Fiverr Success Review – A SCAM Or Legit Fiverr Business?

Hey, and welcome to my Fiverr Success review.

I bet you have at least once in your life thought about starting a Fiverr business.

You maybe have copywriting skills, or you could perhaps be good at proofreading and editing, or who knows, maybe you have awesome graphic design skills and you want to earn money by servicing others using the power of the internet.

Well, the truth is, you can. I’ve personally used Fiverr dozens of times to order a gig and get some work done by people who know certain things better than me. And I was happy to pay them whatever they were asking.

However, it takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to become a successful freelancer. And based on my research, there are very few good resources that could help you to do so.

One of them is Fiverr Success eBook by Corey Ferreira. But is this eBook the real deal? Or is Fiverr Success a scam?

That’s what I’m going to be sharing in my unbiased Fiverr Success review. You will find out what is inside, what you can learn from this ebook, how can you profit from Corey’s experience, and more!

Fiverr Success Review


Fiverr Success Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Fiverr Freelancing
  • Product Owners: Corey Ferreira
  • Price: $17 + Bundles
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days
  • Recommended: See below

Quick Summary: Fiverr Success is a program created by a person called Corey Ferreira where he shows how to start a successful freelancing career on Fiverr. Corey is a top-rated seller himself and this eBook contains his methods, tips, tricks, and experience.




What Is Fiverr Success About?

Fiverr Success is an eBook that reveals how Corey Ferreira has managed to become the top-rated Fiverr seller. Corey reveals his secrets to earning $4,000 per month with freelancing working only 8 hours per week.

The eBook shows how you too can follow in Corey’s footsteps to earning an income online by providing freelance service on one of the most popular freelance platforms today.

Fiverr Success

Some of the chapters of the eBook cover some basic topics such as creating your Fiverr account to advanced lessons on outsourcing extra work and optimizing conversions. More about this in the later sections of this Fiverr Success review.

Let’s first learn a thing or two about the author of this eBook, shall we?

Who Is The Author Of Fiverr Success?

Corey Ferreira is a young man who has started his own freelancing career back in 2014. Since then, Corey has become the top-rated seller on Fiverr and managed to earn four-figure monthly income working only 8 hours per week.

Corey’s basic skills were graphic design and web design. According to Corey, his beginning was hard and he started with freelancing just to supplement his income. He didn’t know that a few years later, he will become a top-rated seller and earn enough money to live off his freelancing on Fiverr.

Corey Ferreira

Today, he shares his formula with Fiverr Success eBook. His main idea is to help others to follow his proven blueprint, to save time, and avoid all the mistakes that he’s made.

What Can You Learn From Fiverr Success?

As I said earlier in this Fiverr Success review, Corey Ferreira is going to share a lot of things he learned on his way to becoming a top-rated seller on Fiverr. Here are some of the things you can learn from this eBook:

13 In-Demand Gigs

You’ll see what gigs are in demand and what to sell. You will know how to sell them with minimal skill and effort. Most gigs Corey recommends don’t require a specific set of skills or talents.

Corey’s Gig Delivery System

Corey shares his efficient and fast gig delivery system. You’re provided with templates to use for all your deliveries as well as how to spend the least amount of time necessary on Fiverr.


You’re provided with ways and suppliers to outsource the work for your gigs to put your earnings on near auto-pilot. If you wondered how people do certain gigs, Corey will show you how.

Repeat Customers

Learn how to get repeat customers and how to deliver quality gigs that will keep Fiverr users coming back. You’ll learn tricks to cross-promote your gigs to buyers.

Get 100% Positive Ratings

You will know what to do to get only positive reviews from buyers on Fiverr as well as ways to get your first orders and reviews on all your new gigs to get the ball rolling.

Gig Extras

Learn what the best gig extras to have are as well as how to use gig extras to increase the average selling price of your gigs. You’ll see how to upsell more services to buyers and earn more!

Optimizing For Conversions

Corey will show you exactly what gig titles, descriptions and keywords to use as well as how to optimize your gigs and profile for the most conversions possible.

Path To Top-Rated Seller

Correy shares some tips on how to become a Top-Rated Seller as well as share his story on how he did it and how you can too.

Corey’s Secret Sauce

This one thing blew up Corey’s Fiverr literally overnight. This could change the number of sales you receive on Fiverr really quickly by making one simple but key change.

Fiverr Success Topics/Chapters

If you’re wondering what topics and chapters are covered within Corey’s eBook, this section of my Fiverr Success review reveals everything you need to know. The eBook is quite comprehensive and here’s what you will read about:

  • Account setup
  • Secret sauce
  • What to sell on Fiverr with minimal work
  • Gigs that take time/talent but are in demand
  • Dealing with Fiverr users and professionalism
  • Getting your first Fiverr review
  • Getting your first orders and getting the ball rolling
  • Buyer Requests section
  • Getting repeat customers
  • Getting gigs featured on the front page
  • Upselling and cross-promoting gigs
  • How to tell if a gig is doing well or not
  • Encouraging gig extras sales
  • How I could make more than $4,000 a month
  • And a whole lot more!

Who Is Fiverr Success For?

Anyone interested in learning more about how to sell on Fiverr can learn a thing or two from Corey Ferreira’s Fiverr Success eBook. All important lessons that Corey has learned while building his Fiverr income are inside this eBook.

However, if you’re more of a visual learner, and prefer videos over eBooks, then this program might not be for you. I personally like step-by-step video training more and was disappointed to see that this program does not contain one.

Is Fiverr Success a Scam?

Fiverr Success is not a scam. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of ClickBank programs and courses and scams that promise to show you how to earn a four-figure income online working only a few hours per week.

What I don’t like about those programs is that they tell you that you too can do it in a day or two by pushing some secret buttons or using some loopholes to siphon the money into your bank account.

The truth is, Corey does make $4K per month working only 8 hours or less per week. However, he honest about the fact that it took his years to get to this level. Moreover, he is clear about the fact that it takes time and effort to achieve Fiverr Success.

This program contains all the information, knowledge and experience Corey has gathered on his way to Fiverr Success. However, it is up to you to apply it and do the work. There are no guarantees that you’ll succeed with this program whatsoever.

How Much Does Fiverr Success Cost?

At the time of writing my Fiverr Success review, you can buy this program via ClickBank for only $17 one time. As with every other purchase, ClickBank gives you 60 days to test the product and make a decision, which makes it practically a risk-free purchase.

Also, you can get this eBook in a bundle with other products:

  • Fiverr Success + 100 Gigs + Fiverr Middleman ebook bundle $27
  • Fiverr Success + 100 Gigs $22

Fiverr Success Review Price

What I Like About Fiverr Success

  • Corey Ferreira is a legitimate top-rated seller
  • The eBook contains a lot of useful information
  • The program is suitable for beginners
  • Affordable price + money-back guarantee

What I Don’t Like About This Program

  • No video training inside Fiverr Success

Fiverr Success Review – Conclusion

I personally like the idea of making money with Fiverr. Most of us have skills and knowledge that we can put into a useful service and Fiverr is a great place to do so. The only problem with it today is the competition.

In other words, the marketplace is getting saturated and it’s hard to break through.

However, Fiverr Success eBook could be a useful guide on your way if you’re looking to start your own gigs. It’s written by a person with a lot of experience and success that could improve your chances for success. In other words, this eBook is recommended.

Thanks for reading my review. If you need more information about this product or have questions, feel free to leave them at the bottom of this Fiverr Success review! Thanks!

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10 thoughts on “Fiverr Success Review – A SCAM Or Legit Fiverr Business?”

  1. This is very interesting.  The first I had heard of Fiverr was for the stock market Fiverr International which I think is similar to what you are describing but is headquartered in Israel.  Is Fiverr similar to affiliate marketing?  Can you give few examples of what people actually sell or do on Fiverr?  What is meant by “gig”?  Is it similar to “Niche”?  How do people sell using Fiverr?
    People are always looking for a get rich quick thing and not put much effort into it.  I like there are options like affiliate marketing and Fiverr businesses.  Up until recently, I never heard of either one of them until I started looking into a passive income.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for your comment on my review of Fiverr Success. Fiverr is about selling your personal service aka “gig” to people who need it. For example, if you are skilled at copywriting, you can join Fiverr, post a gig and wait for people to start ordering your service. Each time someone orders a service from you, you get paid based on the price you’ve set up for your gigs. That’s basically it.

      Fiverr is not about affiliate marketing, but you can also promote it to earn commissions by referring customers to the platform. In any case, it’s a great place to make money, find freelancers, and more.


  2. I had thought about creating fiverr gigs a while ago but never took it any further. I like the idea of outsourcing gigs, but with so much competition it may be hard to break into nowadays. However, Cory’s book sounds like it’s packed full of useful information, and would be great for someone who specialises in a skill such as graphics. However, my personal preference is building my own online business based on affiliate marketing. Although this also takes a lot of hard work, you can eventually make money while you sleep.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your comment. I agree with you, it’s a good idea but the competition on Fiverr is huge these days, which mean it will probably take longer to get results. Nonetheless, Fiverr Success is a useful ebook and could help along the way.

      Yes, affiliate marketing is my favourite and the best way to make money online too. Nothing can replace that feeling of waking up to commissions.

  3. Hi
    This sounds like a very worthwhile product. I always thought that Fiverr was a marketplace for low cost and not particularly expert services. But reading this inspired me to go and take a look. I see there is a much broader range of business services, though it does seem to favor particularly small fashion businesses. But I guess there must be a big demand in that area. I am not sure I would want to launch myself into freelancing on Fiverr but I would definitely read this book if I did. Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards

    • Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. It is a worthwhile product. The thing that I don’t like is the fact that it’s just an eBook. I would prefer to learn about Fiverr success from the step-by-step video training. In any case, I’m glad you like it. Let me know if you have any questions.


  4. Interesting post and review man. I find there is a hidden clue in all of these type of programs. If building a business on fiverr was so great why is he now building a new business based on selling courses about building a business on fiverr? The reason is that he has found the better business which is the internet marketing business model, build a website based on SEO principles and earn residual income off of it. Very much like the affiliate marketing model you recommend. Cheers man!

    • Hi Robb, thanks for your comment. You’re right, having your own website/course is much more lucractive than offering gigs on Fiverr. I’m guessing that he’s realised this too. That’s why he moved away from Fiverr and decisded to have his own course/site where he teaches others how to make money offering services on Fiverr. In any case, affiliate marketing is a much better way to make money online than Fiverr Success, in my opinion. Glad you see it. Best of luck!


  5. To be honest I am one who never thought about having a Fiverr business. I came across your site while searching to find out what Fiverr was after hearing someone else mention it in another article. So it seems that it’s a place where you can offer your service to others. I can see it being very handy for those with a skill or service they have because they can now offer it to the whole world. Wouldn’t this increase competition big time if you are competing against the whole world?

    Thanks for the review, it was very interesting.

    • Hi Rick, thanks for your comment on my Fiverr Success review. It is indeed a good place to start an online business. You can offer any service you can think of on Fiverr and make money. However, competition is increasing, which is one of the reasons why it+’s become harder to break through and earn a living. This program helps to learn a few tactics that made Corey such success and is legitimate.



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