Freedom Launchpad Review – Is Nick’s Offer a SCAM Or Legit?

Welcome to my Freedom Launchpad review.

Is there an almost never-shared formula that online millionaires have secretly used since the beginning of the internet to create instant and ongoing cash flow that works 100% of the time you use it?

Or is Freedom Launchpad a scam?

The truth is, there are formulas and ways to create a cash flow online that you too can use to start pawing your way to success and financial freedom. However, I hate to inform you that you can’t make it happen instantly as Nick suggests.

Freedom Launchpad is cleverly designed system that never reveals the true nature of the business behind it. But based on my research it nothing more than a sales funnel for another training program that is sort of legitimate and could work if you follow it through.

For more information, keep reading my Freedom Launchpad review. There are many reviews out there, but most of them are biased and disinforming. I’m not associated with Nick, which means that I will not make money if you join his program.

I just want to help you to find the best Freedom Launchpad reviews and make your own decision based on facts and true information. That said, let’s get started, shall we?

Freedom Launchpad Review


Freedom Launchpad Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Price: $27 + Upsells
  • Product Owner: Nick Bramble
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 3-Days
  • Recommended?: Not Really…

Overview: Freedom Launchpad is a system created by Nick Bramble where he shows how to create a passive income online using DFY sales funnels and paid ads. But in essence, the main idea behind this program is to funnel you to the Home Business Academy platform and to show you how to promote the same.

In my opinion, Freedom LAunchpad is a legitimate system. You will get access to a step-by-step course that is based on a proven method, ebook, access to community and more.

However, since this is not an in-depth course that will teach you all the skills that you need to create long-term success, I’m not recommending it. In my opinion, these shortcuts always turn out to work the best for Nick, which is why he has to create new ones all the time.

In the rest of my review, I will share an in-depth explanation as well as some concerns and reasons why I’m not going to get involved with Freedom Launchpad.

My #1 recommendation has helped me to go from $0 to earning $100’s per day using real long-term strategies and is a 100% legitimate and newbie-friendly step-by-step course.




What Is Freedom Launchpad?

Freedom Launchpad is a step-by-step video training on how to set up income streams that will allow you to create a long-term, recurring income online working only 30 minutes per day starting in the next 48 hours or less!

Before I dive into this review, I just want to say that those last claims do not hold the water.

Freedom Launchpad Review Misleading claims

Freedom Launchpad is about affiliate marketing. The system inside this program is based on a legitimate method that shows you how to set up sales funnels that lead to DFY product and services and make money using paid ads.

Paid ads are a quick way to get traffic and to produce an income. However, if you’re a newbie, despite the fact that you get access to a workable system, it’s simply impossible to start making money in 48 our less working only 30 minutes per day.

Based on those claims alone, I would say that Freedom Launchpad is a scam. But let’s not jump ahead of the gun.

Freedom Launchpad Review

See, Nick Bramble has a good intention with this program. He wants to give you access to a system that worked for him so there’s no reason that it won’t work for you. He’s done the same thing before with a course called 30 Minute Workday.

Both courses contain legitimate and workable information. However, both 30 Minute Workday and Freedom Launchpad are designed to funnel you to Home Business Academy where you will have to buy funnel builder and probably even advanced coaching sessions.

Freedom Launchpad Review

In other words, this is not an in-depth course, in my opinion. But the information inside has value. Nick even gives away a free ebook where he explains affiliate marketing.

Who is Nick Bramble?

Nick Bramble is an online marketer and a creator of the Freedom Launchpad course. Nick’s story is a classic Cinderella-man story. In other words, he was broke, in debt, and was laid off from his job.

This desperate situation made him look for ways and means of getting out of his misery. Nick found the answer in online marketing and decided to go all in. A few years fast forward, Nick Bramble is not making over six figures monthly and is happy to share his secrets.

Nick Bramble

So how did he create his success?

According to my research, Nick Bramble was involved with several MLMs. In other words, he was promoting these schemes and made a lot of money doing so. However, it seems like Nick was involved in Empower Network as well, which is a proven scam that got shut down by FTC.

Basically, Empower Network was a pyramid scheme that was selling high-ticket memberships to clients and was based on recruiting people to do the same. Eventually, it collapsed and got shut down.

Today Nick Bramble has created several funnels such as Freedom Launchpad to promote another scheme (Home Business Academy). However, this time HBA is a legitimate platform so I’m guessing that Nick has learnt his lesson.

All in all, Nick seems like a good guy. However, his program is not the one that I would recommend gladly.

How Does Freedom Launchpad Work?

I told you a short story about how Freedom Launchpad works. It’s a crash course that explains how to make money with affiliate marketing. The idea behind it is to funnel you to Home Business Academy where you can get tools and actual training for making money online.

But let’s back up a little bit and review the story from the sales page, ok?

Freedom Launchpad Steps

Step 1 – Access Freedom Launchpad

The first step is pretty much self-explanatory. All you have to do is accept Nick invitation and join Freedom Launchpad. It’s going to cost you $27 one time to get access to his coaching program.

Once you do so, Nick is going to explain his formula for creating a long-term passive income online with affiliate marketing and show you how you too could turn this formula into profits.

Step 2 – Apply The Freedom Formula

The next step inside the Freedom Launchpad course explains how to apply Nick’s formula for creating a passive income online. It’s not really something that no one is using as he was saying on the sales page. It’s something that a lot of people use to make money, including myself.

In short, Nick is going to give you access to two DFY sales funnels and show you how you can start making money with these funnels working only 30 minutes per day.

Step 3 – Turn 3 Simple Daily Steps Into Freedom

Lastly, to make money with Freedom Launchpad, you will need some traffic. This is the trick. You will have to purchase solo ads to get traffic to your funnels. By the way, those funnels are designed to promote HBA.

Basically, the system inside is legitimate. There are no indications that this could be a scam.

Unlike some other schemes, you actually get access to a lot of information and training that could help you to make money online. But there’s something that I really don’t like about Freedom Launchpad, despite it’s not a scam.

See, this course is not going to teach you how to start your own online business, which is a shame.

Instead, you will learn how to use DFY funnels to promote another course and funnel builder using paid traffic. You will not learn how to create funnels, write content, get free traffic and other essential skills for long-term success online, which is not good.

In my opinion, Freedom Launchpad could work, but for how long? What will happen to your income if owners of those products decide to shut them down? Will you have the skills and knowledge to rebuild?

I highly doubt so…



Who Is Freedom Launchpad For?

Freedom Launchpad, in my opinion, is for people who are looking for shortcuts to earning an income online. I wouldn’t call it a comprehensive course that could give you long-term skills that will result in a long-term income.

But that’s just my opinion. Nick’s formula is legit and it could work.

How Much Does Freedom Launchpad Cost?

By the time of writing this Freedom Launchpad review, you can get access to this course for $27. This gives you access to the Freedom formula and a 30 Minute Workday eBook and some other things (more in the next section of the review).

Also, your purchase is covered with a 3-day refund policy. If you’re not happy with the course and bonuses, you can reach out to Nick and he will give you your $27 back.

However, it’s important to say that you will need a substantial budget to get started with Nick’s system since it’s based on paid ads. And paid ads cost a lot of money, right?

And, since this works as a funnel to HBA, it means that you will have to shell out $125 on advanced training, tools, and everything else that is included with this membership!

What Do You Get With Freedom Launchpad?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the content that you’ll get with this program.

Over the Shoulder Freedom Launchpad Training Videos

This training series contains instruction on how to apply Nick’s system to create an income online. It rolls over seven steps that allegedly require no longer than 30 minutes of work daily once you set the system up.

Freedom Launchpad Content

The 30 Minute Workday Escape Plan Audio Book

This eBook comes in two versions; eBook and audiobook. You can read or listen to Nick’s Escape Plan where he explains how this system works, how he got his hands on it, how you too can use it to make money and more.

24/7 Access to Help and Support Community

Together with coaching and an eBook, you will get access to a Freedom Launchpad community where you can communicate with members and ask questions if you get stuck.

Million Dollar Done For You Templates

All members of Nick’s program will get access to two DFY templates that Nick has used to make millions online. These funnels are proven and tested, but they might be outdated and saturated.

Lifetime Access to All Future Updates

Freedom Launchpad comes with step-by-step training that Nick is going to be updating regularly and he’s giving you lifetime access to all updates.

The 30 Minute Workday Super Hack

This is a video where Nick reveals his 30 minutes a day hack that is responsible for his six-figure online business.

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What I Like About Freedom Launchpad

  • Decent training course based on legitimate system
  • Nick Bramble is an experienced marketer
  • Relatively affordable training course
  • 3-day money-back guarantee
  • Two DFY sales funnels

What I Don’t Like About It

  • Nick was involved with Empower Network
  • Misleading sales page (overhyped claims)
  • The system is using paid ads (no free traffic)
  • DFY system means that you will not learn marketing skills
  • Everyone gets access to the same funnels (quick saturation)
  • Designed to funnel you to Home Business Academy

Is Freedom Launchpad a Scam?

I wouldn’t call Freedom Launchpad a scam. It’s a decent system for making money online using Nick’s formula and DFY sales funnels. It’s relatively affordable but it requires a substantial budget for ads.

However, I’m not too impressed with this system.

First of all, I don’t like the sales page. It’s misleading and does not reveal what exactly Freedom Launchpad is about. Nick claims that this system requires only 30 minutes per day and only 48 to start producing income.

This is not going to happen if you are a newbie. Advanced marketers could potentially get fast results.

Secondly, the system comes with DFY resources (funnels), which is not a good idea. On one hand, you don’t have to waste time creating funnels from scratch and learn the skills. But that’s actually the problem with Freedom Launchpad.

You will not learn how to build your own funnels. So in case that Nick decides to shut this program down, you will end up on dry land so to speak. In other words, because you were using DFY funnels, you will not have the skills to start from scratch.

Also, Freedom LAunchpad, like 30 Minute Workday is just a cleverly designed funnel. Its main purpose is to get you to sign up for Home Business Academy. In other words, Nick makes money off you by promoting HBA through these crash courses.

The bottom line is, Freedom Launchpad is not a scam. However, it’s not a program that I would be happy to recommend either.

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Freedom Launchpad Review – Conclusion

In my opinion, the best way to start an income online is by learning all the skills and methods first and building your own sales funnels and websites. DFY schemes might get you faster results, but they will not result in long-term business.

If Nick decides to shut down Freedom Launchpad in the future, which might happen, you will lose your income overnight. In other words, this system is too risky and it’s not a real course that is going to teach you how to start your own business and make money online.

Thanks for reading my Freedom Launchpad review. I hope this post was helpful. What do you think about Nick’s offer? Do you see it as a scam or legit? Feel free to share your comments at the end of this review!

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2 thoughts on “Freedom Launchpad Review – Is Nick’s Offer a SCAM Or Legit?”

  1. Hi Ivan,

    3-day money-back guarantee, seriously? I think it’s too short of telling whether this product and method works or not, don’t you think so? Another red flag is working 30 minutes per day to bring wealth, which is an outright lie, in my opinion. The last is paid ads, which might cost newbies an arm and a leg before recouping the investment, let alone make profits. So, I will stay away from Freedom LaunchPad.

    When it comes to making money online, people should stop chasing shiny objects like this one. It won’t help you succeed online but cause you to lose more money. I believe legitimate platforms could guide people in the right direction of online wealth, such as Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for your sharing today. You are always like a lighthouse of online training courses for all your readers(me included.) I’ve learned quite a lot from you, highly appreciated! 🙂


    • Hi Matt, thanks for leaving your comment on my review of Freedom Launchpad. Yeah, a 3-day money-back guarantee doesn’t sound like much. It would be much better if they would offer at least 30 days to test the course and see if it fits your needs. Overall, I too don’t like this course too much and will not be recommending it. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a much better option. Thanks again for sharing your opinion.



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