Amazon FBA Heroes Review – Derrick Struggle Scam or Legit?

Hi, and welcome to my Amazon FBA Heroes review. If you are interested in the Amazon FBA business, you might hear of Derrick Struggle. But is he legit? Is Amazon FBA Heroes a scam?

Let’s find out!

Derrick Struggle is a young and successful businessman who has proved that you can be a profitable seller on the Amazon platform.

So, just like many guys and gals, he decided to drop a course where he teaches how to follow in his footsteps…

There are 17 modules included in the Amazon FBA Heroes course. The course contents have a lot of videos as well as worksheets.

So is Amazon FBA Heroes a scam or a legit course?

You can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

This Amazon FBA Heroes review will try to answer all your questions. In addition, it should give you a clear understanding of this course and whether it’s a scam or a legit way to make money online.

FBA Heroes Review


Amazon FBA Heroes Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Amazon FBA Heroes
  • Owner: Derrick Struggle
  • Price: 2 payments of $597/month or One Time Special Hero Payment of $997
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Amazon FBA Heroes is a course that teaches you how to launch an eCommerce store selling physical products on Amazon.

The course has a training video that spans more than 4 hours to take you through starting your Amazon FBA business from scratch.

You will also get a private Facebook group to interact with other members and ask Derrick questions.

Overall, it is a good (not great) course. In my opinion, a bit expensive but legit.

There are some pros and cons to it which is why I recommend reading my Amazon FBA Heroes review until the end.

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What Is Amazon FBA Heroes?

Amazon FBA Heroes is a course that will teach you how to start a business using Fulfillment By Amazon.

The course will teach you how to merge Amazon products in a Shopify dropshipping business, conduct product research, navigate Amazon, and create an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

FBA Heroes Review Website

As I mentioned earlier, inside the course, there’s a training video that spans more than 4 hours that will walk you through how to start your Amazon FBA business from scratch.

Many courses out there claim to do it all and then end up teaching you grey hat strategies that will lead your account to a suspension.

Struggle, the owner of this course, claims to be different by using the strategy of teaching FBA through Amazon’s books.

That said, let’s jump to the Amazon FBA Heroes review to meet the creator and to learn what he teaches inside the program.

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Who Is Derrick Struggle?

Derrick Struggle is an online entrepreneur who established his training program on selling products through the marketplace of Amazon.

Before launching his program, he created a lot of videos on Youtube in the hope of promoting the course.

FBA Heroes Review Derrick Struggle

However, it seems that the channel is no longer active anymore as you can see his last video was 2 years ago.

But despite not being active, he seems to have some sense with Amazon’s FBA business.

There is no information on his track record or building any brands.

How Does Amazon FBA Heroes Work?

The Amazon FBA Heroes course comes with 17 main modules, and each module focuses on a different aspect of building your Amazon business.

Module 1 – Welcome To FBA Heroes 3.0

This module is just the welcome and introduction section, where they will explain to you how the course works and what to expect.

Module 2 – Setting Up Your Foundation

These training videos are about getting the right mindset. Derrick Struggle will show you how to work on yourself to push past your fears.

This module will ensure that you will stick with your Amazon FBA business.

Struggle will talk about finding your “why,” principles of success, stopping self-doubt, planning, and optimizing your day.

This module does motivate you, and others may find it useful.

Module 3 – Shopify Dropshipping, Marketing, And Branding

This module inside Amazon FBA Heroes is taught by Lawrence Lee, the founder of Viral Visionaries.

It is a small company that disrupts industries with storytelling.

Lawrence will teach you how to start and brand your Amazon FBA business.

He will also teach you how to set up your Shopify store, run ads on Facebook and Instagram, and launch your amazon products.

The module does provide some good information, and it is a great introduction to your Amazon FBA dropshipping business.

Module 4 – Leveraging The Power of Amazon

Derrick Struggle picks up teaching over your FBA business functions in this module.

Derrick will teach you how the Amazon FBA business works, why Amazon FBA is powerful, establishing a corporate structure, and obtaining an EIN.

He will also teach you navigation, fees, taxes, and storage.

Overall, this module provides useful information about Amazon FBA that can confuse some.

Module 5 – Setting Up Your Seller Central Account

This module of Amazon FBA Heroes, Struggle, will show you how to set up your amazon account and connect it to your email address.

There are two videos in this module that span around 4 minutes of content.

After that, he will teach you how to set up your seller account.

Module 6 – Selling On Amazon USA as an International Seller

This module, Struggle, will give you a quick tutorial on registering on Amazon as an international seller.

The module comes with two videos and with 4 minutes of content total.

However, the information in this module isn’t useful, as he talks in very broad terms, never delving into any specifics.

Module 7 – Building A Powerful Amazon Brand

This module does not contain much information, having four total videos and only 15 minutes of content.

But, again, the struggle involves putting a profile image, creating custom product packaging, and getting your branding trademarked.

Also, it’s very general information. Never get into specifics about trademarking or product packaging.

Trademarking isn’t necessary for many. Your products are not your own, and the chances of anyone caring enough to rip your logo off is almost zero.

It is not the logo that makes your customer buy your product, they buy it because of the product.

Module 8 – Product Research

This module of Amazon FBA Heroes is about finding the right product. He goes over many different aspects of product research techniques:

  • Broad vs. specific niche
  • Product research tools
  • Avoiding patents/trademarked products, seasonality
  • Calculating your profit margin

Here, Gaus, an executive of Thrasio, will teach you how to identify winning products and what strategies and techniques to use.

Module 9 – Market Research 

This relatively short module gives you an overview of researching your market.

This module has three videos that span around 20 minutes total.

This module does give you good information, but it doesn’t have enough content.

Module 10 – Contacting And Finding Suppliers

In this module, Struggle will teach you how to use the Alibaba platform, understand the shipping rates, send messages, get a lower minimum order quantity, create custom packaging, how to place your order, and get your products inspected.

This module is good as it gives you a good amount of useful information.

Module 11 – Creating & Crafting Your Listing

Struggle will show you how to list your product on Amazon.

He will teach you how to create your listing, optimize your listing, and do keyword research.

Also, Casey Gauss steps in to teach you about keyword research, giving you helpful insight to drive traffic towards your product listing.

Module 12 – Product Photography

Struggle will talk about the importance that product photography has on your listing.

Then, he goes over the different strategies you can do at home to increase the product quality.

Then, in the end, he recommends just outsourcing it.

Module 13 – Launching, Ranking, and Getting Reviews

Gauss steps to show you the best way to launch initially in this module.

Then, they will talk about how to get organic reviews, rank higher, run PPC traffic campaigns, get many reviews, and utilize an email autoresponder.

Module 14 – Building Your Amazon Portfolio 

This is a single, 9-minute video that will teach you what to know before you scale.

Struggle goes over what to expect and when best to do it.

Module 15 – Leveraging Social Media To Dominate W/ Danny Perez

In this module of Amazon FBA Heroes, Danny Perez, a high school friend of Struggle will be the one who will teach you.

Struggle introduced Danny as a student of the Amazon FBA Heroes course in a past video.

In this module, Perez will show you how to post on Instagram and Pinterest.

He also talks a little bit about dominating, but it’s generic advice like posting often or getting engaged.

Then Perez will give you tutorials on posting on both platforms.

Module 16 – Facebook Ads & ClickFunnels

This one is more of a technical tutorial, where Struggle will show you how to create Instagram and Facebook ads.

He also talks about running effective Facebook ads and gives you some good insight.

He will also show you how to use the Clickfunnels platform.

Module 17 – Heroes Bonuses

This additional module includes dealing with and removing hijackers, getting ungated, and adding thank you cards.

Here is an Amazon FBA Heroes review from YouTube where you can learn even more…

How Much Does Amazon FBA Heroes Cost? 

There are two payment options here: a one-time payment of $1997 or 2 payments of each $597 to buy Amazon FBA Heroes.

As you can see, it is not a cheap course as it costs a lot of money.

This is quite a lot of money, especially when most of the content can be found on Youtube or the web for free. So, is it worth your hard-earned money?

Is Amazon FBA Heroes Worth The Price?

As you already know, Amazon FBA Heroes is not a cheap course. So is it worth your money? Unfortunately, the course is not worth the money.

You see, it lacks any premium or professional content to explain the price.

However, the course is far from bad, and it simply does not provide enough value.

You see, three of the sections are less than 10 minutes collectively, and the market research and social media don’t give you a lot of detail.

Struggle must have all the aspects of his course be made more thorough for charging you almost a thousand dollars.

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Is Amazon FBA Heroes A Scam?

I don’t think Derrick is a scam and the same goes with his course. Amazon FBA Heros is not a scam in my review.

However, I don’t think it is worth buying for its price.

Like I said earlier, most information featured in Amazon FBA Heroes can be found on Youtube or on the web, and most of them will give to you for free or at a much lower price.

You can also get access to the same content on Youtube, blogs, or other eBooks.

Also, Derrick doesn’t tell you the challenges in the Amazon FBA business.

For example, it can take a lot of steps to determine if the product will be hot-selling on Amazon, and not to mention that the competition level for every product niche is rising from time to time.

In the end, you might even fail to recover what you have paid for Derrick’s program.

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What I Like About FBA Heroes

  • Casey Gaus is a good guest teacher
  • Good product selection information
  • Easy to follow

What I Don’t Like About FBA Heroes

  • Danny Perez is not a good guest teacher
  • No Support
  • Very expensive
  • Some modules lack content

Amazon FBA Heroes Review – Conclusion

Struggle does a good job selling the Amazon FBA Heroes course, but it seems like he did not do good of a job teaching it.

Struggle tries to turn his course into a new business by combining FBA and dropshipping.

In reality, all you have to do is sell the same product across two channels, splitting your concentration and doubling your budget.

FBA Heroes is a good course, and it does teach you useful information.

But like I said earlier, the price is very high, and it does not do anything to justify its price.

You are better off learning from a much cheaper course out there that teaches the same content.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Amazon FBA Heroes review.

I hope this Amazon FBA Heroes review is helpful and makes it easier for you to decide if this is the one you are looking for.

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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  1. Two things I don’t like about this is the extremely high price and the lack of updates lately which is a bit of a red flag to me. If you want to be successful in this business you always have to be on the loop, to offer updated courses, to interact with your audience. If the last video was 2 years ago doesn’t show good to anyone. And who is going to pay $2000 for this??? A big no from me.

  2. I’ve been wondering if Amazon FBA Heroes from Derrick Struggle was legit, so I’m thrilled to find your detailed analysis. Thanks for simply stating that the product is just not worth the cost. I kind of suspected that it was overhyped, but it’s good to see the details and know why it’s a pass. Thanks for helping save money!


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