Founder Fly Review – a Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Founder Fly review.

This website promotes itself as the world’s first all-access network for lifestyle entrepreneurs.

I turned the platform upside down to find out what it is all about.

Most importantly, I wanted to see whether Founder Fly is a scam or legit.

So is it? Well, let me tell you more.

Founder Fly is legitimate. I can say that right away.

In a nutshell, this is an online platform for digital entrepreneurs who are looking to start, grow and advance in the digital marketing world.

A good thing about the platform is it’s relatively cheap, contains a lot of resources, and they don’t promote get-rich-quick mentality.

So far, so good.

Founder Fly Review


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What is Founder Fly?

Founder Fly is an online membership platform. The website has focused on teaching interested individuals all about starting an online business, as well as growing and scaling your existing through various marketing strategies.

I have to say that I like FF’s approach to marketing its products and services.

They’re not using overhyped claims and other strategies that most of them do these days.

In addition to being an educational service, Founder Fly is a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Having access to a community is a good thing if you’re just getting started. You might stumble across problems and having support is going to be a lifesaver.

Who is the Founder?

Founder Fly is the brainchild of Ryan Lee. He was a gym-teacher who turned successful entrepreneur.

His vision was to not only share all of the best training resources to help you create leverage in your business – but to also connect you with other passionate entrepreneurs who are heading in the same direction.

Ryan’s companies now generate a healthy 7-figures a month since he abandoned his traditional job.

Great stuff! Now, let’s see continue my Founder Fly review to see what is inside of the platform.

Inside Of Founder Fly

Founder Fly host series of programs, tools, and video training designed to help you to build an online marketing business. There are about 30 training courses that come in both video and PDF format.

The platform hosts variety of courses each covering the specific area. Although the amount of information is impressive, maybe the platform lacks a bit structure.

Founder Fly

Here’s it the list of programs inside of Founder Fly:

  • Stay Fresh (weekly videos and updates on IM industry)
  • Nano Continuity (online marketing training)
  • How to Systemize Your Business (online marketing training)
  • The Premium Pricing Formula (online marketing training)
  • Free Grassroots Traffic
  • The Host Model
  • How To Attract Super-Affiliates
  • The Ultimate Guide To FB Ads
  • The Best of the Recurring Revenue
  • Mobile Marketing Unleashed
  • One-Day Membership Site
  • How To Create Your Own Newsletter
  • The Information Marketing Blueprint
  • The Video Sales-Letter Formula
  • How to Keep Your Members
  • Small Site Banner Buys
  • Press Send Get Paid
  • Personality Marketing
  • How to Sel-Publish Your Own eBooks
  • The 18K Members Roadmap
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • PPC Advertising Made Simple
  • Free Social Media Traffic
  • The Millionaire Blogger
  • 9 Rules For Marketing Rockstars
  • List Building on a Budget
  • Super Fans
  • How to Create Big-Ticket Products
  • How to Start Your Own Association
  • How to Become a High-Priced Coach
  • How to Get More Subscribers
  • 31 Continuity Income Models
  • How They Did It
  • How To Build a Profitable Membership Site
  • Make More By Working Less

Now, I know that this is an extensive list of products, right?

It might be a bit too much for you to see all these courses all at once, especially if you are just getting started. At least, that’s how I would’ve felt if I’m just getting started.

However, it’s a good thing that you get all these courses included in your monthly membership (I’ll explain soon).

In other words, Founder Fly is a BS-free platform, which means no upsells or other bull.

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How Does It Work?

Each course comes in video format and explains one aspect of having or growing an online business.

So, for example, you can learn about:

  • traffic generation
  • list building
  • email marketing
  • creating your own digital products and sites
  • blogging
  • internet coaching and more

Despite the impressive amount of information, I feel like Ryan and his team could’ve done a better job sorting these courses.

I feel like Founder Fly is not organized well and is more like an online library than a marketing training service.

Nonetheless, that’s just my impression with the platform. You can use these courses to learn from the top experts in the digital marketing industry.

I was pleased to see names such as Adrian Morrison and many other legitimate experts.

Each course within Founder Fly contains relevant information regarding the topic you want to study. So for example, if you are interested in mastering PPC advertisement, you’ll find it within the platform.

Overall, FF works as a digital marketing learning platform.

How Much It Costs to Get Access?

Now, this is probably the most interesting part of my Founder Fly review. You can have the taste of it for only $1, and you keep the pass for three days.

Then, if you like the training and community, you can purchase a monthly membership for a steady $19.95 per month.

No upsells, upgrades, contracts, or anything for that matter. Meaning, you can cancel your membership anytime.

Even better, the membership is backed by 60-days money-back guarantee. So if Founder Fly is not your pair of shoes, you can get a refund.

Who is Founder Fly For?

I would say that FF is for anyone who is looking to get started online. It could be for newbies as well as for experienced marketers.

The first group can find a lot of resources for getting started. The platform is beginner-friendly providing a lot of help and support to its users.

And advanced marketers could use it to upgrade their knowledge by learning from Founder Fly courses.

As you can see above, the platform offers a lot of resources and training. Even better, it’s a place where you can associate with other marketers, share experience, tips, and help each other to solve problems.

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Founder Fly PROS

As I’ve said in a paragraph above, I like the amount of information provided. Compeared to the cost of the membership, you’re getting a lot more in return, which is an excellent thing to see.

Another thing that I like about Founder Fly is the lack of sales hype, BS, upsells, and other unnecessary fluff. Ryan Lee and his team are doing a good job staying on the right side of marketing.

The price is affordable, and you have an option to ask for a refund during the first sixty days. Great stuff.

Lastly, Founder Fly is also a community of online entrepreneurs. As a member, you can chat and communicate with other members while building your business.

  • tons of training and information
  • suitable for beginners and advanced marketers
  • low cost backed by 60-days money-back guarantee
  • support and community

Founder Fly CONS

I had to press my brain to find some things that I didn’t like about Founder Fly. One thing I can say for sure is that I didn’t like the training.

Don’t get me wrong. The quality and quantity of resources are amazing. But the training is not a classic step-by-step training. It’s more like a collection of various information related to digital marketing.

  • lack of structure
  • some material might be outdated

Is Founder Fly a Scam or Legit?

Founder Fly is not a scam, no. FF is a legitimate online marketing service founded by Ryan Lee that helps people to create an online marketing business.

The platform contains tons of resources and training courses. Also, Founder Fly is a large community of entrepreneurs who have a joint cause to become successful online marketers.

You can join the platform for a low fee of only $1 and then, it’s just $19,95 per month. This gives you access to all courses and features of the platform.

A great thing about the platform is the level of support. Each member gets access to the community forum where you can ask questions and get help from top experts in the industry.

That’s is just yet another strong reason to say it’s not a scam. You need all the help you can get at the beginning of your marketing journey and this platform delivers.

However, when I compare Founder Fly to its competition, I see a lot more room for improvement.

Nonetheless, it’s not a scam and I would recommend it as a legitimate way to learn about making money online.

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A Few Last Words and Recommendations

Thanks for reading my Founder Fly review. I hope this post was helpful.

At first sight, I wast a bit confused with this platform. I mean, they have tons of courses and I had no idea from where to start.

But the good thing about it is that Founder Fly is a legitimate platform and you’re safe from a scam.

As the last recommendation, I invite you to click the button below.

This is my top recommended platform for earning an income online. The platform hosts everything you need to create a successful online business from scratch.

I always advise my readers to find the best education and community, and this is the ONE.

Make sure to check it out!




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

18 thoughts on “Founder Fly Review – a Scam or Legit?”

  1. Hello there thanks for the review. I must commend your effort in putting up a few things about this platform. I must say this is actually my first time hearing of this platform and from what it seems it’s is worth giving a try. It is interesting to know that this platform has a lot of training program to assist newbies and also quite affordable.

    • Hi Ohilebur, thanks for your comment. Founder Fly is worth it and you don’t have to be worried about a scam. You’re safe. As you can see there’s a lot of content to go through. In my opinion, it could have been better sorted, but it’s legit.


  2. Hello dear, thanks for sharing such amazing concise information with us all,  I must say your review on Founder Fly is really amazing, I was planning on signing up, but I wasn’t sure I did some research online, I got so astonishing reviews on their program, but I believe after going through your review, I now know what step to take now, thanks for the info

    • Hi Skuchmane, I’m happy to hear that my review was helpful. You don’t have to worry about Founder Fly, it’s completely legitimate platform. It could use more features, but it’s not that bad.


  3. hello ivan, awesome review you have here on thunder fly, I must say that I do appreciate your time and effort in carrying out such a  lucrative research on this platform before considering signing up with such platforms one should make a tentative review on them in order to determine if they are legitimate or not.
    thanks for sharing such an informative article with us I look forward to sharing too

  4. Helo Dear, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful review on founder fly……. I have heard a lot about this platform but wasn’t sure if it was a legit platform or a scam. Anyways this review really helped it’s really a nice platform,now my doubt is cleared. I love the fact that it focuses on varieties of courses and it’s also very affordable. 

    • Hi Sheddy Ovb, you’re welcome. Founder Fly is legitimate, there’s nothing that tells it’s a scam. You get access to a wide variety of courses and resources for making money online. Let me know if you have any questions.


  5. Hello Ivan,  thanks so much for this review,  it’s always a joy to read from your site a you have a very unique way of communicatiing your information via your writings thus getting your readers glued,  in these times that we are in,  where there are many scam sites are out there waiting to defraud people of their money,  reviews like this will really help those who wants to make investment decisions,  So as not to fall on the wrong hands.

  6. Hey,

    This is the first time, l heard about Founder Fly and thank you for providing an in-depth review of the platform. Like you have said that Founder Fly is a legitimate training program, paying $1 for a days pass is a no-brainer deal and l would definitely want to give it a try.

    Further, is there any essential tools included in the platform?

    Great read!

    • Hi Chris Hiew, you’re welcome. You won’t get tools such as websites, keyword research, etc. All you get is access to PDF and video training and community. To actually apply this training and build a business, you’ll have to invest money in such tools. On the other hand, you can check out my #1 recommendation. They offer a complete service. You get the training, the tools, and the community for almost the same price. Founder Fly is also legitimate and recommended, but they don’t have tools which is a bummer.


  7. Hi Ivan, I want to believe your judgement that this digital marketing platform is legit because your discussion is from an expertise point of view. With their modest claims, a prospective affiliate would want to give it consideration because it takes quality time and hard work to build a lasting business. It looks to me that FF is an amazing platform with the low subscription and opportunity to connect with experienced entrepreneurs.

    • Hi Debbie, yes, Founder Fly is a legitimate platform to learn about digital marketing. As you can see, they host a variety of courses covering almost every topic about digital marketing you can imagine. And the low price is very attractive too. Thanks for leaving your comment, and do let me know if you have any questions.


  8. Hey Ivan, I enjoyed your review.

    Noticed a black flag straight off when I clicked onto their site. It isn’t a secure site!

    There are so many of these types of training platforms around and it can be so difficult to choose one that you can trust. Especially for a newcomer coming into affiliate marketing.

    I see that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have heard nothing but great things about them. Been going for some time now I understand, so must be doing something right!

    I wonder if may ask, how long did it take for you to start making money with them

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Mick, thanks for letting me know about this issue. I didn’t notice that FF site is not secure. That’s not good.

      Yes, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate. They don’t have security problems 🙂 I made my first commission in a few months, but it took some time to establish a business and start living from it. Making your first dollar and making a living are two different worlds.


  9. Wow. I have never heard of Founder Fly, but it sounds amazing! If I weren’t already a part of Wealthy Affiliate, I would certainly sign up.

    If I start getting an income from my website, perhaps I’ll sign up to both! They both seem like amazing opportunities. Thank you.


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