Is Home Cash Sites A Scam or Legit? – Review

Welcome to my review. Is Home Cash Sites a scam or legit?

This particular website is becoming popular on the internet these days not only because it promises $500 per day, which is the money everyone could use, right? But it also promises that you can earn it effortlessly.

Since you’re here, first of all, you got intrigued by those claims. And secondly, you need to know whether the website is a scam or legit before you proceed.

So is Home Cash Sites a scam like many other get-rich-quick schemes you have encountered before? Or could it really be a system that will help you to generate $100’s from the comfort of your home?

I’m glad to see you here doing your own research. That’s how you avoid scams! If you’re looking to make money online using a legitimate system, check out my proven system for earning an income with affiliate marketing.

In this Home Cash Sites review, I’m going to show you the results of my research and help you to answer all your questions related to this website. So stay here and keep reading this review to discover the truth.

Home Cash Sites Scam or Legit Review


Home Cash Sites Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Make Money Online
  • Product Owner: Greg Thomas
  • Product Price: $47 + Upsells
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 Days (questionable)
  • Recommended?: No. Scam alert!

Quick Summary: Home Cash Sites is a website that claims you can start using some system to make $500 per day without having to work at all. It does not require you to have any skills or experience. Moreover, Greg Thomas claims that all you need is an internet connection and 30 minutes per day of your time.

However, after reviewing the offer, I have concluded that Home Cash Sites is a scam.

Firstly, Greg Thomas is not a real person. The real owner is hiding the identity behind a pen name. Secondly, he promises unbelievable amounts of money in record time. Thirdly, he asks you to pay $47 without giving away what it is that you’re signing up for.

And if you fall for the scam, you’ll get a chance to spend more money on useless upsells and will get only an eBook in return for your hard-earn money. The good news is, you can ask for a refund.

The bottom line is, Home Cash Sites is not what it claims to be. It’s a scam!

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What Is Home Cash Sites?

Home Cash Sites is another website that promises to help you and everyone else to make incredible amounts of money online. The main trick is in telling you that you can do so without having to invest too much time and effort into your business.

Allegedly, this system is designed to show you how to earn $500 per day working only 30 minutes or so per day. You will get easy to follow instructions and all you have to do is, well, follow them.

So when you translate those promises into real-world vocabulary, you can instantly see that Home Cash Sites is a get-rich-quick scheme. And in the rest of my review, I’m going to show you why it is a scam as well.

I’m not making any comparisons, but just a few weeks ago, I’ve had a chance to review a few scams that were using the same tricks to get you to sign up. I’m talking about Fast Home Sites and Passive Profile Profits.

It always the same story. You get a video where some unknown person offers you to earn a truckload of cash by pressing a few buttons working only a few minutes per day. In other words, they sell you a dream, an illusion.

As you can see, Home Cash Sites is using the same tricks to get you to sign up. You get to meet some person that calls himself Greg whose job is to fill you up with hope about earning big bucks with his system. During the video, Greg repeatedly tells you how you don’t need any skills and how easy his system is to implement.

In a nutshell, all you need to make this system work for you is an internet connection and a few minutes per day and you’ll earn $500 right from the start.

Now, who wouldn’t want to have a job like that, am I right? Of course, even “Greg” knows it. That’s why he tells you all those things during the sales presentation.

And to help you to make a decision without thinking, Greg tells you that there are only 8 spots left within the Home Cash Sites system and you must act fast to secure your spot.

However, the main problem with this offer is that you haven’t been told what it is that Home Cash Site is really about. Greg didn’t say what will you do to make $500 per day. In my opinion, this offer is jam-packed with scam signals and in the rest of my review, I’ll show you all.

Let’s start with the owner of this offer.

Who Owns Home Cash Sites?

Right of the batt, Greg Thomas introduces himself as an experienced online entrepreneur and the creator and owner of the Home Cash Sites system.

Greg seems to be a person who strongly believes in online business and is convinced that the old days of brick and mortar business are gone. That’s why he has created this program that helps ordinary people like you and me to start a successful affiliate business and make money online.

But who is Greg Thomas really? Is he even a real person? I’ve put my best effort to locate and reach out to Greg Thomas online, but my research just proved my initial suspicion.

Well, the truth is, Greg Thomas is a fake character, a pen name. Moreover, the story he sold you is also fake. And in my book, this is the first major signal that Home Cash Sites is a scam.

Is Home Cash Sites A Scam?

Home Cash Sites is a scam. Short and simple. This website does not help people to make money online. It is designed to make you believe that you will somehow make $100’s by doing nothing, which is not going to happen.

The idea is to steal your confidence and get you to pay $47 to access this “magic” system.

Home Cash Sites Scam Review

See, once you land on the Home Cash Sites scam home page, the first thing you will get is the free video with Greg Thomas. However, we have already established that Greg does not exist.

Fake owner is a common trick within internet scams.

The real people or a person who is behind this offer can’t show his or her face because if he or she does so, he or she is going to blow up his cover and become responsible for scamming people into this scheme.

Secondly, the sales presentation keeps telling you how you can make money online without having to do any work. Allegedly, all you need is an internet connection and 30 minutes per day to make $500 per day starting immediately.

By the definition, Home Cash Sites is a get-rich-quick scam.

Those claims are just as fake as Greg Thomas is. They want you to believe that this is possible so you will take out your wallet without a second thought and give them your hard-earned money.

In addition to all these scam signs, Home Cash Sites uses a lot of little tricks like fake scarcity as well.

Home Cash Sites Fake Scarcity

They repeatedly tell you how there are only 8 spots left and how you need to act fast before your opportunity is gone. They use popups with fake discounts and many other tricks commonly seen in other scams such as The Profit Shortcut or Private Cash Sites.

See, once you pay $47 to get your hands on this “magic” system for making money, you will have to watch a few more videos. The intention of each video is to sell you more junk so that “Greg” could make even more money off you.

And once he squeezes enough cash from you, you’ll get access to a generic eBook on dropshipping called Earn Online Mentor, which is never going to help you to make $500 per day. Not even $0,05 per day let alone $500!


There’s no secret system inside that will help you make $500 per day working only 30 minutes.

The bottom line is, Home Cash Sites is another scam designed to sell you a dream about making $100’s and $1000’s while the unknown owner is stuffing his pockets with your cash.

What I Like About Home Cash Sites

  • Money-Back Guarantee

What I Don’t Like About This Offer

  • Overhyped Income Promise
  • No Work Required BS (30 mins per day)
  • Greg Thomas Is Fake Name
  • Contains Hidden Upsells
  • Contains Generic Info (eBook)
  • No Testimonials From Users
  • People Have Complained In Other Reviews

Home Cash Sites Review – Conclusion

There is an increasingly large number of internet scams that promise huge earnings with little to no work these days. Some are supposed to work with a push of a button, while some others require only a few minutes of your time per day.

But they all have the same thing in coming. In other words, these scams ever work as advertised.

Home Cash Sites scam is just one out of 100’s scams that I have reviewed so far on this blog that promises to give you access to some secret hyper-money system for only $47.

However, in reality, all that you get with Home Cash Sites is a generic script that talks about making money from home and a chance to learn how to avoid these schemes in the future.

Here are a few more scams to watch out for:

My honest recommendation is to keep your distance from all these “make $500 today” websites.

Thanks for reading my Home Cash Sites review. I hope my research has helped you to make a wise decision this time. As always, if you want to share your opinion, feel free to do so via the comment section below!

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