game, Ivan. I have many questions about which companies are legitimate and which ones you shouldn’ touch with a 10-foot pole!!! I only wish I had your site to guide me over the years. I truly appreciate your honest and thorough feedback on all of these sites. It is great to know which ones to trust and which ones we can’t.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kay, thanks for leaving your comment on my review 🙂 much appreciated

      I’m happy to have you now. It’s good to see you doing a research before getting into programs like Earn Online Mentor.



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