Is Affiliate Advisor Group a Scam? – Read This Review First

Welcome to my Affiliate Advisor Group review

If all you need to do to make money online is copy and pasting, wouldn’t you agree that everyone would be doing it?

Allegedly, that’s what you need to do to make $100’s per day with this system.

But you don’t believe the hype. You’re here because you’re on the hunt for the truth.

So is Affiliate Advisor Group a foolproof system that could help you to 10X your revenue? Or could it be that Affiliate Advisor Group is a scam designed to siphon your hard-earned cash into an unknown person’s account?

You see, I’ve seen soo many of these “magic” systems over the years.

Some of them need you to copy and paste. Some others will work with a push of a button. And some will even work by reading your thoughts. LOL!

Do you know what? 99% of them were pure scams. There’s no such thing as getting rich quickly, trust me, I’ve tried them all.

By the way, congratulations on researching yourself. Quick research saves you time and money. It also shows that you are smart enough to avoid scams and find the best way of making money online.

In this Affiliate Advisor Group review, I’ll show you everything you need to know about this program. Also, I show you several red flags that prove it’s a scam, so make sure to stick with me!

Is Affiliate Advisor Group a Scam?

Affiliate Advisor Group Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Product Price: $37 + upsells
  • Product Owner: Unknown
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60-Days
  • Recommended?: No! SCAM ALERT

As the video starts to play, you can hear that AAG is a fool-proof system for earning 100’s per day with little to no work.

The spokesperson literally claims that all you need to do is copy and paste to earn an income. Do you believe this to be true?

It’s hard, I know. And yet, it’s quite tempting to give it a try, right?

In reality, Affiliate Advisor Group is a scam system designed to trick you into spending your hard-earned money. The scam uses some clever methods to make it look as legitimate as possible such as:

  • fake owner
  • fake testimonials
  • fake media endorsements
  • overhyped get-rich-quick claims

If you join the Affiliate Advisor Group, you’ll get a set of training videos that talk about affiliate marketing. However, this training is not going to help you to make money online as the spokesperson in the video claims.

All they want you to do is spend more money on upsells.

So maybe Affiliate Advisor Group is not a 100% scam, but it’s very close, and it’s certainly not recommended!

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What Is Affiliate Advisor Group About?

Affiliate Advisor Group is a program that offers you DFY affiliate websites, with which you can make $1000’s per week.

While reviewing the site, I saw a few things that poked my eye immediately.

For example, Affiliate Advisor Group has been allegedly endorsed by big media companies such as NBC, Fox News, ABC, etc.

Then, I noticed that those testimonials that appear during the video look very familiar.

So I did some research and found out that they are fake!

But the BS didn’t stop there!

I did some background check on the owner too, which I’m going to reveal in the next section of my review.

Lastly, the Affiliate Advisor Group spokesperson claims that this program could help you to 10X your revenue and make $500, $1000, and even $5000 a week with this system.

The best part?

It all depends on how good you are at copy-pasting a really simple system!

Affiliate Advisor Group - Get Rich Quick Claims

However, those claims, as well as the rest of the page, are fake, and this offer is a scam.

It falls into the category of overhyped, low-quality, and not recommended programs.

Let’s continue with this Affiliate Advisor Group review to show you what I mean.

One of the first scam signs is the alleged ownership of this program.

Who Owns the AAC?

Renee Young claims to be the owner and creator of Affiliate Advisor Group.

She has discovered this system a while ago, made a fortune herself, and now wants to share it with us.

However, as you’re about to see, Renee is not who she claims to be. I have proof that she’s not a real person.

In other words, this is just one of the many tricks and gimmicks the unknown owner of AAG is using to get your attention.

You’ve had a chance to see a few testimonials as well as a few media endorsements, all of which are, by the way, fake too. I’ll prove it by the end of this Affiliate Advisor Group review also.

As a matter of fact, it’s a good thing that you’re here. You can learn a few things for the next time.

How Does Affiliate Advisor Group Work?

After a few hours spent in research, I learned that AAG is a set of affiliate marketing websites that you can use to earn profits.

Affiliate marketing is simple in theory. The main point of the method is to connect a product with customers to earn a commission after the sale has been made.

The problem with this particular program is that they’re trying to tell you that you can do this by copying and pasting things.

In other words, everything is done-for-you.

However, all those claims are designed to get you to sign up.

And if you do so, you’re going to discover that all those claims about making tons of money effortlessly, were fake.

All they want to do here is to trick you into spending your hard-earned cash on some system that doesn’t work.

Even worse, the spokesperson claims that you can join for free, but it’s NOT, which is another scam sign.

Now, let’s see what happens if you do, shall we?

How It REALLY Works

The first step after watching the video is to sign up for your free account.

Once you leave your name and email address, you are transferred to a page that looks like this.

Affiliate Advisor Group - Sales Funnel

As you can see, there is another video where, this time, some guy is talking about how lucky you are for bumping into this.

He even says that the spots are limited and how you need to act now or you’ll lose the chance to make 100’s and 1000’s.

By the way, that’s fake scarcity.

Now, the problem is not in the video (yes, it is) as much as it is in the fact that suddenly they ask you to pay $37!

A few minutes ago, Renee told me that she’s giving this system for free, and now, they ask for money. Why?

Well, they have my email address now.

They tricked me into giving it so that they can send me more shiny objects like Affiliate Advisor Group.

Now, if you pay for it, you’ll be taken to another page with yet another video where they will sell you some upgrades.

In other words, they’ll try to squeeze as much money as possible by selling you more get-rich-quick stories and other BS that has nothing to do with affiliate marketing.

Finally, once you spend half of your savings, you’ll get a few generic websites and short training where they explain how to start with affiliate marketing.

Then, once you try to use the system, you’ll realize that you’ve been scammed.

The training is not going to help you, and the support is just going to ignore you.

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Affiliate Advisor Group Scam Signs!

Now, let me show you why you should stay away from scams like this.

Get-Rich-Quick Claims

If you can hear things like easy $100, $500, or even $1000 per week, you can be sure that something is wrong.

And that’s precisely how Affiliate Advisor Group is advertising.

They claim that you can literally copy-paste your way to success.

Renee says that she has shaken the world of making money online with some revolutionary system that will make you rich by the end of the week.

All those claims are designed to play on your desire to make money without having to work for it.

It’s possible to do it, but there are no shortcuts despite what Renee says.

You need to hustle before you can automate your business.

Renee Young is not Renee Young

In other words, the alleged owner of the Affiliate Advisor Group was using a fake name and had stolen a photograph of another woman to create a false identity.

This a quite common tactic these days with internet scams.

Affiliate Advisor Group - Fake Owner

I did some research and discovered that the woman from the photograph is Renee Owen.

She’s an executive director of a Rainbow Community School in Asheville, NC, USA.

Now, why would someone do something like that?

The answer is obvious. To scam you.

There’s No Such Thing as Done-For-You

You’re lead to think that you’re going to get some DFY revolutionary system that requires no work on your behalf.

This is also a fake claim.

You should never expect to just signup to some DFY system and just watch the money roll in.

To make it happen with affiliate marketing, you need real tools, training and support.

Sadly, that is not what you get with the Affiliate Advisor Group.

You get some very generic training, a website that will not get you any traffic or make you any money, and “support” that is really just salespeople who want to upsell you.

That’s the whole point of this offer, unfortunately.

Testimonials are Fake

While watching the video, you could see a few people giving their testimony for the Affiliate Advisor Group.

According to them, this system has helped them to make 1000’s in just a few weeks.

However, according to my research, they are lying.

Affiliate Advisor Group - Fake Testimonial

Those people have never tried this system, and you shouldn’t believe the word they say.

Fake testimonials are another common tactic used in internet scams.

Make sure to always do your own research before trusting the word from random people like that.

They Use Fake Scarcity

Another common tactic is the limited number of spots remaining. In other words, a fake scarcity.

This is used to put pressure on your decision.

However, if you come back to the Affiliate Advisor Group site over and over again, you’ll find out that the number of spots left is always the same.

Fake News Endorsements

This program has never been featured on the news like Fox or ABC.

Also, the short video clip from the beginning of the video has nothing to do with this offer.

Affiliate Advisor Group - Fake Media Endorsements

This is just another marketing gimmick to gain your trust so that you to put your full name and email into the box and pay the amount they ask.

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Is Affiliate Advisor Group a Scam?

Affiliate Advisor Group is a scam. And it definitely falls into a category of unethical sales funnels and get-rich-quick schemes.

First of all, they promote a legitimate business as a get-rich-quick scheme and thus, give it a bad name.

Many beginners will fall onto these claims, and as soon as they don’t get the results in just a few weeks, they will give up on a great opportunity.

Secondly, the fact that the person who created the Affiliate Advisor Group is using a fake name, false testimonials, and many other similar gimmicks, is enough to stay away from this program.

Whether or not the Affiliate Advisor Group is a scam is really up to you. I’ve given you a lot of details to make a wise decision.

In my opinion, this is for Renee Young, or whoever owns this.

The truth is, there is no limit to how much money you can make with affiliate marketing.

However, I doubt anyone who buys into this makes real money.

Except for the unknown owner and affiliate without a sense of moral.

In the worst-case scenario, Affiliate Advisor Group is for someone who has no clue how online marketing works and who doesn’t have problems to spend tons of cash on something that does not work.

If you’re a newbie, I strongly suggest keeping your distance from this program!

Looking for a Real Way To Earn Online?

Thanks for reading my Affiliate Advisor Group review. I hope this post was helpful.

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All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

14 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Advisor Group a Scam? – Read This Review First”

  1. Hi Ivan. Thank you for sharing another informative review!

    Yes, everyone want an easy way to make money, the best is no need to use the brain to think hard by just doing copy and paste. If easy way can really make money, every body is a rich men and women already. But there are still people can fall into this trap.

    Sometimes I’m really thinking all these people really spoil the marketing that everything fake. Fake owner, fake testimonials, etc. When someone website really show the true will make people hesitate to belief whether it’s true or not in future.

    The worse is putting someone photo and mislead people that she is the owner. When this website go rotten, she become a bad name! This is really scary. I will not want to see my own photo one day in someone website claiming is the owner of the site. lol.

    • Hi Janet, thanks for sharing your comment on my review. If all it takes to make money online is pressing copy and paste buttons on your computer, I would have been a gazillionaire by now LOL. It’s unbelievable how Affiliate Advisor Group thinks people are that naive. I agree with you. They spoil a legitimate business such as affiliate marketing by creating programs like this.


  2. I really agrees with you on the fact that there’s nothing truthful about get rich quick scheme, it is an offer that is out there to rip people off their hard earned money and online business requires time and dedication to develop and grow into a big deal. Thanks for this review about affiliate advisor group.

    • Hi Lobolt, thanks for sharing your comment. Every online business requires a lot of work and effort. Programs like Affiliate Advisor Group are specially designed to aim toward newbies that have no idea what is and how making money online works. I’m glad that my review has opened your eyes. Stay safe!


  3. Loved to read this, especially as I am new in WA (so, no, sorry, not going to follow your link as I am already there :D), and they teach exactly the opposite (which makes sense to me).

    I am still to find something easy in this life that gives you no work, is easy, fulfilling, lasting and good. NOTHING good and lasting comes out of something you didn’t put effort into it. That’s not even how we are wired, we are wired to feel rewarded only by accomplishing difficult things. Even billionaires have, at some point, put a great efford to build something, and still do it everyday to keep themselves billionaires 🙂

    So I’ve always ran away from easy ways to make money, as I know there’s always a catch somewhere… Especially when they make it sound like it’s a “special club” and everything is “top secret”, great way to never be able to crosscheck its truthfullness by other references (being an engineer, I always like to use more than a way to test/check/verify something, and your testing rig might be compromised as well)…

    Stiil, great post to warn people in general about these scams.

    Cheers, Sofia

    • Hi Sofia Matias, you’re absolutely right! Nothing in this life comes as a result of slacking off and every success begins with busting your but off to accomplish whatever it is that you want to accomplish. Thanks for leaving your comment on my review and best of luck with Wealthy Affiliate. WA is one of the rare programs (if not the only one) that does not promises getting rich overnight and yet, they count 100’s and 1000’s of successful students 🙂


  4. Being a victim to so many online amoral characters, I have come to realize that, you can caught in their web when you are ignorance or you are greedy.
    How on earth do you want to become rich overnight? it’s absolutely insane to think that. Thank you for this vivid research to open your readers eyes.
    I know somebody will see this and still fall into their trap.

    • Hi Osei Kwame, well, a lot of people are in a desperate situation to earn an extra income. Those people are the main target audience for Affiliate Advisor Group and other scams. I’m glad to help you and everyone else that is going to read this review. Stay safe!


  5. Thanks for putting all this information together. You’ve saved me a lot of time (and possibly money).
    Good to know your views on Affiliate Advisor Group. When a site looks that good its hard to work out if its a scam or not.
    I clicked on your link and pleased I did. Wealthy Affiliate sounds just what I’m looking for, I think that’s the one I’m going to go with.

    Thanks again

    • Hi Judy, you’re welcome. I’m happy to help you to avoid time and money wasters. And thanks for clicking on my link. Wealthy Affiliate is great! Most importantly, WA is completely legitimate and trusted platform for earning an online income. Thanks for leaving your comment here.


  6. Wow, Ivan, that is remarkable:)
    That is a HUGE amount of honest research, I enjoyed reading your content very valuable. Happy to be here learning more every day.

    There are scams everywhere on the web, it’s insane how much effort people spend to post a SCAM to RIP of. Good people who just wanna make an income.
    I have been there to getting sucked into a scam, while I was searching to make an income in the online world.

    I’m also in the Affiliate Marketing world found this amazing platform with all the tools needed to BUILD an online business. Tons of help and training…

    Wishing you the best IVAN

    • Hi Sector, thanks, I’m happy to help you to learn more about Affiliate Advisor Group. Yes, it’s unbelievable how many scams are out there. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve fallen on a scam before. I hope it wasn’t a big loss.


  7. Very informative article. However, I didn’t really see any actual proof that AAG is a scam. Everything seems to just be based on your own opinion, no? I did like that you use every opportunity you can to get your ad in there so that the viewer will hopefully click one of them and make you money. That is the whole point of all this, isn’t it? So good on you for doing that.

    • Hi Tia, I said that the sales pitch is unethical, and even provided two concrete evidence that they use fake testimonials and names to sell this product. I also noted that the system inside is not going to work as they say (copy-paste) and that all you’re going to get is a few generic affiliate sites and short marketing training. This is not, in my opinion, a trustworthy offer.

      Yes, I do use this site to earn an income by promoting legitimate offers for making money online. There’s nothing wrong with that. That is one of my goals with this site. Another goal is to help you and others to find the truth behind digital products that promote getting rich quick and even those that don’t. Another goal is to educate and explain how affiliate marketing works.

      I hope this review was helpful and thank you for leaving your comment. All the best.



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