Fullstaq Marketer Review (2022) – Another BIG SCAM by Keala Kanae?

Hi, and welcome to my Fullstaq Marketer review. Is this really the world’s greatest internet marketing program as it claims? Is Keala Kanae a legit person? And, is Fullstaq Marketer a scam?

FM is a step-by-step training program for starting an affiliate marketing business created by Keala Kanae.

A few years ago, I have published my review of Keala’s AWOL Academy. In short, the program was flagged as an unethical scheme designed to teach you how to promote the same course to others and help Keala to become even wealthier.

Eventually, the AWOL program has been abandoned by its owner because it got too many negative reviews and complaints from its users.

And now, Keala Kanae is out with another scheme. Should you trust him this time? Is Fullstaq Marketer a scam?

Throughout my Fullstaq Marketer review, you can rest assured that you will get an honest and unbiased review from me.

I have actually reviewed 600+ programs to discover the very best way to make money online. Simply put, I’m passionate about making money online and helping you to follow in my footsteps!

In this review, we will try to answer all your questions. It should give you a clear understanding of Fullstaq Marketer and see if it’s worth your money or just another scam.

Fullstaq Marketer Review


Fullstaq Marketer Review – Overview

  • Product: Fullstaq Marketer
  • Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Owner: Keala Kanae
  • Price: $997 + Upsell
  • Recommended?: No

Overview: Fulstaq Marketer is an MMO training program that was designed to teach you how to start an affiliate marketing business by promoting other people’s products.

✅ Fullstaq Marketer PROS

  • Keala Kanae is a legit online marketer
  • The course is teaching you legit methods
  • You get step-by-step training
  • Private mentor support is included
  • Money-back guarantee

? Fullstaq Marketer PROS

  • The course is expensive
  • Extra costs for tools and traffic
  • Hidden upsells inside the program
  • No free trial on offer
  • Questionable money-back guarantee
  • Revamp of infamous AWOL Academy

?? Scam or Legit?

Fullstaq Marketer is not a scam in my review. Basically it is a legit affiliate marketing training course and is just a revamped version of AWOL Academy.

You see, in 2019, there were a lot of customer complaints about AWOL Academy. Moreover, there was a lot of scrutiny for questionable business practices.

That is why Keala Kanae parted ways with his business partner and rebranded the company as Fullstaq Marketer.

Fullstaq Marketer is not a copy-pasted version of AWOL, but the pattern is almost the same with AWOL, which includes buy-in extreme high ticket upsells and training modules to learn how to promote the same course to others.

If you go to my Awol Academy review, you could gain huge insight into what the training will consist of and the all-important price points you can expect.

Now, let’s take a look inside and see what you will get from Fullstaq Marketer and see if it is worth it.

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What is Fullstaq Marketer?

Fullstaq Marketer is an online training course that claims to teach you how to use paid advertising on social media to make money from affiliate marketing.

According to its official website and creator, it is the greatest internet marketing course in the world!

Fullstaq Marketer Website

But I beg to differ.

Fullstaq Marketer is very similar to AWOL Academy, which Kanae and Kameron George created in 2015. It was a scheme where you could join to learn how to make money promoting the same program to others.

However, the problem was that the scheme was lacking transparency in terms of the price.

See, Kanae and Kameron were leading you in with low prices and big promises. But as soon as you would accept their recommendation, they would force more and more upsells in your face.

Eventually, instead of a $50 course, you would have ended up paying $10K to get all the pieces together.

So after a ton of complaints about the AWOL, in 2019, both of them parted ways, and that is the year that Kanae created Fullstaq Marketer.

There are 4 courses inside Fullstaq Marketer. Those are Fullstaq Accelerator, Traffic Labs, Conversion Labs, and Master Labs.

Similar to the previous scheme, to make money with this program, you will have to buy through these courses. And that’s going to cost you a lot of cash!

Keala’s program reminds me of The Super Affiliate Network, as well as the Entre Institute. Both are structured in a similar way, which is why lots of people call these schemes a scam!

So is Fullstaq Marketer a scam? Can you actually trust Keala Kanae this time? Keep reading my Fullstaq Marketer review to learn more!

Who Is Keala Kanae?

Keala Kanae is a successful digital marketing guru. He is the creator and the owner of the Fulstaq Marketer course.

The reason why I and many others call him a “guru” is that it is hard to find his work online. Basically, he is most famous for creating affiliate schemes that usually cost $1000’s!

You’ll likely see him popping up on social media, YouTube, and basically anywhere else where there is an audience. At the moment of writing my Fullstaq Marketer review, his YT channel has only 9K subscribers.

Fullstaq Marketer Review Keala Kanae

Before his success in the online world, Keala Kanae tried different jobs like real estate, mortgages, and gigs in restaurants, but none of those activities made him successful.

Because of that, he set off on a mission to build his own business in 2015.

In 2016, Kanae and his friend created AWOL Academy, but unfortunately, the company is now closed because of the overpricing of training and reports of an ultra-low success rate.

In the meantime, Keala Kanae has been featured in various online magazines such as this article in Yahoo Finance. As I said, you can also follow him on youtube and other social media.

But what about his course? Is it worth it? Let’s jump to the next section of my Fullstaq Marketer review to find out!

How Does Fullstaq Marketer Work?

Fullstaq Marketer teaches how to start making money online with affiliate marketing. Basically, you can learn how to promote other people’s products in return for commissions.

The main idea is to build online campaigns, drive traffic to your funnels, and earn passive income.

Affiliate Marketing Diagram

Inside Fullstaq Marketer Keala teaches how to assist consumers with an extensive training program that includes very important elements of an online marketing project.

When you are wanting to generate income online, you are basically looking to make increasingly more associate payments or offer your own products to make a profit.

And the more people you can serve, the greater your income potential.

So the idea is that you’ll join Fullstaq Marketer and you’ll be demonstrated how you can promote different products as an affiliate.

This is something that’s called an affiliate marketing business. It is how I personally make the most of my own revenue online. I can guarantee the method, it’s legitimate.

To learn more about the Fullstaq Marketer method and how it works, check out the video below…

So is Fullstaq Marketer a scam or legit? Well, the course teaches the legit methods, but it’s too early to say anything. I’ll be discussing this later in my review.

What Do You Get Inside Fullstaq Marketer?

As I said earlier in my Fullstaq Marketer review, there are 4 training modules inside Fullstaq Marketer that cover various elements crucial to digital marketing entrepreneurs looking to be successful in this very lucrative field.

However, at the time of this review, the price is not available on the website.

I expect that the price of these modules is expensive. Nonetheless, below is the breakdown of the program.

Fullstaq Accelerator

Fullstaq Marketer Review Fullstaq Accelerator

This first training module consists of 4 modules in 1.

  • Fullstaq 101
  • Fullstaq Onboarding
  • Fullstaq Edge
  • Funnel Labs

Fullstaq 101

This module is your introduction that covers the foundation elements of your business.

It also provides the core elements you need to create a solid foundation for your future career in freelance digital marketing.

Fullstaq 101 will help and provide you with a clear path from point A to B.

Fullstaq Onboarding

This module is about connecting you with support and a large-minded community.

Also, in this module, you’ll be able to quickly set yourself up with a large community of fellow aspiring and veteran online entrepreneurs who support your vision.

Fullstaq Edge

This module focuses on creating a successful mindset.

In this module, you’ll be taken on a mind-bending ride as Keala reveals to you the cutting-edge mindset that elite-level leaders have and apply it to succeed.

Funnel Labs

This module gets you to set up your website, tracking system, lead capture pages, and more.

If you have checked my Awon Academy review, you can see that the description of Funnel Labs is the same.

This means that Funnel Labs is an updated version of the training available in Pro Academy.

This pattern continues with the rest of the modules.

Traffic Labs (Coming Soon)

Fullstaq Marketer Review Traffic Labs

This training module will show you how to run ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and how to bring visitors into your sales funnels.

You see, without visitors, your funnels, sales pages, and offers will be worthless. The good news is that paid traffic can work.

When you find a way to create a profitable campaign, you can print money.

Now, let me remind you that doing this costs a lot of money, so make sure you have a budget. You see, there will be a lot of trials and errors that you have to face before you can find the right ad.

Not just that, the algorithms change all the time, or there’s a possibility that your account will get blocked for no reason.

It would be much better if you promote your course with your own upsells and pricing.

Conversion Labs (Coming Soon)

Fullstaq Marketer Review Conversion Labs

As I explained earlier in my Fullstaq Marketer review, Conversion Labs is an updated version of Awol Academy’s Conversion Academy.

Fullstaq Marketer has been around since 2019, and this one hasn’t been released yet.

This module promises to deliver an understanding of how hypnotic language, storytelling, persuasive copy, and more will create an irresistible desire for your audience to take action and convert.

Masters Labs (Coming Soon)

Fullstaq Marketer Review Masters Labs

This training module will show you how you can create your courses to scale your online business.

Topics include in this training module are:

  • Mindset Hacks
  • Wealth Strategies
  • Solopreneur to CEO

This training module is not up and running yet.

Fullstaq Elite

This course is not on their website yet because it is reserved for serious clients who know how to Grow, Build, and Scaling Online Businesses is the key to creating a lifestyle through their design.

It is also for the Wise Marketer that understands the value of peeking behind the curtain.

This module includes mentoring and access to Kanae himself, plus all of the other courses.

This course is only available for serious online marketers who would like to go down a similar route of creating courses with many upsells.

But since you have to upsell all the time, there are some serious doubts that Fullstaq Marketer is a scam. Let me share some pros and cons before I go into more detail about this topic in my review.

What I Like About Fullstaq Marketer

There are a few things that I like about Fullstaq Marketer. Below is the breakdown of the things that Keala Kanae is doing good with this course.

Keala is a real person

Usually, scams hide behind fake owners and names. That is not the case with Fullstaq Marketer.

As you can see, Keala Kanae is a real person, and he made a lot of money from affiliate marketing. I don’t know how much he made, but I can say he made money from affiliate marketing.

You can even follow him on YouTube for free.

Fullstaq Marketer YouTube

So as a member of this program, you can be sure that you will be learning from a person who knows a lot about online marketing. I said he’s a “guru,” but I can’t deny that he knows the business.

You get step-by-step training

Your money is not going to go to waste if you decide to buy Fullstaq Marketer and partner with Keala Kanae.

Inside this program, you will get access to step-by-step training. With this training, you will be learning how to pick your niche, find good products, join affiliate programs, build your funnels, drive traffic, make sales and more.

You get a mentor support

Having a mentor is important in online marketing. You can save a lot of money and years of wasted effort by getting support from someone.

With Fullstaq Marketer you will get assigned a private mentor. However, this person’s job is basically going to be to upsell your expensive parts of the program.

To get real mentor support, you have to pay 6k to get it from Fullstaq Marketer, which is very expensive.

Fullstaq Marketer course is based on legit methods

Probably the best thing about Fullstaq Marketer is the fact that it is based on workable methods. As you go through the course, you can learn how to promote other people’s products.

In my opinion, an affiliate marketing business is the best way to make money online, by far.

You don’t need any special skills to get started. Moreover, you don’t even need previous experience, or a bag of money to get started!

You can start for free with my #1 recommendation below.




What I Don’t Like About Fullstaq Marketer

In this section of my Fullstaq Marketer review, I will share with you some parts that I don’t like about Kanae’s course. After all, it reminds me too much of the AWOL Academy, which is bad, bad, bad.

There Are a Lot of Hidden Costs and Upsells Inside

Keala Kanae makes it seem like you will learn all you need by paying $997. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The price is just a teaser to hook you up on the concept but doesn’t give you enough training on how to set up ads etc. Just like with AWOL, you will have to pay more money for full training.

To me, this way of doing business is unethical.

You are led to believe that you will get full training, coaching, and all the bells and whistles if you join. But if you fall for it, they will try to squeeze you to the last drop.

Fullstaq Marketer is Based on Paid Ads

Even if you pay for those upsells, it is still now enough. You see, you have to pay for the ads with your own money, so you’ll be spending a lot of money on them.

As I mentioned earlier in my Fullstaq Marketer review, you have to invest a lot of money to find the right ads for you. Not just that, you’ll also have to pay for the traffic.

Paying for the traffic gives you the chance to make a huge lead, but it also has the potential for a huge downfall. If you don’t have any experience in online marketing, you will quickly learn how many things can go wrong.

In my opinion, there are much better and cheaper ways to generate high-quality leads.

Money-Back Guarantee Seems Suspicious

Fullstaq Marketer offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, which is great. However, there are complaints I saw on BBB that users are having a problem with the refund.

Like this one, for example:

Now, I wouldn’t risk paying $9k to check the course out only to find out I can’t get a refund as they claimed.

And if I compare these complaints about Fullstaq MArketer to those from the AWOL Academy review, I can see that Keala hasn’t learned anything from his mistakes.

Fullstaq Marketer Is a Revamp of AWOL Academy

At the end of the day, it is apparent that Fullstaq MArketer is just a refreshed version of AWOL. You don’t have to be an expert to see this.

Obviously, Keane’s previous scheme has turned belly up. Therefore, he lost a  huge income source.

So he has probably decided to give it another shot, just with a fresh coat of paint this time. I’m not saying that Fullstaq Marketer is a scam. But it’s not the best deal out there!

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Is Fullstaq Marketer A Scam?

Fullstaq Marketer is not a scam. There are a few videos on the Internet of individuals claiming they are making a living with this program.

However, these testimonials are hard to verify. Therefore, they are not really trustworthy resources.

The reality is that Keala Kanae is once again back to promote his brand-new course. And it smells like a high-ticket scheme once again. That said, it is easy to expect that the outcomes will coincide with the AWOL Academy.

Though Fullstaq Marketer is not a scam, I believe that this program is not worth it.

All you’re really going to be doing is buying into the Fullstaq Marketer program with the goal of promoting the same scheme to others with the opportunity to earn commissions at their expense.

There is nothing wrong with this system. The problem is something else.

See, just like with AWOL, you will be asked to upgrade your membership continuously. This will just leave you confused and with empty pockets.

So with that being said, Fullstaq Marketing is practically legit. But it is overpriced, lacks transparency, and might end up in the same way as its predecessor – collecting dust on the internet.

If you need a second opinion, feel free to watch Eric’s review below as well.

Do I Recommend Fullstaq Marketer?

As you can see, Fullstaq Marketer is very expensive, and also it is just a revamped version of Awol Academy. This is the main reason why I don’t recommend it.

Not just that, there is no price listed for the product. That should at least be a red flag.

Not only do you have to pay for the course, but you’ll also have to pay for the ads and traffic and as you already know it will cost you a lot of money.

That’s an additional expense you won’t see coming.

The training course is good at the end of the day, which confirms the fact that Fullstaq Marketer is not a scam. However, the price is not worth it.

I would rather find a legit business model worth spending than pay for an expensive training course that isn’t 100% sure that you will succeed.

That said, if you’re looking for the best business model to earn passive income online as a beginner, there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives.

My top-rated course has helped me to go from earning $0 to $100’s per day!




Fullstaq Marketer PROS

  • Keala Kanae is a legit online marketer
  • The course is teaching you legit methods
  • You get step-by-step training
  • Private mentor support is included
  • Money-back guarantee

Fullstaq Marketer CONS

  • Hidden Upsells Inside the Program
  • Questionable Money-Back Guarantee
  • Fullstaq Marketer is Expensive
  • No Free Trial in Offer
  • Additional Costs for Ad Campaigns and Traffic
  • Revamp Version of Awol Academy

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

At the end of my Fullstaq Marketer review, I want to mention that is just a revamped version of Awol Academy, and as we all know that Awol has used deceptive marketing strategies to lure you in and hype you up.

Even if you look closely at the price structure of both Fullstaq Marketer and Awol Academy, it is almost the same.

That is why I don’t recommend this one to you because it will cost you a lot of money not just on the upsell but also on the ads and traffic.

The training course does sound good but for that price? I don’t think so.

It reminds me of many overpriced courses that I have reviewed on this blog. For example, the Ministry Of Freedom is similarly expensive as well as the Four Percent Group.

Yes, they offer a money-back guarantee, but again, as you saw in the red flag section, it is not sure you will get a refund.

Also, Awol Academy is dead, and we don’t know if Fullstaq Marketer will be gone as well in the future.

There are many internet marketing training courses out there and most of them are cheap and more affordable than this one.

Also, if you are lucky, there are times that some people will train you how to do it for free so that you can get an inside look at how to do it.

All you have to do is research and make sure that it is worth the money and, of course, see if it is legit.

If you are looking at how to make money online or want to build a business of your own, I recommend you to check my number 1 recommendation below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Fullstaq Marketer review. What do you think? Is Fullstaq Marketer a scam or legit?

If you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below!

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All the best, Alex. contributor @freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness.com

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38 thoughts on “Fullstaq Marketer Review (2022) – Another BIG SCAM by Keala Kanae?”

  1. Fullstaq Marketer by Keala Kanae is one of the programs I am looking into to help me start a profitable online business. I have tried many affiliate marketing courses and have already spent a lot of money. Unfortunately, not one of those programs was able to help me succeed. 

    I find FM too pricey considering that there are many programs offering the same training at a much cheaper price. Their modules look promising with step-by-step training, legit marketing techniques, and mentorship. But I wonder if they are all included in the $997 training fee. I guess not huh ☺.

    Knowing also that FM is a revamped version of AWOL, which received several complaints and negative reviews, I would not want to take my chances on it. 

    Thanks, Ivan, for a thorough review of Fullstaq Marketing.

    I will check out your recommended program for affiliate marketing.

  2. Once again, thank you for another great review.  Fullstaq Marketer is so very expensive, and for someone like myself, who is just starting out with my website, this isn’t something I would be willing to just pay for without seeing good reviews over it.  However, even the reviews I have seen, this training just does not seem like it is a good training.  With the price plus the upsells, it’s just not possible for small businesses to get on board with it.

  3. I bought in for $99 and so far, they have given much more than the value. I realize there are some negative comments out there, but if you saw the program from front to back, you would realize you do not have to pay for the large package mentoring; its an option. Nothing is free. If this is a rebuilt company under a different name, maybe its because he is trying to do things better and help people. I do not see anything here that I am forced into or that is being promised that is unreasonable. If you want to learn this stuff, you have to start somewhere. You can blow $99 on a lot less. Maybe, instead of thinking the worst of someone, maybe give it a shot. Like I said, I have gotten much more than $99 worth in the class. If it’s not for you, pass on it. But the value so far is well over the price.

  4. Thanks for reviewing this program in detail and for warning people about the risks of paying a lot of money for little value. It’s sad that there are many people who would take advantage of the will of many of us to learn more about digital marketing to sell services that aren’t worth neither the time nor the money. I think that newbies who are really inexperienced in this field are those who incur the highest risk of falling for these scams or low-quality programs. Fortunately, there are a lot of other valid (and cheap or free) alternatives. 

  5. I just completed the Fullstaq Marketing Master Class. Being in sales myself, I’m leary of things by nature, and was curious to learn about the concept of affiliate marketing. Sounds like a viable business to consider, but not via Kanae’s upsell program. I do pretty well in my career, and the outlandish income claims being shared as “passive income streams,” were making me smirk during the “webinar.” I knew something was amiss when I was typing in the “chat,” and the room and Kanae didn’t respond to my posts-now I can see that it was prerecorded and that the attendees were all bots. It was only a $99 offer (24 hr deadline), but after your review, I can see I’m saving myself $1,000’s by saying no to this snake-oil salesman’s “great offer!” Thank you for your review and Ill check out the program you’re offering us!

    • I paid the 99 bucks and I am going thru the courses at that price point. I will see what I can learn but do not plan on spending more money on additional training. I also noticed that when I was talking to the “chat” it literally said “to admin only” and the responses from the other people in the chat seemed very fake and too enthusiastic. I guess I am willing to spend a little to see what I can learn while at the same time researching other ways to learn how to make passive income online. I don’t need a refund.. I have gotten some value from the training already. I am a little sad that some people will take the full ride on this deal and spend way too much. I was laughing at many things and I can see the flags. Best to you and your future ventures.

      • Hi Tina, I also paid $99.00 for the courses. I think I will not go any further after hearing all these reviews. Thanks for your input.

  6. The new program is $99 (I can already see there will be more and more asks down the road), the tease of the $15k ‘Elite Member’ program, closed now but ‘maybe’ you’ll get an invite, creating the marketing 101 limited availability offer coupled with your review is enlightening. I only need help with retirement, not someone who will clean me out.

    I’m asking for refund tomorrow on my first and last mentor call. Thx

  7. Affiliate Marketing is based on basic fundamentals.  No matter how you dress it up or how mysterious you can make it, it is still affiliate marketing.   This thing seems like layers and layers of some secret affiliate marketing society and if you just keep buying, you’ll get closer and closer to riches.  Good luck with that.  I’m staying away from this.  Thanks.


  8. First of all, it is quite expensive. Second of all I can see that it is not a good program. I also see that you do not recommend it so I will be sure to share it with my friends and family that are in the same business as me. Thank you so much for this review, you have helped us a lot 

    • Taking a different approach,I’d like to know about the Grey Lamborghini,and whose name is on it? Does he own that 4000 Sq foot house in LasVegas?Se4ms like he’s tagging clicks and living off the front money from Students?I did the 2 hour seminar and was uneasy even about $99.00,if he is so succesful,why not make examples by mentoring a few clients,and getting paid back AFTER,they make money? This would be the best way to show his company is for real….good for new entrpreeurs,rather than his cars,his house,his vacation,his cardboard box.Ha,it stinks

  9. It fascinates me that these sort of high-profile guys keep cropping up online spruiking their expensive overpriced products and getting away with it. I’m so pleased that you have done an in-depth review on this company which was originally Awol and is now an offshoot called FullStaq. It seems that Keala Kanae decided he didn’t like the bad reputation that Awol was accruing and decided to go his own way but with a similar package, I foresee that his reputation will be tarnished in the future.

    Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate seems a much better solution to learning how to build a successful online business.

  10. I have seen some advertisements for Fullstaq Marketer on Facebook, so it was interesting to come across this review about Keala Kanea and the Fullstaq Marketer program. So with a price tag of nearly $1,000, and only half the course actually available so far, do you know when the other 2 training modules will be released? 

    I do not like the fact that this is basically an updated version of AWOl, which has been closed. Together with additional costs and upsells, I will be very wary of joining Fullstaq Marketer.

  11. So, this guy Keala Kanae pops up a lot on my social media, but this is for the first time I actually read about him. So, if he is successful, why his company is closed? And as I read through the article, I see there are many ways to develop successful online marketing business. But, I am wondering, if I am only a beginner, how and why paying for traffic? I was sure that quality content should be the main attraction to clicks. Now I see, there are so many different ways. 

  12. Thank you Ivan for what comes across as a very honest review of the Fullstaq Marketer course. I’ve taken a look at a number of your other reviews, all of which come across as a fair assessment of the various products. I would encourage any budding entrepreneur to take a look through your excellent reviews. 

  13. Alex, I always like to read your reviews. There is so much information, so much detail and your honest explanations are appreciated. With regards to this platform described here, I find the start out of $997 quite expensive, especially for the fact that you are required to pay for ads, training and all the upsells to come. I like the fact that an refund is offered but if there are reports of issues with such refunds, I would not sign up for this. Thank you for the information.

  14. Ivan, thank you for this Review of Fullstaq Marketer – it certainly sounds very scammy to me! When a company promises a “money-back” guarantee and does not even respond to such a request, it is indeed questionable. After reading your review, I would be quite reticent to even check this one out. From your description, there does not seem to be any value in the incredibly expensive training modules. There are much better options available, some of them FREE to beginners. 

  15. Thanks for this information as I was not previously aware of Fullstaq Marketer. The price is high for what it offers and does have upsells as well. Rebranding a company after many complaints with the former company is a big red flag. Low success rates with an overpriced product do not make for a good combination. Whether you want to define this program as a scam or not is not the point, it is a program that is overpriced and underdelivers in many ways. I appreciate you sharing this information.

  16. Back in 2016, I heard about AWOL. And I even visited a couple of offers to join. I didn’t know that Fullstaq was owned by the same guy. Yeah, their prices are high. It’s a high ticket course that delivers low quality training. Thanks for warning us about this guy. I will save my money for a good course.

  17. After reading your Fulstaq review, I would not invest anything in this company. There are too many red flags for me to consider it a worthwhile company to invest in. If a company has to have that many upsells to stay in business then they need to look at their business  model.

    If the modules look to be updated versions of a company that has closed then all sorts of alarm bells should be going off in your head. Fulstaq runs the risk of being sued by AWOL for duplicating the training material.


  18. Well reviewed indeed!  I am always put off by large upfront payments or by hidden upsells that you only discover after purchasing the program.  And the fact that it’s a flanker of a similar program means it’s really about the owner benefiting himself rather than his customers.  Good point as well about the cost of ads and traffic on top of all the other expenses.  This one for me is definitely a big no! 

  19. Thank you Alex for your unbiased review on Fullstaq marketer. Going through your review, I feel it is not a good idea going with this program. And though they claim there is a 14 day money back guarantee, I see that they have not refunded to a member. We do not know how many such members would have lost their money.

    And a 14 day money back guarantee is also not enough, even if they honor their words.  In any training program to really assess, it will need at least 30 days.

    And the fact that you have to spend more money on the paid ads, makes the affiliate marketing al the more undesirable.



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