Google Ads Ecom Academy Review – Is Tristan Broughton Course Worth Buying?

Welcome to my Google Ads Ecom Academy review.

There are many courses out there that claim that if you buy their courses it will change your life and it will help your business grow.

However, some of those courses don’t work and some are not worth buying because some of them you can find on the web or on Youtube.

But the question is, is Google Ads Ecom Academy legit? Is this course worth buying?

Can this course deliver what they promise to make your Ecommerce Sales on Google Ads Profitable within the Next 30 days?

Let’s find out.

Throughout my review, you can rest assured to get an honest and unbiased review.

In this review, we will try to answer all your questions about Google Ads Ecom Academy and give you a clear understanding if this course is worth your money.

Google Ads Ecom Academy Review


  • Product Type: Google Ads Ecom Academy
  • Owner: Tristan Broughton
  • Price: $397 or $497
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30-Days
  • Recommended?: Read my review and find out

Overview: Google Ads Ecom Academy is a course created specifically for those who are looking for training on Google Adwords.

There are a lot of courses out there that teach you about ads from Google to Facebook ads depending on what they will teach you.

With Tristan Google Ads Ecom Academy the course has a lot of steps to teach you about Google ads and not just that it also teaches you how to set up your store and product research.

Like I said earlier Is Google Ads Ecom Academy a legit course to spend your money with or a scam?

Let’s find out.

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Who Is Tristan Broughton?

Tristan Broughton is the creator of Google Ads Ecom Academy and an entrepreneur that claims that he earned a lot of money in his online business.

Tristan Broughton

Tristan has a youtube channel that has over a million views and 44.5K subscribers.

A lot of his videos on his channel teach you about dropshipping and I can say his channel does provide more value and information than most.

However, his Youtube channel is no longer active and if you look at it you can see that his last video is from last year.

Tristan Broughton YouTube

Tristan does give good advice in his course about Google Ads, but it isn’t easy to find out about his specific entrepreneurial journey.

That said, let’s keep this Google Ads Ecom Academy review in motion to learn more before you decide whether to join Tristan’s course or not.

What Is Google Ads Ecom Academy?

Google Ads Ecom Academy is a course created by Tristan Broughton.

The course is created to optimize Google ads campaigns most efficiently.

Google Ads Ecom Academy Review

With this course, Broughton will also teach you how to do product research and optimization as it touches upon the product aspect of eCommerce.

The course will guide you through the aspects of dropshipping as it is designed for those who want to make their campaigns efficient and cheap.

Tristan created this course specifically for drop shippers and the teaching that he shares with you about google advertising is applicable across a wide range of industries.

Google Ads Ecom Academy is Tristan Broughton’s paid traffic mastery course for the Google Ads platform.

To make it clear to you this course doesn’t teach you how to do dropshipping. It only teaches you about Google ads.

How Does Google Ads Ecom Academy Work?

There are 10 modules in the Google Ads Ecom Academy course and each of them covering a specific aspect of Google Ads.

Google Ads Ecom Academy Review

Module 1 – Store Setup

This one is pretty basic because in this module Tristan will guide and walk you through the ins and outs of getting set up such as how to create your account, set up your first ad, and get it running.

This module also teaches you some useful details, such as how to create a proper store layout, product descriptions, and how to put the right price to make it appeal to the buyer.

Module 2 – Store Compliance

In this module, Tristan Broughton will teach you the “don’ts” of Google ads, and he will explain to you how strict Google Ads are and to avoid many mistakes.

The rules here are pretty helpful, and you will learn more about the Google rules because if you violate one rule, the result will make your ad being suspended or your account.

Module 3 – Product Research

This module will teach you how to do product research before you start selling it.

This one is important, especially if you’re in a dropshipping business because some drop shippers execute exhausting marketing efforts on a losing product.

Here Tristan will help you to avoid it and teach you how to research your competitors thoroughly.

This module is important, and it can save you a lot of time.

Module 4 – Google Ads Setup

In this module, Tristant will teach you how to create your first ad.

This one is pretty basic, and most of the parts can be self-explanatory.

Other than that, Tritan teaches you some advanced settings such as item ID drills, conversion tracking, and merchant center syncing.

Module 5 – Google Ads Testing

In this module, Tristan will show you how to test your ads by using a cheap but effective method.

He will also go over how to gear your ad towards the target audience. T

The information is quite helpful, and he also updated this module to fit the standard of 2019 Google Ads.

Module 6 – Shopping Campaign Mastery

In this module, Tristan goes on Livestreams and teaches you how to set up campaigns and make them profitable.

Module 7 – Campaign Optimization

In this module, once your first ad is up and running, Tristan will take you on the next step further and show you how to apply the analytics towards optimization.

Broughton will also show you how to read your analytics and tweak your ads based on them.

Tristan goes over various strategies like search term exclusions, device bid adjustments, bid redirection, and unprofitable product exclusions.

Module 8 – Campaign Scaling

Tristan will teach you how to make advanced bid adjustments, day schedule, international setup, TROAS bid strategy, and revival method in this module.

You see, once you have tuned your campaign to have optimal click-through and cost-per-click rates, you are ready to start scaling your ads up.

Module 9 – Search Campaign Explosion

This module has two videos. The first video will teach you how to focus on conversion keywords.

The second video is to teach you how to create a brand search campaign.

Tristan claims that this module is the most profitable search campaign that you will ever create.

Module 10 – Remarketing

This module shows you two main strategies and those are static image remarketing and dynamic remarketing.

This module has a video that shows you a strategy on how to create a particular audience.

You see, remarketing is where a lot of profit comes in, so make sure that you revisit this module once your ads are successfully scaled.

That’s all about how it works.

Now, let’s focus on price and other things in the next sections of my Google Ads Ecom Academy review.

How Much Does Google Ads Ecom Academy Cost?

There are two options:

  • The Google Ads Ecom Academy costs $397, and with this, you’ll get lifetime access to the course and all its updates.

You’ll also get access to their Facebook group, a list of “negative keywords,” Bonus module: “search campaign explosion” and access to Tristan supplier list.

  • The second option is you can buy two courses for $497, and that is Google Ads Ecom Academy and his other course, the Product Winner Blueprint 2.0.




What Do You Get With Google Ads Ecom Academy?

Here’s a quick overview of the features inside this course:

  • Training Modules with 40+ videos
  • Mentorship From Tristan
  • Lifetime access to updates
  • Direct access to Tristan’s supplier
  • List of negative keywords
  • List of top dropshipping stores

Google Ads Ecom Academy Review

Does Google Ads Ecom Academy Offer Money Back Guarantee?

Google Ads Ecom Academy offers a seven-day money-back guarantee.

However, there are some requirements that you have to do for you to get a full refund.

And those are:

  • Proof of a live store
  • Joined the private Facebook group
  • You have to log into the training at least once
  • Watch 50% of the training
  • You have to post an ad

These are the requirements that you have to take before you ask for a full refund.

Who Is Google Ads Academy Best For?

The Google Ads Ecom Academy course is best for anyone if you’re starting in the eCommerce industry.

You see, Tristan’s course and his teaching can be applied in any online business.

His guide and walkthroughs can be useful to anyone who is just starting, while his advanced strategies can be a benefit for those who already have a Google Ad campaign running.

Yes, the course is for anyone, but not everyone can afford it, so it will depend on you if got the budget to spend.

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Does Google Ads Ecom Academy Deliver?

To make it clear, Tristan doesn’t promise you guaranteed income or Shopify mastery.

Tristan makes this course as a guide to Google Ads and not as a get-rich-quick scheme.

As you can see, he shows you some advanced strategies to set your campaign apart from other competitors.

Not just that, he also gives you some important information about competitive research, compliance, and how to pick the right products.

Moreover, it seems like Google Ads Ecom Academy students are getting results.

Google Ads Ecom Academy Review

Is Google Ads Ecom Academy A Scam?

No, Google Ads Ecom Academy is not a scam, and Tristan Broughton is a real person.

As I said earlier, his guide and walkthroughs can be useful to anyone just starting an eCommerce business.

Not just that, his advanced strategies can also be beneficial for those who already have a Google Ad campaign running.

The course provides much value if implemented correctly, and his updates assure you that the information taught is still relevant.

Also, the audio is quite clear, while most of them are screen recorded.

The website is easy to navigate and is very user-friendly.

Yes, Google Ads Ecom Academy is for everyone, but not everyone can afford it.

The course is great, and all but not everyone can afford to spend $397 or $497 except if you are rich or got the budget to spend to buy this course.

Like I said earlier, if you got the budget, you could buy this course, but if not, then I suggest finding a better alternative where you can find a product that you can afford.

All in all, Tristan produces a very good course as he explains them in a very easy and understandable way.

Not just that, the course quality is clear, and it doesn’t interfere or seem to be outdated, but Google Ads Ecom Academy doesn’t stand out as well.

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What I Like About Google Ads Ecom Academy

  • Teaches you some advanced strategies
  • Easily understandable
  • Straightforward
  • 7 days money-back guarantee

What I Don’t Like About Google Ads Ecom Academy

  • Not everyone can afford to buy this course
  • A lot of requirements to take before you get a full refund

Final Words and HONEST Recommendation

Google ads is a very popular platform, and there are many other alternative courses out there available.

But if you are on a tight budget, I suggest finding a better alternative where you can still learn more about Google ads.

There are a lot of them out there on the web, and you can even find them on Youtube for free.

In my experience, I have joined some courses where they will let you join for free and teach you how to do dropshipping, ads, and many more for free.

If you are lucky to find those courses and teach you everything for free, join them and make sure they are legit.

Thanks for reading my Google Ads Ecom Academy review.

What do you think about it? Is it a scam or legit?

Feel free to leave your comments and reviews in the comment section below!

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

6 thoughts on “Google Ads Ecom Academy Review – Is Tristan Broughton Course Worth Buying?”

  1. Hi Ivan,

    I can tell this product is not for beginners but for experienced dropshipping business owners who like to maximize their Google ads’ performances and upscale. It’s cool that we can learn from an expert like Tristan Broughton.

    But, the money-back guarantee only gives us 7-day to test the training & implement on your business, which isn’t long enough to get many results in such a short period. Also, you need to complete some requirements before requesting the refund, which is the biggest let-down when I read this review.

    By the way, your recommendation also looks appealing to me. I would love to dive deep into it very soon. 🙂


  2. A few years ago I took a Google Ads course and actually made money. However, I’m sure things have changed since then, and Google Ads ecom academy sounds like a genuinely good course. It’s most definitely not a scam and a lot is covered in the 10 modules. I’m actually setting up an ecommerce store related to my blog, but at the moment I’d find the Google ads course too expensive. I like the idea you get a 7 day money back guarantee, and don’t blame him for stipulating certain requirements. There are many who’d buy the course then ask for their money back without doing any work! Your recommendation is better and a fraction of the cost. In addition, Youtube is my first go to place with a lot of free info on many topics including Google adwords! Great post and thanks for sharing:)

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for your comment. Google Ads Ecom Academy could help you to launch successful ads for your eCommerce store. As you can see, it’s a legit course. However, you can find the same info for a lot less money. My #1 recommendation is only $49 per month!


  3. This is good for eCommerce stores and with this guide, you will be able to learn how to put ads out through Google.
    We are going to recommend this to others and show that Ecom success academy review. We have learned that this is a good platform to use but why did he stop making videos.
    You have suggested WA, as a good platform that has worked for many as an affiliate marketer.
    WA platform had helped us transform a website into a lifelong business and with a strong structure.
    Thank you Ivan for giving us another review that we are going to pass on to others.



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