Formula 10K Review – 8 Minutes to $10K per Month! Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Formula 10K review.

Formula 10K” training program reveals a “Beginner Friendly” method that took Phillip from seeing 0’s in his account to $500+per day earnings, and it shows how to replicate these results in less than 8 mins of work per day.

Now, you’re probably wondering whether this is a scam or legit? I mean, they say how you can work only 8 minutes per day and make 100’s of dollars without any experience or skills. Sounds very fishy and scammy to me…

And in my honest review, you’re going to get your answers. I’m familiar with Brendan Mace and his make-money-online products, so this one is nothing new to me. He always paints a great picture, but unfortunately, some of his training programs turn out to be a scam.

Dive into this Formula 10K review to learn everything about it before you make your own decision!

Formula 10K Review


Formula 10K Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Product Price: $12,95 + Upsells
  • Product Owner: Brendan Mace
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-days (questionable)
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: Formula 10K is the method top marketers are using to make 1000’s of Dollars a day but don’t want to reveal to you. This method is powerfully simple and easy to implement that less than 1% of people are using it right now to 10x their online profits.

With this product, you get step-by-step training where you can learn how to use this system, and it’s going to cost you only $12.93 to try to implement this method. Also, the product comes with five separate upsells and a 30-day money-back guarantee (see more under the Price section of this Formula 10K review.)

My personal opinion of Formula 10K is that it is overhyped and promises unrealistic things. The method is, on the other hand, legitimate and could work if you give it a try.

But I’m not recommending it because I know that Brendan Mace is a serial product vendor who creates at least 2-3 products like this every month, refuses to give refunds and does not care about his customers…

I give it 5 out of 10 points! See the rest of my Formula 10K review for more information.

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What is Formula 10K About?

Formula 10K has helped Phillip, one of Brendan Mace’s students, to go from $0 per day to $500+ per day using the exact steps he’s showing with this training course. So what are we talking about? What is this method?

In a nutshell, 10K Formula is about launch jacking. Meaning, they show how to get access to a product launch calendar, apply for affiliate links, and then create video product reviews and make money via affiliate marketing. Each time you make a sale through your video, you earn affiliate commissions.

In theory, the affiliate marketing method they teach with this product sounds very simple, and if you’re an experienced marketer, this system could work for you. However, I don’t agree with Brendan Mace and his buddies when they say how easy and simple this method is for newbies.

Just look at this unrealistic and overhyped promo material once again…

Formula 10K Promo

Moreover, there’s an unethical side to this method that I’m going to discuss later.

If you’re curious to learn more about this method, make sure to keep reading my Formula 10K review. In the next sections, I reveal the content of the program so you can judge this program yourself.

Who Is the Creator?

Brendan Mace is the face behind the Formula 10K. Brendan is one of the top WarriorPlus affiliates and vendors who creates a significant amount of affiliate marketing products each month. He’s known for products such as:

I have reviewed a lot of Brendan’s products so far, and I always notice one thing in common.

Namely, all these products have been overhyped. You see, Brendan makes them sound like a walk in a park. While in reality, none of them works as easy as he makes them look.

Formula 10K Brendan Mace

Please, keep reading my Formula 10K review to see whether this one is a scam too, or could it help you to become super-successful with affiliate marketing as Brendan promises.

Formula 10K Features and Benefits

If you haven’t seen the sales page, here’s another chance to read about the top features and benefits of this program:

  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Failproof method for making money out of thin air
  • Automated — They do it Once & Get Paid Over & Over…
  • Works like a charm in 2020
  • No websites or techy stuff
  • Free Traffic on Demand
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 8 mins to set up, and scale up fast as big as you want!

Now, one could agree with me that these claims rarely have anything to do with affiliate marketing. I mean, making money out of thin air, free traffic on-demand, works in 8 minutes or less sure sound like a scam to me.

I’m used to seeing these exaggerated claims every time I review one of Brendan’s products.

He makes Formula 10K sound like some magic solution to all your problems and difficulties with making money online. But the fact is, 99% of those claims are not realistic and they will never come thru.

What is the reason for these claims then?

Well, the market is competitive today. As you’re about to see Formula 10K does teach about a workable method. However, Brendan overhypes it to make his program stand out and to make as many sales as possible.

In my opinion, this is unethical.

That said, let’s keep this Formula 10K review in motion and find out how you are supposed to make money with this.

How Does Formula 10K Work?

According to Brendan Mace, Formula 10K works in three steps (there’s a fourth step, but it’s optional). However, as you can see, those three steps seem quite too easy and misleading.

Formula 10K Steps

I mean, all you need is 25 minutes to start and unlock some “secrets” for making $100’s per day, then everyone would be using this program to make money and no one would be working on their jobs anymore.

But that’s not how Formula 10K works. Here’s the truth that Brendan is not telling you on the sale page.

Formula 10K teaches how to start with affiliate marketing using a method called launch jacking.

During the training, Brendan Mace and his buddies are going to show you how to get access to a pre-launch calendar where you can get access to digital products in make-money-online-niche.

Once you get access to these products, the next step is to apply for an affiliate program to get approved for an affiliate link. Your affiliate link connects your account with the product and makes sure you get paid a commission each time you make a sale.

Then, the next step in the system is to set up your own YouTube channel (if you don’t have one). And then, you have to create a video review where you market the selected product.

Formula 10K Training Videos

Now, I’ve said earlier in my Formula 10K review that this method is a bit unethical. Why?

Well, it’s unethical because the essence of it comes down to creating reviews of products that are not even launched yet. You can call it betta-testing if you want. But what you’re really doing is just promoting a product that you haven’t used yourself.

This is an entirely legitimate method, but I would always prefer a review from a person who knows how it works, and not some newbie affiliate who is just learning about affiliate marketing and making money online.

In any case, as you move through the training, Brendan Mace is going to teach you how to create these reviews, capture buyers emails, upload your reviews to YouTube, how to rank faster, and more.

Video Training Overview

Speaking of which, here’s the breakdown of training lessons that you can find within the Formula 10K training area:

Formula 10K Training Overview

  • Module 1: Welcome
  • Module 2: Mindset
  • Module 3: Important
  • Module 4: Overview
  • Module 5: Overview Of Product Launches
  • Module 6: Getting Organised
  • Module 7: How to get approved for 50–100% commissions offers
  • Module 8: Setup Channel
  • Module 9: Bonuses & Bonus Page
  • Module 10: Capture The Buyer Emails
  • Module 11: Making The Video
  • Module 12: Editing, Uploading, Description & Thumbnail
  • Module 13: How To Rank Faster
  • Module 14: Method Nr. 2
  • Module 15: 3x Your Earnings

So, the process that I’ve explained above is summarized and show within these 15 training modules. And judging by the quantity of the training material, it’s hard to call Formula 10K a scam.

They show how to apply a proven affiliate marketing method, and you get a lot of training to try this method for yourself.

You can watch this review video to learn more if you want:

Formula 10K Price and OTOs

By the time of writing this Formula 10K review, the product is priced at $12.93 one time. The front end product gives you access to video training and some special bonuses from the author. Also, you’re getting 30-days to test the product.

However, keep in mind, Brendan Mace will most likely ignore your refund request. I’ve purchased a few products from his workshop so far, and once I discovered that it is not as it was advertised, I asked for a refund sending several emails to Brendan, yet none of my requests was granted.

That said, for this reason alone, we could say that Formula 10K is a scam. And as you’re about to see, you’re up for a fun ride when it comes to upsells too, which is another warning sign that this product is not 100% legit.

OTO 1: Done For You Funnels ($37)

Here’s what you get if you buy the first OTO:

  • DFY Funnels the authors give their students.
  • Five custom-created Formula 10k Funnels.
  • Exact wording and strategies for better conversions.
  • The time-saving and economical way of getting highly converting Formula 10k Funnels done for you to plug-and-profit and make more money without doing it yourself.

OTO 2: DFY Money Page ($67)

Now, those DFY Funnels are not complete without DFY Money Pages, which is why this OTO is going to be needed if you want a whole system.

In a nutshell, they will set up your Formula 10K funnel together with a high-converting money page, which eliminates guesswork on your end. They will use the WP Profit Builder to design your money page, which means that you will have access to the WP Profit Builder on your site.

OTO 3: Infinite Profit Sequence ($97)

This is another addon to the existing set of upsells that is designed to help your earn commissions while they o the work for you. With this OTO, you’re getting access to a sequence of 200+ Brendan’s campaigns.

OTO 4: High Ticket Integration ($197)

Another upsell where Brendan promises a huge commission without any hard work on your site. This is going to show you how to make even more money using Brendan’s “Big Commission” system.

OTO 5: Unlimited Traffic Program ($197)

And finally, the last OTO gives you access to some unlimited traffic. All you need to do is plug in your campaigns to these sources of infinite traffic and watch how the money rolls to your bank account.

And once again, all these OTOs are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, as has been the case before, it could be that Brendan Mace is going to ignore your requests in case you ask for a refund.

Moreover, now you can see that the Formula 10K system is more like a bug sales funnel where you get a chance to purchase a lot of shiny objects that are not going to teach you how to do affiliate marketing on your own.

You see, Brendan Mace is known for giving away huge promises, but when it comes to delivery, he seems to fail a lot.


What I Like About Formula 10K

  • Affiliate Marketing and Launch Jacking are Legitimate Way to Make Money
  • Formula 10K Includes 15 Video Modules That Show How to Get Started

Affiliate Marketing and Launch Jacking are Legitimate Methods

Although I’m not a fan of Launch Jacking, I can confirm that this method, together with affiliate marketing is a 100% legitimate way to make money online. You can jump to Brendan’s YouTube channel to see how he employs this method to make passive income every month.

Includes 15 Video Modules That Show How to Get Started

Another thing that I like about Formula 10K is step-by-step training. You get 15 training modules where Brendan and Phillip are going to teach you how to get started with affiliate marketing and launch jacking.

Formula 10K Features

Also, you get a few bonuses inside as well as a complimentary case study.

But as you’re about to see in the next section of my Formula 10K review, the training they provide might not be enough for you to make the most out of this method.

In other words, they have overhyped this system to make more sales. But the truth is a bit different.

What I Don’t Like About Formula 10K

  • Brendan Claims You Can Make Money in 8 Minutes
  • He Also Promises Unrealistic Income
  • You Need to Buy Expensive Upsells to Complete the System
  • Brendan Mace Could Ignore Your Refund Requests and Emails
  • Launch Jacking is Not the Most Ethical Way to Make Money Online

Brendan Claims You Can Make Money in 8 Minutes, etc.

Right out of the gate, Brendan says that you can use this method to make money in 8 minutes! Not only that he says that, but he also claims that you can do so without any experience or technical skills. Now, I honestly beg to differ.

There’s absolutely no way that a newbie (or even advanced marketers) could succeed as fast as Brendan promises.

Formula 10K Overhyped Claims

Moreover, as you go through the sales page for Formula 10K, you find a lot of other unrealistic claims and promises that have nothing to d with affiliate marketing. They are saying this to make more sales. But they don’t care these claims are not based on the truth.

He Also Promises Unrealistic Income 

Some affiliate marketers make 1000’s in a day. Some make 100’s of dollars in a single day, which means that you too could accomplish the same, no doubt. However, the sales page for Formula 10K is full of totally unrealistic promises.

Formula 10K Unrealistic Income

You Need to Buy Expensive Upsells to Complete the System

The reason for this unrealistic hype is that they want you to fall for it and enter the sales funnel. And if you do so, they will offer you tons of expensive upsells under even more hyped-up promises that you’ll make money instantly and hands-free and what not.

But then, as the hype settles in, you’ll discover that the whole thing is incomplete without upsells. In other words, they sold you a bad program that will not make you any money if you don’t purchase OTOs.

This is one of the top reason why some of the reviews would say that Formula 10K is a scam that tricks newbies into spending their hard-earned savings. In any case, we will hold off the verdict for a few more lines.

Brendan Mace Could Ignore Your Refund Requests and Emails

Even though Brendan Mace promises a 100% money-back guarantee and full support if you buy his program, that is, unfortunately, just an empty and fake policy. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and send him an email.

Formula 10K Fake Refund Policy

As I said, I felt for some of his programs before. And as soon as I’ve realized that he’s just scamming people, I asked for a refund. However, I never got a reply from Brendan Mace. I’ve sent several emails to him, to his “customer support” and all I’ve got was silence.

Launch Jacking is Not the Most Ethical Way to Make Money Online

Now, I have to say once again that Formula 10K is based on unethical methods. Affiliate marketing is 100% legitimate, and there are no problems there. However, launch jacking is something that a few people will agree to do because it is not ethical.

I mean, you are instructed to create fake positive reviews for products before they even come out. This is not the best way to make money online. It works, but I don’t approve of it 100%.

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Is Formula 10K a Scam or Legit?

Well, there are two ways of looking at this program. On the one hand, it’s legitimate because you get the training that is based on real working methods. On the other hand, we could say that Formula 10K is a scam because they promote this in a very wrong and unethical way.

So what do you think? Is Formula 10K a scam or legit? Could this method make you $10,000 in just 8 minutes from now?

In my honest opinion, this product is not a scam, but I’m never going to recommend this to my readers. You can’t make 1000’s in such a short time, nor this product will ever live up to those claims. In reality, this might never work for 90% of people who buy this training.

Moreover, the fact that Brendan Mace is ignoring refund requests speaks a lot about him as a vendor and a person. You can only imagine how honest are the rest of his promises from the sales page then…

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Formula 10K Review – Conclusion

And there you have it! We have gone through this product, and now you know what to really expect from Brendan Mace and his affiliate marketing system. There’s one more question left to answer…

Is Formula 10K going to work at all?

It’s fair to say, yes. This system could work. However, keep in mind that this method takes a lot of time and work. There are no such things as instant results.

Thanks for reading my Formula 10K review. If you need more information or have the experience to share with the rest of us, feel free to comment below so we can discuss this product more.

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If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this Formula 10K review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

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  1. Hello there, Ivan! Formula 10K is another one of those opportunities I have not yet heard about. The slogan with 8 minutes to $10K per month sounds almost too good to be true. After reading your post, I was definitely surprised to see that it is a program that can work. Definitely agree that the program makes unrealistic promises and the no money back guarantee is a bit sketchy for me. I will be sticking with your number 1 recommendation for now. Thanks for compiling this.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for your comment on my review of Formula 10K. Yeah, the program itself is ok and is based on legitimate methods for making money online. But the sales material is not right, in my opinion. Those “8 minutes to $10K” claims are ridiculous and will certainly not work as advertised. Glad this review was helpful.



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