Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Review – A SCAM Or Legit?

Hey, and welcome to my Free Monthly Websites 2.0 review.

Have you thought about starting a website? Like to idea of running your own online business? Wanna be your own boss? Like the thoughts of earning an income online?

You have probably heard about this free monthly sites scheme and you need to know more. Congratulations, you’re in the right place.

Free Money Websites 2.0 is an online program that gives you access to a new free website in different niches each month. These sites are done-for-you, loaded with content, and practically ready to use.

So is this program a scam? Not really – more about this later.

So are these sites worth it? I’m not so sure about it. See, these sites come with preloaded PLR content and basically, every member gets the same site, which is a HUGE RED FLAG!

Why would you own a site that contains the same content as a ton of others out there?

See, you can’t achieve any organic success that way because these sites will cause duplication issues in search engines. But more about this later in this Free Monthly Websites 2.0 review.

Keep reading this unbiased review to get all the information you need!

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Review


Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Websites
  • Product Owners: John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson
  • Price: Free To Join + $150 For Hosting + $10 per Month Premium Membership
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not available
  • Recommended: Not Really…

Quick Summary: Free Monthly Websites 2.0 program gives you access to one new DFY niche website every month for free. You just have to buy the hosting and take care of traffic.

In my opinion, this is not a scam per see, but I don’t recommend it. I personally don’t see any value in these DFY sites. Moreover, I don’t see how you can succeed online using clone sites.

For more information about what it is about, how it works, how much it costs, whether it is a scam, and more, read the rest of my Free Monthly Websites review.

My #1 recommendation is a 100% legitimate training program that showed me how to build my own website and go from $0 to earning $100’s per day with it. It’s free to get started!




What Is Free Monthly Websites 2.0?

Free Monthly Websites is an online program designed to give you a brand new website each month in a different niche. All you have to do is take care of the hosting and everything else, which includes making money of course.

The program is free to join, obviously. It was developed by two online entrepreneurs John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson who had an idea to share sites with people who are not interested in learning how to code, design, write content, etc.

The main idea behind Free Monthly Websites is the following.

You get access to a brand new website each month. This site is DFY and comes with PLR content. However, you must take care of web hosting, which is going to cost you additionally.

And of course, John and Dave offer you to buy BlueHost hosting right from the Free Monthly Websites members area via their affiliate link.

In other words, the scheme is to get you to sign up for a free membership and to download your free site. However, you can’t start using the site until you buy hosting.

Free Monthly Websites 2.0

And guys will help you with that by recommending BlueHost for which they earn a commission each time a new member heeds their advice.

So is Free Monthly Websites a scam? Well, it’s hard to say. I’m not against this scheme because it’s legitimate. John and Dave are giving freebies to promote BlueHost hosting. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I like the marketing side of the idea.

But the problem is that you’ll get a website that is practically useless.

See, if you and I both join today, we’re going to get identical sites in our hands. Content and everything. This means that we will never get a chance to rank in search engines and get free traffic.

All in all, I’m not so sure about this offer. It sounds nice, but in my opinion, it is geared toward helping the owners to sell hosting, which is packed into an idea of free sites, that’s all.

So basically, once you buy the hosting, you’re on your own. You will get some training, but it’s nothing spectacular. I mean, it’s free after all. More about this is the next section of Free Monthly Websites 2.0 review.

How Does Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Work?

First, you will have to create a free account with Free Monthly Websites. Then, you’ll get access to the dashboard where you can locate your free website, recommended hosting, training, resources and support.

All in all, for a free membership, you’re getting a lot of stuff.

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Dashboard

Now, once you download your website, you will have to connect your site to the hosting provider. As mentioned earlier in this review, John and Dave promote BlueHosting. However, you’re free to use any other provider.

Before you do so, you’re instructed to watch a few videos where you will learn how to set up the entire website for free. This includes setting up hosting, WordPress, editing theme, etc.

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Hosting

And that’s basically it.

As I said, the problem with Free Monthly Websites is that you and every other member of the program are getting the same sites. This is a HUGE problem so don’t neglect it, please.

See, the idea behind having a website is to be original. This means that your design, personality, and most importantly, your content HAVE to be original.

In this case, all members get the same stuff. If you submit your site to search engines, they will detect duplicated content and exclude your site from the search results. Meaning, you can kiss goodbye the free traffic from Google.

In my opinion, the entire scheme is geared toward BlueHost promotion and I don’t like it. So is Free Monthly Websites a scam? Well, I’m still not sure. Let’s continue the review before making conclusions.

A good thing about the program is that you’re going to get two sets of training videos.

Firstly, you get access to video training where John and Dave show you how to use and most importantly edit your site. So you have the ability to edit the content and make it unique, if you know how to do so, of course.

One of the things they will show you is how to place ads on your site and affiliate links so that you can earn money.

Secondly, you get access to traffic training where guys share about 30+ videos that talk about several methods of getting traffic to your site.

This is good because you’re not left on your own entirely.

I have to admit, Free Monthly Websites 20. seems legitimate to me. I’m not a big fan of DFY sites, but all in all, you do get a lot of free stuff. Plus, there’s a Premium membership if you wish to get access to more content.

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Memberships

As I said, you can open a free starter account and you will get access to one site per month, training videos, resources, and support. The only expense is hosting.

John and Dave recommend BlueHost, which is roughly going to cost you about $150 per year. However, you’re free to choose your own hosting if you like.

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Memberships

Then, there’s a Premium membership to Free Monthly Websites. It costs $10 per month and gives you access to all the features from the free membership plus a few additional features.

For example, Premium membership gives you access to additional website features, more training videos, and fast track support and even telephone support if you are going to need it.

Is Free Monthly Websites 2.0 A Scam?

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 is not a scam. I have to say, it is not the best thing out there, but at least it is legitimate.

The good thing about this ClickBank offer is that it is not packed with the usual rubbish. In other words, it’s free from overhyped claims, misleading promises, and other scam tricks scammers use to sell products like this one.

You can even get support if needed. And it’s free to join.

However, the fact that the whole Free Monthly Websites idea has been developed around promoting BlueHost hosting is a bit scammy. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it is a scam.

All I’m saying is that I don’t see any value in this offer.

In my opinion, it is best for the owners who are going to earn commissions from Bluehost each time a new member purchases the hosting package.

The user, on the other hand, will have no practical use of the free website. The reason for saying so is that everyone gets the same sites. You can’t succeed online using a clone site!

If this offer were sharing free blank sites and then show you how to set up and design your site, create your OWN UNIQUE content, make money, and more, I would give it a thumbs up.

This way, I’m not so sure about recommending Free Monthly Websites.

What I Like About This Offer

  • One free website each month
  • Basic training is included in free membership
  • Access to support

What I Don’t Like About This Offer

  • Hidden costs (you need to invest in hosting)
  • Everyone gets the same sites each month (duplicated content)
  • Chances for success with these sites are close to 0%

Free Monthly Websites Review – Conclusion

Everyone who reads my reviews knows that I’m not a fan of done-for-you stuff, especially websites.

It’s one thing to pay someone privately to design a website for you. But it’s a whole another thing to use a website that at least 10 people are going to use as well.

And that is what you’re getting with these DFY programs like Free Monthly Websites. Just a clone website that will never pass under Google’s radar and its only hope for traffic will be either a complete SEO overhaul or using social media or paid ads.

A few months ago, I’ve reviewed another similar scheme called Free Trunkey Websites with the same idea. It’s the same thing, just in a different package.

In other words, not recommended!

Thanks for reading my Free Monthly Websites 2.0 review. Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to leave a comment in the section below!

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14 thoughts on “Free Monthly Websites 2.0 Review – A SCAM Or Legit?”

  1. Hi Ivan,

    From the above review and comments, it reveals that the monthly free website is of no use to the recipients. However, I have a question in my mind about whether there is any solution to make the website both useful and revenue-generating. For some time now, I’ve needed a website for affiliate marketing. I was thrilled to have this free monthly website.

  2. Dear Ivan,

    I can understand why the creator of this product want to achieve, when they created this product. Most of us require to constantly generating new content on our web pages in order to get rank higher on google. However, not everyone is cut out to create content fast enough to meet Google requirement.

    This “Free Monthly Websites 2.0” program creator know the pain point of most bloggers and is trying the best to hit the jackpot. There will be some victims who will fall under this radar and lose their money on this scheme. Most websites need one year at least or more to get Google love them, and also our websites must contain useful, relevant and unique content. That is hell a lot of works to do and it require determination, endurance, patience and times. 

    To me, if the monthly fee is not huge it is OK to experience it and try to pickup new skill and knowledge from the program. If after 3 month there isn’t any gain, we should terminate it immediately and move on to one which offer higher value. As what some guru say, to succeed we must fail fast. 

    Thank you for reviewing this product for us. Personally I am a long distance runner therefore I am used to long haul endurance exercise and prefer to create my own content. Even though it will takes me years to realize my dream, I am prepared for it.

    • Hi TYP, thanks for your comment. I appreciate it. Keep in mind that these sites will probably never going to get under Google’s radar because all members will get access to the same sites. So Free Monthly Websites is not helping to solve that problem. In any case, glad my review was helpful.


  3. A program been legitimate does not make it good. From your review I see free monthly website as a program that uses their product to sell an affiliate program. Blue host is a good platform to host a website. But hosting a website filled with PLR content that is duplicated a cross multiple website will not help any one. Search engines will frown at such websites. Thank you for pointing out this f


    • Hi Parameter, thanks for your comment on my review of Free Monthly Websites 2.0. You’re right. It’s never a good idea to have sites that use the same PLR content as it0s going to lead to more trouble than good with the search engines. In my opinion, this offer is a clever way to sell Bluehost hosting to users who will sign up for these sites. I’m glad my review was helpful.


  4. Ivan,
    However tempting having a free, ready to go site may be, I think you hit the nail on the head with your review of this particular program’s drawbacks. It’s not that it’s a scam, necessarily; but it does seem like it’s a legitimate way to take advantage of someone’s laziness and/or ignorance. I have to admit, I was initially intrigued by the opportunity to have pre-made websites to work with, but after reading your review, I can see that the best way for me to make the kind of business and the kind of money I want to make, is by putting in the work to make it my own. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Randi, thanks for your comment. Spot on! The best way to start an online business is by starting your own website using your head and your two hands. Free Monthly Websites sounds like a good idea, but I don’t see how duplicated sites will help you to make money. Sure you can customize everything. But that requires a lot of time, effort, and most of all, knowledge.


  5. Hi Ivan
    There does seem to be a fundamental flaw in this proposition, as you say of duplicate content that will have no chance of ranking in search engines. OK, so I am wondering all someone needs to do now is to automate the customization of content rendering it unique. You would still have to fix keywords and SEO but I could imagine a way to do it. It would certainly involve some very clever coding probably involving AI and it would probably result in useless meaningless material. At least to begin with until someone cracks it. Another simpler approach would be to hire cheap writers on Fiverr, then change the keywords and hope for the best. I don’t think I will try it though. Free Monthly Websites 2.0 is another business proposition I will not be pursuing.
    Thanks and best regards

    • Hi Andy, thanks for your comment. You’re absolutely right. The only way to fix the duplicated content issue is to automate content customization using content spinners and AI. Judging by their quality, you’ll get pretty much useless material that no one would want to read. Plus, you need to SEO it and do a lot fo promotion to get it out there.

      In my opinion, Free Monthly Websites 2.0 is not worth the trouble and is just owners clever way to sell Bluehost hosting. Thanks again for your comment.


  6. Hi Ivan, free monthly website 2.0 is very similar to a program I joined some years ago. I had no idea back then and set up a couple of niche sites before giving upon them. I can see how it could certainly work for the creators though, and provide a lucrative income. However, a newbie may not understand about duplicate content, and find it hard to get ranked on Google. I think the only way to make it work would be to redesign the free site and write your own unique content. The training could be useful though, especially for a beginner. Bluehost is a good hosting company, and I used them before joining Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for such an in-depth review, and I hope anyone reading this decides to look at your recommendation:)

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your comment on my review. The same thing happened to me. I was completely unaware that the whole idea behind the program was to help the owner to earn a commission from affiliate marketing. I’m glad you too now know better. Also, duplicated sites are never ever a good idea. In my opinion and experience, Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option.

  7. Hi Ivan,

    The free version gives you a DFY site each month, meaning every free member will get the same as yours, right? I am worried that search engines will punish duplicate websites by not listing them, so people won’t have a chance to land on your site to see what you offer…It also seems that John and Dave will earn commissions through your subscription to BlueHost. Nothing wrong with it, but I don’t feel good.

    Your recommendation is better than this one since it provides much more services, features, and training for its worldwide members. So, I will get to know more about it before bed tonight.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Hi Matt, thank you for your comment on my review of Free Monthly Websites. Yes, you’re right. Each member gets the same site each month. And you’re worried for a reason. This could and probably will cause duplication issues and Google penalty. The best thing you can do to earn the search engine’s trust is to write and publish your own original web content. Copying and using duplicated content is a one way street to failure.

      As I said, I feel the whole scheme is geared toward promoting Bluehost and I too don’t like it. My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a step-by-step training program that teaches how to build affiliate websites from scratch and make money as well. Tools, coaching, and everything included in monthly membership ($49/month).



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