How Many Affiliate Programs Should You Join For One Website?

Some marketers stick to one high-ticket affiliate program and never promote additional products on their site. Others keep on joining new programs to add more revenue streams. So, how many affiliate programs should you join?

Well, are you familiar with the adage “Jack of all trades, master of none”?

It applies also to affiliate marketing and the number of programs you should join at the beginning of your journey.

In other words, joining too many affiliate programs can hurt you in more than one way, especially if you are a newbie. You could lose focus, and give up too soon.

On the other hand, if you start by joining just one affiliate program that you like the most, and devote enough time and energy to master it, you could easily replicate the blueprint with more programs!

How Many Affiliate Programs Should You Join?


How Many Affiliate Programs Should You Join For a Single Website?

There isn’t a magic number of affiliate programs that you should join per one single website. You could join as many programs as you desire. Some even argue that more programs suggest more sales.

On the other hand, others recommend that you sign up with only one affiliate program to avoid spreading your efforts too thin.

The truth is, you can fix all your attention on one program, or you can spread it on more than one.

In the latter scenario, you have to make sure that all the affiliate programs that you plan to join are relevant to your niche. And most importantly, make sure that you have enough content ideas to promote it.

Best Way To Find And Join Affiliate Programs In Your Niche

Finding a pertinent affiliate program to match your specific niche is quite basic.

Go to Google and search “my specific niche” + “affiliate program”.

You ought to duplicate this search a number of times with alternative phrases! Lots of affiliate companies do not know how to correctly promote their programs, so they may be concealed.

Always Test Everything Before Recommending

You don’t need to purchase items you evaluate but it’s typically much better if you do. This will put you in the shoes of clients, inspire initial content, and permit you to take original photos.

You’d be surprised just how much of the material online is just regurgitated over and over again by for-hire writers. Being initially in the affiliate industry is a big advantage.

Can You Join Multiple Affiliate Programs Per One Website?

Yes, you can. Again, there’s no set guideline saying how many affiliate programs you can utilize on your site.

The normal focus of people who are brand-new to affiliate marketing business is earning money. That isn’t always bad due to the fact that cash is essential.

The problem is that people often injure themselves by promoting lots of products with no real instructions.

Joining and promoting several affiliate programs on a site is not a problem at all. However, your site should not be riddled with worthless affiliate links while you wish for clicks and sales.

Once again, if you decide to go for more than one promotion on your site, make sure that you prepare enough content for each program and take your time to create it.

And don’t forget to track your programs and links too.

You’ll need to track your performance with the affiliate networks you’ve signed up with.

However, you must likewise utilize unique tracking affiliate links so that you know precisely where a sale originates from. Traffic reporting information offers insights that can assist you to scale your campaigns.

Should You Join Multiple Affiliate Programs For a Single Website?

I personally advise joining one affiliate program if you are brand new to this business. Once you successfully learn how to start with affiliate marketing and promote one program, you can scale with more using the same blueprint.

Just make sure to start slowly and increase your productivity as you go.

Another reason why you should start with one program at first is that you want to become an expert on the topic.

So the ultimate answer is, yes, you should join more than one affiliate program. The logic in this is simple. The more products you promote on your site, the more money you can potentially make.

However, I want to give you a warning before you run off and join tons of affiliate programs…

Why You Shouldn’t Join Too Many Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate marketing requires a great deal of time, effort, skills, and resources to be successful. So it’s not a good idea to join too many affiliate programs right off the bat.

Every affiliate program you join must be part of a strategy.

For one thing, you risk reducing your performance by handling too many things simultaneously.

Do not get me wrong, you must absolutely promote multiple affiliate programs eventually, but starting without focus means it normally takes longer to see results.

Moreover, you need to stay up to date with tracking! This can become extremely difficult to do when you have actually got 5 or 10 things going on.

Therefore, it’s better to see little outcomes from one program than zero from several. When you get a good deal with one among them, I recommend branching off to diversify your earnings.

Things To Ask Before Joining Any Affiliate Program

Now that you know how many of them you should join, you should also learn how to properly scout for the best affiliate programs in your niche.

Here are some pro tips that come from my own experience after working with dozens and dozens of affiliate programs.

How Often Do They Pay Out?

Just because joining an affiliate program is free, doesn’t imply you should not take your pay seriously.

As specified earlier, promoting services and products takes a lot of time, effort, and resources. Your work needs to be compensated properly and immediately.

What Is The Commission Rate?

How will the merchant pay you, and how much? The greater the rate, the greater the affiliate commissions. Look out for:

  • One-time payouts
  • Recurring commissions
  • 2nd tier

Some affiliate marketing programs pay a portion of the sale, while others pay a flat amount.

In addition, second-tier commissions let you earn affiliate earnings from your recommendations’ referrals.

Furthermore, know whether there’s a minimum payout threshold. Some merchants require you to strike a specific quantity of affiliate sales prior to they pay you.

Is Your Country Supported?

Affiliate marketing is a flexible business, implying you can work from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection.

Nevertheless, you should examine the affiliate program’s payment techniques to make certain they are supported anywhere you are.

For example, PayPal is supported in lots of, but not all, countries. A good alternative is Payoneer.

What Is Program’s Cookie Policy?

The cookie basically means how long your visitor’s browser keeps your affiliate information when they click your affiliate link. It’s the length of time you need to earn affiliate commissions.

When the cookie ends, you lose the chance. Longer periods = greater odds you’ll get credit for the sale.

Is The Program Trusted and Safe?

Many affiliates have actually been scammed by shady affiliate programs. For instance, it isn’t uncommon for unwary affiliates to receive products that are greatly different and/or of lesser quality than what they were offered online.

When signing up with any affiliate program, ensure it has a great reputation with top-quality products.

You’ll have a bumpy ride selling something you yourself could not or would not utilize.

Are You Really Interested In Program/Products?

If you’re not enthusiastic about a product or service, you should a minimum like it. If you don’t, then promoting it would be unwise.

You ought to just select services or products you have an interest in and are passionate about. If the affiliate program doesn’t have them, then you most likely shouldn’t deal with that program.

So, How Many Affiliate Programs Should I Join?

You can join as many affiliate programs as you want or need at the beginning of your affiliate career. Just make sure that they are relevant to your blog site material and specific niche.

You should not promote unimportant items on the very same blog site, implying it will not be smart to promote a website hosting and an air conditioner on the very same specific niche website or blog site.

Joining numerous affiliate programs might be half the formula. If you want to cash in on those affiliate programs, you got to have content related to those affiliate programs.

Also, keep in mind that when you promote an item that you’ve tested and utilized because it adds a lot of authority to your voice since first-hand experience goes a long way.

So, how many programs will you join after reading this article? Feel free to reach out with your answers, and questions below!

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