Is Cash Siphon System a Scam? – The TRUTH Is Here!

Welcome to my Cash Siphon System review.

If you have read the sales page, you can’t help wondering whether Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System is a scam or not.

It just sounds too good to be the truth. And do you know how to adage goes?

If it sounds too good to be the truth, it probably is.

You see, Ewen Chia is a master of overhyping marketing campaigns. And believe me, he has tons of them out there!

Do you know what the worst part about these crazy marketing campaigns is?

All of them promise 100’s and 1000’s a day quickly and easily.

With his newest creation, Cash Siphon System, Ewen Chia promises the same through some secret loophole that generates billions all without selling a single thing.

But in reality, he talks about affiliate marketing.

And his way of doing it is one of the worst I’ve seen ever!

By the way, congratulations on researching first. That’s how smart people avoid scams and schemes!

And it shows that you are looking for the best way to earn an income online.

Within this Cash Syphon System review, I’ll show you what this secret loophole is about.

Also, I’ll show you what to expect from it without any BS and give my honest opinion about whether it is a scam or legit, although I feel like you already know the answer.

Cash Siphon System Review - a Scam?


Cash Siphon System Review – Overview

  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Price: $27 + UPSELLS
  • Product Owner: Ewen Chia
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 60-days
  • Recommended?: No! SCAM ALERT

Overview: Ewen Chia’s Cash Siphon System promises a quick and easy way to siphon cash straight into your bank account.

And we’ll talk about those claims a bit later in this review.

But in this overview section, I want to save your time by saying that the Cash Siphon System is not even close to what you’ve been told during the misleading sales pitch.

In reality, it’s just an expensive sales funnel designed to siphon cash from you to Ewen’s account!

The main intention of this offer is to sell you more and more offers until you have your hands full of useless material.

Moreover, there is zero proof from real-life users that this works. You won’t get any help or support. And the training inside is not good either.

Ewen lied to you all the way long, and in my opinion, this is a SCAM. You can see more details in my honest Cash Siphon System review.

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What is Cash Siphon System About?

Ewen Chia claims that Cash Siphon System is a revolutionary breakthrough system that will make you incredible amounts of money. The best part is, he guarantees 100% success!

Do you know how high, or should I say low, the success rate with online marketing is?

Low, very low, my friend.

Promising 100% success is just another of dirty tricks from Ewen Chia’s magic hat. And that’s what Cash Siphon System really is, a magic trick.

Cash Siphon System - Product Description

It took me some time to figure out what the hell is he talking about.

And then I realized that behind the pile of BS about making tons of cash quickly and easily is affiliate marketing training.

Now, affiliate marketing is a legit business.

However, Ewen Chia is not going to help you too much to master this business and take your piece of a billion-dollar pie.

The whole thing is geared toward helping him to make more cash off you!

More Ewen Chia’s Magic Systems!

Cash Siphon System is not the only one out there. I’ve had the pleasure to inspect a few of these revolutionary breakthrough systems before.

You should put up your guard if you stumble upon:

Basically, all these systems are classified as a scam by a handful of Cash Siphon System reviews out there, including mine.

Cash Siphon System Funnel Revealed!

I followed the baits to see what’s inside and to discover how much could this thing cost you if you ever fall for it.

My research showed precisely what I was expecting from Ewen Chia.

The basic package of Cash Siphon System sells via ClickBank for $27 one time.

However, the whole thing is designed to bleed your wallet dry! It’s an expensive sales funnel.

In other words, Ewen is pushing more and more products on every chance he gets!

  • $300 per Day System – $27
  • ClickBank Formula – $17
  • 1 Million Visitors – $37
  • Complete Business Setup – $297
  • Cash Sites Software – $197

Cash Siphon System - Upsells

Grand total: $602!!!

To make things even worse, Ewen Chia used to promote MOBE as a part of his sales funnel. MOBE was classified as a pyramid scheme and a scam.

It was shut down by FTC.

It’s apparent that Ewen didn’t take this warning seriously and that he still follows the same strategies he learned promoting MOBE.

They used to sell one piece of the system at a time. And each time you had to take a more expensive deal if you wanted to earn from the program.

As you are about to see in the rest of this review, the same thing is with Cash Siphon System.




How Does Cash Siphon System Work?

Cash Siphon System is nothing like it’s described on the sales page. Ewen Chia says that it works on some secrets system and how you could start making money within two minutes!

But to my surprise (not), there is no system or software for making tons of cash overnight.

Once you get inside the training area, you’ll find concise training on affiliate marketing instead of a secret loophole.

Plus, you’ll get a chance to spend more money on MORE UPSELLS!

It looks like Ewen Chia is just using this opportunity to sell you more and more useless crap. All those products look very sketchy, and I can’t escape the feeling that it’s all one big scam.

The video training explains how to start with affiliate marketing. But there are only 14 video lessons!

Honestly, I was shocked to hear that those videos do teach something. The spokesperson explains the process, and there is something to pick up from there.

But the problem is still the same. This is not going to work as Ewen’s promised on the sales page.

Cash Siphon System

He’s led you to think that with Cash Siphon System, you’re going to siphon money into your bank account magically.

On top of that, he tries to make affiliate marketing look like it’s an easy system.

The fact is, Ewen Chia once again lied to you!

You won’t get a secret siphon system in your hands. To make it even worse, you can find the same information all over the internet for free.

With all that said, let’s jump to the pros and cons part of my Cash Siphon System review.

What I Like About Cash Siphon System

I was double thinking before putting up this headline in my Cash Siphon System review.

When I asked myself, what do I like about this, an instant answer was, nothing!

However, after taking some time to think about it, I realized that there is always one good thing about Ewen Chia’s magic systems.

ClickBank 100% Money-Back Guarantee

ClickBank is a secure online marketplace. They give 60-days money-back guarantee and issue refunds without any hassle. It’s a 100% sure thing.

My advice is if you don’t make money within two minutes, make sure to leverage this option. You can do it from here.

Cash Siphon System Scam Signs!

Now, on the other hand, I have a handful of reasons to say what I’m about to say in the next section of my review.

There’s No Revolutionary System

Ewen Chia claims that he’s created a cash generation system that’s designed to siphon floods of cash straight into your bank account quickly and easily, without selling anything.

We already know that this is a load of BS.

Cash Siphon System - Misleading Claims

Even worse, he says that you can tap into this system and profit within a few minutes!

All those claims are straight-up lies.

The real thing is not even close to what you’re lead to believe.

All you get is simple and concise beginner training on affiliate marketing.

This could be enough to conclude that Cash Siphon System is a scam, but let’s list a few more.

Upsells All Over the Place

They appear before you pay for the system. Then, they jump in front of your face as soon as you pay for it.

And finally, you’re bombarded with them from the training area.

Who are they? Upsells!

Ewen Chia does not know about the line between good taste and spamming.

Each product from his workshop is designed in the same way.

That is, to squeeze your wallet until the last drop!

Weak Product As Per Usual

I’ve got the feeling that the training inside is there just so that people won’t call Cash Siphon System a scam.

But the fact that there is some sort of training does not make it legit either.

If you listen to those videos, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This training won’t help you to make 100’s and 1000’s per day.

It’s just going to let you know what affiliate marketing is, and show you how it works in practice, and that’s all you get.

Zero Help and Support

Another scam sign is lack of help, community, and customer support. The only support you can get is from ClickBank once you file for a refund.

This lack of desire to help people who purchase Cash Siphon System is another huge reason to say what I’m about to say.

No Testimonials From Users

Before I say it, let me ask you this.

Why there aren’t any success stories on the sales page or user testimonials?

You’ve guessed it right!

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Is Cash Siphon System a Scam?

Cash Siphon System is a scam.

The real deal is not even close to what you’ve been told.

You were promised to get access to some secret system for making money using some loopholes that no one knows about.

On top of that, you’ve been told that this system has nothing to do with selling, creating articles, or anything else that has everything to do with making money online.

Basically, you are lead to think that you’ll get a magic wand and some secret formula for making money.

Those and many other lies have been created by Ewen Chia to make you buy this offer and then to upsell you on every single occasion so that the owner can make as much money as possible.

In my book, Cash Syphon System is a classic get-rich-quick scam.

The Truth About Making Money Online

I know that you’re a smart person, but offers like the one in the review are not going to do you any good.

Making money online is not going to happen overnight.

The best way to get started online and to create a passive income is through proven channels.

Affiliate marketing is one of them, and when combined with blogging, it’s the best way to create a long-term business.

These little scams like Cash Siphon System are best for Ewen Chia and people who promote them.

Stop Wasting Your Time!

Worst of all, these scams are complete time wasters!

I don’t mind losing some money because I can always earn the money back. But I hate losing time!

Time is our most valuable asset and you have to be very strict about sharing your time.

And the truth is, we all give our time away easily.

The worst thing you can do is give your precious time away to scams like Cash Siphon System. Once they get you, it’s hard to get out of the cycle of lies.

Making money through secret loopholes and overnight is a dream!

If you are interested in earning an income online, you’ve got to stop listening to fake gurus on the internet now!

And you have to join a training platform that is going to school you for success.

That’s the only way to make it happen. You’ve got to learn the business first. Money comes last.

But it comes if you are willing to stick to it until it happens.

Thanks for reading my Cash Siphon System review.

Make sure to click the button below if you don’t want to spend your time on scams anymore.




If you need any help or you have a question, feel free to contact me.

And don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family!

All the best, Ivan. Founder, and CEO

20 thoughts on “Is Cash Siphon System a Scam? – The TRUTH Is Here!”

  1. This is the first time that I hear about Cash Siphon System, and I have to be honest, just the name sounded scammy to me. There are just so many scams that are being launched on a daily basis, that it is often difficult to keep up with them, so thanks for the warning. I do hope the FTC shuts Cash Siphon System down as soon as possible, before unsuspecting people loose their money. 

    • Hi LineCowley, thanks for your comment on my review. Unfortunatelly, I’m not sure FTC will even look into this product. There are too many of these get-rich-quick schemes out there to catch up.


  2. Thanks for your review on Cash Siphon. I came across this platform the other and I just a have to make sure that this system is legit and I am glad that I am here. There are just so many red flags, the cheap program just to sell more upsells, the false claims. I am going to stay away and check out the system that you recommend. 

  3. Haha, I cannot help but think that anything that would use “siphon” in the name would be a tad scammy! Thank you for confirming what the business name Cash Siphon System is hinting at — that this might not be the most legit way to get what you are looking for. As you mention, a money-back offer is great, but it’s only as good as the company that is offering it (too many people miss out on refunds after a company disappears). 

    • Hi Aly, thanks for your comment on my review. Yeah, the only good thing about Cash Siphon System would be a money-back guarantee. Everything else smells like a scam to me.


  4. Well, Ivan, you have done your research for us again.  This review is on Cash Siphon.  It sounded great at first.  But most sales pitches do.  I am not sure how these guys stay in business.  Even with the money-back guarantee.  I see that is it offered on Clickbank.  And that was your only “pro” for Cash Siphon.  It is very nice of you to share this type of information so we beginners don’t fall into another trap.

    • Hi Rob Sturdy, thanks for reaching out. Most of these schemes sound great at first, but only a few manage to deliver on all those promises they give, and Cash Siphon System is not one of them. I have no idea how products like this survive ClickBank screening process. In any case, highly not recommended.


  5. Hi Ivan,

    Thank you for your review on Cash Syphon System. It is so important to read this honest review before you buy their products. The fact that they don’t offer help and support as Wealthy affiliates it is showing that their promise is just that, a promise.
    Thank you
    Wish you all the best,

    • Hi Yoana, you’re welcome. You’re doing the right thing by searching for the review before going for it. As you can see, product like Cash Siphon System does not offer too much in return and yet they promise 100% success and a lot of other, totally unrealistic things.


  6. Thanks for sharing this post. This is an eye-opener for anyone falling easy prey to programs like Cash Siphons or anything similar to it. I believe that if anything sounds too good,it is definitely not. Nothing comes for free in life. If something is offered free there must be something coming behind which will rip you off. 

    The tall promises made by Cash Siphon is something to be wary about and not only this program but join any program after completing your due research. Once bitten, twice shy. Anybody bitten by such scams will never trust a legit affiliate income business.

    For me, Wealthy Affiliate is the platform providing value for its service and I am extremely happy with the training and community handholding provided on this platform.

    • Hi Rohit, that’s the trick these scams use to make you spend your hard-earned money. They promise you quick success and many other unrealistic things. In other words, they play on your inner desire to get rich quick. However, the end product is nowhere near to filling those promises up and in my opinion, Cash Siphon System is not worth time nor money. You’re right, legitimate ways to make money online get the bad name too because of these scams.

      Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a platform worth time and money. These guys are the best at what they do and that is teaching people who to start a legitimate and successful online business. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  7. hello freeaffiliatemarketingbusiness and Ivan, 

    Is Cash Siphon System a Scam? This sure looks like a scam to me. Making money online is not going to happen overnight. The best way to get started online and to create a passive income is through proven channels. 

    This is the first honest review of a Cash making system. I’m so glad at least someone is doing truthful reporting.


    • Hi Aparna, as you can see, Cash Siphon System is a get-rich-quick scam that promises fast overnight results but in the end, fails to deliver on those promises. I agree with you, the best way to make money online is through proven channels and this one is not it. A good thing though is the money-back guarantee. If you ever get sucked into this, you have 60 days to ask for a refund. ClickBank is trusted when it comes to giving back your money.


  8. I don’t know where people get this confidence to scam. I lost him when he guaranteed a 100% success. Thank you for this honest review and saving people

    • Hi Prav, it sure beats me too. There are no such things as 100% guaranteed success. Thanks for your comment and let me know if you have any questions.


  9. Excellent review. I really hope that someday all these scam artists get shut down. But I suppose that will never happen.

    I am glad to have finally found a legitimate online business, so I can stop looking at the ads for products like this, and thinking, “But maybe this one really IS legit.”

    Thanks for spreading the word about one more scammer. I hope people find your review before it’s too late for them.


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