Finish Line Network Review – A SCAM Exposed Or Legit MLM?

Welcome to my honest Finish Line Network review.

Some of the reviews out there seem to be outdated and incomplete, which makes it hard to understand what Finish Line Network is and what do they offer.

The company was founded in 2018, and since then they’ve left a fat trail of an MLM scheme.

This also makes us wonder whether The Finish Line Network is a scam or legitimate since you probably don’t want to waste your time (and money) on an unreliable and inferior company.

I did some extensive research, and in this Finish Line Network review, I want to show you what you can expect from this opportunity to make money online.

So in today’s post, I’ll help you to find out the truth. We are going to see what it is about, how it works, what the price is, and finally, I will show you whether Finish Line Network is a scam or legit MLM.

Finish Line Network Review


Finish Line Network Review – Overview

  • Product Type: MLM (Pay-To-Play)
  • Price: Various Memberships
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not Disclosed
  • Recommended?: Not really…

Quick Summary: Finish Line Network is a scheme that shows how to promote various products to earn commissions based on multi-level marketing.

The company has several levels of memberships which you have to join to qualify for the highest commissions.

In a nutshell, Finish Line Network is not a scam. However, I don’t recommend this opportunity as in my opinion it is too expensive and yet has a shallow success rate.

To learn more about this MLM scheme, keep reading my Finish Line Network. I’ll reveal how it works and how much could it cost you if you ever join.


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What Is Finish Line Network?

I’m guessing that you have been on the official website and have read a few lines from their about us page and other pages as well.

If you did so, then you probably have the same feeling as I do. In other words, what the hell are they talking about there?!?

In any case, here’s a sort of an explanation. Finish Line Network is a company that promotes three different products that have nothing to do with the original concept of the company, which is the first scam sign.

This usually means that we have an MLM going on and the possibility of a pyramid scheme.

So which one of those is the case? Is it a scam? Let’s keep moving with our review here to learn more.

Finish Line Network is an online marketing company with a focus on email marketing, social media audience building, as well as advanced monetization strategies.

As I said in the previous section of my review, it is an MLM company that promotes various products in three different industries all gathered around digital marketing.

In other words, they don’t have any products of their own like courses, tools, and such.

The company is designed to promote:

  • Traffic Authority – a questionable quality traffic company
  • Success Counts – a digital marketing coaching company
  • Online Sales Pro – is a marketing tool for building landing pages

The latter is owned by Paul Counts and is a coaching platform where you can probably learn how to use Online Sales Pro and Traffic Authority to promote the Finish Line Network.

But there’s more to this story in the next section of my review.

The company was created in 2018, and since then it has taken the current form.

Who Are The Founders?

  1. Joel & Kitty Kellman
  2. Paul Counts
  3. Doug Wellens
  4. Greg Chambers
  5. Todd McCart
  6. Chad Stalvey

Joel and Kitty Kellman and co-owners of Online Sales Pro, Paul is, as I’ve said, the owner of Success Counts. And Greg Chambers and Doug Wellens are founders of Traffic Authority.

Finish Line Network Review - Owners

Unfortunately, I have no information about Todd McCart and Chad Stalvey and their role in the company.

So does this mean that the company is a scam because of the business model they apply?

Well, it’s sort of a grey zone. Let’s keep moving with our review to answer all your questions.

How Does Finish Line Network Work?

I’m going to share detailed information about the product line and the compensation plan later. Now, it’s essential to show you how the company works.

In a nutshell, you have to pay to join the scheme (pay-to-play).

Once you become a member of the Finish Line Network, you’re going to learn how to start an online marketing business through email marketing.

Finish Line Network Review

They will show you how to set up a funnel that is connected to an email campaign.

The next step is going to be buying traffic based on Solo Ads through the already mentioned Traffic Authority.

The last phase includes getting leads, sending follow-ups, and eventually, earning commissions.

The next part of my Finish Line Network review is going to explain what products you have to purchase to get qualified as well as your earning level also knows as commission plan.

So let’s see what the expectations are.

Finish Line Network Product Line

As you have noticed, Finish Line Network has a set of products and tools on display that are useful when creating an online marketing business.

Some of those, like Traffic Authority, are not my recommendation because of the poor quality of the traffic they provide.

But in a nutshell, all products are legitimate. There are four levels that you can join.

Finish Line Network Review - Product Line

  • Silver Level $47 per month – Gives you access to Traffic Authority, Online Sales Pro, Success Counts, and Silver training events where you can learn the basic and advanced usage of those tools and resources to create an online business.
  • Gold Level $130 per month or $2997 for a three-year subscription– upgrade from Silver to get access to monthly “live webinars” and digital marketing content library.
  • Email Profits on Demand $1997 – Email Marketing Course designed to help you grow and maintain your business through email marketing.
  • Digital Domination $997 – 2-day Live event in Atlanta, GA.

You can purchase each product individually, or you can order a bundle, which is going to cost you $4,997.

Also, there’s an option to purchase a Gold and Silver bundle for $177 one time.

These products could be valuable, and so far, there’s no reason to say that the Finish Line Network is a scam.

That said, let’s continue the review to see what sort of compensation plan the company offers.

Finish Line Network Compensation Plan

First of all, here is a link to an official PDF that contains detailed information about the company’s compensation plan.

In the rest of this section, I’m going to give you a short breakdown of the plan.

FNL Commission Plans, Rules & Rankings

In a nutshell, you have to join the Finish Line Network first to get qualified for commission. Your commissions are derived from sales and recurring membership.

To earn those commissions, you have to start promoting the products from the list above.

Now you can see why most Finish Line Network reviews say that this is rather an MLM than a legitimate opportunity to earn an income online.

Although a lot of people will say that MLM is a scam, I would bed to differ. The truth is, MLM’s are hard, which is the reason why most participants fail, and as a result, they start calling out the company as a scam.

Here are the rules that determine your qualification for each commission plan.

  • Rising Star Rank – You have to join the scheme and pay the monthly $20 membership to become qualified as an affiliate.
  • 1 Star Rank – You have to sell six Silver Packages
  • 2 Star Rank – You have to sell six Gold Packages
  • 3 Star Rank – You have to sell six ePOD Packages
  • 4 Star Rank – You have to sell six Live Events Packages

This means that to earn from those products mentioned above, you have to purchase each product.

This allows you to promote them and earn a percentage of commission on all sales you make.

Below is the percentage of commissions you can earn each time one of your referrals decides to join the Finish Live Network, and when they purchase one of the packages.

  • Silver Level – you earn $20 per month when your lead gets qualified.
  • Gold Level – you earn $52 per month when your lead gets qualified or $1000 every recurring year if your lead takes a three-year subscription.
  • Email Profits on Demand Level – you can earn $800 one-time when one of your leads upgrades to the ePOD package.
  • Live event Level – you earn $320 in commissions in case your referral decides to purchase a Live Event ticket.

The rules are simple, to earn more from each package, you’re required to sell more packages. This system is commonly referred to as a Pay-to-Play scheme.

The Bonus Pool

In addition to a regular MLM compensation plan, the company runs a bonus pool as well.

This means that the company takes 20% of total earnings, puts them into a pool, and give away shares to its affiliate based on their ranking.

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Who is Finish Line Network For?

So all in all, the Finish Line Network runs a generous compensation plan that can be very attractive to both new and advanced marketers out there.

My advice, though, for beginners, is to skip these schemes until you gain enough confidence by creating your own online business.

As you can see in this review, it’s relatively cheap to get started with the Finish Line Network. But once you start reaching for the next level, the costs and the difficulty increase dramatically.

This fact also leads to a large percentage of abandonment.

In other words, the success rate with any MLM is as low as 2%. And it could be costly to find out whether you fit into the two percent profile or not.

Is Finish Line Network a Pyramid Scheme?

There is no tangible evidence that the Finish Line Network is a pyramid scheme, nor do I imply such a thing.

However, the structure of the company, which is based mostly on recurring new members to pay out the existing ones does have similarities to a pyramid scheme.

Nonetheless, the company hosts a set of products and courses that help create and run a digital marketing business, so it’s free from such accusations.

In other words, it’s not a pyramid scheme.

Is Finish Line Network a Scam?

I wouldn’t call the Finish Line Network a scam. There were some doubts at the beginning of this review, but more or less, it’s a legitimate company.

The company gives enough information about the program before you decide to join (I’ve left you a link to the compensation plan PDF) and they seem to be operating without any hiccups so far.

I haven’t managed to find any third-party publications (except independent reviews), or even complaints on sites like the Better Business Bureau, which was a bit concerning.

However, this does not mean that the Finish Line Network is a scam.

Instead, they are just too “fresh” to get a listing on BBB and such websites, which means that we will have to wait for a while to get some customer reviews.

I personally don’t like MLMs and I rarely recommend them to my readers.

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What I Like About The Finish Line Network

  • Legitimate owners
  • Teaches how to make money

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Lack of transparency about the scheme
  • Expensive product line
  • Pay-to-play scheme
  • Highly risky (low-success rate)

Finish Line Network Review – Conclusion

So there you have it. Now you know what this company is all about, how they work, how much could you potentially earn, and most importantly, whether it is a scam or legit.

If you ask me would I be recommending this company, I would say no.

MLM’s are not my cup of tea for many reasons.

They are expensive (some go up to $10,000+ in initial investment) yet have a meager success rate, which means that they are best for the owners.

98% of the people that participate in an MLM are just funding those 2% on the top!

Another reason is that you can’t choose a direction or build an online business around a passion or a hobby (the latter is highly recommended!).

Instead, you have to follow the established line and hope for the best.

Those are the reasons why I do not recommend MLM.

Nonetheless, most of these companies are legitimate, which includes this one.

Thanks for reading my Finish Line Network review!

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